Chapter 73: Brain short circuited, directly called them as Dad and Mom

Perhaps Su Ziyang’s grievance was too strong, Ling Zhanyi sensed the summon of his wife in the kitchen. After frying the last dish, he didn’t even scoop them out of the pan and ran out to check the situation with the ladle in his hands.

Sure enough, Su Ziyang had indeed woken up. At this moment, he was talking with Father Ling and Mother Ling with a beautiful smile.

It’s just that his eyes was fleeting around, like he was preoccupied with something.

As a matter of fact, when he appeared in the living room, Su Ziyang’s eyes suddenly brightened and they seemed to be calling out to him.

Ling Zhanyi was in a trance – this little thing had not looked at him like that for a long time!

Ling Zhanyi delighted ran there wearing an apron. The ladle was still in his hand: “Ziyang, you are awake.”

“You still dare to say that, why didn’t you wake me up just now?! You made me lose my manner in front of the elders!” Su Ziyang’s brightened eyes were replaced into complaints.

Seeing that the little thing was going to blow up, Ling Zhanyi hastily spoke in a weak tone “Don’t be angry, I made your favorite dish today. I want you to have a good rest, so I didn’t wake you up. My parents also said to let you sleep well and forbid me to wake you up. I dare not disobey their orders!”

Su Ziyang “Hmph” and complained, “How rude is this!”

“Don’t worry, my parents aren’t outsiders.” Ling Zhanyi threw the ladle on the tea table, wiped his hands on his apron, and formally introduced his parents to Su Ziyang, “Ziyang, this is Dad, Ling Xiaotian; this is Mom. Zhan Huashan.”

Ling Xiaotian… Zhan Huashan… So the second word of Ling Zhanyi’s name was from his mother’s surname…

In between, Su Ziyang even had the time to let his mind wander around.

Ling Zhanyi continued to introduce: “Mom and Dad, this is my wife, your future daughter-in-law, Su Ziyang.”


Su Ziyang only came back to his senses when he heard his name. Then he recalled; how did Ling Zhanyi introduce his parents just now?

He seemed to have said, ‘This is Dad’, ‘This is Mom’… Au, au, au, then how should he address them?!

Su Ziyang, who brain was short-circuited for a moment, followed Ling Zhanyi’s words and two words fluttered out from his mouth: “Dad, Mom…”

Ling Zhanyi felt that nothing was wrong. He thought that it was natural for Su Ziyang to call them this way. Su Ziyang came to a realization after he called out. Why did these words come out of his mouth? It’s all Ling Zhanyi’s fault…

He called them Dad and Mom in their first meeting, he must have sounded so impatient!

Ruined… the good image that he had just built was ruined…

Ling Xiaotian and Zhan Huashan [Finally got to hear this, tears are falling) felt the exact opposite of Su Ziyang. When they heard these words, they gently patted the back of his hand and answered decisively with praises following behind, “Ai, good child! Good child! What a good child!”

Su Ziyang was so embarrassed that his cheeks turned red. He looked at Ling Zhanyi at a loss, but Ling Zhanyi was happier than his parents.

“Ziyang, see, these are the strawberries Mom bought for you when she came. You can eat more if you like it!” Zhan Huashan picked up the strawberries and held them in front of Su Ziyang.

“Yes, Ziyang, taking good care of yourself is the most important thing. Let Zhanyi do all the house chores.” Ling Xiaotian also smiled and told him.

“Thank you… Mom.” He already addressed her as Mom, would it hurt her feelings if he changed the title? Su Ziyang could only force himself to call her Mom again, and then, under the eager and kindly gaze of the two elders, he picked up a strawberry, slowly put it into his mouth and bit it.

The strawberry was not too cold. It was fresh, juicy, sweet and sour, just to his liking.

He had craved for them for several days. Ling Zhanyi didn’t manage to get them for him when he wanted to eat them last time, but fortunately, Ling Zhanyi diverted his attention with other things, and he had forgotten about it. Today Father Ling and Mother Ling bought him so many strawberries, he was very happy about it.

“It’s delicious, isn’t it?” When Zhan Huashan saw that his eyebrows were curved as he ate happily, she couldn’t help asking him flatteringly.

Su Ziyang nodded hurriedly and his eyes were bright: “Delicious! Mom, you eat too!” Then he picked out the biggest one and handed it to Zhan Huashan’s lips. “Come on, I’ll feed you!”

Needless to say, Su Ziyang was a very pleasant person!

This series of actions were all done with a smiling expression and a courteous manner. In the first place, the future Mother-in-law also liked him very much, so whatever he did, even if it was a small action such as picking a big strawberry, it could increase the weight in Zhan Huashan’s heart more and more…

“Dad, you eat too! Come, open your mouth!” Of course, Su Ziyang did not forget about Ling Xiaotian.

So, two big strawberries easily bribed the two elders.

Ling Xiaotian and Zhan Huashan smiled so hard and they praised him as a good child again.

Not that it wasn’t so awkward to call them Dad and Mom, Su Ziyang no longer made a fuss and continued to do so.

He had never enjoyed familial love, but looking at today, it seemed like having these two well-manner parents was quite good.

Ling Zhanyi was a little jealous beside him and blinked grievingly: “Ziyang, what about mine? I’ve already cooked lunch. Why don’t you feed me one as a reward?”

Su Ziyang looked for a big one again, and fed Ling Zhanyi, who leaned over with shining eyes, “This is to reward you.”

“Wu… Wife, you are the best!” Ling Zhanyi obtained the strawberry and the sweetness went all the way to his heart. He kissed Su Ziyang’s cheeks satisfactory, “Continue eating, I will go get the dishes and we can start the meal soon!”


Ling Zhanyi then went to the kitchen. Su Ziyang took more strawberries and fed them to the two elders. They all said in one voice, “We bought it for you. If you eat more, you will be giving us sufficient face.”

“All right, I will not be polite then.” Su Ziyang enjoyed eating the strawberries, and he was no longer nervous. In fact, he couldn’t be more relaxed than he was now.

Actually, there was nothing terrible about seeing his parents. What on earth was he so nervous about before!

Ling Zhanyi laid out the meal in the living room and came out to call them. When he saw Su Ziyang eating from the strawberry tray, he couldn’t help smiling while taking it away from him. “Okay, nobody will take them away from you. You can eat them after lunch. If you eat too much now, you won’t be ale to eat lunch.”

“… I haven’t even eaten a few.” Su Ziyang pursed his lips, somewhat depressed. When Ling Zhanyi laid down the strawberry tray, he slipped out his hand and took another one in his mouth.

Ling Zhanyi didn’t know whether he should cry or laugh. He helped him to the dining table and said, “You little foodie.”

Ling Xiaotian and Zhan Huashan sat down at the dinner table first. They just saw Su Ziyang’s little action and immediately felt that their future daughter-in-law was so joyful… Seemed like the Ling Family would enjoy a lot of laughter in the future.

After sitting down, Su Ziyang took the lead in passing a huge amount of food to Father Ling and Mother Ling: “Mom and Dad, you eat more!”

Ling Zhanyi also said, “That’s right, Dad, Mom, try your son’s cooking!”

Speaking of it, this was the first time that his parents ate his cooking. Ling Zhanyi was looking forward to it.

Ling Xiaotian and Zhan Huashan tasted it curiously and felt that they had to look at their son differently now, “It’s good, son. Your cooking skills are good! We’ll have to come here for a meal whenever we have time.”

Ling Zhanyi smiled proudly: “You have to make an appointment in advance.” Zhan Huashan slapped her hand across; of course, it was gentle, “You’re getting smug from receiving some praises!”

Ling Xiaotian also passed Su Ziyang more food: “Ziyang, you also eat more, don’t restrain yourself, because we are here, we should eat ha…”

“En.” Of course, Su Ziyang would not be polite. In fact, he has been used to Ling Zhanyi serving him these days. He had always been unrestrained during meals.

Now, although the elders had come, they had become acquainted with him and he felt that the two people were easy to get along well. He then let himself go and treat himself to whatever should be eaten.

He ate all the dishes Ling Xiaotian and Zhan Huashan had passed to him. If anyone else saw him eating, their appetite would surely be aroused and felt that the food he was eating was very delicious!

“Ziyang, how are you feeling recently? Is it tiring?” She noticed how Su Ziyang would lean back in the chair from time to time during the meal. Ling Zhanyi also took a cushion and placed it behind his waist beforehand. Occasionally, he would also reach out and help Su Ziyang rub his waist. Thus, she could not help but ask.

Su Ziyang smiled embarrassingly, then nodded: “It’s a little tiring…”

“It’s really hard for you!” “Our Ling Family let you down!” said Zhan Huashan sincerely.

Su Ziyang was stunned and did not think about how to answer her. Zhan Huashan said again, “Although the wedding is delayed, the Ling Family will certainly do it, and Zhanyi will do it! We will make it up to you! You don’t have to worry about these things. You can be assured and nourish the babies well. Let Zhanyi buy you a ring sometime, so you can take an assuring pill first…. We can’t keep letting you suffer in grievance…”

She said it was to give Su Ziyang an assuring pill, but in fact, wasn’t it not to give the Ling Family an assuring pill?

He was such a good daughter-in-law, they must hold tight on him. If someone stole him away, there wouldn’t be any places for them left to cry.

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