Chapter 74: Aiyo, my little ancestor! Why are you crying?


“There’s no need…” Su Ziyang thought; now that he was living with Ling Zhanyi, had seen his parents and even had children together, ring or what’s not was just a symbol. Anyway, they were not in a hurry to get married. So why buy a ring so early? He might just lose it…

“No! Must have! It must be prepared!” Zhan Huashan spoke agitatedly, “Ziyang, good child, promise your Mom so that she can feel better, or she will always feel that she had wronged you…”

When she said this, what else could Su Ziyang say? He could only obediently nod his head and agreed.

Ling Zhanyi beside him also nodded happily. Right! Ring! Why didn’t he think of it?

⁠—He would find a day, buy two rings and wear them on so that he could keep Ziyang firmly held.

⁠—No, not another day. He would go tomorrow!

“Right, if you always feel tired, you can try to practice some prenatal exercises. According to my experience, prenatal exercises are very useful.” Let Zhanzhan help you enroll in a class and do some sports with your classmates.” Zhan Huashan said with a smile.

“Mom, Ziyang is embarrassed to go out for classes in this appearance.” Ling Zhanyi explained, “I’ll download a video for him and exercise with him at home.”

“En, you’re right, let’s do what you say!” Zhan Huashan nodded and began to share some pregnancy experiences with Su Ziyang.

When to eat some walnuts and peanuts and other brain-building foods, when to consume vitamins, supplement calcium and a series of other matters that one should pay attention to. Su Ziyang seriously noted down. Of course, the more serious one was Ling Zhanyi. He also had some information on the Internet which the netizens had summarized thoroughly, so most of the snacks at home were had supplementary nutrition and vitamin supplement function.

This meal was harmonious and joyous.

Ling Xiaotian and Zhan Huashan were very satisfied, Su Ziyang was also very happy, Ling Zhanyi was ever more contented.

After having lunch and rested for a while, Father Ling and Mother Ling decided to leave. They had already seen the person, it was time to leave some free space for the younger couple. Besides, there was always more opportunities to see him again. This time, if it wasn’t because they had been missing the opportunity to see him, they would not have followed here in such a hurry. They must have frightened their future daughter-in-law. Although he soon got used to it, it’s better to leave him some time to digest!

Su Ziyang got up awkwardly and Mother Ling hastily told him not to move: “Good child, sit down and don’t move about, your Dad and I aren’t outsiders. Zhanzhan, you also sit down, go and accompany Ziyang. Remember to buy the rings when you’re free!” Mother Ling spoke the last sentence softly.

Ling Zhanyi happily “hee hee” ’d as he nodded, then he winked at Zhan Huashan to express his gratitude. Zhan Huashan tapped at his forehead: “You little boy – you picked up a big bargain!”

Ling Zhagyi smiled so hard that his eyes couldn’t be seen.

“Mom and Dad, go slowly. Come and visit us when you’ve time.” Su Ziyang added before Ling Zhanyi closed the door.

“Okay~” Mother Ling nodded happily and reluctantly left with Father Ling. On the way back, she was even sighing constantly. Why did she feel like she was dreaming? She had gotten her daughter-in-law so fast? And there were even two grandchildren in her daughter-in-law’s belly?

Let’s not talk about Father Ling and Mother Ling’s departure first, let’s talk about Su Ziyang.

When Ling Zhanyi closed the door and turned back, Su Ziyang’s face sank and he gritted his teeth, saying, “Ling Zhanyi, you are really quite something! You set me with a surprise attack!”

Ling Zhanyi slowly walked over and laughed, “Ziyang, are you still angry? Wasn’t it just not waking you up? I’m concerned about you and want to let you sleep longer. You see how reasonable my parents are. They are not angry with you at all. They were even very considerate towards you. For their sake, don’t be angry, okay?”

“Hmph! I almost fainted because of you. Even if they resolutely wanted to follow you here, let them wait in the living room if you don’t wish to wake me up. Why did they go to the bedroom and stared at me sleeping! How do you feel when you wake up and see two strangers at the bedside? Don’t you think it’s obscene? Fortunately, I have good psychological quality. Otherwise, I will be so frightened that something bad occurred, then you have much to cry about!” Su Ziyang stroked his stomach and sighed, “The babies are still frightened. Fortunately, Dad and Mom are so good, but what if Dad and Mom are unreasonable? Even if I jumped into the Yellow River, I couldn’t wash myself clean…”

The more Su Ziyang said, the more angry he was. He threw out a sentence: “Assessment time, extended! If you fail, I’m not going to marry you!”

Ling Zhanyi was really going to cry this time: “Don’t— Wife, I’m wrong! I promise, there won’t be anything like that again. I’ll tell you everything in the future, okay? Look, you even met with my parents, and they agreed. Why should we continue the evaluation? Let me pass it directly. Didn’t I behave well?”

Seeing Su Ziyang’s slanting eyes, Ling Zhangyi hastily added another sentence: “Let’s just exclude this time… didn’t I passed last time? Good Wife, don’t be angry with me, okay? I feed you strawberries?”

Su Ziyang stared at him fumingly, but soon, his anger died down. Ling Zhanyi took a strawberry and deliberately hovered it around his mouth. He waved the strawberry while acting eccentrically, “Wife, you can eat it only if you are not angry. Give me a smile! I will feed it to you right away if you give me a smile!”

Su Ziyang couldn’t resist his clown acts. He chuckled, opened his mouth and took a bite of the strawberry.

Ling Zhanyi also grinned.

After a while, Ling Zhanyi went to download a video of prenatal exercises for Su Ziyang. After the video had downloaded finished, he looked at it once. He found that he would need a big ball to practice the exercises. So he bought one on the internet and had it delivered to his house.

Su Ziyang had nothing to do in the afternoon, so he sat on the sofa in the afternoon and ate snacks. Ling Zhanyi bought him walnuts. He used the nutcracker to crack them and placed the walnut kernels in a small fruit tray. So, when Su Ziyang wanted to eat them, he could eat them. There were also various kinds of snacks, but the most important thing was the strawberries that filled half of the small fruit tray.

Su Ziyang was reluctant to finish it. There were only two strawberries left, there would be no more left if he ate them.

Ling Zhanyi looked at how he kept staring at the two strawberries and smiled, “Ziyang, what are you looking at? Will flowers appear if you keep staring at it?”

Su Ziyang rolled his eyes at him, and said somewhat depressed, “There are only two of them left. I can’t bear to eat them. After eating, there will be no more. What shall I do tomorrow?”

“You’ve eaten enough today. Give me the last two!” Ling Zhanyi took the two strawberries over. “It will save you from being in a dilemma.” After that, he really ate the strawberries.

Su Ziyang stared at him blankly but this was probably because he hadn’t come back to his senses. After a while, he hit Ling Zhanyi angrily and said, “Give me back my strawberries⁠—”

Ling Zhanyi couldn’t help laughing heartily when he saw how he was acting like a child throwing tantrums. He allowed his fist to hit his arm, and he laughed even more happily.

“You are still laughing! You ate finish my favorite food! You are annoying! I’m going to ignore you!” Su Ziyang tilted his head to the side while panting with rage. The more he thought about it, the more distressed he felt. If he knew this would happen, he should have eaten all the strawberries just now. Now it’s good, Ling Zhanyi ate the last two strawberries. Au, au, au. He’s so angry!

Ling Zhanyi poked Su Ziyang’s cheek with his finger: “Are you really angry? Are you ignoring me?”

“Hmph!” Su Ziyang answered him with this word.

Ling Zhanyi got up and went to the kitchen.

Su Ziyang was already angry, when he saw him leaving without coaxing him, he became even more angry. There was even sadness in his anger. The more he thought about it, the more he felt wronged. His nose soured, and tears were almost falling.

Abhorrent Bastard Ling! Bastard! Bastard! Bastard!

Ling Zhanyi went to the kitchen, opened the refrigerator and washed a plate of strawberries again. When he came out, he saw Su Ziyang lying on his side on the sofa. He was hugging the pillow, with his eyes downcast and his lips pursed. He didn’t answer when he called him; seemed like he was really angry.

Ling Zhanyi hurriedly held the strawberries in front of Su Ziyang and spoke carefully: “Wife? There are still many strawberries left. When my parents came, they bought ten catties, which is enough for you to eat several times. That’s why I ate the two strawberries you had just now. I washed the more for you, and they are all yours, is that good? What’s left in the fridge is also all yours, okay? I won’t eat anymore… Wife? Dear? Ziyang? Yangyang?”

The closer Ling Zhanyi leaned towards Su Ziyang, the farther Su Ziyang’s head went. Ling Zhanyi was suspicious. He put down strawberries and sat beside Su Ziyang. He pinched his chin and brought his head to his direction. Su Ziyang was forced to turn around and shut his eyes quickly because he did not want to look at him.

Ling Zhanyi was shocked to see that his eyes were reddish. His mind thinking; wasn’t it just two strawberries. Was there a need? Why was he crying?

Aiyo, my Little Ancestor! What are you crying about? You can shout at me and make a fuss at me! Cry what! This is asking for my life!

Undeniably, at this moment when Ling Zhanyi saw Su Ziyang’s red eyes, he panicked. Su Ziyang could be angry at him, scold him, bully him; that was all fine by him. On the contrary, he felt this was very good, they should pass their days like this and bicker with each other when nothing was happening; Quarreling could be considered a kind of pleasure.

But he didn’t say anything, he just bowed his head and cried secretly. Ling Zhanyi also began to feel terrible.

Sure enough, the mood of pregnant people was really unpredictable!

“What’s the matter? Aiyo! Little Ancestor! Don’t cry! You are asking for my life!” Ling Zhanyi soften his voice and held Su Ziyang while he rubbed against him with his cheeks. “Don’t cry, Dear. I’ve already washed the strawberries. Don’t be angry with me over two strawberries! I promise you, in the future, whatever you want to eat, I will guarantee that there will be a continuous stream of them, even if there was no more today, I will replenish it tomorrow, I will certainly make up for you, okay? Well, don’t be angry. Give me a smile?”

“It’s not about two strawberries at all!” Su Ziyang raised his eyes and looked at Ling Zhanyi with grievance. “You don’t care about me anymore! You only know how to bully me now! Laugh at me! Make fun of me! Play with me!”

“I am wrong, I’m not good. I promise there will be absolutely no next time, okay? Come on, don’t cry anymore. Touch my heart, it hurts, and it can’t jump anymore.” Ling Zhanyi quickly admitted his mistake. No matter what, he had to make this ancestor stop crying; crying hurts the body ah!

After a long time of coaxing, Su Ziyang reluctantly gave him face and laughed. Ling Zhanyi fed him strawberries one by one and accompanied him. At the same time, he affirmed in his mind that, pregnant people were all unreasonable ah. Never try to reason with them, because there weren’t any reasons to talk about in the first place! Whatever they did, they were always correct!

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