Chapter 76: Mutually finding someone to complain to

How could Su Ziyang sleep?

He lay on his side for a long while and was still wide awake. He sat up gently on his elbow and groped around to switch on the light. He grabbed his cell phone from the bedside table, turned it on, and scrolled through the address book; He was planning to talk to someone.

Needless to say, in some aspects, these two people’s approaches to their problems were very similar.

Su Ziyang found Luoyang’s address book. At the moment, he did not care whether this person was sleeping or not and dialed it directly.

Anyone who heard a phone ringing at 2 a.m would go crazy, right?

Luoyang had no habit of switching off his phone when he went to sleep, so the phone rang immediately the moment Su Ziyang called. He turned over in jittery, but he still reached for his phone. Otherwise, the continuous ringing of the phone call would wake up the sleeping Ye Shuo next to him.

Luoyang connected the call and gently removed the arm around his waist. He turned over and got out of bed. Ye Shou seemed to notice that he was leaving. He dazedly hummed and reached out to hold Luoyang. Luoyang hurriedly took a bolster from his side and sent it to his chest. Sensing that he was holding onto something, Ye Shuo’s restlessness in his sleep disappeared. His breathing quickly calmed down. Seeing that he did not wake up, Luoyang left quietly and went to the living room to answer the call.

As he was in a hurry to connect the call, Luoyang didn’t look at the caller ID just now. At this moment, he carefully stared at the screen and realize it was Ziyang. He was momentarily nervous and asked, “Hello? Ziyang? What happened? Is there something wrong with for you to be calling so late at night?”

Su Ziyang pondered for a moment, he didn’t know how to start. He said, “I’m sorry to call you so late at night, but I have no one else to look for. You know about Ling Zhanyi and me, so…”

As soon as Luoyang heard Su Ziyang’s tone, he knew it was nothing serious. He immediately relaxed and sat down on the sofa. With a gentle voice, he said, “It’s all right. Anyway, I am awake now. Just tell me what’s going on. I will listen.”

“I… I had a quarrel with Ling Zhanyi…” Su Ziyang thought about it and found such an opening line.

At the same time, in the guest room, Ling Zhanyi said to Gu Feng like this: “Surnamed Gu, my little thing has been in a cold war with me, I am depressed…”

Luoyang was stunned and laughed. “It’s normal to quarrel. I often quarrel with Ye Shuo too. I’ll scold him sometimes even if he didn’t do anything. He just grins and never gets angry.”

“But I found that he was not as good to me as before. Today, he provoked me but he didn’t apologize to me. He also didn’t coax me and turned away straight. Although afterward, I knew I had blamed him wrongly, I couldn’t help thinking more. What do I do if he becomes tired of me? I can’t help thinking, is it a mistake for me to be with him? I even feel that it is a great loss for me to lay down my dignity to give him an offspring? He’s not worth it at all!”

In the guest room, Ling Zhanyi heard Gu Feng’s mocking words “cold war is normal! I think you deserve getting abused! Serves you right! Good cold war!” he couldn’t help getting more depressed. “But do you know the reason for the cold war? Just because I ate his two strawberries, two strawberries ah! He thought it was the last two left, so he couldn’t bear to eat them. My Mom bought strawberries and were many more in the refrigerator. I know there are still many more in the fridge, so I teased him and deliberately ate the two strawberries in his hands and then he threw a tantrum on me saying that I am greedy and bad. Later I thought I shouldn’t have eaten his strawberries, I shouldn’t have teased him when I know he will get upset. But when I went to the kitchen and washed a large plate of strawberries for him, he was angry and even shed tears! I tried to please him, but he didn’t even give me a glance. He even cried secretly in the middle of the night. I coaxed him before he went to bed. Alas, now he told me he needs to calm down. I had no other choice but to sleep in the cold guest room…”

Gu Feng laughed without any sympathy, “Why are you two so funny!”

“Don’t laugh. Come on and give me some advice. What on earth do you think I’ve done to him? I don’t think it’s about the two strawberries, is it? That’s too Oolong1!”

Gu Feng lit a cigarette and took a long, slow breath. The question he shot outpointed directly to the core of this fight. “Did you turn around and walk away without making him happy? Before you went inside the kitchen?”

“Yes, I saw that he was almost close to exploding from anger, so I rushed to the kitchen to wash him more strawberries!” Ling Zhanyi cried out, “I thought he would smile at the strawberries when he sees it at once! It turned out to be useless!”

Gu Feng nodded understandingly: “That’s exactly what happened.”

“What’s wrong? Do you know what’s going on?! Quickly say, don’t drag things on!” Ling Zhanyi chased.

“That person of yours has been spoiled by you, he starts to overthink. If you did something wrong, he will think that you did not love him as much as you had before, and human’s thoughts can run very wildly. If he thinks a little deeper, he will be afraid that you will not treat him well in the future. You will not care and just let him be angry or shed tears. Look, then won’t he die of sadness? This is from holding on the hollows of the palm to being stepped on by the sole of the foot. This drop is too big!”

When Ling Zhanyi heard his words, his heart suddenly felt enlightened. He laughed, “Ha ha ha, so it is this! I see! You are good, Gu Feng! You, this kid has such deep understanding of love, I have to thank you! You really helped me solve a big problem! “

“Now you know why he is so angry and so upset?” Gu Feng pinched out the cigarette butt. “But I think you’d better proceed slowly before you look for him. Now you can sleep on the cold bench in the guest room. Otherwise, that family member of yours will really be spoiled by you. You ah, also have to let him know that you will not always be there to coax him, as long as he knows that you have him in your mind and that you will never abandon him.”

Ling Zhanyi shook his head and denied, “How can I do this? He’s so fragile, if I don’t spoil him well, he’s going to think wildly! I only have one wife, if I don’t spoil him, who will? Otherwise, am I supposed to wait for someone else to coax my wife before I do? That’s just asking me to jump down a bridge and die!” After a pause, Ling Zhanyi said, “But I won’t bother him tonight. I’ll have a good talk with him honestly and openly tomorrow. I want him to understand that he is absolutely the first in my heart! In this life for a lifetime, I will spoil him and love him, so that he can be lawless under my care. He can be stubborn, he can act spoilt for as long as he wants, I will still want him! “

“Okay, don’t tell me anything so mushy, go and talk to the one at your house!” Gu Feng yawned. “Are you all right now? Anyway, hang up if you have nothing else to say. I’m so sleepy. Now it’s three o’clock in the morning. Please, brother, think about it with your brain next time. Don’t bother me while I am sleeping. Now I’m busy with the company. I have to get up early and go to bed late every day, is it easy for me?”

Ling Zhanyi solved his problem, of course, he wasn’t feeling so frustrated now and he no longer bothered Gu Feng, “Okay, thank you for tonight, I’ll invite you to drink another day, my precious red wine can be taken out ahead of time to thank you for your generosity. Go and sleep, the company has many things for you to worry about, haha, when you find a girlfriend in the future, I will also take on the company for you! “

Gu Feng shrugged his lips. Would you give up your time with that person in your family to help me with the company? As if I’ll believe!

Of course, this doubt, Gu Feng did not speak it out. He casually responded and hanged up the call. He laid down in bed and quickly fell asleep.

Ling Zhanyi’s big knot in his heart was unraveled, and he no longer rolled back and forth to ponder on and frown in his mind. He fell asleep quickly the moment his head touched the pillow. He even dreamed that tomorrow, he and Su Ziyang would openly express their feelings. Then he dreamed that he had put a ring for Su Ziyang. This ring, although was not a wedding ring, but it was a layer of assurance, Su Ziyang could finally have a reassuring pill…

Ling Zhanyi in his sleep couldn’t stop telling himself that when he woke up tomorrow, the first thing he was going to do was to go out and buy a ring! He must buy a ring! Oh right, he needs to buy flowers too! He’s going to propose on his knees! First, give Su Ziyang a big assuring pill first! Lest this little thing always thinks nonsense, although the ring could not solve any big problem, it was better than having no ring at all.

Over there to Su Ziyang’s side, Luoyang was also enlightening Su Ziyang: “What is worthwhile should not be seen from such a trivial matter. He has done so many good things to you, and only did one thing that wronged you carelessly. What’s more, this thing that he wronged you was imagined by you and you are disappointed with him? Losing confidence in your future so soon?”

“Ziyang, have you ever thought that if you let this thought control your heart and mind hence, causing you to do certain actions, that will hurt the other party? He is also a human being and an ordinary person. If you don’t tell him, how would he know what you are thinking about? He may even make things difficult for himself by thinking that you argued with him over two strawberries. He looks like a man who put you first. When you get angry, he will probably panic and make himself into a mess. What do you want him to do? How could he guess your thoughts? He will only get more and more chaotic, maybe he will even do something and make you angry, but that is not his intention, maybe, he just doesn’t know how to make you stop being angry…”

“Have a good night’s sleep. There is nothing that can’t be solved. Tomorrow morning, two of you have a peaceful and good talk. I believe that your little problem isn’t a problem at all.”

“En.” Su Ziyang gradually calmed down after listening to Luoyang’s suggestion..

“Don’t lose confidence in the future and imagine something that hasn’t happened yet. If so, life will lose its meaning. Come on, Ziyang, believe in yourself, believe in him, both of you will surely obtain happiness! “

“En. Thank you, Luoyang, you will be happy too!”

“En, yes, we will be happy!”’

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