Chapter 77: Children are becoming more and more arrogant nowadays

After hanging up the call, Luoyang sat quietly in the living room for a long time.

His brain could not help but recall back to the first time he made acquaintance with Ye Shuo.

It was during an elective selection course for freshmen two years ago.

Luoyang was gentle and kind to people. He was absolutely a popular person when placed into a group of middle-aged fat people, bald, heavy makeup, women in their thirties who think they were beautiful coming to teach and professors who have lost their teeth.

In the eyes of the university students, especially female students, he was the number one candidate boyfriend in their YY.

So, once his elective course opened, the enrollment became full, Luoyang had no choice but to increase another 50 places. Anyway, the students just wanted to increase their credits. In fact, his course was boring. If it wasn’t for his face, there would not be many people who really wanted to listen to his lecture.

Of course, despite this, Luoyang was not bothered about this. He had always made his classes interesting and tried to make his students acquire more knowledge.

As a matter of fact. As soon as the computer is refreshed, the registration form was filled up again even though he just added another 50 places.

It was even faster than a flash sale!

In the campus network posts, many people left messages, saying that they want Professor Luoyang to increase more places, they all wanted to sign up ah! Unfortunately, their network’s speed was too slow. When the page loaded, they were told that the quota was full.

Luoyang looked at the numerous post asking him to increase the places and smiled. He closed the post, printed out the list of students who had signed up for his class, took the teaching plan, then went out of the office. He walked towards the teaching building.

It’s the twenty-eighth day since the school’s term started, and in a blink of the eyes, it had been a month. The student spent the first half month doing their military training. The real university classes only had just started for 2 weeks.

There were two more days to go before the National Day holiday. It seemed that the students’ hearts just recovered from military training would be set free again.

But university life should be colorful. Learning should not be their primary task.

They study in universities, such as dealing with people, self-learning ability, self-control, future planning, etc.

After turning the corner, the teaching building would be in sight.

Luoyang actually owned a bicycle, however, the teaching building wasn’t far from the office, so he didn’t ride his bicycle. On the contrary, he enjoyed the laziness of walking around the campus just after he left the university campus.

A car came racing from behind him and honked constantly. Luoyang looked back and frowned unhappily. It was really uneducated to drive so fast on the campus.

Nowadays, children are… getting more and more arrogant.

However, even though Luoyang was unhappy, but after all, he was a mild-tempered man. At least they honked their horns in advance, which was somewhat polite. He flashed to the side and the car whistled past and stopped at the steps of the teaching building. Two suspicious bodyguards came down from the front door and the left the back seat respectively, one of them exaggeratedly opened an umbrella while the other one stopped to open the door in the right-back seat.

 Luoyang wasn’t the only one raising his eyebrows.

The students who weren’t attending classes all looked at the black Jaguar and wondered who it could be, who came with such a grand style?

The teenager who came out did not disappoint them. First, he stepped out with slender and powerful legs. Then when he was completely out of the car- wide shoulders, narrow waists, and first-class stature. Looking up again, seeing the appearance of the teenager, the girls could not help sucking in a breath of air, saying in their hearts why such a handsome boy wasn’t in their class ah! Even in their major, their department can acridine!

The teenager was dressed in a suit and leather shoes, and his shoes were shining. He obviously wanted to look like an adult, but he was betrayed by a trace of childishness in his eyebrows.

Clearly, he’s a suckling boy!

Luoyang was invoked by curiosity but did not intentionally look, just glanced at him, then stepped up the steps, ready to leave, his class is about to begin.


With hesitant words drifting into his ears, Luoyang’s footsteps stopped. He looked back and stood on the steps two levels higher than the teenagers, looking down.

The clear-cut and smooth cheeks suddenly came into view. Luoyang’s heart was sluggish, and a face very similar to this one flashed through his mind. He almost couldn’t hold the lesson plan in his hand.

Professor Luo! It’s really you!” The cool action that the teenager just maintained completely collapsed in this instant. His eyebrows twisted and he smiled. “My name is Ye Shuo. I want to enter this school to learn the bioengineering courses that you are teaching and  had studied!, I’ve read the article you wrote that was published in the school magazine, and I’m very interested in it!”

Luoyang’s absent-mindedness recovered. He looked at the youngster under the steps in the sunshine and his eyes dimmed with a certain degree of self-mockery- so, it was not him…

That’s right. It’s been so many years since he started his family. How could he possibly stand in front of himself so naively and so pleasantly?

When he noticed the slight loss of consciousness in Luoyang, Ye Shuo’s smiling eyes flashed a cold ray. Of course, it was only a passing moment. He continued to maintain the image of an ignorant student longing for knowledgeable professors “Professor Luo?”

Luoyang looked at the youngster with a somewhat distressed face. He let his thoughts ran again…

Well, it seemed that the man was really his calamity.

“Ye Shuo, I’m glad you’re interested in my thesis. So… Please study hard in the future. I still have classes. You can help yourself.” After that, Luoyang turned quickly, stepped up the remaining steps and disappeared in the hall of the teaching building.

Could you think of this as running away?

The depth of Ye Shuo’s blinking eyes surged up, and he involuntarily clenched his hands.

“Second Young Master, your upcoming teacher is on the 5th floor 503, the seat has been occupied for you, that will be next to–” the man holding an umbrella said respectfully.

Ye Shuo uttered an “En” amidst his trance. Who knew if he had noted the information down. Before the other party had finished speaking, he ran up to the hall and the ten steps were completed by him in three steps.

Because it’s time for class now, there weren’t many people in the hall. Ye Shuo’s chest fluctuated slightly, but he wasn’t panting. It was obvious that he was very excited at the moment, not because of the difficulty of breathing caused by the running. He looked around quickly, and soon his gaze was fixed on the thin figure over there.

It’s hard to get into this school. He’ll hold on to him! From now on, from this second!

Luoyang stood by the elevator and pressed the button to open the door of the elevator. The elevator was delayed. Luoyang continued to stand there and his mind wandered as he waited. The face of the teenager that he saw a while ago appeared in his mind for no reason and sealed up the past five years unexpectedly made a faint tremble in his heart.

Ah Lang…

The elevator prompted a sound, Luoyang did not take back his train of thoughts, so he subconsciously stepped into the elevator, and pressed the button to go, and his eyes were still in a trance.

Ye Shuo followed Luoyang into the same elevator. He didn’t press any floor but was actually following Luoyang. Seeing that he was preoccupied in thoughts, the cold ray in Ye Shuo’s eyes was even stronger.

Are you still thinking about that person even though it has been so long?!

The two people were reflected in the mirror; one was staring blankly at the space, one was looking painfully at the one who was in a trance.

It was not until after Luoyang realized that there were another person reflected in the mirror. The familiar face surprised him that he took cold breath and the teaching plan in his hands dropped on the ground.

Looking at the side of the person was just seen in the doorway of the teaching building, Luoyang disguised his sigh and squatted down to pick up the teaching plan: “Why are you following me so quietly? It’s frightening!”

Luoyang was really shocked, and his fingers trembled slightly when he reached out to pick up the teaching plan. He didn’t know whether he was frightened by his own imagination or by the sudden emergence of this person.

Maybe, it was both…

Ye Shuo instantly responded to the bright-eyed young and beautiful young man with a grin: “Professor Luo, you have no idea what you are thinking. When I first entered the elevator, I said hello to you, but you ignored me.”

“Oh? Is that right? Oh, I’m thinking about my class, so I didn’t notice you. Sorry.” Luoyang picked up the teaching plan, and the elevator prompted that they have arrived on the eighth floor by the time he straighten up.

Luoyang: “I’m here. Goodbye.”

In any case, Ye Shuo also followed him out of the elevator. He was smiling so hard that his eyes were’n’t visible anymore. “It’s so happening that I’m here too!”

“I’m going to Classroom 812. Oh, no, it’s been five minutes since class started. I have to hurry up, Student Ye. You should also hurry to your class too!”

Luoyang looked at his watch and saw that it was getting late. He turned around and quickened his pace.

Ye Shuo followed him: “I’m going to Professor Luo’s class!”

“What?!” Luoyang stopped his footsteps doubtfully. “Isn’t today your first day of reporting to the school?”

Luoyang knew very well that this sort of second-generation children was the most arrogant. Now that they were in university, they thought they were birds there were released from the cage. They could fly as they want. Therefore, if they could delay reporting in the school, then they would delay. If today was the first day to report to the school, then the current youth in front of would definitely not come for his academic programs.

The deadline for his course registration was yesterday. How could this kid possibly sign up for it?

“Yes, I just reported today, but I can ask my classmates to help me sign up!” Ye Shuo lied smoothly and said with sincerity.

Luoyang was afraid that if there was any further delay, then the class would be impossible to proceed, plus he had just printed out the registration form, so he only took a glance at the time, hence he was not clear whether Ye Shuo’s name was in it or not.

He raised his hand again and looked at his watch. “Let’s go!”

“Okay!” Ye Shuo followed him into the classroom in high spirits–

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