Chapter 78: What is your intention?

It wasn’t unusual for students to go in the classroom with the teacher at the same time, but ten minutes after class had started, two different types of handsome men came into the classroom together. The girls were in an uproar.

Wow, besides Professor Luo, there was also another super handsome boy!

Of course, Ye Shuo was not that young, he was 19 years old and had grown up, but compared to Luoyang, who was 25 years old, he was still relatively inexperienced.

Ye Shuo blinked and his eyes swept around. The front rows and back rows almost fully seated. The majority of them were girls and occasionally, there were some boys. The expression they directed to Luoyang was also perverted, so whether they were boys or girls, they were all coming for Luoyang!

Ye Shuo’s heart went cold and he whispered two sentences to the girl in the middle of the first row. The girl blushed, nodded, packed her things and walked towards the few vacant seats at the back.

Luoyang looked at Ye Shuo in surprise and was somewhat curious to know what he had said to the girl.

Sensing Luoyang’s inquiring eyes, Ye Shuo immediately raised his head and smiled brightly at him. All the desks and chairs in the university were long and connected. If you want to go to the middle, you have to walk from the end of either side. The students would also have to stand up and shift the chairs backward before there would be sufficient room for the person to go in. Ye Shuo, however, make things simple. He pressed on the table and scuttle in— wearing a suit did not affect his handsome movements.

Several girls were shocked by his cool action and they looked infatuated.

Luoyang’s lips slightly raised and slightly shook his head. These children were really energetic!

He was only 5 or 6 years older than them, but he felt very different. Was it because he was old…

“Okay, students, let’s start our lecture–” Luoyang’s voice was warm and pleasant, like the clear spring filling the heart, making one feel comfortable.

Originally, if it was others that were explaining these large and boring passages, it would surely bore the students to sleep, but when it comes to Luoyang, he was always able to attract the students’ attention when he explained them.

No wonder he was able to become a professor at such a young age.

Ye Shuo did not have a pen or a book, but he was sitting very seriously in his seat, staring at Luoyang without even blinking his eyes.

In the midst of so many students, his fixated eyes could not attract Luoyang’s attention. Ye Shuo found that Luoyang’s line of sight had swept past him a few times, but it did not stop at him. Hence, he knew that his eyes were not intense enough. Even if he stared at him, Luoyang would not notice, so he stared even more unbridled.

Perhaps, only at times like would be able to look at him so seriously and boldly without having to hide…

Later in Luoyang’s classes, Ye Shuo would always appear in the middle of the first row facing the platform. Sometimes, he would appear with a pen and a book and sometimes, with nothing.

And Luoyang gradually realized that Ye Shuo’s almost shining eyes were always pinned to himself. At first, Luoyang thought it was his illusion. But as time went on, he was sure that Ye Shuo was staring at himself!

If you want to say that he was listening to the class attentively, then it shouldn’t be the way he was staring at him ah! His intense eyes were watching his every movement attentively. At first, he did not realize it, so he was able to endure it. However, now that Luoyang realized it, he would always deliberately looked at Ye Shuo and every time he looked past him, Ye Shuo would grin, but his expression remained unchanged. This made Luoyang’s hair stand and his goosebump would appear. Sometimes his lectures would even go astray.

But if you say that he didn’t listen attentively, when Luoyang intentionally asked him to answer his questions, he would answer in a stealthily way. There was no thinking process behind the answers he gave.

This sort of behavior lasted a semester!

Then the final exam, this elective course could be considered the most important elective course. Although it was an elective, the credits added up to 4 points, so there was an exam segment. When Luoyang marked the papers, he was also very serious. He wanted to see what Ye Shuo had learned this semester and inwardly, Luoyang actually hoped that Ye Shuo would score 100 points.

The questions were set by him and it wasn’t difficult. They were all what he had taught in his class. Before the exam, he also gave the students the key points. It shouldn’t pose an issue for those students who had listened carefully to score more than 90 marks in the exam.

Moreover, Luoyang had seen Ye Shuu’s handwriting. Although it wasn’t considered nice looking, at least it was written strong and firmly. He might not write the exam script as it was sealed, but Luoyang could still recognize his handwriting.

 In the end, all the papers had been marked, but he still did not find Ye Shuo’s papers. Luoyang was stunned and he flipped through the papers again, but he still did not find it!

Did he miss the exam? It couldn’t be, right?

Luoyang was not the invigilator on that day, so he was not sure whether Ye Shuo had attended the exam or not.

Luoyang tore open the sealed script and entered the student’s marks into the computer. He recorded each of them carefully and he determined that there was none of Ye Shuo’s name!

What’s happening?

He really missed the exam?!

He took so much effort to sign up for his course and ensured that he sat in the middle of the first row every time, where he would be able to see him if he lifted his eyes upwards. In addition, he always stared at himself with his big clear eyes the entire time…

He really missed the exam?!

Luoyang suddenly felt a little unhappy. As for why he was not happy, he didn’t know.

Looking out the name downloaded from the course registration form at that time—— which was accompanied by contact information—— Luoyang flipped open the A4 paper which he had folded a corner at the top. He began to look for Ye Shuo’s name.

If you miss the exam because of certain reasons, having a make-up exam was also possible.

He had to inform him that the time of the make-up exam was already arranged that he couldn’t afford to miss the exams anymore! 

When the last page was flipped opened, Luoyang’s eyes wandered cautiously. When he moved to the last name, he stared with surprise — no Ye Shuo’s name?!

How was this possible?!

Luoyang felt unhappy and he started from the first name again. He used a pen to mark out the names, but he still did not find Ye Shuo’s name, even the wrong pronunciation of the same word or similar name was not found!

—— No Ye Shuo!

—— He didn’t sign up at all!

After drawing this conclusion, Luoyang did not know whether he should cry or laugh.

How could there be such a student who spent half his effort trying to take a course, but he did not sign up for it?!

He wasted a semester’s credits and his effort. What on earth did he want to do?!

Ye Shuo’s vivid eyes flashed in Luoyang’s mind, and when he looked at him, his grin was particularly beam and lively.

The familiar face still reminded him of someone.

The two of them looked too much alike!

But Ye Shuo was too young that he could almost be described as a teenager. How could it be that person?

It shouldn’t be…

Luoyang’s heart jumped and his eyes suddenly turned cold. Are you looking for someone who looked like you to test me out, Ah Lang?

But now, what’s the use of testing me out?

As early as 5 years ago, you chose to give up on me…

The mobile phone on the desk suddenly rang and Luoyang came back to his senses. He reached for it and saw that it was an unknown number. He thought that since it might be one of his students that had called to ask about their grades using the number he wrote on the blackboard at the beginning of his class.

That was his fault. He daydreamed for so long that he had not published the grades on the campus’s website yet.

“Hello? Who is this?”

“Professor Lou!” The sound of clear sunshine rang in his ears, and a bright young man leaped into Luoyang’s mind at the first moment. He was relieved for a moment before he grew tense. Recalling his thought just now, his tone grew cold, “You are?”

Ye Shuo was a little stunned as he held onto his mobile phone for a while. He sighed for himself, after all, he spent so much time and effort in each of his lessons to please him, but, in the end, there was just no presence of him in the other person’s eyes.

But being sad was one thing, Ye Shuo quickly adjusted his mood back, at the very least, the sadness in his voice could not be detected. He smiled and answered: “It’s me! Professor Luo! You really can’t hear it out? I am Ye Shuo!”

Luoyang inwardly made a ‘hmph and thought: Who won’t know you are Ye Shuo? You can’t fool me even if you pretend to be innocent!

Of course, disdaining was disdaining while revealing his facade was another matter. (In a sense, what Luoyang thought about revealing the facade was that Ye Shuo was sent by someone to test him out, and it was discovered by him.) Luoyang still pretended to have sudden enlightenment: “Oh, Ye Shuo, is there anything wrong?”

“Nothing. Isn’t it going to be winter vacation soon? I’d like to ask Professor Luo if he has any plans.” Ye Shuo’s eyes twinkled.

—— Regardless of Luoyang’s plans, in short, he would stick his nose into it.

“That has nothing to do with you?” Luoyang’s heart was even colder. He even probed into his winter vacation’s plans. Are you still trying to disturb my quiet life, Ah Lang?

“En, it doesn’t concern me. I’m just casually asking, hehe…” Ye Shuo’s laughed somewhat insincere.

“Yes… By the way, why didn’t you take the exam?” Luoyang asked in reply, “Why did you lie to me about taking my course when you did not register in the first place? Ye Shuo, what do you want to do by wasting so much time on me?”

Ye Shuo’s heart grew sluggish, he made a ‘haha’ and answered, “Didn’t I say the reasons before? I admire Professor Luo very much. It was because of you that I got into this university. Professor Luo is very famous for your biotechnology thesis.”

“There’s no need to say such nonsense in front of me. I don’t like to beat around the bush. What’s your intention?” Luoyang’s pressing questions became sharp.

Ye Shuo’s eyes swirled around and he was just thinking about whether to take the opportunity to express himself. As a result, when he heard the next sentence, he turned pale in an instant.

“Ye Shuo, tell me honestly, what is the relationship between you and Ye Lang?”

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