Chapter 79: Still remembers that year…

When the name ‘Ye Lang’ was questioned by Luoyang, all of Ye Shuo’s leaping excitement was abolished, leaving only nervousness and fear residing in his body.

After all, he was just a young man that had been admitted to a university. No matter how much he clawed at it, he was just a child who had not experienced the ways of the world. What’s more, whenever he encountered Luoyang, his mind would overheat and his heart would go into an overrun.

At this moment, Ye Shuo could feel the coldness in Luoyang’s tone through the phone such that he could even imagine his cold face.

His heart was in a mess and he did not know how to reply to his question at all.

In the past 5 years, he had immersed himself in his studies from his 2nd year of junior high school to his 3rd year of senior high school, just so that he would be able to attain excellent result to be admitted into the university Luoyang was in. He did well in the university entrance examination and had received spots to different universities. However, he only wrote Mingyang University on his choice and rejected the rest.

At that time, the scores required for the admission of Mingyou University had yet to be released, and all the students were still figuring out what to fill in for their choices, but Ye Shuo didn’t bother checking if his scores were sufficient enough and had straightaway filled up his choice. He then nervously waited for the result. He had already decided that if he failed to enter Mingyang University, he would just re-take the examination until he managed to enter Mingyang University.

Just imagine that a person with such a strong mindset, studying hard had already taken his entire being, how would he know how to love and please his sweetheart?

Especially in the case of his sweetheart’s wrath, Ye Shuo could not even lie.

Perhaps, he would be able to turn the tides if he said he had no connection with that person?

Unfortunately, in Ye Shuo’s innocent heart, it seemed that as long as he was admitted to the university and be in the same school as his beloved, he would be satisfied.

In fact, he was indeed very satisfied.

Every time he sat in the first row and carefully gazed at Luoyang’s face, he thought it was worthwhile for him to bury his head in the books for the past 5 years!

He could spend the 4 years in university and then another 2 years as a research student— which was a total of 6 years — with Luoyang to slowly soothe the wounds in his heart.

Although, he and Luoyang had been separated for 5 years, perhaps, in the past 5 years, Luoyang’s wounds have already been healed…

But, was it really healed? Then why did he think back to Ye Lang just because he looked like him? When they first met, Luoyang was even distracted and it wasn’t just a single occurrence.

He couldn’t forget Ye Lang, right?

Perhaps the silence lasted for a long time that Luoyang did not ask any more questions and warned directly, “I am aware even if you don’t say anything. You must have something to do with Ye Lang, but I’m not curious about your relationship. I just want to trouble you to tell him not to think that you can test me in such a naive way. Let me tell you plainly that I have forgotten him for a long time. It’s no use trying so hard! Also, please disappear from my sight, I do not want my quiet life to be disturbed.”

With this, the words he wanted to say choked on his throat, unable to be articulated out.

He really wanted to continue to answer innocently in that rascal tone: “What connection do we have? Except for the surname Ye, there’s nothing else! “

It’s just that he had been silent for so long. How credible would this reason be?

What’s more, the busy signal coming from the phone made Ye Shuo’s heart cold.

“What did you say about forgetting… you clearly remember it…” Ye Shuo’s eyes shone and he murmured grievously. He looked up and pushed back the tears that were seizing control of his eyes and a bitter smile curled up at the corner of his lips.

He still remembered that year when he was 14 years old.

His school had a 3 days vacation. Ye Shuo rushed home, but in the woods not far from home, he saw his elder brother with a young man.

At first, Ye Shuo thought they were going to fight, but when he looked carefully, he found that the gentle-looking boy was kissing his elder brother!

Ye Shuo took back his steps and hid in the corner. He wasn’t going to go out but quietly observed the situation aside.

Apparently, the two men who were entangled up and kissing did not realize that there a little boy peeping behind the big tree not far away.

“Ah Lang, would you give me some more time? I’m sure I’ll find a chance to tell my mother about us. She’s sick now. I’m afraid she will be agitated. Please, please don’t say you want to break up, okay?”

“Luoyang, I can’t help it. It’s not a question of whether your parents agree or disagree, because even my parents object our relationship. I’m going abroad, and my parents have engaged me with the daughter of a European investor. We can’t live like that all our lives.”

The tears in Luoyang’s eyes slid down and he clasped Ye Lang’s shoulder tightly. His eyes were filled with resentment: “You didn’t say this in the beginning! You didn’t say this at all! You said that we can face it together, even if our parents object, as long as we persevere on, we will surely be together! Why are you shrinking away now?!”

“Even you said that this was in the beginning, we were too young to know the complexity and danger of society. What can we do out of campus? What can we do to resist the public’s opinion? What’s more, I’m the young master of Ye Family. My parents put all their hopes on me. I don’t want them to be disappointed.” Ye Lang struggled to fix his sights on Luoyang, and helplessly said, “Yangyang, don’t be like this? Let’s break up amicably, and even if we break up, I will remember you all my life. You are the only person I loved the most in my life.”

“Since you love me, don’t betroth that woman! Ah Lang, it will be only 2 more years before I graduate from university. Can you give me 2 more years? I will not delay you to be a filial son nor will I hinder you from inheriting your family’s business. What your parents dislike about me, I will change, okay? I will try to be a person who can stand by your side. Even if you go abroad, I will wait for you to come back. As long as you don’t say goodbye…”

“It’s too late…” Ye Lang pushed Luoyang aside and ruthlessly said, “It’s too late, Yangyang. Why didn’t you accept my request earlier? If you could tell your mother about us earlier, I am willing to follow you to your family as long as she agrees. I don’t want everything in Ye’s house! Even if she disagrees, I will have the courage to leave everything to be with you. But you can’t! You can’t bear to leave your mother! You can’t leave everything behind like me to be with me!”

“What do you ask me to do the things you can’t do? You hesitate every time and never tell your mother about us. I told my mother somehow. Although she disagreed and looked for you to put pressure on you many times, I still did my best! Do you know how I feel when you keep hiding our relationship over and over again? I’m a human being and I’m tired too. I cannot be so shameless forever!”

“Yangyang, I’m really tired. This road is too difficult to walk. It’s as small as we are and we can’t carry so much pressure. My brother is still young, and his health isn’t good. My parents are old too. Their health gets worse each year. They can’t bear too much stimulation. Instead of being more falling deeper, let’s just stop here, before we fall in love with each other too much. Let’s withdraw ourselves as soon as possible. It’s sufficient to have our youth and memory with us.”

“How about a month?” Luoyang’s agitated emotions suddenly calmed down, but there were still tears flowing down. He suddenly opened his mouth, but his heart was dull and painful. “Would you give me a month? I can face away from your sight, as long as we are still together in secret…”

“…” Just as Ye Lang was about to open his mouth, Luoyang stopped him and continued, “In a month, there will be no objection at my side. I promise, a month later, I can face the pressure with you wholeheartedly!”

“Can you don’t get engaged to that woman first? Can you postpone your engagement for another 2 years? Can you? I will take the 2 years to catch up with you, the two years to change myself, and even if 2 years later you still want to break up with me, I will agree. Could you please give me 2 years?

“Yangyang, stop being unreasonable, will you? After all, you still need 2 more years. Then what about 2 years later? My parents have already arranged an engagement for me, and the woman is pregnant. I’ll be married in a month.”

Luoyang’s original expression of begging suddenly changed to shock and incredible, then it turned to resentment and anger: “Did you go to bed with her?”

Ye Lang looked down and did not answer.

Luoyang’s voice trembled: “How many months has she been pregnant?”

“Does it make sense to ask these questions now? Yangyang, stop making trouble and go back to school.”

“How many months has she been pregnant?!” Luoyang almost roared out.

Ye Lang put his hand over Luoyang’s mouth, looked around and asked in a low voice, “Do you want my family to hear you making trouble here?”

Luoyang struggled to remove Ye Lang’s hand and stared at him breathlessly. His sharp eyes were mixed with sadness. “Okay, I will not make any more trouble. Tell me honestly, how many months pregnant is she?”

“Does it make sense to ask this question now?” Ye Lang tugged at his tie somewhat irritably.

Luoyang stubbornly questioned, “It’s meaningful. It makes sense to me. You just answer me, how many months is she pregnant?”

“3…” Before the word “month” came out, Luoyang smashed a punch at him. “Ye Lang, fuck you!”

Ye Lang did not return his punch. In fact, he was ashamed of himself. Unfortunately, Luoyang’s punch kept coming in and who knew when he would stop, so he twisted Luoyang’s wrist to his back and pressed him on a tree. He whispered, “That’s enough! Are you done?”

“3 months… Haha… 3 months… Luoyang’s face was stuck to the tree bark but he did not struggle. He murmured these words as the tears flowed down his face.

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