Chapter 8: The so-called extreme joy begets sorrow

Because of too much excitement, someone who had forgotten about the pain under his body was too mencius, and could not help falling back again with a cry, but at the same time, he was grinning. The beautiful face had a smile on it.

Ha ha ha! He was truly capable!!!

Lottery ticket!!! He still remembered that recent lottery numbers!!!

Sure enough, a rebirth was not all tragedy!

Not bothering about the pain relief, Su Ziyang climbed down from the bed, changed his clothes, took his wallet and ran out, although in an awkward position.

He was rushing to buy a lottery ticket! And then food and clothing will be free of worries!

Ha ha ha!

Su Ziyang, immersed in joy, forgot that the elevator on his floor had not been repaired. He waited for a long while before he realized

Wait for this man to win the lottery and buy a big villa, who still uses the elevator! Hmph!

Su Ziyang gritted his teeth and limped down the stairs again with pain.

There was a newsstand outside the entrance of the community. Su Ziyang only thought about the number of the lottery and forgot to look at the road. As soon as he turned to the entrance of the community, he heard anxious honking and then a harsh braking sound.

Su Ziyang’s reaction was rather agile. He avoided the car, but there was a low wooden fence in the little flower bed next to him. He accidentally tripped over, then fell back magnificently. His head fell on the flowerpot. Su Ziyang’s vision went black and he fainted.

Ling Zhangyi drove along the address he took from the taxi driver. He wanted to surprise the coward. As soon as he arrived at the gate of the neighborhood, he saw the fellow barging about without looking at the road. He was so frightened that he honked his horn and slammed on the brakes, but the fellow fell down right in his eyes.

It can’t be that he really knocked onto him, did he?

Ling Zhanyi noticed that his heart stopped for a moment, and then immediately, he quickly unbuckle the seat belt, opened the door of the car and hurried out of the car.

“Zi Yang? Ziyang, are you okay? Ling Zhanyi stepped into the flower garden and carefully embraced Su Ziyang. His right arm held the behind of his head. As a result, he soon felt a hot and sticky liquid flowing down his fingers.

He’s knocked!

He’s bleeding!

He wasn’t sure if there were any other injuries… Ling Zhanyi was afraid that he had actually hit him just now. In case of any internal injury, it would be even worse. So he rushed to the hospital with him in the back seat of his car.

After arriving at the hospital and checking the first-aid dressing, the doctor told Ling Zhangyi that the per fellow was okay. He was hit by a hard object on his head and too much blood was shed, which led to an insufficient blood supply to the brain, so he was unconscious. According to Ling Zhangyi’s description, he was not injured by a car, and the back of his head should be broken by a flowerpot.

Ling Zhanyi breathed a sigh of relief. He was just about to ask the nurses to push Su Ziyang to the ward to rest, but his mind suddenly flashed to last night when they will do exercises. This guy’s bold words, saying that he was what kind of concealed double constitution, he will be pregnant…

President Ling glanced at the doctor with interest and said, “Wait a minute! Could I trouble the doctor to check his… Constitution. “

“Constitution? He’s in good health, otherwise, how could he possibly stand such a fierce demand when you two were being lovey-dovey? The doctor didn’t know, but when he was checking his body just now, he saw some scars on Su Ziyang’s body and behind him, so he knew the relationship between the two men very well. Of course, the doctor did not forget to entrust, “However, it is better to pay more attention in the future, overdoing the valley will hurt the body!”

Ling Zhangyi’s face was covered with black lines. He coughed softly and explained in a low voice, “Doctor, you misunderstood me. Actually, I want you to check for me… Is he a…Double constitution… Uh, that’s… Would he be pregnant like a woman?”

The doctor was stunned for a long time before he responded. He wanted to crown Ling Zhanyi as a madman. But on second thought, it seemed that this kind of situation would actually happen. Recently, the news reported on how a beautiful female teacher has been living for 20 plus years only to abruptly found out that she was actually a man. That should be a concealed double constitution.

“Well, the fee is 500 dollars. You go and make payment first. I’ll check it for him.”

Ling Zhangyi naturally paid the fee happily, and then held his arm and leaned against the wall of the corridor as he waited silently.

Poor Su Ziyang did not know that he was being examined in such a secret place as a specimen. What he knew was that by the time he woke up, the lottery prize had already been announced…

So in the hospital ward, a man with a bandage on his head shook Ling Zhanyi vigorously and shouted hoarsely, “You give me back my five million! You give me back my five million! Wuwuwu—— “

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