Chapter 80: If elder brother can’t give you happiness, then I will give you!

Three months ago until the moment just now, Luoyang had been working hard for both of their futures, but what he just learned drained almost all his strength and determination.

His heart seemed to have been sliced open and fresh blood was trickling out. It was so painful that he dared not breathe too hard.

He thought that if he could persist for another month, put down his dignity and begged him to give him one month, all their problems could be solved, but he didn’t expect that…

Unexpectedly, Ye Lang had given up three months ago!!!

Or even earlier!!!

He needed time to hook up with that pregnant woman, right?

When he thought of how Ye Lang slept with another woman and then acted affectionately with him in the next second, Luoyang felt so terribly that his stomach convulsed. He tried to stop his chokes, but he felt even worse.

All his efforts had become a joke.

Looking at the trembling Luoyang who seemed to have his soul separated from his body, Ye Lang loosened his hand that was suppressing him on the tree.

Luoyang knelt along the tree and pressed one of his hands on his stomach. His breathing suddenly quickened.

Ye Lang thought he was crying and he whispered, “I’m sorry, it’s me, Ye Lang, that wronged you. Luoyang, hate me! Or you can forget about me.”

“I will!” Luoyang’s voice choked, “Break up is it then, not to mention, I am tired. I agree. Let’s break up. I won’t pester you anymore… go.”

“… You agreed? Ye Lang questioned with uncertainty.

“Yes, I agree.”

“Luoyang, I really couldn’t do anything about this…”

“You don’t have to explain. We’ve broken up. I won’t ask you anything anymore.” Luoyang struggled to stand up, his stomach still hurt like it was stabbed. His breath was short as he tried to remove his hand that was on his stomach, “I shouldn’t have look for you today…”

After that, Luoyang took his steps difficulty and faded away from Ye Lang’s sight bit by bit.

Ye Lang only stared for a moment before he turned and strode away.

It was not until Ye Lang had left that the puzzled teenager under the big tree probed out his head. He looked at the direction of his elder brother’s departure, and instantly turned around and pursued toward the direction Luoyang had gone off. 

In the previous scene, Ye Shuo heard and saw everything clearly. Although he did not know what love was, he clearly remembered the graceful face of Luoyang and the painful expression on his face.

With Ye Lang’s words, Ye Shuo was certain that the big brother that his elder brother had wrong was called Luoyang. 

Just now when Luoyang knelt over his stomach, Ye Lang might not have seen it, but Ye Shuo was facing them and he saw everything clearly! He originally thought that when this big brother cried out in pain, his elder brother would feel soft-hearted, however, his elder brother did not say anything. At that moment, Luoyang’s expression in Ye Shuo’s eyes was cold to despair.

But it was directed towards himself. 

Ye Shuo did not know what was going on. A thorn seemed to have pricked his heart. Without thinking, he ran directly from behind the tree to chase Luoyang after his elder brother had left.

As a matter of fact, Luoyang did not go far. He only maintained his strength for a moment. After turning a corner and confirming that Ye Lang could not see him, Luoyang leaned against a wall while holding onto his stomach. His body trembled incessantly.

Ye Shuo stood hesitatingly two meters away with his school bag on his back, catching his breath as he looked at Luoyang with his small face, but he didn’t know how he should go toward him.

At last, Luoyang could no longer hold on. He slid down against the wall and lost consciousness.

Ye Shuo saw Luoyang suddenly fall and was frightened. He shouted out and rushed forward. He squatted beside Luoyang and pushed Luoyang’s cheek with his small hand. “Hey! Big Brother! What’s wrong with you?”

“Ah Lang… Ah Lang…” Luoyang’s lips trembled and said these two words.

Ye Shuo was so shocked that he took back his hands. His sight fell on Luoyang’s hand that was pressed on his stomach. He took out his phone and called for an ambulance.

“Big Brother!” Ye Shuo knelt on one side, reached out and pressed his hand on Luoyang’s left abdomen, trying to help him knead and ease the pain, but he saw Luoyang curled up and vomited.

“Hold on! The ambulance will be here soon!” Ye Shuo was full of worries, and he didn’t know what was wrong with Luoyang. Just looking at him like this, he felt a lot of pain in his heart.

Luoyang’s eyes were blurred. He thought Ye Lang had followed him and his tears were falling again.

Luoyang reached for Ye Shuo’s sleeve and sobbed, “Ah Lang… Why did you give up so early? Ah Lang… My mother is going to die… The doctor said that she could not live for more than a month…”

Luoyang cried aloud: “I thought… In a month, we can be together… I know that I’m not dutiful holding onto this idea. But with this idea, I can hold myself together… I can only comfort myself by thinking that we can be together. Mother’s departure is to grant us happiness…”

“But now… Mother doesn’t want me anymore… You don’t want me anymore…”

“Go away! I don’t want to see you again!” Luoyang suddenly pushed Ye Shuo. His head was dizzy, his eyesight was blurred, his stomach was in pain, and his mind became confused again.

The sound of the ambulance was ringing.

Ye Shuo was shocked to see Luoyang huddled up on the ground in agony. He remembered the sad expression he had when he was talking with his elder brother and pleaded with him for another month. He had a vague idea that maybe this man was under too much pressure, but pretended to be relaxed in front of his elder brother.

He didn’t tell his elder brother about his mother’s serious illness. Perhaps the “one-month” plea itself was too heavy for Luoyang to bear.

His mother still had one month to live, but her son regarded this month as a chip to save his love. As a result, he learned that his lover had a new lover that was pregnant and engaged to him.

The heavy shackles fell in his heart. Luoyang deeply felt self-reproach and the double blow of losing his loved ones made him felt extremely haggard.

When the ambulance workers lifted the boy into the ambulance, they found that as a man, he was too light.

A nurse saw the boy in the hospital before. His mother was very ill. He often sat alone outside the ward in a daze. A few days ago, when he saw the boy receiving a text message, he jumped up and tried to leave the hospital panicky, but he dared not leave because his mother was in the operating room. He kept on dialing phone calls, but the call was always not connected. His redden eyes and having not eaten well for the past two days made him quickly thinned down. 

They lifted him from the side of the road where he fell unconscious and examined his stomach. As he did not eat for a long time and suffered from stress, his stomach convulsion had developed into acute gastritis.

Ye Shuo followed the ambulance with his small clenched fists. He heard the nurses muttering the causes and symptoms to the doctor and his affection for Luoyang soared again. At the same time, Ye Shuo’s small fist tightened even more – his elder brother was really a jerk!

Luoyang didn’t sleep for long. Maybe it was because he had too many things in his mind, maybe it was too painful. Besides the pain in his body, his heart was still very painful. He couldn’t sleep because of the pain and he also couldn’t rest well.

Ye Lang appeared in front of Luoyang again. Luoyang was very calm like he hadn’t seen him at all. He walked around him and went on to his mother’s ward.

Ye Lang, however, stopped in front of him and hugged him. “Yangyang… Why don’t you tell me something so big has happened?”

Luoyang was expressionless: “You were hooking up with your fiancee at that time. Was there any use in me telling you about it?”

Ye Lang’s body stiffened, Luoyang reached out to push him: “Enough, Ye Lang, please don’t appear in front of me again. I don’t need your pity. It’s all my fucking fault. I was blind. I didn’t realize that you didn’t have any feelings for me long ago. I even pestered you for more than three months shamelessly…”

“You are free now. You can go abroad and marry your fiancee, and in a few months you can enjoy your family with your child.”

When Ye Lang heard Luoyang speaking in such a calm and flat tone, the pain in his heart spread: “Yangyang, I know I’m wrong…”

“… It too late.” Luoyang pushed Ye Lang, but he was still sick and powerless to push him away.

He laughed at himself: “As you said, it’s late, everything is too late now. I’m someone who can’t tolerate any wrong. You’ve known that for a long time. Let me go. I’m disgusted to the point of vomiting whenever I think of how a woman had laid in your embrace. Ye Lang, don’t make me hate you.”


“Let me go!” Luoyang raised his voice and looked at Ye Lang with hostility.

Ye Lang had never seen Luoyang behaving like this before. What he had seen was a gentle, elegant, occasionally naughty but that was because he was spoiled by him Luoyang. Such a sunny teenager would actually possess such a pair of cold and piercing eyes that it made his heart trembled and he uncontrollably released his grip on Luoyang.

Ye Shuo was standing in the corner of the corridor. He had his phone in his hand, feeling bleakly inside.

He called his elder brother and told that on his way home from school, he saw a big brother that had fainted to the ground. In his unconscious state, he kept calling out his elder brother’s name. After listening to him, elder brother came to the hospital without saying anything else.

But… But…Was it really a point of no return for both of them?

Looking at how Luoyang instantly became cold and ruthless, Ye Shuo was more distressed by this big boy who pretended to be strong and a strong desire to protect surged within him.

He wanted to see his smile. He didn’t want to see him acting like a cold walking corpse.

At this moment, the young man clenched his fist, the desire in his heart was very strong—— Luoyang, wait for me, I will grow up soon, if elder brother can’t give you happiness, then I will give you!

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