Chapter 81: Someone has been protecting you somewhere you don’t know 

Receiving such a blow of losing your love and your mother was tantamount to stripping you of life.

Even Luoyang himself did not know how he had survived that period of time. He was muddled and couldn’t focus all the time. His grades fell sharply from being excellent to poor that he even failed some of his subjects. If it hadn’t been his hatred that had supported him, he would not have been able to persevere on.

Ye Shuo wanted to know what had happened to Luoyang afterward, but he was still young and had to attend school. His school was a boarding school so he had no other choice but to remain in school for another month. By the time another holiday came, he couldn’t find any information from the hospital about Luoyang.

Ye Shuo only managed to find out that Luoyang’s mother died half a month ago. Her son, who had just turned 20, handled the funeral.

Ye Shuo went home to Ye Lang’s room and banged on the door. He did not even greet his elder brother. In fact, he never addressed him as elder brother ever since he witnessed his elder brother dumped Luoyang.

“Ye Lang! Ye Lang! Open the door!”

Ye Lang was holding his fiancee tenderly in his room. He was surprised to hear his younger brother’s voice. He let go of the woman in his arms and went to open the door with some impatience.

This little bastard, what was going on with him these days? He had been calling him “Ye Lang”, “Ye Lang”. It was really annoying.

He opened the door a little and looked down at his little brother, who was nearly ten years younger than him. He impatiently asked, “Xiao Shuo, what is it that caused you to make a big fuss?”

Ye Shuo pursed his lips, feeling rather unhappy: “What are you doing inside? I’ve been calling for you to open the door.”

“Little kids shouldn’t ask blindly. Why are you looking for me? You don’t even call me ‘brother’. Are you asking for a beating!”

Ye Shuo smelled the perfume and asked, “Is that woman here?”

“That’s your sister-in-law. What do you mean by ‘that woman’?” Ye Lang was about to close the door. “If you have nothing to say, go and play. Have you finished your homework yet? Finish your homework before you play!”

Who’s gonna call her sister-in-law, damn third party!

“Let me ask you something.” Ye Shuo adjusted his tone and asked carefully.

Ye Lang frowned: “What’s the matter?”

“Who was the big brother who kept calling your name when he fainted that day?” In fact, Ye Shuo already knew who he was. He intentionally said it for the woman in the room to hear. He even asked, “I see that he looks good, much better than the woman inside. He has been hospitalized, have you visited him? Is he a classmate at your university?”

Ye Lang’s expression was a little ugly. He pushed Ye Shuo and he staggered backwards “Why are there so many nonsenses in a child’s mind? Do your homework! I have nothing to do with him, so why do I need to visit him? He wishes I would never appear in front of him!”

Although Ye Shuo despised Ye Lang in his heart and sympathized with Luoyang, he pretended not to know their relationship on the surface. He muttered, “I’m just asking. Why are you getting angry? I thought you had a good relationship with him. He is sick but you didn’t visit him. What kind of friend are you…”

Ye Lang remembered Luoyang’s cruelty to him that day. He gritted his teeth and said, “I am not friends with him!”

“Did you two quarrel? Which major is he in your school? I see that he is much younger than you.” Ye Shuo, taking advantage of Ye Lang’s anger, rushed to lure words out of him, “Even if there is a quarrel, can’t you let him go? He is sick, how pitiful…”

“What does that have to do with you? Why are you asking so many questions?” Ye Lang finally noticed his brother’s unusualness and there was a dangerous light in his eyes.

“Nothing, I just think that he is a little pitiful.” Ye Shuo thought, “Tell me which major and which class he is in. I’ll apologize for you.”

“No need. Don’t get mixed up in important matters. Go do what you are supposed to do.” Ye Lang drove him away.

But Ye Shuo wasn’t frightened by the difficulties. He tried to find some clues from Ye Lang’s mobile phone, notebook, purse, etc. whenever Ye Lang went to the bathroom or went out. Then he pieced them together and finally learned that Luoyang was from a bioengineering department at Mingyang University. He just didn’t know which class he was in.

Of course, it didn’t matter. He’ll find out about Luoyang bit by bit.

So Ye Shuo would go to Mingyang University to hang out every time he had his monthly holiday. He didn’t ask anyone about Luoyang, afraid that it would cause him trouble if Luoyang found out. Instead, he stared everywhere with his pair of big eyes.

Nothing would be impossible for the willing ones, he finally saw him after nearly a year!

At that time, Ye Shuo was already in the third year of junior high school but he was still the same size with not many changes. It was Luoyang who had changed. He seemed to grow taller and thinner. His hair was also slightly longer and part of his fringe covered his eyebrows. He also wore glasses, making his expression hard to see. Ye Shuo only knew that this man was even more outstanding than when he last saw him.

His whole person seemed to have changed into another person. Although he was smiling and gentle to his friends who were accompanying him, Ye Shuo felt that the smile was false, the person’s heart was bitterly cold.

He followed Luoyang all the way and found out the class and dormitory Luoyang was in. Ye Shuo kept it all in his mind. Finally, he took a deep look at Luoyang who was lying on the lawn with a book in hand before he turned to leave.

Every month after that, Ye Shuo came back to take a peek at Luoyang and the changes in him flashed in Ye Shuo’s eyes—— The ice in his eyes was gradually hidden until it could not be seen anymore. His smiles were so gentle and it looked like the spring breeze in his eyes.

This man, little by little, said goodbye to the past and welcomed the future.

Luoyang, wait for me, I will certainly be in your future!

When Ye Shuo graduated from Junior High School, Luoyang directly became a research student. He learned well in his courses, and many new ideas and experiments came out from him constantly. The old professor in the department appreciated him very much. Basically, he was scheduled to stay in school to teach after he finished his postgraduate studies.

Of course, Luoyang was hesitant at first. In this university, there were many beautiful past, but there were also many painful memories.

Did he really want to stay?

After struggling, Luoyang re-examined his life and decided to join the school’s faculty. You shouldn’t deny all the good things in life just because you met a scum once. The days would go on and life would continue. The once decadent days had let him see all the right and wrong clearly.

The most important thing was to treat yourself well.

Therefore, Luoyang did not save much money in the past few years. He bought whatever he wanted and went where he wanted to go. He couldn’t be considered to be a great spender, but he would not hesitate to spend. On the contrary, he didn’t take things too hard  and went to buy an apartment where he had to repay the loan every month.

Because for him, living alone in such a big house was too lonely and cold.

The school provided a single apartment for the teachers, so it was pretty good to live there.

It was not until the school renovated the apartment to provide it to the married teachers that Luoyang moved out of the school’s apartment.

The school gave every single teacher an extra 500 yuan every month for them to rent a place nearby.

At that time, Luoyang found Su Ziyang’s rental posts on the internet. Because he was gay himself, Luoyang did not disdain Su Ziyang who even had a special concealed constitution that enabled him to get pregnant. He even took on the task of taking care of this “pregnant woman”.

Only then did Luoyang felt that his life from his dull teaching career was getting colorful.

In fact, Luoyang was envious of how Su Ziyang and Ling Zhanyi were living together. At the same time, he silently blessed him in his heart – Ziyang, you must be happy.

When Luoyang realized that he was too lost in thought, he retrieved them back. As soon as he returned to the room, he saw that the door was opened. Ye Shuo was rubbing his eyes as he came out of the room barefooted. When he saw Luoyang was next to the door, he directly hugged him. He hugged Luoyang’s waist coquettish and his voice was still laced with sleepiness: “Why aren’t you sleeping in the dead of night, but doing here instead?”

“That’s all right. I wanted to go to the toilet. Are you going?” Luoyang stretched out his hand and rubbed Ye Shuo’s hair. “If you want to go, go quickly. I’ll wait for you.”

Ye Shuo shook his head. “Not going, now that I saw you, I don’t want to go anymore. Let’s go back to the room.”

Luoyang nodded and wanted to take a step, but he found that Ye Shuo was still holding him tightly in his arms. He was feeling annoyed but also found this funny “Are you going or not? If you aren’t, then release your hands, I am tired!”

Ye Shuo hugged him and refused to let go. He pouted his mouth shamelessly. “Give me a kiss and I’ll go back.”

Luoyang rolled his eyes at him, looking like he was too lazy to bother about him, Ye Shuo was a little embarrassed and he directly cupped Luoyang’s face to kiss him: “Then I’ll kiss you. Let’s go!”

As soon as Luoyang smiled, he pulled him back to his room and laid down to sleep.

Perhaps his worries had been relieved, Luoyang was sleeping unexpectedly deep.

Ye Shuo who was next to him was unable to fall asleep. He turned sideways, looked at Luoyang’s sleeping face and felt emotional. All these years of hard work were not wasted. Now, the person he had always been thinking about was sleeping next to him. Even if he did nothing but just looked at him quietly, he would still feel that each day was brilliant.

Fortunately, two years ago when Luoyang asked him that question, he didn’t give up. Otherwise, would there be such a harvest now?

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