Chapter 82: Victory is perseverance!

At that time after Luoyang questioned Ye Shuo, he swiftly ended the call. Ye Shuo held his phone and didn’t respond for a long while, but after a night of being low-spirited, he immediately regained his energy the next day.

Anyway, he had to find ways to explain to Luoyang, even if he would not believe his words, he was not discouraged but determined!

In fact, Luoyang’s winter vacation was pretty simple, he would shop around, buy snacks and food ingredients to store them in his refrigerator. All his three meals were cooked by himself and if he changes his cooking method, the food would come out differently. His daily life was also pretty satisfying; when he had time, he would go online and play some games, or he would go downstairs to the field to run. Otherwise, he would get a basketball, dribbling it for a while before shooting it in to the backboard on the basketball court. 

Luoyang was dribbling the basketball with great energy. Just as he was about to take a three-step layup, a tall boy came running up, breathing out white fog, but it couldn’t cover the bright smile on his face: “Professor Luo, I’ve finally found you!”

Ye Shuo was wearing a set of Adidas sportswear and he looked extremely sunny and handsome.

But if you observed more carefully, Ye Shuo was only donning a jersey and sweater inside his sportswear. If he hadn’t run until he was feeling hot, he would surely be shivering from the cold.

The ball shot from Luoyang’s hands went out and hit the backboard directly. It didn’t go in at all, bouncing twice on the ground before rolling to the side.

He looked at Ye Shuo coldly. “What are you doing here? It seems that what I said before hasn’t been made clear yet… Do I need to repeat that again?”

“Yes! Professor Luo! When I called that day, the signal was suddenly cut off. I couldn’t hear your voice even after saying hello so many times. What did you say afterward? You seem to have asked me what was my intention. After saying a lot of things, I realized that you didn’t respond. I was anxious to call Professor Luo back. However, Professor Luo has switched off his phone. I couldn’t get through to you for several days. Professor Luo, are you angry with me? I’m anxious to find you so that I can explain to you that I have no other intention. I want to ask if you are doing anything during the winter vacation because I want to ask you to help me with make up the lessons I’ve missed during the winter vacation.” Ye Shuo had yet to catch his breath. He was huffing out a mass of white air and his words were spoken with sincerity, “I have been running all over the school these past two days looking for you, but it’s good that you haven’t left, otherwise I’ve to be hated by you for the whole winter vacation.”

Luoyang’s anger was shoved away by what Ye Shuo said and he looked at him in surprise. The boy’s eyes were sincere, looking at him without a trace of impurities. Luoyang murmured to himself Is this a misunderstanding? But he did look like that Bastard Ye Lang…

“Then why didn’t you register for my class? You didn’t register for my class but you attended my class for a whole semester. So, you didn’t want your credits for this semester, do you?” Luoyang decided to interrogate Ye Shuo once more in person so that he could look at Ye Shuo’s expression to see if there were any hint to prove that he was connected to Ye Lang.

Ye Shuo was helpless: “You didn’t hear me when I spoke that day. It was too late for me to sign up, but I liked your class a lot, so I attended it. Besides, what I got were extra marks. I also took other elective courses, with credits to add. For us university students, learning new knowledge is the most important, isn’t it? What’s more, I’m especially interested in new knowledge. I’m learning very fast in your lectures. Maybe I can even jump a higher grade as you did back then.”

“…” Luoyang tried to find any crack in his expression, but he looked particularly innocent. He couldn’t help believing his reason, but at the same time, he did not forget to ask again, “What is your relationship with Ye Lang?”

“Ye Lang? Who is Ye Lang? Ye Shuo’s tone was even more innocent, “I don’t know!”

“…” Luoyang’s eyes narrowed. “You really don’t know?”

Ye Shuo pretended to be calm and relaxed: “En, don’t know, should I know?” He also asked, “Professor Luo, do you know him? What does he do? Why are you asking me if I have anything to do with him? Did you ask because we both have the same surname? It’s no wonder, our names are only two characters, and we both have Ye as our surname. Let me just ask out of curiosity, there are many people with the surname Ye, I have no reason to know them all, isn’t that right, Professor Luo?”

Luoyang gave a “Hmpm!”, turned around to pick up the basketball and then left.

Who knew if he had believed Ye Shuo’s words or was still holding onto a skeptical attitude.

Ye Shuo then breathed a sigh of relief. His back was all soaked. There were sweats from his running and cold sweats from just being nervous. He has been standing here for a long time and the heat from the running had all disappeared. Now when the wind blew, it was so cold that he would shrink his neck. But he survived at last! Whether Luoyang believed it or not, he did not say the sentence from last night—— that sentence that asked him not to appear again.

Ye Shuo hurriedly ran forward and kept up with Luoyang with a grin on his face. Although he knew that asking again would make Luoyang sad, Ye Shuo still asked in order to remove his doubts completely, “Professor Luo, that Ye Lang… Did he offend you?”

Luoyang sent a sharp glare over. It was icily and biting, even colder than the winter wind. Ye Shuo shrank his neck and shut up. “Okay, I know. That fellow must have offended you. I won’t ask anymore.”

“…” Luoyang restained his breath and ignored the stinky boy behind him.

When Luoyang arrived at the teacher’s apartment and climbed the stairs, he noticed the footsteps behind him and finally stopped. The young man with a hippy smiling face behind him also stopped and looked at him eagerly.

“What are you following me?” From this angle, Luoyang still felt that Ye Shuo looked somewhat similar to Ye Lang, but when Ye Shou opened his mouth, this feeling soon disappeared.

“I’m hungry. I want to borrow ten dollars from you and go out to buy something to eat.” Ye Shuo laughed foolishly.

The corner of Luoyang’s mouth turned downward: “Why are you borrowing money from me when your family is so rich?”

“Wasn’t it because I wanted to find you that I came out in a sports attire and forgot to bring money with me? You see, my pockets are empty, there isn’t any single cent in them. I didn’t eat breakfast and lunch. Now I’m hungry. I’m sorry that I have to borrow money from you…” Ye Shuo said as he emptied all the pockets in his sportswear. He pulled them out and showed them to Luoyang, indicating that he had no money.

“Then how did you get here?” Luoyang didn’t believe him. When he came to school at the beginning of the school’s term with such flashiness, how could it be that no one sent him over?

“I ran here, I can warm up myself and exercise at the same time.” Ye Shuo answered perfectly, “I don’t like being followed by so many people. I haven’t take my house’s car ever since I know Professor Luo hates rich people. I run to school.”

“Who says I hate rich people? How did you know that?” Luoyang raised his eyebrows.

“Deduced according to what you said in your lecture.” Ye Shuo continued to grin, just that his legs were shivering a little. The wind in the corridor was too strong and cold.

“… Why didn’t you borrow from me at the basketball court just now?”

“Didn’t I annoyed you?” Ye Shuo muttered in a low voice, “Although I don’t know why you got angry… But when I look at your cold face, I dare not speak. I want to follow you, observe your expression and see when you are not angry before I ask from you again.”

“You’ve already run to school, running home shouldn’t be a problem?”

“I can’t run , so I want to eat a bowl noodles first before going home.” Ye Shuo’s stomach then coordinated with a growl. He laughed, scratched his head and covered his stomach, “I’m really hungry. Professor Luo, you can’t be so stingy that you won’t even lend me ten dollars. I will return it to you!”

Luoyang also heard Ye Shuo’s hungry call, then he reached out and pulled at his pocket, only to find out that he was wearing his sportswear today to play basketball, so he didn’t have his wallet with him.

He wanted to tell him that he didn’t have any money, but when he glanced at Ye Shuo, who was staring at him with pitiful eyes and seeing him shivering from the cold, Luoyang’s heart went soft. He turned around and continued climbing the stairs. “Follow me to my dormitory, I’ll cook noodles for you. It’s too far to go to the campus to buy food.”

Ye Shuo heard his words and his eyes shone brightly. He responded happily: “Oh, thank you, Professor Luo!”

It’s really wasn’t a waste of his efforts. He perspired and missed meals because he was running around every day. At last, he seized the opportunity to restore the original teacher-student relationship with Luoyang.

As for lovers relationships… Ye Shuo thought, let’s take things slow first. It was hard to dispel his eldest brother’s doubts about this matter. If he confessed at this time, he would surely be misunderstood by Luoyang.

In fact, Ye Shuo thought that Luoyang would be moved by him, and then gave him ten dollars to go out to buy food, and then he could also take advantage of the reason to return money to Luoyang again, one after another, the relationship would gradually be easier to improve. It was even better to imagine that Luoyang had no money, and then would take him to the dormitory, take his wallet and give him 10 dollars.

Unexpectedly, Luoyang even let him go to the dormitory with him, but he also said that he would cook noodles for him to eat!

This was so pampering!

Ye Shuo’s heart was beautiful that it was going to blossom, but his face did not dare to show too obvious, for fear that Luoyang could see any more flaws.

Luoyang opened the door and Ye Shuo followed in, but his eyes were wandering around. Luoyang handed him a dry towel: “Go to the bathroom to change a set of clothes first, my clothes are in the left wardrobe, you should be able to wear them. Just make do with change, the forecast predicted that it would snow today. Your body has been going between hotness and coldness, you surely will catch a cold later on. After washing up, sit there and wait for a while. The noodles will be ready soon.”

“En!” Ye Shuo nodded obediently, took the towel and went straight to the bathroom without hesitation.

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