Chapter 83: Rejected confession–I don’t like men.

When Luoyang finished cooking the noodles and came out of the kitchen, he saw Ye Shuo standing naked in front of his wardrobe, looking through his clothes.

Why didn’t this stinky boy take his clothes before washing himself? Luoyang’s eyes narrowed.

Hearing the footsteps, Ye Shuo turned his head to the side and grinned at Luoyang, revealing his white teeth: “Professor Luo, which should I wear?”

“… Anything! ” Luoyang turned his head to the side and went back to the kitchen. “If I come out with the noodles and you’re still here, you don’t have to eat the noodles anymore.” This sentence was spoken very gently and warmly, but in Ye Shuo’s ears, it was a great weapon that could kill.

When Luoyang came out from the kitchen again with a large bowl of noodles, Ye Shuo was already dressed. He chose a white sweater and put it on his body. On the outside, he was wrapped in a beige wadded jacket. The wadded jacket had no zipper and sat wide open in his chest. His bottom was one of Luoyang’s sports pants. It’s white and a little washed out.

But Ye Shuo did not mind. Instead, he was very happy to wear it. The thought that it was the clothes that Luoyang wore a few years ago made him very happy.

In fact, when Ye Shuo wore it, he looked even younger, like a little child who had not grown up. Anyway, it looked much better than the suit he wore that day.

Ye Shuo’s hair was still wet. Luoyang found him another dry towel “Wipe your hair.”

“En.” Ye Shuo had seen the bowl of noodles that Luoyang had just brought out. There were tomatoes, cucumber slices, and two poached eggs looming in the noodles. The red and green color made the food looked quite appetizing. He rubbed his hair with the towel as he stared at the bowl of noodles and gulped.

“Eat.” Luoyang happened to catch a glimpse of him gulping. Thinking of he said that he hadn’t eaten anything yet, he was a little worried. He pushed the bowl over to him. “Don’t eat too fast. Be careful.”

“En.” Ye Shuo, with a towel on his head, couldn’t wait to pick up the chopsticks and send the noodles to his mouth.

Although he was wolfing down the food, it could still be seen from his eating movement that he usually had some table manners. 

A picture flashed in Luoyang’s mind. At that time, he just learned how to cook. The first food he made food was noodles. They were sticking together and was becoming a dough dumpling, the poached eggs were scattered and almost turned the soup into eggdrop soup. However, the man was still enjoying it and he praised it endlessly as he ate: “It’s delicious! Yummy! Yangyang, I want to eat what you cook all my life! “

Ah… A lifetime is so long, you can’t even persist for a few years, how could it be so easy to live together for a lifetime.

When he realized that his mind had wandered again while watching this stinky boy, Luoyang suddenly felt a little annoyed. It’s been so long. Why? Was that person still in his heart?

This kind of behavior was usually called “asking for it” by people right? But how could he just forget about his feelings of several years? Although Ye Lang was such a jerk, he was a past now. Now, when he thought of the past, it was not as painful as it used to be, and he could even laugh at himself.

After all, it was also the first time in his life that he had put in all his feeling.

Luoyang lifted his lips and smiled weakly. It seemed that he was becoming stronger and stronger.

Ye Shuo buried himself in the noodles and began to eat very fast. The sound of slurping showed that he was hungry, but after a while, he slowed down. Later, even the chopsticks weren’t sending the noodles to his mouth anymore.

Luoyang was surprised to think that he was full so soon. He wondered why was this young man eating so little?”

As a result, the child burst into tears.

Yes, He was crying!!!

Luoyang was a gentleman after all. He leaned down slightly, stared at Ye Shuo and tried to soften his voice. “What’s wrong?”

Ye Shuo wiped a tear and choked, “This is the first time I have eaten such a warm meal!”


Luoyang was speechless.

“Even my mother didn’t cook for me personally. Our meals were takeaway, or we hired a housemaid. The food tasted very bland.” Ye Shuo wiped the tears and smiled at Luoyang. “Professor Luo, you are very kind to me. I will learn from your classes! So as to not let down your kindness to me!”

Luoyang: “…”

From that day on, during the whole winter vacation, Ye Shuo came to Luoyang with a series of bioengineering textbooks, materials and other things related to bioengineering to have Luoyang help him make up for his missed lessons. On the other hand, he also restored the habit of going to Luoyang’s classes. He would sit in the middle of the first row and stare straight at him. Luoyang also couldn’t say anything, after all, Ye Shuo was the one who gets the highest score in the exam every time.

In the name of learning, Ye Shuo strengthened his position in Luoyang’s heart.

The confession happened just before Luoyang was about to move. Ye Shuo asked Luoyang to go to the lawn. He looked at him awkwardly, not knowing how he should speak.

Seeing that he wasn’t talking for a long while, Luoyang raised his sleeve and looked at his watch. “Don’t you have something to say? If you haven’t thought about it, wait till you think about it. I have something else to do. I have to go first.”

“Wait!” Ye Shuo blushed. He rushed up and grabbed Luoyang’s wrist. He was frightened by the look in Luoyang’s eyes and quickly released his grip. He swallowed his saliva and declared, “Luoyang…”

Luoyang interrupted him: “Call me Professor Luo!”

“…” Ye Shuo hesitated, but he still gathered his courage and said, “Luoyang, I like you!”

Luoyang’s expression at that time was not surprising at all, it was even slightly strange. Ye Shuo cleared his throat and continued, “I like you, I want to be with you, I want to take care of you, I will always make you smile and let your face always have a smile!”

Luoyang still had a calm and incredible look. Ye Shuo bravely reached out and held Luoyang’s hand. “Please date me!”

Luoyang glanced at the teenager in front of him and opened his mouth gently. He did not respond to his request, but simply asked indifferently, “Is that all?”

Ye Shuo nodded and looked at Luoyang expectantly.

He had done very well over the past two years. He also had good feelings for himself. He shouldn’t reject him.

Ye Shuo hadn’t finished his thinking when Luoyang answered him with a sentence: “I refuse.”

“Why?” Ye Shuo questioned incredibly.

Luoyang returned to his hand and calmly said, “No whys, I don’t like men.”


Ye Shuo was stunned at first, and then shouted, “Impossible! You- ” his voice suddenly stopped and he secretly congratulated himself for not making this slip of his tongue, and then added a sentence, “You are so good to me, you never smiled at other students, let alone cooked for them… You must also like me, otherwise, why are you so kind to me?!”

Luoyang’s long eyelashes moved slightly and he said softly, “That’s because you look like my former lover, so I’m good to you. Nevertheless, I did not expect you to get the wrong idea. I would advise you to dispel this idea as soon as possible while it is just beginning to develop. I didn’t accept you so as to respect you. If I do, I will treat you as someone else’s substitute. Would you like to be someone else’s substitute?”

Ye Shuo was speechless with these few words. He did not expect Luoyang to say such a thing. He was angry, sad, and his chest heaved. He bit teeth, not knowing what he should say.

Luoyang patted him on the shoulder and said softly, “You are still young. You don’t know what love is. Interact with girls more. It’s the best way to do this before you fall on this road. I’m your teacher. I won’t hurt you. Listen to me. Go back and have a good sleep. After that, don’t attend my lessons anymore. Anyway, with your learning ability, you can graduate safely without my credits in this subject.”

After that, Luoyang turned around and left.

Ye Shuo shouted at his retreating shadow: “I’m not young, I’m already twenty-one! I can be responsible for my actions!”

Luoyang’s body stopped for a while, but he still disappeared in his vision.

Ye Shuo stood on the runway in a daze for a long time, then turned around and shouted at the lawn, then started running vigorously around the race track.

He hadn’t forgotten about elder brother!!!

But he couldn’t say that otherwise, he would expose himself, hence, he couldn’t refute Luoyang saying that he ‘doesn’t like men’. He really wanted to say that he was willing to be a substitute. But at that moment, it was too hard for him to say ‘I agree to be a substitute’.

In fact, Ye Shuo felt his heart ached when he heard Luoyang said so. For years, he had been secretly in love with Luoyang. He himself also didn’t know why he  liked him. He only know it was impossible for him to like others now. The name Luoyang had been deeply branded in his heart, and he couldn’t get rid of it.

Now it was hard for him to summon up the courage to confess to him. Not only did he refuse him, and he also said that he didn’t like men. He even told him that if he wanted to be his lover, he could only be a substitute.

Yes, he believed that he would compromise in the end to be the substitute for his elder brother, but shouldn’t he give him some time to accept it?

When Ye Shuo ran around the field and collapsed on the lawn after 20 laps, he was huffing and puffing, Luoyang had already packed up his things in the school apartment. He only had two large bags of luggage. He found a taxi and drove all the way to the rental place he had just found two days before.

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  1. At first when Ye Shou first appeared I thought his just a stinky brat with a young master attitude, but now I’m thinking about it otherwise. Who would’ve thought that he give it his all just to get Lou Yang and also suffered throughout the ordeal of gaining the trust of and winning LouYang’s heart.
    His brother can just rot wherever he is.

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