Chapter 84: That call of “Husband” is so pleasing

When Ye Shuo went to Luoyang’s dormitory to express that he was willing to be a substitute as long as he could be in a relationship with him, that room was already occupied by a newly-wed couple.

Ye Shuo who didn’t know that the school had made changes to its regulation thought that Luoyang had moved out in order to avoid him.

He felt that he had lost his love and ran twenty laps at the field before laying on the grass, unwilling to get up.

In fact, what Luoyang had said to him at the start was honest advice from his experience.

As for why he was so heartless and used such cruel words to stimulate Ye Shuo, it wasn’t because he disliked the big child. On the contrary, he felt some fondness towards him, but he was afraid of experiencing the same situation and hence, he would rather push him away.

To cease everything at the spouting stage, things should be fine, right?

Whether it was beneficial for himself or Ye Shuo, this was the wisest choice.

However, Luoyang didn’t know. After he had settled down in the Su Ziyang’s house for a few days and went back to school, Ye Shuo’s figure was still appearing in his sight. He was still as cheerful as before, as if the one that got hurt that day was not him.

“Professor Luo, I am fine with being a substitute. I can be a substitute for the person you like. Maybe one day, I could turn over the tides and become your true lover!” Ye Shuo’s eyes shone with stars flickering in them.


Luoyang didn’t expect him to even accept his harsh conditions and he felt somewhat guilty. However, he did not agree and ignored him, treating him as if he was invisible.

That meant: I will not agree to date you, give up!

Ye Shuo had basically endured seven years of crush. Would he be afraid to endure another two years? Of course not, so the relationship between the two basically restored to the state before Ye Shuo’s confession. He would sit in the first row in class and listen carefully to his lecture. When he had nothing to do, he bought some small gifts for Luoyang, and then he shamelessly asked for food from Luoyang. Of course, because Luoyang rented a place at Su Ziyang’s house, his so-called meal was Luoyang making the food at home and then bringing them into school.

Luoyang had an unhappy face, Ye Shuo had been using different measures to gain his sympathy, such as wearing lesser clothes or saying he was feeling uncomfortable here and there. Luoyang was still a relatively gentle person, except for the original time where he was so cold and ruthless towards Ye Lang, he was usually very mild in nature. So, although he knew that most of the time Ye Shuo was pretending, he still let himself be tricked.

So, both of them were in this wobbling state and none of them tore open the window’s paper.

What really touched Luoyang was the incident where Su Ziyang asked him to make payment for the hospital’s fee. For the past few years, he had been treating himself well, so he didn’t have much savings. But Su Ziyang was his new friend, and for this friend, he requested help from Ye Shuo as he knew that that brat had some money and he would be able to take the money out without frowning.

Ye Shuo did not disappoint Luoyang. He came directly to him and gave him a bank card. The money in the card was enough for him to pay Su Ziyang’s hospital fee for a hundred times.

Although he didn’t get to pay the fees in the end because that person called Ling Zhanyi had already paid for them and he showed him a strong enmity.

How would Luoyang not understand his strong jealousy?

Not long later, Ling Zhanyi then chased him, the imaginary love rival away. Of course, that was also because he was able to tell that Ling Zhanyi truly loved Su Ziyang.

He hadn’t even stayed for more than half a year and he had to move out., so, he was more or less a little reluctant, but Ye Shuo was very excited. He helped him carried his two bags and called a cab to his residential place.

Ye Shuo had moved out of his home since he was a sophomore in high school. He had been living alone for four years.

He didn’t expect Luoyang to agree to live with him when he casually suggested it at the hospital. It made Ye Shuo who knew he had no hope even until his graduation, happier than ever as if a windfall had hit him on his head directly from the sky.

After living together, Ye Shuo was even happier. He could eat Luoyang’s food every day. He was on cloud nine just like he was the most blessed person in the world.

So they lived together for two months, and Ye Shuo tried to confirm their relationship between them. More surprisingly, Luoyang actually agreed.

Perhaps his sincerity had touched him!

Afterall, Luoyang was a soft-hearted person. Seven years had passed since Ye Lang’s incident, there was no need for him to think about it anymore. Ye Shuo had been hovering around him for two years, and the label of “related to Ye Lang” had long been unveiled.

Even if he really had something to do with Ye Lang, so what about it? Ye Shuo was not Ye Lang, he was Ye Shuo. The Ye Shuo that had been silently watching him.

Luoyang had long been numbed to love, but this didn’t mean that he would not try out a new relationship.

This time, Luoyang would not be as silly as he was seven years ago, and the feelings he poured in was far less than Ye Shuo did, but ultimately, they were walking on the road of love.

Ye Shuo firmly believed that as long as Luoyang was willing to start a relationship with him, then he would have the ability to let this love not end!

Looking down at Luoyang’s quiet sleeping face, Ye Shuo slowly bent over and landed a gentle kiss on his eyebrow.

Talking back to Su Ziyang, after he had talked to Luoyang on the phone, he hung up his call and threw his phone back to the cabinet at the side. Then he lay on his side and thought carefully about what Luoyang had said to him.

Did he really think too much? But there was always a possibility that what he thought would happen, right? 

After staying sideways for a while, Su Ziyang felt uncomfortable at his belly. He turned over and used his right hand to touch the cushion and then pulled it to a more suitable position.

He was much more comfortable than before, Su Ziyang did not withdraw his hand, but gently rubbed the cushion that was cushioning his abdomen, in his mind, images of him throwing Ling Zhanyi out of the room were flashing.

Although he was wronged, Ling Zhanyi did not defy his orders. Before going out, he even carefully padded his cushion for him, covered him with the blanket, made his pillow and finally, turning his head back every few steps as he went to the guest room. At the same time, he did not forget to tell him: “Call me if anything happens, I will open the door so that I can hear you.”

Su Ziyang sighed. Was it really because he was too fond of imagining stuff?

Ling Zhanyi was angry with him, but he still went out obediently. In addition, he did not forget to think about himself at the first moment, making him comfortable in all aspects before leaving.

Would he be angry at himself?

This time, it should be him that was being unreasonable, right?

He remembered that Ling Zhanyi went out just like that without taking anything. The pillow, the blanket, and everything else were all in the cabinet of this room. When they both slept in the same bed before, Ling Zhanyi never went to the cabinet to take the pillows or blankets, he just hugged him like he was a pillow and shared the blanket together. Although he did not need the pillows too, because he would just lay on his chest.

But now he was sleeping in the guest room. He wouldn’t know if there was any pillows or blankets or something similiar in the guest room. Was Ling Zhanyi going to sleep on the hard bed in a fit of rage because of his unreasonableness?

Turning over and over, Su Ziyang turned on the light carefully. He slowly got out of the bed with one hand supporting the bed and the other hand holding his back waist. The room was covered with thick carpets, so it wasn’t cold even without wearing slippers. What’s more, it’s summer now. Su Ziyang walked towards the guest room barefooted.

Of course, Su Ziyang did not forget his purpose of going there- besides the arm that was holding onto his waist, he had a thin blanket in his other hand and a pillow clasped under that arm.

With this appearance, Su Ziyang slowly arrived at Ling Zhanyi’s guest room like he a good wife and mother. The door of the guest room was indeed opened. Remembering the sentence before Ling Zhanyi was chased out, Su Ziyang felt that he was really a little too much. Ling Zhanyi thought about him so much that he opened his door so that he would be able to hear his calls at the first moment. However, he was always thinking negatively, finding problems and throwing petty temper…

He should really be ashamed!

Su Ziyang stood in the doorway and hesitated for a moment as to whether he should turn on the light or not. If he did not turn on the light, he was afraid that he might stumble over something. If he switch on the light, he was afraid of waking Ling Zhanyi. After thinking for a long time, he finally decided to switch on the light.

If he was awake, he would apologize and call him back to the master bedroom. If he wasn’t awake, he would take the pillows and blankets, pad and cover them for him before he goes back to sleep.

With this intention, Su Ziyang walked slowly to Ling Zhanyi’s bed. Sure enough, this guy didn’t have a pillow, nor was there a blanket on him. He was laying there sleeping, wearing a bathrobe that was wide open at his chest area.

The sudden light did not affect Ling Zhanyi’s sleep. He just turned over and continued sleeping.

“Wife… Don’t be angry… Wife… I’m wrong… Ziyang… Yangyang… Wife… I’m not good…”

Those fragmented words overflowing from Ling Zhanyi’s mouth made Su Ziyang who was standing at the bedside in astonishment. Even in his dream, he was calling out for him. He must have placed him as first? How could such a person fail him?

Su Ziyang was relieved for a moment. He raised his lip slightly and sat beside the bed. He helped Ling Zhanyi pull his big bathrobe and then covered him with a blanket. Finally, holding onto Ling Zhanyi’s head, he put the pillow underneath it.

“Wife… I’m wrong… Don’t be angry…” Ling Zhanyi muttered.

Su Ziyang held his cheek, kissed him gently on his lips, and whispered, “I’m not angry with you, be good, have a good sleep! Husband…”

In his sleep, he seemed to hear the word “husband”, Ling Zhanyi’s furrowed eyebrows relaxed, and like a fool, he “heh heh”, murmuring: “Wife… I love you…”

“…” Su Ziyang didn’t think that a word from himself would make Ling Zhanyi so happy. He thought about how he had been ordering Ling Zhanyi around but he didn’t even mention a word of complaint. A word from himself seemed to be a gift from heaven to Ling Zhanyi, and a smile would make him happy for half a day. Su Ziyang felt a little ache in his heart and he rubbed his fingers at his sharp face, whispering back, “I love you, too… Husband…”

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