Chapter 85: Beg wife to give me an assurance pill1!

Ling Zhanyi had a beautiful dream.

He dreamed that Su Ziyang called him “husband” gently and even confessed to him, so he slept on the bed like a dead man with a big silly grin silly on his face.

By the time Ling Zhanyi woke up from his dream, it was already 10 a.m.

Oh shit!

The little ancestor usually got up at nine o’clock and would make a fuss about eating breakfast. After all, he had been on an empty stomach all night. The little guys in his stomach were also not easy masters to serve. If he did not prepare breakfast in time, the little ancestor would lose his temper again.

Of course, being angry was a small issue, but if he was really starved, Ling Zhanyi himself would be distressed!

Ling Zhanyi rose up in one bound, jumped down to the ground and ran to the door. As soon as he had taken two steps, Ling Zhanyi’s figure stagnated, he looked doubtfully back at the thing that had just hindered his movement- a light blue blanket that was lying half across the bed, half hanging crumpledly on the bedside, was now on the carpet because of his movement.

En? Where did that blanket come from?

Ling Zhanyi looked at the bed and saw the pillow at the head of the bed. His eyes brightened.

Could it be that Ziyang had came and delivered them to him?

“I love you too… Husband…”

Suddenly, this sentence suddenly emerged from his memory, Ling Zhanyi’s eyes were even brighter- It wasn’t a dream?!

Thinking of this possibility, a certain president also couldn’t be bothered to put on his slippers. Wrapped in a semi-opened bathrobe, he ran out shouting: “Wife~ I love you!”

After shouting this line, his voice immediately stopped and he slowed down his footsteps, however his expression was still very excited. He tiptoed to the master bedroom, gently pushed the door to see if Su Ziyang had gotten up; in case he was still asleep, wouldn’t his voice wake him up?

As a result, the big bed was empty and in Ling Zhanyi’s head, a ”buzz” sounded. 

I’m finished, the little ancestor is awake!

But… where is he?

When he walked passed the living room, he didn’t see him on the couch…

Ling Zhanyi ran to the bathroom, but he still didn’t see anybody. His heart suddenly thumped. Was it possible that… he left?

So before he left, he covered himself with a blanket and padded the pillow for him…

“Ziyang! Ziyang! ” Ling Zhanyi panicked, his alarmed voice echoed in the room, but he was unwilling to give up and ran back to the master bedroom to take a second look. Unexpectedly, a voice came from behind him, “You are up? Come and eat!”

Ling Zhanyi’s wildly pumping heart suddenly slowed down. He looked back incredibly and saw Su Ziyang coming out of the kitchen with a plate of fried eggs with tomatoes. He blinked hard: “You didn’t leave?”

“En?” Su Ziyang did not hear what he muttered, he went directly to the couch, bent down and put down the fried eggs with tomatoes on the table. Ling Zhanyi rushed over, “Let me do it, why don’t you wake me up if you’re hungry? Why do you cook by yourself? Are you tired? Sit down and have a rest!”

Su Ziyang looked at his anxious appearance and felt like teasing him. He calmly sat down on the couch and casually replied, “It’s not like I don’t know how to cook for myself. You slept like a dead, I might as well as not wake yo up..”

In fact, what Su Ziyang meant was that the reason he didn’t wake him when he saw him sleeping soundly was becaue he wanted him to sleep a little longer.

However, what Ling Zhanyi understood was- You slept like a dead, how do I wake you up? I might as well as do it myself. It’s not like I can’t live without you.

Then he looked down only to see the tea table had three dishes on it, Ling Zhanyi instantly sweat and panicked: “Ziyang… I’m going to get the rice… You sit still!”

“I’ve already taken the rice cooker here. Well, under the table.” Su Ziyang gave a gentle kick with his toes as an indication.

“…” Ling Zhanyi looked at Su Ziyang who was acting extremely unusual today and felt particularly lost. His strategist brain became dull at the moment.

There was only one voice hovering in his mind- I’m die, I’m die. He didn’t even ask me to serve him. Now, the distance between us is even further now. What should I do? What should I do?

“Go and wash up, come over to eat when you’re done. You still have stuff to do after eating!” Su Ziyang pushed Ling Zhanyi, who was about to become a stone.

“What stuff?” Ling Zhanyi asked with difficulty.

Is it about separation?

“I’ll tell you after we eat, hurry go!” Su Ziyang glanced at Ling Zhanyi angrily. Ling Zhanyi immediately got up and went to the bathroom. “Okay, I’ll wash and come back soon.”

He washed his face, brushed his teeth and took a shower. Ling Zhanyi changed his clothes and moved over carefully. He observed Su Ziyang’s face. He was calm and quiet. He was neither angry nor happy. He could not see any possible reasons.

“That… Zi Yang… I know- “

“Eat first!” Su Ziyang passed some food to him and began to eat it by himself. After eating for a while, Ling Zhanyi was still entangled and he didn’t move his chopsticks at all. Su Ziyang could not hold back any longer. “Are you afraid that I will poison you?” After saying this, he grew happy.

Ling Zhanyi saw him smiling with his eyebrows bent, just like he had suceeded in doing something naughty. It suddenly became clear to him that the little thing had been intentionally puting a straight face to frighten him!!

Thinking back of the blanket and pillow, Ling Zhanyi breathed a sigh of relief. Su Ziyang gave him a blanket and a pillow, why would he still be angry? Maybe the little thing was trying to express his goodwill.

“Are you not angry anymore?” Ling Zhanyi got closer to Su Ziyang’s and asked expectantly.

Su Ziyang hid his eyes, he was somewhat embarrassed to say, “Well… I am also in the wrong… You’re not angry with me, are you?”

What else could Ling Zhanyi answer? Of course, he denied it repeatedly, then he hugged the man and kissed him hard. “Of course, how can I bear to be angry with you? I’m afraid you’ll get angry again.”

Su Ziyang nested in Ling Zhangyi’s arms and said softly, “I’ve been thinking too much, and have directed all my tempers at you. Am I particularly unreasonable?”

“No, I like you to lose your temper at me. If you don’t lose your temper, I will feel weird. If you are angry, never hold your anger. If you don’t say a word like you did last night and wipe your tears secretly, I’ll panic.” Ling Zhanyi gently stroke Su Ziyang’s back. “Why are you up so early today?”

Su Ziyang blushed slightly. “To apologize, I made it specially for you. You mustn’t dislike my cooking.”

When Ling Zhanyi heard the words, he felt so happy that he could hardly find his direction.

He release his hold on Su Ziyang and stamped a kiss on his lips. He said, “Why would I not like it? You did a good job. Even if you made the poison yourself, I would still eat it!”

Su Ziyang rolled his eyes at him: “You talk too much! Hurry eat. It’s getting cold.”

“Okay.” Ling Zhanyi was finally relieved. He ate so much that he felt like a pig.

They were as good as ever, and the expression they looked at each other’s eyes began to spark again.

I’ll pass you some food while you will feed me; this meal took one hour.

When cleaning up the dishes, Ling Zhanyi suddenly remembered that Su Ziyang wanted to do something after eating… What on earth could it be?

“Ziyang, didn’t you say you had something to do after the meal? What is it?” Ling Zhanyi asked across the kitchen door.

No one answered.

Ling Zhanyi washed the last bowl, wiped it dry and cleaned his hands, before heading out of the kitchen. Su Ziyang was no longer sitting in the living room. Ling Zhanyi went to the main bedroom. Su Ziyang stood by the wardrobe and turned around. He did not know what he was looking for and his expression was tangled. It seemed that he was not satisfied with what he was looking for.

Obviously he did not hear the question he had just asked in the kitchen.

“Honey, what are you looking for?” Ling Zhanyi went over and asked curiously.

Su Ziyang continued to turn over: “Looking for clothes that I can wear…”

“Didn’t I buy you some two days ago? You can’t wear them any more?” Ling Zhanyi looked at Su Ziyang’s waist. It looked a little bigger, but it was not to the point of unable to wear the clothes. He knew that this was the period when his sons would grow up crazily. They bought the clothes in L sizes.

Su Ziyang shook his head. “No, I am looking for clothes that doesn’t makes me look like a man.”

“You want to cross dress as a woman?” Ling Zhanyi circled Su Ziyang from behind and gently rubbed his hand on his stomach for a few times. “Isn’t this fine?”

“But if I go out like this, many people will look.”

“Are you afraid of their glances?”

“Not afriad.” Su Ziyang pouted his lips and was somewhat unhappy. “But being surrounded by a group of people will disturb our trip.”

“It’s fine, no fear, I protect you all the way, whoever dares to approach, I kill him with my eyes!” Ling Zhanyi made a joke.

Su Ziyang chuckled and nodded: “Well, anyway, I don’t want to wear women’s clothes, they can look all they want!”

“You want to go out? Where?” Ling Zhanyi asked.

“Jewelry shop.” Su Ziyang stabbed Ling Zhanyi with his elbow, then Ling Zhanyi loosened him and changed his armstance to support him. He helped him to the bedside. “Yes, I also want to go to the jewelry store and buy you an assurance pill.”

Su Ziyang sat down with his lower abdomen, listened to Ling Zhanyi’s words, looked up at him and said, “Just right, I have the same intention too. You owe me an assurance pill more than I do. Look at how scared you were in the morning.”

Ling Zhanyi smiled, “What you said about doing something before dinner is to buy me an assurance pill?”

“That’s right, you don’t want it? If you don’t want to, then forget it.” Su Ziyang’s small eyes were full of provocation.

Ling Zhanyi responded quickly, “Yes! I want!” Speaking, Ling Zhanyi knelt on one knee, and rubbed his cheek on Su Ziyang’s legs, he pitifully threw Su Ziyang a salutary look. “Please grant me a assurance pill from wife!”

Su Ziyang grinned and patted Ling Zhangyi’s head gently: “Granted!”

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