Chapter: 86 Happy Husband and Husband buy the rings!

Ling Zhanyi suddenly recalled the “Husband” he heard last night. He was very anxious to have Su Ziyang address him as that now that he was awake. He took a peek at Su Ziyang and saw that he was in a good mood. So he carefully inquired: “Wife…”

“En?” Su Ziyang smoothly answered, “What?”

“…Last night… did you cover me with a blanket?” The words were already hanging at his mouth but Ling Zhanyi still didn’t dare say it directly and had instead adopted a roundabout tactic.

“What do you think?” Su Ziyang raised his eyebrows and asked back.

“It’s very kind of you, wife.” Ling Zhanyi quickly flattered him. Su Ziyang raised his head proudly. “Of course!”

“Then… Wife… Did you call me?”

“I didn’t. Seeing that you were sleeping like a dead pig, I didn’t call you.” Su Ziyang clearly understood what he was implying.

“Is that right? Then why did I seem to have heard a particularly pleasant title?” Ling Zhanyi was unaffected and reminded with an evil smile.

“Is that right? Why didn’t I know about it?” Su Ziyang reacted to Ling Zhanyi’s attempt at this moment. He also laughed and pretended to be foolish. “Were you dreaming?”

“Probably…” Ling Zhanyi also pretended to be sad and sighed. He held Su Ziyang in his arms. “Can you make my dream come true, wife?”

“Tell me, what did you dream of?” Su Ziyang was still pretending.

Ling Zhanyi pouted his lips and explained, “Dream that you are very gentle, considerate, and called me husband.”

“I called you what?” Su Ziyang expressed he didn’t hear clearly and deliberately set a trap.

“Husband.” Ling Zhanyi was too anxious to get a title of “Husband” from Su Ziyang, how could he be guarded? It was only when he spoke that he realized he had been tricked.

Sure enough, Su Ziyang smiled happily, and he responded superbly, “Hey -“

“Are you saying or not?” Ling Zhanyi stared at Su Ziyang with a sullen face.

Su Ziyang tilted his head, “No!”

Ling Zhangyi decisively used his trump card and tickled Su Zuiyang’s underarm. Su Ziyang was so overwhelmed by him that he couldn’t help leaning back, resisting while laughing.

Ling Zhanyi naturally wouldn’t let him fall on the bed directly. You must know that it wasn’t a joke, this person was pregnant, his heart would ache even if he falls on a bed. Ling Zhanyi held Su Ziyang’s waist to and gently let him land on the bed. He avoided his abdomen naturally and began to kiss him: “Say or don’t say?”

Su Ziyang was tired from playing. At the moment, he could not hide from Ling Zhangyi’s continuous kisses. He panted and surrendered. “Oh, no more, we have to go out.”

“Call me husband and I’ll pull you up.” Ling Zhanyi started talking about conditions.

Su Ziyang hummed, “No, you don’t want your assurance pill, I’m also too lazy to go out!”

“…” This time it was Ling Zhanyi who had to surrender, he just knew that he couldn’t bear to let the little ancestor compromise.

He bent down and lifted the man obediently. Su Ziyang had not regained his energy yet. He was panting and covering his stomach. Ling Zhanyi grew anxious, “Did I hurt you?”

“No.” Su Ziyang saw Ling Zhanyi’s anxious eyes and his heart went soft. He called out in a soft voice, “Husband.”

Ling Zhanyi was so happy he was gonna be petrified. He was happy for a while and wanted to ask for another one. Su Ziyang saw his thoughts: “Only after marriage, that one will be counted as my apology to you for last night.”

Okay… Ling Zhanyi blinked bitterly, and when he saw Su Ziyang getting up, he could not help asking, “Are we going now?”

Su Ziyang nodded: “En, otherwise when are we going to go?”

“Now it’s 11:30, it’s hot outside. Aren’t you afraid of the heat?” Ling Zhanyi gave him a hand. “Take a nap before you go.”

“Not sleeping. I want to go now.” Su Ziyang decided, “I’ll have lunch out at noon later. It’s my treat.”

Ling Zhanyi was slandering in his heart. Isn’t your money the money I gave you…

Su Ziyang then added, “I will treat you with my savings, and I will buy the assurance pills with my savings to show my sincerity.”

“Yes, yes. Thank Lord Wife very much for your grace!” Ling Zhanyi’s words came quickly.

“Where was the suitcase when I moved in?” Su Ziyang looked for it but didn’t find it. Ling Zhanyi went to the cabinet under the wardrobe and pulled the suitcase out. “Here, there’s nothing in it.”

“Who said there’s nothing. My bank cards are inside.” Su Ziyang motioned him to it move over.

“You certainly know to how to find a place to hide them. Why didn’t I see them when I unpacked the suitcase?” Ling Zhanyi teased.

“If you can see it, then it won’t be called a vault.” Su Ziyang also made fun of it.

Ling Zhanyi took the suitcase and put it on the bed. He also picked it up deliberately but didn’t see anything: “Where is it?”

“Not going to tell you.” Su Ziyang deliberately pushed him aside. “You go out.”

“Is there a need? It’s not like I will take them.” Ling Zhanyi muttered in a low voice.

In fact, Su Ziyang did not want to hide from him, so he compromised: “Then close your eyes.”

“All right, I’ll close my eyes.” Ling Zhanyi closed his eyes, but in fact, he left a small slit. Su Ziyang knew he was peeking but he didn’t say anything. He pulled the suitcase and played with it for a few times. The bottom of the box was picked up. There was another layer in it with were several bank cards inside. Ling Zhanyi thought in secret that this little thing had quite a lot of savings.

In fact, he did not know that Su Ziyang only a lot of cards, but there wasn’t much money in them.

Su Ziyang chose a bank card that he believed could buy Ling Zhanyi a ring, and put the suitcase back: “Okay, we can go.”

Ling Zhanyi couldn’t help laughing: “Honey, how much money do you have in your card?”

“Not as many as you have. So I will buy what I can, and you will buy what you can.” Su Ziyang deliberately looked sad. “Well, what should I do? My social position isn’t aligned with yours. Will I be disdained?”

Ling Zhanyi lifted the man and said, “Okay, don’t pretend anymore, just ask for money. I’ll give you money to fill up the several other bank cards later so that you have more money than me and you will be the one disdaining me. Are you satisfied?”

“That’s better.” Su Ziyang throw a smug expression over, making Ling Zhanyi drooled over it.

But they should hurry and leave the house soon. After a long time of dawdling, it was almost noon.

Ling Zhanyi first drove the car to the courtyard, then got a huge umbrella over his head and carried Su Ziyang out of the door.

In fact, the door to the car door was just a few steps away, Su Ziyang did not want to let him take an umbrella because it is troublesome, but Ling Zhanyi was afraid that the sunshine would be too strong for him, so he held an umbrella and took the person to the back door. The car air conditioning was switched on at the garage just now, at this time, it was cooling. The temperature was not high nor too low, it was just right.

As soon as Su Ziyang sat in, he felt like it was almost the same as in the room. It was not hot at all.

The rear seat of the car has been transformed by Ling Zhanyi. There were all kinds of cushions, so it was comfortable for Su Ziyang to stay inside.

The two quirky person went out at noon.

“Shall we eat first or go to the jewelry store first?” Ling Zhanyi’s driving speed was slow and steady.

Su Ziyang thought for a moment, “Are you hungry?”

“Don’t mind me if I’m hungry or not, see if you are hungry? If you’re hungry, we’ll eat first. If you’re not hungry, we’ll go to the jewelry store first.” Ling Zhanyi opened his mouth and placed Su Ziyang as first for everything.

Su Ziyang felt for a while: “It’s fine, I’m not very hungry. Go to the jewelry store first.”

“En, okay.” When Ling Zhanyi looked at the rearview mirror and saw that the little thing‘s eyes were bright, like he was very excited, he was in a good mood all at once.

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