Chapter 87: A pregnant man’s mind is hard to guess

On the way back, Su Ziyang felt his heartache. Two rings, oh, no, four rings, had exhausted almost all of his savings.

Most of his remaining bank cards did not have much money, so he was really going to be a penniless person in the future.

Nevertheless, Su Ziyang was actually quite happy because ever since he left the jewelry store till now, Ling Zhanyi’s mouth had been curling upward. From time to time he would look at his hand with the ring and hummed a happy tune as if he was so contented. Obviously, this assurance pill made him felt extremely happy.

Su Ziyang was also infected by his joy and was very jovial. In his mindset, he was the one that put a ring on Ling Zhanyi, which meant that Ling Zhanyi was his man. He had the ownership and it was not Ling Zhanyi that bound him.

Su Ziyang fondled the ring on his finger and liked it more and more.

In fact, men’s aesthetic standard was different from women’s. Women’s requirements for a diamond was that the bigger the brighter the better, while men’s requirements were simple and easy, as long as it could prove that they are married or have a partner, it would be fine.

Su Ziyang was still holding onto the ring box with two small rings in it. Su Ziyang took it and fiddled with it at leisure. He tried to put it on his little finger. However, compared with his little finger, the ring was still smaller. Su Ziyang put it back to its original place, and did not forget to ridicule: “This ring is too small, how old must the children be before they can it?”

Ling Zhanyi glanced at him from the rearview mirror and laughed, “When they are six or seven years old. It’s for them to wear for fun. If they are too young, they may just eat them out of curiosity. The risk factor is too high.”

“That’s right.” Su Ziyang covered the box and put it inside the shopping bag. Then he saw the snacks on the back seat and felt hungry. So, he said, “I’m hungry. Let’s go eat!”

“What do you want to eat?”

“… Dumplings! I haven’t eaten them for a long time.” Su Ziyang salivated.

Ling Zhanyi couldn’t restrain a smile. If he was dating other people, it would probably be high-class restaurants or seafood banquets, but this person really knew how to save money for him. A meal for him with one catty worth of dumplings that cost ten dollars would be enough to settle him.

If the wife had the craving for it, could the husband object? Of course not. Ling Zhanyi started searching for the nearby dumpling restaurant.

Su Ziyang suddenly remembered the dumpling restaurant near his home and said out of sudden impulse, “Go to the dumpling restaurant near my home. I want to eat the dumplings over there.”

Ling Zhanyi’s eyes turned. Although he wanted to say yes, he was afraid that Su Ziyang would want to go home again and to see if the floor had been changed. What should he do? Su Ziyang has lived in his house for almost a month. The floor must have been refitted quite some time ago.

If this little ancestor wanted to move back on a whim, wouldn’t all his previous efforts be in vain?

“It’s a little far to go there. Aren’t you hungry? Shall we find a nearby store to eat first? Next time, tell me in advance if you want to eat them, I’ll buy for you.”

Su Ziyang picked up the snacks Ling Zhanyi had bought for him and smiled, “It’s okay, it’s not far. Didn’t you prepare snacks for me? I’ll eat them first. I really want to eat the dumplings over there. I can’t get used to eating anywhere else.”

Well, since Su Ziyang said so, Ling Zhanyi could only head towards the neighborhood where Su Ziyang used to reside in.

But this time, Ling Zhanyi thought too much. He was worried that Su Ziyang would head toward his former apartment, so he was a little absent-minded as he ate the meal. On the contrary, Su Ziyang had zero thoughts of going back to his house. He could only see the big plate of dumplings in front of him. Indeed, no one in the world could understand a foodie!

Su Ziyang poured vinegar in the saucer, dipped a dumpling in, and ate it in two bites. He was savoring it.

After he was full, Su Ziyang wiped his mouth with a paper towel and looked up to see Ling Zhanyi holding chopsticks inattentively. He had not eaten the few dumplings at his side and he was stung by his conscience, so he asked, “You don’t like to eat dumplings?”

Did he force himself to eat dumplings for me?

“En?” Ling Zhanyi was in a trance. Then he thought about Su Ziyang’s question and shook his head. “No, I love eating them. I was just thinking about something.”

With that, he wolfed down a few dumplings.

“If you don’t like it, you don’t have to force yourself. I’ll accompany you to eat something else.” Su Ziyang’s eyebrows were bent, looking like he was very easy to talk to. 

Ling Zhanyi shook his head: “No, I’m not forcing myself.”

“Well, eat slowly, we’re not rushing back.” When Su Ziyang said this, Ling Zhagyi could not eat anymore. He hesitated for a while and finally began to ask, “Honey, are you thinking of going home to take a look?”

“En?” This time, Su Ziyang did not respond. He frowned and thought, “Oh, I’ve almost forgotten about it until you mentioned. I am already my doorstep.”

Ling Zhanyi almost bit his tongue and thought that he shouldn’t have asked, this simple-minded owner did not want to go home at all! Now, it’s good, he reminded him!

Su Ziyang leaned back slightly, rubbed his stomach against his chair, and smiled, “Why do I need to visit my home why I’m fine? The renovation shouldn’t be done yet right? Even if it is, there will be a bad smell lingering in the room, and it is not good for the babies. We’ll go straight home after we finish eating.”

The last sentence was very nice to hear! Go home… Su Ziyang had treated the villa as his home. How could it not be nice to hear?

Ling Zhanyi’s beamed brightly, he quickly put the dumplings into his mouth: “Okay! Then I’ll hurry eat and we’ll go straight home after dinner!”

When they got home, it was almost six o’clock in the evening, because it was summer, so it was still early and not so hot. Su Ziyang sat on the bench in the shade of the yard for a while. Ling Zhanyi stopped his car and went to the property office to pick up his order. Just in time, the big round ball that could aid in delivery had arrived. In fact, even though it was called a big round ball, the bottom of the ball was square-shaped, this design was to give the ball stability so that when those pregnant women use it, the ball would not roll away and made them fall. That could cause the life of two people ah!

After putting everything back in the room, Ling Zhanyi was in a good mood today, so he ran out with a basketball in his arms. Su Ziyang leaned on the bench and sat there quietly watching him shoot a basketball on the cement floor over there. Then he jumped up and shot. Later, in order to act cool, the big president who was going to be thirty did a slam dunk, which caused the hoop to shake vigorously. He even hung there and refused to come down, he raised his mouth and sent flying kisses to Su Ziyang——

Su Ziyang grinned and began to give him a difficult task: “Try to throw a three-point shot.”

Ling Zhanyi released his grip and dropped down. He grabbed the basketball and dribbled it as he went outside the three-point line. When he felt that he was ready, he stopped dribbling the ball, jumped up, and threw the ball out with a flip of his hands.

 The beautiful ball fell from the center of the hoop. Su Ziyang whistled to him: “Beautiful!”

Ling Zhanyi ran over and sat down on the bench, he grabbed Su Ziyang and kissed him on the lips. “Honey, after you have given birth to your sons and recovered, we can play together, and then when the sons grow up, we can teach them both… If you think about it, you will find that the future will also be very blissful!”

“Are you unhappy now?” Su Ziyang looked at him and Ling Zhanyi kissed the man for a long while again. “Happy! There aren’t any sons light bulbing us, even happier!”

“Tsk -” Su Ziyang pushed him away. “You are sweating all over, don’t rub against me.”

Ling Zhanyi, on the contrary, hugged him even more fiercely: “Don’t you want to soak in the bathtub with me, wife?”


“Really don’t want? En? “

“Truer than real gold… wu…”

After being lovey-dovey for a while, they returned to the room seeing that the sky was getting darker.

Su Ziyang hardly went out to shop. Now he felt tired and sore after spending most of the day outside. He even gave up his favorite bathtub and lay on his side on the bed, refusing to move.

Seeing that he was exhausted and couldn’t bother to take a bath at the moment, Ling Zhanyi asked softly, “Very tired? I’ll give you a massage? “

“En…” Su Ziyang responded weakly.

Ling Zhanyi climbed into bed, found a cushion and sat down by himself. Then he picked up Su Ziyang and have him leaning in his arms. Only then did he reach out and press gently on his back.

“Speaking of it, it’s almost time for the maternity check-ups… It’s going to be the six months…” Ling Zhanyi carefully embraced the person in his arms and felt that his waist seemed to be a little thicker, he was suddenly distressed, “It’s is very tiring, right?”

“Nonsense, do I still need you to give me a massage if I’m not tired?” Su Ziyang raved.

“Four more months to endure, it will soon pass.” Ling Zhanyi busily consoled.

“I think it’s a long time…” Su Ziyang grievously shuffled closer to Ling Zhanyi and said, “Four months is 120 days, and it’s going to get hot soon. July and August are the hottest days, ah- I can’t bear it the moment I think about it!”

“Don’t be afraid, we have a good air conditioning system, I won’t let you feel hot.”

“But… didn’t the doctor say it’s better not to blow cold air? Su Ziyang complained, “He also said that I can’t eat anything cold, I’m going to die from misery in summer.”

“It’s not gonna be cold air. I’ll adjust it to spring and autumn mode so that the room is neither too hot nor too cold, ensuring that the temperature is suitable.”

“Wu… But we’ll have to go for checkups and the checkup is gonna be every two weeks in the future. What a bother…”

Ling Zhanyi could hear that this little thing was acting spoil in front of him. He just didn’t want to leave the house and it’s easy.

“That’s all right. I can invite the doctor to the house. We can buy a set of instruments and other things and put them at home. Is that all right now?”

“… En. Go and bath, I’m much better now.” Su Ziyang also did not want to continue to worry about this matter. Anyway, he had already got on the pirate ship and had such a big stomach. He had already endured for six months, no matter what, he had to preserve on for the remaining four months. He was sure to be in a bad mood, but if he could bear his temper, he would bear it. He always lost his temper, which was not very good for the babies in his stomach.

“Okay, I’ll go bath, you have a good rest.” Ling Zhanyi helped him lay down, covered the blanket and cushioned him. He then leaned over and kissed him on the eyebrows before turning to the direction of the bathroom.

Su Ziyang put his hand over his round stomach and felt the two little guys move lightly in his stomach. Immediately, his mood calmed down. He closed his eyes quietly and the two little guys seemed to be aware of his father’s fatigue and hardship. They were very obedient these days and did not make any trouble for Su Ziyang. This made him very gratified.

Babies, daddy is looking forward to your birth.——

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