Chapter: 88 Unknown number, the matters of eating vinegar 

Su Ziyang lay on his side for a while and woke up again. He was suffocating. Now that his stomach was this big, the mysterious organ in his body was squeezing his bladder and it couldn’t store as much urine as before. This was an issue that made him particularly annoyed. He had to go to the toilet almost every half an hour.

Ling Zhanyi was still taking his bath, so Su Ziyang got up and went to the toilet by himself. When he returned to his master’s bed, he heard Ling Zhanyi’s mobile phone ringing on the tea table, so he went to see it.

It was a number without a name. Su Ziyang pressed it off. Just about to turn around, the mobile phone rang relentlessly.

Su Ziyang then picked it up and answered it. The other side was a woman, her voice with sweet with a gust of wind: “Yi – are you really going to be so cruel to me?”

Su Ziyangji felt goosebumps coming out and then he answered, “Who are you?”

The other party was stunned for a moment, and then quickly analyzed that the person on the other end of the phone was not Ling Zhanyi, but Su Ziyang, and the cornher mouth curled into a smile and she pretened to be surprise: “Yi- I know i am in the wrong for the last incidden, give me a chance!” How could surdy men be nicer to hold than soft women, Yi, you forget, you and me that night… Have a good time.”

Su Ziyang was not a fool either. After listening to these two sentences, he quickly recalled the conversation he heard during the examination with Luoyang at the hospital. He immediately understood that this was the woman who had been making trouble with Ling Zhanyi in the hospital that day, that was, Su Ziqi, the female lead of the headline news in the entertainment magazine.

Su Ziyang’s eyes grew cold, the corner of his mouth drew into a sneer: “Young Mistress Su, right? You are still perstering! Is Yi for you to call? It seems that the lessons you have learned are not enough. Things have been going on for so long and you still miss my family’s Yi. Why are you so shameless? I have to admire how cheap you are…”

“I admit… My family’s Yi is very attractive, but even if you are nice so hug, he will not like you, he likes such a tough man. If you’re a little bit shameless, don’t bother me anymore! We’re married. You’re dead! “

“You -” Su Ziqi did not expect Su Ziyang to guess who she was. It can be imagined that Ling Zhanyi must have confessed to Su Ziyang about those things she had done with Ling Zhanyi.

Hum… What a big man!

Of course, in fact, Su Ziqi used despicable means to achieve what she wanted, Ling Zhanyi also found evidence and revealed her conspiracy in one shot

“Don’t you mind that I something happened between Zhanyi and I?”

“I don’t mind.” Su Ziyang answered quickly, then he retorted, “Are you trying to  provoke conflicts between us? It might be useful to deal if you use this scheme against a beautiful woman, as for me… It’s no use at all. If you have time to destroy my relationship with Zhanyi, you might as well go look for individual men to spend a good night together, of course, many men may look down upon you, a shameless woman…”

“You—” Su Ziqi was once again left speechless by Su Ziyang, she continued to provoke with strong anger, “You might be saying you don’t mind, in fact, in your heart, you mind very much. Surnamed Su, aren’t you just relying on the fact that you can get pregnant and make Yi hell-bent on you? I am a woman, I can get pregnant easier than you. As long as I want it, I can certainly get it! “

“You’re beyond hope…” Su Ziyang decisively hung up the phone. Just when he was about to turn off the phone, he suddenly noticed that the background of the phone photo was himself. Su Ziyang could not help wondering, when did that bastard set his photo as the background of his phone?

While he was distracted, the phone went on to standby mode and the wallpaper that came out was still his photo. Su Ziyang rummaged through the phone, discovering that there was actually a folder named ‘honey’ with all his photos inside.

Er… What’s happening? Where did he get so many pictures?

Could it be… his own computer?!

While Su Ziyang might be shocked, he resolutely switched off the phone, and then removed the back cover of the phone, pulled out the SIM card and broke it into two, so that the card would be scrapped.

It was false to say that he was not angry. Whether Ling Zhanyi and Su Ziqi ever had a real relationship before or not, he still felt uncomfortable when he heard Su Ziqi’s provocation. The previously time when Ling Zhanyi explained to him, he might not have cared, but now as his feelings for Ling Zhanyi deepened, there was more or less a trace of concern.

He was really stupid to not change his phone number despite knowing that that woman was perstering him!

Now that he had broken his SIM card, he was feeling a little regretful. Was it guilt and self-blame? Would Ling Zhanyi be angry at him for breaking his SIM card without permission?

Forget about it, he would apologize to him after he has taken his bath!

Su Ziyang went back to his master bedroom and turned on Ling Zhanyi’s computer, then he sat at the side, waiting for the desktop to appear. He had never noticed it before, so now he was suddenly curious.

Sure enough, the computer desktop was also a picture of Su Ziyang, Su Ziyang’s remaining discomfort slowly faded away and he became even more guilty.

What should I do? What should I do if Ling Zhanyi is angry?

Ling Zhanyi came out after taking a bath and saw Su Ziyang sitting beside the computer sighing.

“Ziyang?” Ling Zhanyi went up and asked in a low voice, “Aren’t you tired and wanted to sleep? Why did you get up?

“Here—” Su Ziyang lifted Ling Zhiyin’s phone and handed it to him. Ling Zhanyi took it, feeling somewhat confused.

Su Ziyang said softly, “I broke your SIM card.”

“Ah?” Ling Zhanyi was shocked. His first reaction was to think of all the photos he had stolen from Su Ziyang with great difficulty. “Your photos are all gone…”

After being surprised, he saw Su Ziyang bowing his head, looking miserable as he admitted his mistakes. Ling Zhanyi pretended that nothing had happened: “It’s fine. I’ve always wanted to change my phone number since a long time ago. It’s just a pity that those pictures I’ve copied from you are gone and I’ll have to copy them again later.”

“En, that’s all right.” Su Ziyang glanced at Ling Zhangyi and saw that he had no sign of being angry. He added, “Why aren’t you asking me why I broke the SIM card for you?”

Ling Zhanyi laughed and asked, “Why? Who’s got you?

“Hmph!” Su Ziyang glared seethingly at Ling Zhanyi. “Your fiancee called in to provoke our relationship.”

The words were concise and comprehensive, and the impact was strong. It hit spot on and Ling Zhanyi was instantly petrified. In his heart, he was thinking that Su Ziyang had been very mericful to only break his SIM card with regard to such an upsetting situation. If it was somebody else, his phone would have to be scrapped too.

“Don’t be misled by her, lord wife? I swear, I didn’t do that wronged you.” Ling Zhanyi inquired as he hugged Su Ziyang.

Su Ziyang hummed, “How could I be provoked by her when I’m so smart? If she succeeds in her schemes, it will be me who suffers! It is not wothwhile to be angry with someone who’s of the game. But you’ll have to change your number to avoid her disturbing our life!”

Listen, listen, who said that his wife didn’t care about him? Such an overbearing claim of announcement from this little devil1 Congrats to myself, I finally find out the meaning of little ancestor —> little devil/efn_note]’s mouth, really made one feel overwhelmed with emotions!

Ling Zhanyi really wanted to do this man in his arms for three days and three nights to express his joy.

But he just thinking about it, he hadn’t lost his rationality yet. In addition to the little devil, there were still two little guys in his stomach that he had to wholeheartedly take care of. Pushing him down this sort of matter could only be delayed.

“Change, I’ll definitely change!” Ling Zhanyi nodded and suddenly was curious, “Then why did you switch on the computer?” 

“To check who your desktop’s picture is!” Su Ziyang spoke eccentrically, soon after, he went around Ling Zhanyi and changed the background of the desktop out of a whim, “Change to something else, it better not be me.”

“Why?” Ling Zhanyi was pressed onto the seat by Su Ziyang. He could only sit down obediently, and let Su Ziyang sit on his knee. “Why do you want to change it? You don’t like this one? It doesn’t matter if you don’t like ah. I like it.”

“Hurry change it!” Su Ziyang urged.

“Fine, changing, changing.” Ling Zhangyi changed the desktop wallpaper into a green landscape painting and then looked at Su Ziyang. “Satisfied?”

Su Ziyang grinned and continued to command, “Not satisfied. Now, change it into my picture. I’ll see you change it with my own eyes.”


Ling Zhanyi found that under his pampering, this little thing was becoming more and more arrogant and wacky.

But it didn’t matter, that’s what he wanted— the more you are wacky in front of me, the happier I am, since I’m the one that spoiled you,  I’ll take full responsibility!

Ling Zhanyi’s mouth was filled with a doting smile. He moved the mouse, set up the desktop photo again, and place Su Ziyang’s photo as the background of the desktop. Su Ziyang sat on his back and sat looking at the whole process of his work satisfactorily. Then when he changed it, he turned his head and gave him a big reward, that was, a kiss!

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