Chapter 89: Friends are used to relieve boredom.

Ling Zhanyi and Su Ziyang’s happy days were not destroyed by Su Ziqi’s phone call. On the contrary, they weren’t affected and were even getting sweeter.

The maternity examination was actually carried out at home. Ling Zhanyi really got a set of inspection instruments and put them in his home. Then he invited the doctor over to his house to examine Su Ziyang.

This time, Su Ziyang had no psychological burden while Ling Zhanyi had calmed down from the ecstasy of knowing he would be having twins. So when the doctor shifted the instruments on Su Ziyang’s abdomen, the two men’s eyes were all focused on the display screen with surprise, curiosity, and joy in them.

Two little guys curled up in Su Ziyang’s stomach, one with the head upward, and the other with the legs downward. Each occupied half a circle, so together, it formed a complete circle. No wonder Su Ziyang’s stomach changed so obviously.

“Everything is normal, however, according to this situation, the next few months will be even harder for you. You must pay more attention and do moderate exercise. Walking and strolling are all fine.”

Ling Zhanyi pointed to the little guys on the screen and asked, “Isn’t the baby’s head supposed to be facing downward when giving birth? Now this head is up, is this abnormal?”

The doctor smiled. “They will slowly turn around. Don’t be anxious.”

“Does it hurt when they turn?” Ling Zhanyi continued to ask.

“This is the case. Some people don’t feel anything, but for some people, it may be more painful. As for the mother’s double constitution body, this is the first time I am seeing, so I’m not sure what the symptoms will be, but there will be no danger. At most, it will hurt for a while and it will be fine after the pain is over.”

“Ah? How long will the pain last? Ling Zhanyi nervously asked, “These two little guys are already growing very fast. The pain was enough for him to bear, he still had to suffer more?”

“There’s no way out. Everyone who’s a mom has to go through this pain.” The doctor put the instrument away and got up. “Just follow the previous eating habits and living rules. Don’t be afraid. Now science and technology are so developed, things will be all right.”

“En.” Su Ziyang nodded. He was much calmer than before. He could not escape anyway, what he was afraid of was not being able to solve any problems. If he persevered, he could gain two healthy sons. He was afraid that if he was too affected by his emotions, both of his sons would be affected.

Besides, Su Ziyang was very happy to sense their existence in his stomach.

Ling Zhanyi thought this instrument was good. He could also use it to see the growth of his babies later. However, the doctor had instructed that it was better not to use it all the time. Although the examination was necessary and the instrument had to be used, there was still some harm done to the human body.

Listening to this, Ling Zhanyi immediately dispelled the idea of using it every day.

After that, the big ball that Ling Zhanyi had bought came into use. Something, Su Ziyang would kneel on the carpet, lay his arms on the ball to support his body weight and rest his spine. Sometimes he would lean against the ball to train his waist strength.

But it lasted only two weeks and then Su Ziyang gave up practicing decisively because he felt his stomach was bigger and it was painful due to the swelling. He also had difficulty breathing.

Naturally, Ling Zhanyi would not force him, so the big ball played another role— Su Ziyang would sit on the carpet with his legs stretched out, put a cushion under his stomach to support his stomach, and then rested his body on the ball while Ling Zhanyi massaged his waist.

Su Ziyang also took back his words about two little guys being obedient because, by the seven months, the two guys began to be active again.

Once again, when Ling Zhanyi bathed him, he saw small bumps appearing on his glossy stomach then it would disappear again only for the small bump to appear in another place. So, the not kind president could not help joking: “Ziyang, see how much our son loves to play, I can play with whac-a-mole with them.”


Black lines appeared on Su Ziyang’s forehead and he said only one word: “Scram—”

How far your thoughts went would be how far you should scram!

If he really played whac-a-mole, once the hammer goes down, he would really be game over…

“Don’t be angry, wife. I’m joking, hehe.” Ling Zhanyi rushed to apologize and coaxed the person with a gentle voice.

For this period of time, Su Ziyang’s temper was even harder to fathom. Although the temperature in the room was suitable and the heat couldn’t reach him, it was boring for him. However, it was even hotter outside so he couldn’t go out. Therefore, the little devil would lose his temper at the drop of a hot. Of course, it was not aimed at Ling Zhanyi. He was unhappy, bored and worried, so he needed a way to vent his feelings.

Even his favorite bathtub could not ease his irritability.

Now it was summer, he didn’t like to soak in the bathtub because of the hot water. Ling Zhanyi was afraid the cold water could freeze him and his two sons. So every time, it would take him a long time to coax him into the bathroom, and Ling Zhanyi had to wash him in person.

Ling Zhanyi secretly counted that they were in the seventh months, so in three months, his wife could be relieved from all these.

“Honey, why don’t we ask our friends to come to our house and play?” One day Su Ziyang was really bored. Ling Zhanyi could not make him happy no matter what, so he thought of this tactic.

What jealously ah, what strong possession ah, could all go to hell at this time, the first priority was to coax his wife!

Besides, with him around, who was tired of living and dared to provoke Ziyang? Calling these friends was to make Ziyang happy.

When Su Ziyang heard this, his eyes brightened and he blinked. “Can I call Luoyang to come?”

“…Okay. ” Ling Zhanyi thought of the gentle and refined professor and knew he was no match for himself. Su Ziyang regarded him as a close friend, so he nodded in agreement.

When Su Ziyang called Luoyang, he was cooking.

Ye Shuo was drooling on the side, occasionally stealing one or two mouthfuls of food. He couldn’t help praising it was fragrant and tasty,

“Help me answer the call.” Luoyang was busy, so Ye Shuo helped him.

Seeing the name displayed on the caller’s display, Ye Shuo readout softly: “Su Ziyang… Is that your former landlord?”

Nodding his head, Ye Shuo then connected the call and pressed the phone to Luoyang’s ear: “Hello? Zi Yang? What is it? “

“Mr. Luo, right? I am Ling Zhanyi. Ling Zhanyi got to the point and said, “I wonder if you are free today? Zi Yang is bored at home. I would like to invite you to come over to have a meal together. You can take your little friend with you. I’m also going to invite some of my friends over. You see…”

Luoyang thought about it, he hadn’t seen Su Ziyang for three months, so he nodded his head. “En, I’m having my summer vacation recently. Nothing’s going on. I’ll go.”

“The address is…” Ling Zhanyi reported his address and laughed, “Okay, I remembered. I’ll be there later.”

After hanging up the phone, Ye Shuo blinked his eyes and looked at him: “He asked you?”

“Well, Ziyang was bored at home alone, so he asked me to accompany him.” Luoyang flipped over the dishes in the frying pan and glanced at Ye Shuo. He deliberately said, “Be obedient and stay at home to do your summer vacation’s assignments. I’ll cook lunch for you and put in the fridge. You can warm it up later.”

Ye Shuo immediately protested, “I don’t have many assignments. I can do them next time! Bring me along, will you? I can tell jokes, sing, dance and perform other programs. Isn’t your landlord friend bored? Take me with you. I can relieve his boredom! Isn’t it more lively to have one more person?”

Luoyang could not help laughing: “It will disturb him with one more person, you know, he is pregnant…”

“Disdain boredom but scared of noise, it’s really hard to please him. You can’t handle it alone. Take me with you… I promise I will relieve his boredom when it’s time to relieve his boredom and be lively when it’s time to bring up the mood. I promise to listen to you? Luoluo… Take me there…”

Ye Shuo pleaded as he hugged Luoyang’s waist.

Luoyang closed the fire and poured the vegetables into the dish with the ladle. He turned his head to the side and looked at him. Ye Shuo looked at him with a pursed mouth and loosened his hold. Then he picked up the dish and asked him pitifully, “Then you won’t come back by noon? I’ve bought tickets for the movie, and I would like to go with you to the movie this afternoon.”

“It’s the same if you go back tomorrow. Anyway, you bought the movie vouchers.” Just as he was about to wash the ladle after putting them in the sink, Ye Shuo put the dish down and moved first, “I’ll wash it. Now that you have promised, you’ll have to keep the appointment. Eat quickly!”

Luoyang nodded his head and sat at the table, watching Ye Shuo skillfully scrubbed the pot while still pursing his lips, looking unhappy. His smile spread to his lips: “Smelly boy, I was teasing you. Let’s go together later. The other party also made an appointment with his other friends, saying that it was a small gathering.”

Ye Shuo instantly lit up: “Really?! Excellent! I can go with Luoyang! “

Suddenly, he had more energy to scrub the pot and appetite to eat.

Ye Shuo was smiling until his eyes couldn’t be seen, but his glances towards Luoyang were full of pink bubbles.

Luoyang wanted to bring him to see his friends, was it because he had accepted him?

Although he had nodded his head and agreed to date him, they had been living in this sort of way; when going to school, they went to the classroom separately. After class, Ye Shuo also couldn’t go to Luoyang’s office and stay there. So he was very upset, thinking that Luoyang was dating him half-heartedly. 

Now, he wanted to bring him to see his friends, wasn’t this a qualitative leap!

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