Chapter 90: Intersected network…

Ye Shuo actually had a car, but he had just gotten his driver’s license. He didn’t dare to drive the car until he was familiarized while Luoyang didn’t know to drive, so the two men rode the motorcycle. Ye Shuo was in front while Luoyang was behind him, holding his waist.

The speed of the motorcycle was not fast and they left home unhurried.

At 8 o’clock in the morning, it wasn’t too hot, despite the sunshine shining down, wind rustled through them due to lack of barrier. It was comfortable.

They wore helmets. Ye Shuo was a chatterbox, he told Luoyang several jokes along the way; about this, about that, he just couldn’t let himself rest.

A warm smile hung on Luoyang’s face as he listened to his words, occasionally he would interrupt with one or two sentences, making one felt that he was particularly spoiling the big child that looked slightly younger in front. 

After driving for a while, the motorcycle stopped at the designated place. Ye Shuo looked at the luxurious villa and exaggerated exclaimed, “Wow”, while Luoyang glanced at him, inwardly slandering, ‘Why are you pretending? Your family is so rich that your house could be more luxurious than here.’

Of course, Luoyang did not expose him. Ever since Ye Lang’s situation, he gained an attitude of avoiding the rich. If Ye Shuo hadn’t persisted on being good to him for two years, he would not have given him this chance and date him. On the contrary, he was satisfied with Ye Shuo’s recent low-profile approach.

When he was dating Ye Lang, he always had a trace of inferiority and arrogance. These conflicting emotions were torturing him, making him very stressed. But now with Ye Shuo, he felt comfortable and relaxed. If he wasn’t happy, he would scold Ye Shuo one of two sentences. He was totally in an ego-state in the face of this boy who was six years younger than him, often forgetting that Ye Shuo was actually a young master of a wealthy family.

When he got down from the motorcycle, he began to take out his phone to make phone calls. Ye Shuo pushed the motorcycle and stood at the side as he stared at Luoyang with a smile.

When he was making the call, the gate suddenly opened, a car turned in from nowhere and entered the gate directly.

Ye Shuo stretched out a hand and tugged Luoyang. “Let’s go in too.”

Luoyang was about to make a phone call when he heard Ye Shuo’s words and went in.

The car soon stopped and did not drive forward. Instead, the window rolled down and Gu Feng peeked out at his head and looked at Ye Shuo carefully. He squinted and laughed, greeting: “Second Young Master Ye?” Is it really you? I thought I saw wrongly. Long-time no see! Why did you come here? I haven’t seen you since the last party!”

Ye Shuo was stunned. He subconsciously took a look at Luoyang. Luoyang wasn’t bothered that they knew each other. He smiled politely at Gu Feng and turned to pick up his phone.

“Hello? Ziyang? I’m here. Oh, you don’t have to open the gate for me. A car just came in and we followed it up. Okay, I’ll go in right away. I haven’t seen you for a long time. I miss you a little. Ha-ha, of course, I miss my godsons too!”

After smiling politely at Gu Feng, he walked into the courtyard while still talking on the phone.

The warm smile from Luoyang just now charmed Gu Feng, his narrow eyes gave a meaningful look. He touched his chin and thought to himself: So he is Ziyang’s friend ah…

But why was he with Second Young Master Ye? Could it be…

“Second Young Master Ye, recently, your father has been saying that after you have moved out, you didn’t go home to see them anymore. They miss you very much!” Gu Feng told him with his elbows on the windowpane. His gaze followed the distant figure and looked at the person quietly.

“I’ll call them regularly. Young Master Gu, I’ll be going first.” Ye Shuo was somewhat impatient, he nodded at Gu Feng and rode the motorcycle to chase after Luoyang.

The courtyard was quite big, Ye Shuo caught up with him before he reached the flight of steps. He asked if he wanted to get on but he shook his head. “I will be there soon. You go and park the motorcycle!”

Ye Shuo smiled and drove over. He found a shaded area and parked his motorcycle. He stood by the steps and waited for him.

The door was opened long ago. Ling Zhanyi supported Su Ziyang at the door and looked at Luoyang under the steps. He smiled and said, “Welcome, welcome! Come in quickly. Is it hot outside?”

Luoyang shook his head, “It’s fine. We came by motorcycle, it’s quite cooling.” With that, he pulled Ye Shuo over and introduced him to Ling Zhanyi and Su Ziyang, “This is my student, Ye Shuo.”

Ye Shuo pouted with discontent. Why was he still introducing him as this? He especially wanted to listen to the other party’s introduction of him; ‘this is my lover’, ‘this is my boyfriend’, ‘this is my partner,’ whichever were fine, just not ‘this is my student’ ah…

In fact, Ye Shuo had misunderstood Luoyang this time. Before he saw Gu Feng, he wanted to introduce him as his partner to Su Ziyang but he heard Gu Feng greeting Ye Shuo just now and knew that they were acquaintances. In the upper class’s circles, they surely knew each other’s parents. If the man who drove the luxury car did not have a firm mouth and accidentally spilled out something while they were not prepared, Ye Shuo and he would surely have to be confronted with a test.

He wasn’t afraid of tests. In fact, if he had chosen a person, he would have the courage to stick and walk with him for the rest of his life. But that was on the premise was that the other party also had the courage to go along with him and persevere on.

For Luoyang, there was nothing scary about meeting their parents, but it must be under the circumstance where they were prepared.

Gu Feng also found a place to park his car and he followed with a leisure pace: “Yi, why did you call me over? I don’t have to be busy about the company, do I?”

“Are you not happy that I give you a day off? Then, you can go back to the office!” Ling Zhanyi ridiculed as he supported Su Ziyang inside, “Luoyang, Ye Shuo, come in!”

Although Ye Shuo was not happy, he knew this matter was nothing to be anxious about. Bringing him to this gathering was already a great progress. Be calm, be calm, hasty men wouldn’t get to eat hot tofu.

Luoyang then introduced them to Ye Shuo: “Ye Shuo, you have met these two people, one of them is my former landlord whom I’ve told you about, Su Ziyang, and the other is Su Ziyang’s husband, Ling Zhanyi.”

Ye Shuo politely nodded to Ling Zhanyi and Su Ziyang: “Hello, I’ve taken the liberty to disturb you!”

“Welcome!” Su Ziyang was very happy to see Luoyang. Several people entered the house and then sat down.

Luoyang looked at Su Ziyang’s big belly and sighed, “It is indeed twin! They are already this big. I remember this should be the seventh month?”

“En, both of them are growing so fast that I feel like my stomach is going to burst.” Su Ziyang pulled Luoyang to sit at his side. For a moment, the issue of his stomach being in pain from the swelling had been diverted from his mind. He couldn’t help looking at Ye Shuo. This big boy looked neat, and when he smiled, he looked particularly sunny. His eyes were limpid yet it could not hide his sharpness, giving the onlookers a feeling of freshness.

He lowered his voice and spoke to Luoyang’s ear, “Will you be happy with him?”

A smile appeared on Luoyang’s face: “En, I considered so. I’m very relaxed and happy.” He also lowered his voice. “Don’t disclose this matter first. That man knows Xiao Shuo. I’m afraid he’ll blab it out. In case he tells Xiao Shuo’s parents, our pressure will increase.”

“Oh — no wonder…you introduced that just now…” Speaking of this, Su Ziyang recalled his meeting with his future parents-in-law. Just imagine how many parents in the world could be as open-minded as Father Ling and Mother Ling, especially parents of the upper class…

With that in mind, Su Ziyang felt that he was even more blissful, this parents’ trial wasn’t difficult at all, he directly passed the customs and even obtain love and affection from them.

Father Ling and Mother Ling had been buying him delicious food, items and had them delivered over, including clothes, shoes, socks, toys, baby carriages, baby beds and a series of unused things and objects for the unborn babies. Fortunately, the villa was big, otherwise, if it was his own three-room apartment, it would not be able to fit all of them at all.

Ling Zhanyi heard Gu Feng telling him that he should know Ye Shuo. He could not help taking some more glances at Ye Shuo.

In fact, Ling Zhanyi had not participated in any kind of activities such as cocktail parties in the past two years. When he had such a thing, he had Gu Feng attended them while he hid behind the scenes. After being with Su Ziyang, Ling Zhanyi did not participate in any company activities even more.

Ye Shuo was the second son of the head of Ye Enterprise who had cooperated with Ling Zhanyi. Gu Feng was the highest management that was in charge of this collaboration, so he knew very well. Besides, before this partnership, it was always Gu Feng’s style to investigate all the situations happening within the partnership.

When Ye Shuo know these two were in a cooperative partner with Ye Enterprise, he gathered his energy and interacted with them.

In fact, when Ye Shuo was not with Luoyang, he really knew how to act. In between his talking, the young and inexperienced aura he had in front of Luoyang faded, becoming a mature, generous and graceful gentleman. His style of conversation did not lose to Ling Zhanyi and Gu Feng these two foxes in the business world.

Luoyang chatted with Su Ziyang and unconsciously raised his eyes, he saw that Ye Shuo was talking freely with Ling Zhanyi and Gu Feng. He had never seen this kind of Ye Shuo before, though he was still a little green, he was radiating confidence and giving out a sense of security.

Even Luoyang himself did not realize that as he was staring quietly at the radiant boy, his mouth raised slightly. That smile came with a glimmer of relief, but there was more pride in it.

That was… his Ye Shuo ah…

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