Chapter 91: That woman is a scourge after all.

When Su Ziyang saw how Luoyang was looking at Ye Shuo, he couldn’t help laughing at him in his heart. So, this guy was also someone whose words doesn’t match what his heart meant.

He clearly liked him, but he just had to keep him hanging.

Well, everyone had their own living habits. If they liked to play with each other more, so be it.

Speaking of it, initially, he also wanted to keep Ling Zhanyi hanging too. Even if he gradually grew fond of him, he still wanted to test him. But he was already in his six months of pregnancy, taking good care of himself and his precious sons had already taken up much of his attention. How could he still have the intention to keep Ling Zhanyi in suspense?

Luoyang and Ye Shuo were enjoying the beauty of being in love. He was the good one⁠— getting married before dating. Oh, no, he wasn’t even married yet, but he was more helpless than getting married⁠— his babies were approaching their seventh month. Even if he was tough, he would still have to find someone to take care of himself. What’s more, Ling Zhanyi chose to cling onto him. Would it be a waste of good intentions if he does not make good use of it?

Su Ziyang’s big and spiritual eyes moved, and a little thought had taken root in his heart. He hadn’t enjoyed the process of dating. He couldn’t let Bastard Ling gain any bargains. Even after giving birth to his babies, he had to torment him around, let him pursue himself again, and then promise to marry him only when he was satisfied.

Look, what’s being pampered? This was!

If Ling Zhanyi knew that the Lord Wife in his hands was pondering about such matter, he must be depressed until he dropped to the ground⁠— this little thing, had he not torment him enough? And he still had to pursue him again!

But at the moment, Ling Zhanyi wasn’t aware of his wife’s intentions. Seeing how Su Ziyang’s mood was getting better as he chatted with Luoyang, he was relieved. As long as his baby stop thinking about trying to give birth early.

You had to know, Su Ziyang had been thinking about this matter for the last two days.

Although there were cases of premature birth, seven month was a little too early!

Ling Zhanyi didn’t want to see Su Ziyang suffer too, but those harmful methods must not be used!

Fortunately, Su Ziyang was only thinking about it. If he really had to be injected with a dose of oxytocin, he certainly wouldn’t dare.

“By the way, Luoyang, how on earth did you get the leave slip when you went to my company? How long is the leave?”

How come the company leader didn’t call him to ask about it?

Speaking of it, Luoyang was totally responsible for this matter at the beginning, while Su Ziyang didn’t bother about it at all.

“That… I mixed some egg white into the urine sample and the result was certainly severe nephritis. You have a one year leave. At that time, you were four months pregnant, so after you delivered the babies, you will still have four more months to rest.

Severe nephritis…

Black lines appeared on Su Ziyang’s head. He gritted his teeth and raised his thumb to Luoyang. “You are ruthless!”

Luoyang smiled gently. “I teach this kind of course, I know what proportion should be adjusted according to what degree of illness. Rest assured, they do not see any flaws. Besides, in fact, you’re doing so well now, even if you quit your job well, it won’t be a problem.”

Ling Zhanyi sat down and heard their conversation. He even agreed with Luoyang’s proposal and said, “Yes, Ziyang, it’s good to resign your job. You can take care of our sons and go back to work when they are older. Of course, it doesn’t matter if you don’t work all your life. I can afford to feed you!”

Su Ziyang’s mouth twitched. “I’m going to get moldy if I stay at home all day. I’m not a woman. It’s impossible for me to be a good wife and a loving mother. Give up! I’m going back to work! Dad and Mom could take care of them. They don’t need me. Besides, my work is very leisurely and flexible. I won’t neglect the children for the sake of my work. I will cultivate my relationship with them.”

What else could Ling Zhanyi say? He couldn’t refute so he only shrugged his shoulders and nodded along with his words. “Okay, you can do whatever you want, as long as you don’t tire yourself.”

Gu Feng realized that he was here to decorate the house. Ling Zhanyi was always revolving around Su Ziyang while Su Ziyang treated Luoyang very good. The conversation between them had never stopped. Ye Shuo was still exhibiting some childlike behavior. Knowing that Su Ziyang was bored, he made a lot of origami, pierced jigsaw, told jokes and sang songs to relieve his boredom. When he did not need him, he would sit next to Luoyang and stare at him with smiling eyes.

Well, what was the saying of calling a friend to relieve boredom? As a friend, his function of relieving boredom was relatively weak and he was neglected directly.

Likewise, how could Ling Zhanyi not feel this way too?

Su Ziyang had been talking with Luoyang about his current situation, work and ideals ever since he arrived. There was basically no room for him to cut into the conversation. So he looked Gu Feng who was being left aside and inquired about the current situation of their company.

Gu Feng was playing with a lighter and subconsciously took out his cigarette from his pocket. As soon as he poured out a cigarette and held it in his mouth, Ling Zhanyi broke it into two and threw it into the bin. “No smoking in my house!”

“…” Gu Feng then remembered, oh, yeah, his wife is pregnant, he can’t smoke.

“So you finally thought of asking about the company?” Gu Feng did not take any more cigarettes and continued to fiddle with the lighter. He then whispered, “In fact, there is a pressing matter, the other party has been asking for a meet up with you, I can’t solve this.”

“Who is it?” Ling Zhanyi frowned slightly and stared at Gu Feng in discontentment. How could this boy be so inefficient?

“Just your rumored girlfriend…” Gu Feng sighed helplessly, “Her father is the boss of Su Group. Old Man Su’s love for his daughter is beyond imagination. He has spent a lot of money to buy her a company for her to play with, and you should know that daughter had many underhanded tactics. Of course, we don’t need to say what kind of backing she had found. It’s nothing more than a face and a good hand. She has monopolized some special fields. If we cooperate with other companies, we will lose a lot of money. “

“Then just lose them. Can we make it up from other places?” Ling Zhanyi didn’t want to provoke that woman anymore. Some women were too smart and too difficult to handle. Most importantly, they were too shameless.

When a person who would play tricks, had a backing and was shameless wanted to squeeze into your life, it’s more disgusting than eating houseflies!

“I’m afraid it’s a little difficult. The company will directly lose billions of income. But… she said that if you are willing to see her once, she would give up.” Gu Feng stopped playing with his lighter for a moment and glanced at Su Ziyang who was chatting happily with his friends. He then lowered his voice. “Otherwise, she will make you regret at all costs.”

Ling Zhanyi was stunned and his eyes became cold in an instant.

Gu Feng then continued, “I think you should understand what she is saying.”

“If she has that ability!” Ling Zhanyi said coldly and arrogantly, “If she dares to do anything to my people, I will make her beg for death!”

“I believe you have the ability. But you can’t always be around Ziyang, can you? I can manage the company for a while, but can I manage it for a lifetime? Now that Ziyang is pregnant, can you ask him to stay at home, but what about the future? He’s going to work when the children are born, right? Just now you heard that he doesn’t want to stay at home and idle all day. He wants to work. So… There will always be a day that Ziyang would be alone. That woman is scary when she is crazy. Didn’t you learn that at the beginning? At the cost of her innocence, she incited the media to make such a piece of sensational news so that she could marry you… ” At this point, Gu Feng shook his head lazily, “I really don’t know what’s good about you. Would that woman only turn around when she die a horrible death? Perhaps, even if she dies, she won’t turn back, will she?”

“Don’t you just want me to meet her after talking so much nonsense?” Ling Zhanyi’s eyes were even sharper.

Gu Feng hurriedly waved his hand. “Don’t stare at me like this, I’m not encouraging her. I’m just giving you a suggestion. If you can get rid of her at one go, you’d better get rid of her at one go. Don’t keep this scourge around, you never know when she will bite back and you will die without even knowing it.”

“It’s just a woman. How powerful can she be? I don’t believe she can make any impact!” Ling Zhanyi lowered his eyes, “I’m not going to see her! I have Ziyang, I will not see anyone, not even one look!”

Gu Feng couldn’t help saying, “All right, just take it that I didn’t say that. I have something to do at the company, so I won’t stay any longer. If you have time, go back to the company. An American investor will be coming next week, you have to show up this time. I can’t settle it.”

“Do your best, I believe in you.” Ling Zhanyi patted Gu Feng’s shoulder and smiled.

“Don’t, you can believe me but not on this matter. If I can handle it, I won’t look for you.” Gu Feng smiled bitterly, “It’s just a day, it won’t kill you.”

If he could handle so many things, he would be the boss rather than Ling Zhanyi.

“Okay, we’ll talk about this matter next week.” Ling Zhanyi sent him out and entrusted him, “Watch Su Ziqi for me. Call me as soon as there’s something amiss. Oh, by the way, I’ve changed my phone number. I’ll send a message to your phone later. Don’t forget!”

Gu Feng nodded helplessly. “No problem. I’ll settle this for you.”


After Gu Feng left, Ling Zhanyi’s eyes became cold again⁠— Su Ziqi, if he hadn’t taken their parent’s friendship into consideration, he wouldn’t even talk to this woman! This woman’s heart was too cruel!

That matter had passed for a long time but she still couldn’t forget him.

In fact, she didn’t seem to love himself that much, she was just unhappy and couldn’t stand losing her face.

Su Ziqi… Su Ziqi…

He must think of a solution to get rid of her.

Ling Zhanyi murmured this name as his brain ran at full speed. Suddenly, his expression went dull as an idea flashed in his mind.

Looking at Su Ziyang on the other side of the sofa, Ling Zhanyi was very hesitant⁠— Su Ziyang and Su Ziqi, why was their names so similar? Was it a coincidence? Or…

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