Chapter 92: Come back drunk

Ling Zhanyi did an investigation on Su Ziyang’s background before— It was true that he had grown up in a welfare home, but as to the specifics of why he was there, Ling Zhanyi didn’t manage to find out.

Su Ziyang had mentioned before that he was abandoned.

—Su Ziyang thought that his parents might have disdain him, a freak, so they threw him at the welfare home’s doorstep.

Ling Zhanyi felt that it was unlikely, it wasn’t like he had contracted some terminal illness or was disabled, why did they abandon their child? Even if they did disdain Su Ziyang’s condition, there was any need for them to go to the extent of abandoning him. Wouldn’t it be fine as long as they guide the child properly and have him marry a woman to start a family?

Of course, that wasn’t what Ling Zhanyi was thinking about right now. What’s going to happen to him if Su Ziyang married a woman and had kids? So to say, his condition couldn’t be said to be a fortune or misfortune, the first twenty-four years of Su Ziyang’s life might be more bitter, but now that he had met Ling Zhanyi, it was certain that he would be living in comfort. He would definitely cherish and take good care of his wife for the rest of his life! And heal his wounded heart…

Moreover, at this point, it was necessary to investigate whether Su Family had abandoned any child twenty-four years ago…

On second thought, Ling Zhanyi felt that this wasn’t necessary. Was there a need for him to do so? Su Ziyang was now living with him and he was very happy, their two unborn sons were also waiting for them, so what’s the point of finding Su Ziyang’s biological parents? They had already rejected Ziyang more than twenty years ago, why would they accept him twenty years later? This investigation would just pour salt on Su Ziyang’s wounded heart.

Thinking of this, Ling Zhanyi completely dispelled the idea he had just now. Forget it, who cared if Su Family had anything to do with Ziyang or not, this matter was twenty-four years ago. Regardless, Su Ziyang was now his, and no one could change this fact! He had the ability to take good care of Su Ziyang and ensure that he stay worry-free for his whole life, so was he trying to find something to do?

Seeing that it was going to be noon soon, Ling Zhanyi informed the three people in the living room and went to the kitchen to cook.

However, the house phone suddenly rang and Ling Zhanyi went to answer the phone. It was Gu Feng who called.

“Zhanyi, the clients from the United States actually arrived today. Could you take some time to go to the company? It will only take a while, and it’s better than taking out a day next week to accompany them. Besides, Ziyang’s friends are with him today, so you can afford to take some time out. Otherwise, will you be able to find time next week?” Gu Feng pleaded with him, “And remember to send me your new number. I just remembered you changed your number when I couldn’t get through your phone call just now.”

Why did you change your number so suddenly? Gu Feng slandered in his heart.

“En, please remember, the number is…” Ling Zhanyi sighed, seemed like he wouldn’t be able to avoid dealing with the yankees. Sooner or later, he would still have to deal with this matter. Since this happened today, then he would go today! In fact, Gu Feng was right. He might not be able to go if it was dragged on to next week.

“Wife, something came up in the company. I can’t stay at home with you. I’ll call Mom and have her come and cook for you. Luoyang and Xiao Shuo, I’m really sorry. I will provide a better hosting next time. Bear with it for the time being and wait for my Mom to come here and ask her to serve you well…” Ling Zhanyi spoke with sincerity.

Luoyang stood up and said with a smile, “It’s fine. Don’t be polite. It’s not like I don’t know how to cook. I was the one doing all the cooking when we lived together. If you have something on, go ahead. Don’t call Auntie. I can do cooking instead.”

“That wouldn’t be nice. I’d better call my mother!” Ling Zhanyi took out his phone.

Luoyang gently asked back, “Do you not trust me?”

Su Ziyang also asked, “Come on, Yi, let Luoyang do it. His cooking skills are good. I haven’t eaten his food for a long time, you can try it too. Go and do what you need and drive slowly. If you are drinking, take a cab home.”

At first, Ling Zhanyi’s heart was sore when he heard Su Ziyang praising Luoyang, but as soon as he heard the second sentence, he immediately smiled. “Okay, I will listen to Wife! Luoyang, I’m truly apologetic. Unless the refrigerator has what you want, just cook what you can. I will treat you to a good meal next time!”

“Don’t mention it. I’m the babies’ Godfather!” Luoyang smiled warmly.

Ling Zhanyi didn’t exchange any more pleasantries after he nodded, he went to Su Ziyang’s side and squatted to caress Su Ziyang’s bulging stomach. He gently instructed Su Ziyang a few sentences before he left the house with the car key.

When there were only three of them left in the house, Luoyang noticed that Ye Shuo’s mouth was slanting download. His expression wasn’t happy and was probably a little jealous. He couldn’t help chuckling and pulling him over to Su Ziyang. “Ziyang, this is my lover, Ye Shuo. He studies at Mingyang University, majoring in Biology and is in his third year.”

“Ye Shuo, this is my good friend, Su Ziyang, a famous photographer who is on vacation at present. The two children in his stomach are my future godsons. So, stop scowling. Go and wash some vegetables for me.”

This introduction instantly cured Ye Shuo. He beamed at Su Ziyang and complimented him, “So Brother Ziyan is a photographer! That’s awesome! By the way, when you are free, can you shoot a documentary for me and Luoluo? Photos are fine too! I want to take it out and see when we’re old. It will definitely be a wonderful memory!”

Luoyang’s face had turned red while Su Ziyang quickly agreed, “No problem! I can shoot for you two today! Would you like to take a video of you two cooking together?”

Ye Shuo was so happy that he jumped up and exclaimed, “Yes! Yes! Brother Ziyang, I like you so much!” Then he explained to Luoyang, “Luoluo, don’t be jealous. My love for Brother Ziyang is different from yours! Don’t worry, I absolutely love you only!”

“Bratty kid has so much nonsense, go and wash the vegetables now!” Luoyang scolded him with a displeased expression and then turned to look at the man sitting next to him. Su Ziyang who was eager to get up was then pressed down by Luoyang. “Okay, Ziyang, I’m not in a hurry for the documentary. You’re tired enough with this big belly. You can video us after the babies’ birth. If that family of yours knows that we have been instructing you to film us, wouldn’t we be beaten to death? So, sit down.”

“Aiya, I’m not that spoiled! It’s rare for you two to come here. If you have any requests, I will definitely meet them! Isn’t it just filming? For me, it’s a child’s play. Besides, there’s a tripod. I just need to adjust the focal distance and let the lens face the kitchen. It won’t be tiring and I’m not stupid, I’ll rest when I’m tired.” Su Ziyang’s interest was garnered. He was someone that treated his friend well, so he just refused to sit down obediently.

Luoyang hurriedly supported him. He felt exhausted just by looking at his bulging stomach.

“Where is the camera? Let Ye Shuo move it out for you.”

Su Ziyang pointed to the bedroom. “It’s inside, you will see it as soon as you step in.”

Ye Shuo was someone with the ability to make discerning judgments. Hearing this, he hurried to the bedroom. As expected, he saw the camera as soon as he entered the door. He carried the camera out and placed it in a proper position under Su Ziyang’s command. Luoyang supported Su Ziyang to the camera and saw him fiddled with it before aiming the camera at the kitchen.

Su Ziyang smiled. “It’s done, do what you want to do. My camera is very advanced. It will shoot by itself after I set it. Anyway, we are filming to keep it as memories, there’s no need for me to adjust the lens constantly like how I did in my job. The more natural, the better it is.”

Ye Shuo who someone who didn’t know how embarrassment was spelled, so when Su Ziyang had adjusted the focal length, he rushed to the camera and made a funny face with a brilliant smile. “I am Ye Shuo, I love Luoyang!”

“I usually call him Loulou and he calls me stinky boy. Today, we have come to Ziyang’s house for a visit. Luoluo will cook later. I’ll help him. Luoluo’s cooking is delicious. I like his cooking the best. I’ll eat Luoluo’s cooking all my life!”

Luoyang was embarrassed to hear this, but Su Ziyang laughed happily. “Luoyang, look at him, he even confessed to you.”

“Loulou, I’ll wash the vegetables for you!” Ye Shuo sent a flying kiss to the camera and ran into the kitchen.

Luoyang helped Su Ziyang back to the sofa and sat down. They chatted for a while before Luoyang went to the kitchen to cook. He originally wanted Ye Shuo to sit with Su Ziyang in the living room to accompany him but Su Ziyang rejected it. He would just watch television instead of disturbing this couple.

Luoyang was actually very relaxed at Su Ziyang’s house. Since Su Ziyang said he didn’t need his company, he went to the kitchen to cook.

Friends were just like this. You don’t have to be so polite in front of them and could relax like you wanted to.

The meal was very enjoyable. Ye Shuo was happy that Luoluo didn’t object to filming memoirs with him. The camera was facing the kitchen and they acted like how they were at home. You washed and picked the vegetables while I cut and stir-fried them. Occasionally, they would chat, and expectedly, it showed such a sweet warmth.

Luoyang was happy because Ye Shuo was happy. The child had always been happy since he was with him, but he hadn’t been this happy. After thinking about it, Luoyang knew that it was because he introduced him to his friends, and even agreed to shoot memoirs with him so they could sit down and view it in the future.

Imperceptibly and unconsciously, I put you in my heart. If you are happy, then I will be happy. That was the reason why Luoyang was happy.

Seeing his friend attaining happiness and being able to contribute to his happiness made him happy. Moreover, he also got to eat his friend’s cooking.

Ye Shuo and Luoyang hadn’t left as Ling Zhanyi hadn’t come back yet. They said they wanted to accompany Su Ziyang and would accompany him until Ling Zhanyi was back, otherwise, they wouldn’t leave.

Ling Zhanyi didn’t get home until 11 p.m. He wasn’t stable and there was an alcohol smell on his body. He must have accompanied the client to drink, but he was still clear-headed. When he came in and saw that Luoyang and Ye Shuo were still around, he was slightly relieved. “I’m sorry, I made you two stay with him until so late…”

Luoyang and Ye Shuo both smiled indicating that they were fine with it.

Su Ziyang walked toward him with his hand supporting his waist. “Yi, are you okay? Why did you drink so much?”

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