Chapter 93: Wife… Help me get rid of the fire

“I’m fine…That foreigner is a good drinker, it will make us look insincere if I don’t drink with him. It’s a good thing that I can hold my liquor, otherwise, the investment is gonna be gone…” Ling Zhanyi didn’t not to let Su Ziyang support him, so he tried to stabilize himself before calling out to Luoyang and Ye Shou. “It’s getting late, you two should stay at the guestroom tonight…”

“It’s fine, we don’t live that far and will be able to reach home very soon. You two should go and rest soon!” Luoyang took Ye Shou along and bid their goodbyes.

Was this a joke? How could they stay behind and disturb the couple’s intimacy time?

Especially under this tipsy situation where it was easy for something to happen all right!

If there were outsiders around, how would there be any development?

Su Ziyang also didn’t continue to insist and watch them leave. He closed the door afterward and tried to help Ling Zhanyi to the bedroom.

Ling Zhanyi was only half-drunk but it still was extremely uncomfortable for him.

“Wife… My head hurts…” Ling Zhanyi leaned on Su Ziyang gently and acted coquettishly. En? Why was it gently? Nonsense, would he dare to exert any strength? This big-bellied person next to him was an important person to protect all right.

“How much did you drink?” When Su Ziyang looked at Ling Zhanyi’s flushed cheeks and smelled his breath that stunk of alcohol, he couldn’t help sighing. “Did you drink this much because this was a rare opportunity for you to go out? Are there really such difficult clients?”

“It’s true, that client can drink a lot and I’m the only one that can handle him. He drank until he couldn’t tell the direction anymore and of course, the contract has been signed. I drank around the same amount as him but I could still ask someone to send him back to the hotel before taking a cab home. I didn’t drink until I couldn’t stand up… Wife, am I especially capable?” Ling Zhanyi flaunted and snuggled to Su Ziyang’s shoulder. He opened his mouth and kissed his neck before asking the same question, “Am I especially capable?” only to kiss him again.

“Yes, yes, yes, you are especially capable. No one can compare to you… Drink some milk before you take any alcohol next time, otherwise, it will be too harmful to the stomach.” Before Su Ziyang could finish his words, Ling Zhanyi had already let go of Si Ziyang and staggered toward the toilet. Su Ziyang slowly followed behind and heard puking sounds.

Well, it’s good that he vomited which could save the torment of those alcohol turning in his stomach.

Su Ziyang turned around and went to the kitchen to look for a bottle of milk. He opened it with his mouth and poured the milk into a bowl before heating it in the microwave for a minute. He endured the heat and carried it to the dining table to cool it down before bringing it to Ling Zhanyi.

It took only around two minutes to prepare the milk and by that time, Ling Zhanyi was almost done vomiting as he hugged the toilet bowl in the toilet.

Su Ziyang placed the milk on the tea table in the living room and went to the toilet. He wetted a towel before stooping down to help Ling Zhanyi up and wiped his mouth.

Although Ling Zhanyi was somewhat dazed because of the alcohol, he still remembered that his wife was pregnant and was determined not to make his wife uncomfortable from bending his waist. Thus, he hurriedly closed the towel bowl and supported himself by holding onto it. “Wife, I am fine. I feel much better after puking.”

“En… are you done puking? If not, continue to puke, I heated a bowl of milk for you, you will feel much better after you drink it.” Su Ziyang followed along Ling Zhanyi’s movement and the pressure on his waist was instantly reduced as he straightened his back. His expression was more relaxed but he had never stopped moving his hands as he continued to gently wipe Ling Zhanyi’s lips.

Ling Zhanyi looked at this person in front of him helping with wipe his mouth with a hazy sight. He felt as if his heart had been dosed in honey, so sweet that bubbles were coming out. Who said that his Ziyang only knew how to throw his temper and order him around?

When he was drunk and felt uncomfortable, his family’s wife was considerate. He didn’t say his stomach was hurting or was commanding him to do this and that, in fact, he was concerned and took care of him.

“Wife…” Ling Zhanyi mumbled and Su Ziyang immediately responded tenderly, “En, I’m here. Are you hungry? Do you want me to cook a bowl of noodles for you?”

Ling Zhanyi shook his head and tried his best to maintain his consciousness as he followed Su Ziyang to the living room. Su Ziyang didn’t dare to let him sit on the sofa, fearing that he might fall asleep and then getting him to the bedroom would be a very troublesome thing!

He would take advantage of how this person was still awake and hurry fed him milk before sending him to the room to sleep!

Hence, Su Ziyang took the milk on the tea table and sent it to Ling Zhanyi’s mouth. “Finish this bowl of milk before we go to sleep.”

“Okay…” Ling Zhanyi was akin to a child, he was especially obedient and let Su Ziyang fed him mouthful by mouthful. The milk was still a little hot, but it was cooled enough to be consumed and it warmed his stomach comfortably.

Ling Zhanyi stared intently at him as Su Ziyang fed him the milk, and an ardent fire gradually emerged in his hazy sight.

Once Su Ziyang was done feeding him, he put down the bowl and supported him into the bedroom.

Ling Zhanyi was very cooperative. He obediently tilted his head to the side and looked at Su Ziyang as they walked. 

When they finally reached the bed, Ling Zhanyi wanted to sit down and lean back but Su Zi Yang grabbed his collar and said, “Sit properly, you haven’t remove your shirt yet!”

“Oh…” Ling Zhanyi was more sluggish when he was drunk and whatever Su Ziyang had said would be what he was hearing. He tried to sit properly and looked at Su Ziyang unbuttoning his buttons. He couldn’t restrain himself from stretching out his hands and held Su Ziyang’s waist before muttering, “Take out the shirt… Sleep with Wife…”

Su Ziyang didn’t bother about the hands that were holding his waist, he slightly stooped and patiently unbuttoned his shirts before ordering, “Lift your hands…”

Ling Zhanyi raised his hands and Su Ziyang quickly took off his shirt. Seeing how he was still keeping his hands up in the air, he smiled. “Okay, you can put it down now.”

Ling Zhanyi stared dazedly at him and instead of putting down his hands, he held Su Ziyang’s face and kissed his lips with a “muack”.

“Don’t play around. You can lie down now.” Su Ziyang pushed Ling Zhanyi’s chest, indicating him to release him.

It was tiring to bend his waist all the time all right!

Ling Zhanyi released him but he didn’t lie down as told, instead, he pointed to his pants. “Wife… pants…”

That meaning was… you haven’t removed my pants for me…

This bastard still dared to ask for more! But looking at how he was feeling terrible because of the alcohol, he would forgive him this time!

So, Su Ziyang helpless coaxed, “You have to lie down for me to remove your pants!”

“Oh, then I will lie down…” Ling Zhanyi lay down but he was still looking at Su Ziyang. “Wife, I am lying now! Come on!”

Su Ziyang chuckled, why did this sound so improper?

——I am lying now! Come on!

Why did he sound like a heroic person waiting to be killed?

Well, he did want to go forward and beat this bastard up but it was a pity that his strength fell short of his wish at the moment.

Su Ziyang slowly sat down and reached toward Ling Zhanyi’s belt. He removed his belt, upzipped his zipper, and slowly pulled down his pants…

“Raise you butt higher…” Su Ziyang’s movement was limited by his body, moreover, his strength couldn’t compare to Ling Zhanyi, so he could only order him, “Good, now raise your leg, left leg, that’s your right leg, nevermind, let’s get your right leg out first. Okay, now raise the other leg…”

He finally removed Ling Zhanyi’s pants and was panting from exhaustion. He straightened up and was about to pull the blanket for Ling Zhanyi when he saw that something had risen three inches below his navel. He was dumbfounded at once.

I was just helping you to take off your shirt, do you need to have such a big reaction?

Ling Zhanyi was just laying there, staring at Su Ziyang. He mumbled, “Wife… Wife…”

Su Ziyang didn’t want to answer him but Ling Zhanyi kept mumbling, “I am very hot… So uncomfortable… Wife… Your hands are very cooling…”

Su Ziyang threw a blanket at him and it covered his face. “Don’t you have hands? Solve it yourself!”

“Wife… You are very fierce…” Ling Zhanyi complained softly, “My hands are too hot… Touch it if you don’t believe me…”

Su Ziyang grew softhearted upon hearing Ling Zhanyi’s grievance coming from the blanket. He pulled the blanket off and put it on Ling Zhanyi’s abdomen to prevent him from catching a cold. At the same time, he stretched out his hand and pulled down Big President Ling’s underwear.

This time Ling Zhanyi let him took off his underwear very cooperatively.

The slightly cooled fingertips brushed the corner of Ling Zhanyi’s leg and he groaned comfortably. Su Ziyang grew red in the face as Ling Zhanyi stared at him with half-closed eyes. For no reason, Su Ziyang actually thought that such a Ling Zhanyi was very attractive.

Forget it, he was just gonna treat it as that this bastard was trying to use his charm to seduce him into committing a crime.

Anyway, this was just to help him get rid of his fire. He had been pregnant for seven months but he only helped Ling Zhanyi once when he was around four months pregnant. It’s normal for a man right in his prime to be burning passionately and wanting to get rid of his fire.

In fact, Ling Zhanyi had been considerate of Su Ziyang’s hardship since that time and hadn’t bothered himself to help relieve him. How could Su Ziyang not satisfy him with a little indulgence this time?

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