Chapter 95: Endure, it won’t hurt after a while

Actually, Ling Zhanyi only felt that he wouldn’t be able to manage when he said “We will go to the hospital now”, hence he decided to call his parents.

If there were someone else in the house, he could have that person drive the car while he took care of Su Ziyang at the back. However, there was only him at the moment and he couldn’t put Ziyang behind while he drove at the front.

This unforeseen situation made Ling Zhanyi decided that he had to fetch his parents to his house and have them stay with them for the time being. After all, what if Ziyang’s stomach hurt while he was at the company?

“Wu…” Su Ziyang felt surges of twisting pain as if someone was making fried dough twists in his stomach. It was so painful that he was having difficulties breathing and he anxiously clutched Ling Zhanyi’s chest as the trauma of dying in his previous life got into his head.

“Ziyang, don’t be afraid, you will be fine…” Ling Zhanyi had already opened the door and gate using a remote control so that the ambulance would be able to come in quicker. He comforted Su Ziyang as he looked out of the window nervously. “…Why hasn’t the ambulance arrive yet?

“Yi…” Su Ziyang could only call his name in fear and panic.

Ling Zhanyi placed his hand on Su Ziyang’s belly and felt that the fetuses’ heartbeats seemed to be faster than usual.

What’s happening? He looked at Su Ziyang’s bottom and didn’t see any blood, so he shouldn’t be going into labor, but why was he in such pain?

Perhaps because they were in the villa district, the ambulance came rather quickly and Ling Zhanyi carried Su Ziyang out immediately once he heard the sound.

By the time the ambulance stopped at the courtyard and opened its door, Ling Zhanyi had also come out. He carried Su Ziyang inside with the assistance of the small stair prepared by the nurses and put him onto the bed. Su Ziyang who was afraid that Ling Zhanyi would leave refused to release his grip and stared at him with slightly opened eyes.

Therefore Ling Zhanyi carried Su Ziyang and sat down on the low bed. at the same time, he explained to the doctor, “My wife is a concealed double constitution, he is seven months and eight days pregnant. His stomach suddenly hurt, there’s no sign of bleeding at the moment…”

Although the doctor was surprised, he immediately collected himself. They were medical practitioners who enjoyed studying unusual medical cases. As there were cases of men giving birth in foreign countries before, this wasn’t considered a miracle. Now that a person with a concealed double constitution had appeared, they might found it novel at first, but the treatment process was similar to treating a pregnant woman, at most, he had to be more thorough in examining the patient and prescribing his medicine.

After all, there was still a difference between these two.

The doctor bent over slightly and put his hand on Su Ziyang’s stomach to do an examination. As he wouldn’t be able to make a diagnose from touching, he asked Su Ziyang some questions, such as where was the pain and how did the pain feel like. As Ling Zhanyi had already asked Su Ziyang about these questions, he replied to the doctor instead.

The doctor breathed a sigh of relief. “There isn’t any big issue. The main reason is that his uterine body is too small and he is pregnant with twins. Therefore, two fetuses are competing for nutrition in his stomach. Moreover, the mother is too tired and didn’t get enough rest, so his immunity has weakened. Besides, both the twins want to be the first to be born, so there were a lot of movements resulting in pain… If the pain intensifies, just endure it.”

What?! Ling Zhanyi was dumbfounded— endure the pain?!

He still had to endure despite hurting so much?!

“Can you give him an injection to stop the pain? Look at how painful he is feeling…” Ling Zhanyi suggested.

“If he can bear it, I will not advise taking painkillers as it will be harmful to the fetuses.”

“But… Is there no other way?” Ling Zhanyi looked at Su Ziyang who had broken into a cold sweat and was shivering from pain in his arms. His heart ached so badly.

“If you are not afraid of harming the fetuses, I can administer a painkiller injection for him.” The doctor said slowly, “Besides, this is a normal phenomenon, just that it is more painful for him but not to the point of needing surgery or taking medicine. However, if there is any risk of premature birth or bleeding, we will take further treatment.”

The ambulance had arrived at the hospital amidst their conversation.

“Arrange a room and let him rest. It won’t hurt after a while.” The doctor said softly.

Ling Zhanyi gritted his teeth and was about to request for a small dose of painkiller when Su Ziyang grabbed his hand and said intermittently, “Listen— listen to the doctor… I can endure…”

Ling Zhanyi, a big man, was almost shedding tears. He hugged Su Ziyang distressing with a slightly choked voice. “You’ve worked hard, Ziyang…”

Su Ziyang gasped and didn’t speak. He just closed his eyes, buried himself in Ling Zhanyi’s chest and began to endure with his willpower.

Ling Zhanyi carried him and tried to lighten his footsteps. He followed the nurses to a ward and put Su Ziyang on the bed before sitting down with him. He tried his best to ease Su Ziyang in a more comfortable position while hugging him.

Father Ling and Mother Ling arrived fifteen minutes later. On their way here, they had called Ling Zhanyi to ask which hospital they had gone to.

The pain had finally subsided and Su Ziyang nestled in Ling Zhanyi’s arms in drowsiness, feeling weak and exhausted.

However, the twisting pain in his stomach was much better now. Although there was still some dull pain, it could be ignored.

Ling Xiaotian and Zhan Huashan rushed to the ward and saw Ling Zhanyi sitting on the bed with Su Ziyang lying in his arms. The two were waiting quietly in this posture.

“Zhanzhan, what happened?” Zhan Huashan had sweat all over her head. It was obvious that she had rushed here and the anxiety made her unable to calm down. She slowed down her footsteps and asked softly.

—She was really afraid that something might happen to her future daughter-in-law and grandchildren… That would really take her life.

“It’s fine.” Ling Zhanyi gently patted Su Ziyang’s back to alleviate his pain by letting him sleep. He whispered back to Zhan Huashan, “The doctor said that it’s because the babies are rotating themselves and since his uterine was smaller than that of a woman and he is pregnant with twins, it is more painful for him. He will be fine after enduring the pain… “

Upon hearing this, Zhan Huashan couldn’t help looking at Su Ziyang with slightly reddened eyes. This child had suffered too much just to leave offspring for their Ling Family!

As a woman who had given birth, she knew how difficult it was to carry a child for ten months in the womb.

Su Ziyang’s face was white with pain and he hadn’t recovered from it at the moment. He closed his eyes wearily as his consciousness drifted away. He could hear someone talking softly around him but not the content of the conversation.

“Mom… Thank you…” This sentence suddenly came out of Ling Zhanyi’s mouth. He looked at Zhan Huashan seriously before sincerely saying, “It must have been hard for you when you carried me in your womb right? Mom… I love you… I will be filial to you and Dad…”

Zhan Huashan’s eyes were teary, so when she heard Ling Zhanyi’s words, her teary eyes curved into an arc. “It’s good that you understand… Treat your wife well… “

“Yes.” Ling Zhanyi’s chin rubbed against the top of Su Ziyang’s hair fondly. “I will.”

When Su Ziyang was completely asleep, Ling Zhanyi carefully placed him in the bed and covered him with the towel blanket before standing up to signal to his parents to talk outside.

The three of them sat down on the bench in the corridor. Ling Zhanyi was about to speak when Ling Xiaotian talked first. “Son, there are two more months left before Ziyang gives birth. There might be times where you will feel flustered because you are the only one at home. Even if you called 120 for the ambulance, it might not necessarily arrive fast. Besides, what if something happened to your company one day? We are not assured of leaving Ziyang alone at home. From now on to after childbirth, and those two months of convalescing, your mother and I will live at your house! So even if you go back to the company, we still can take care of him in your stead.”

Ling Zhanyi smiled gratefully. “En, I have the same idea. Mom and Dad, I’ll ask the doctor to give Ziyang a comprehensive examination later. Let’s go home together afterward.”

“Okay, let the doctor give Ziyang a thorough examination. His stomach is so big, it must be very exhausting and his breathing isn’t smooth, right? If the doctor thinks it’s fine, don’t make him suffer anymore. Let him do a cesarean section when he’s eight or nine months! Otherwise, it won’t be easy to give birth when the babies are bigger. There’s no need for him to suffer!” Zhan Huashan suggested.

Cesarean section was very popular nowadays and if it would be able to reduce Ziyang’s suffering, then they should opt for it. When Zhan Huashan saw his current condition, her overflowing motherly’s love was going to turn into a disaster…

“I have the same idea too. I’ll consult with the doctor immediately to see if it’s possible.”

The three of them might have a good plan and discussed it with the doctor, but the doctor didn’t give them a clear answer. After all, Su Ziyang wasn’t in his eight or nine months, he couldn’t conclude because of his constitution and whether it would be suitable for the babies to come out early. Moreover, from the point of view of a doctor, he suggested to let nature take its course because the cesarean section also held certain risks. What’s more, they hadn’t operated on people the same constitution as Su Ziyang…

The three were so frustrated that they had to wait for another month before they could give it a try.

“Yi—” Su Ziyang’s voice came and Ling Zhanyi rushed to the ward. “Hey— Wife, I’m here!”

Seeing Ling Zhanyi, Su Ziyang relaxed a little and he stroked his belly. His stomach didn’t hurt anymore, so he guessed that the two little guys were finally done tormenting him.

“Wife, does it still hurts?” Ling Zhanyi came forward and helped Su Ziyang up before asking anxiously.

Su Ziyang shook his head. “It doesn’t hurt anymore…” He leaned on Ling Zhanyi’s shoulder and sighed. “I was so scared. I thought I was going into labor…”

“I thought you were going into labor too. Fortunately, it was just these two little things moving around, but they are too much this time. They almost made you faint from the pain. When they are born, I have to beat them.” Ling Zhanyi held Su Ziyang’s hand and spoke angry words.

Su Ziyang was getting better and didn’t think his two sons were torturing him anymore. Instead, he took sides and asked, “Will you bear to?”

Would he bear to? Of course not! He wouldn’t bear to hit them but a gentle pat to avenge Lord Wife was still possible, thus, he said with a smile, “Yes, I’ll give them a little beating on the butt to revenge Wife.”

Su Ziyang smiled gently and felt more relaxed.

“By the way, what about Dad and Mom? They must be worried to death.”

The two parents at the door smiled upon hearing Su Ziyang’s concerned words. Look at how considerate their future daughter-in-law was!

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