Chapter 96: En, he is going into labor.

“It’s fine, it’s fine. As long as you and our babies are safe and sound.” The ward’s door was pushed open, and Ling Xiaotian and Zhan Huashan, who had been keeping watch outside came in with a pleasant countenance and asked ardently, “Is Ziyang, are you feeling better?”

Su Ziyang was a little embarrassed. He wanted to get out of Ling Zhanyi’s arms but Ling Zhanyi hugged him domineering and gave him an appeasing look as if he was saying– what are you afraid of? We even have children together, Dad and Mom definitely wouldn’t mind us hugging!

How would Su Ziyang who had just woken up have the strength to break free from Ling Zhanyi? So he could only reply to Father Ling and Mother Ling‘s questions with slightly reddened cheeks. “I am much better, I’m really sorry to make Dad and Mom worry…”

“This child… is too sensible!” Zhan Huashan smiled and praised. “You are thinking of us even at this point. It’s really Zhanzhan’s blessing to marry you!”

“Mom…” Su Ziyang was even more embarrassed by her compliment.

“If you know it is an inconvenience to be polite to your family, then don’t be polite with us anymore. We’ll be going home with you this time to take care of you in case something happen again.”

“En…” Su Ziyang had no objection to this because he and Ling Zhanyi certainly didn’t know how to take care of newly born infants.

Anyway, they would be helping out to look after their children in the future, so getting used to having them at home now wasn’t a bad idea.

The family chatted happily for a while before Ling Xiaotian went to look for a doctor to do a comprehensive examination for Su Ziyang. The four people left the hospital afterward making sure Su Ziyang was fine.

After this incident, Ling Zhanyi was even more considerate of Su Ziyang. A little frown and a little sigh from Su Ziyang could make him nervous for a long time.

Father Ling and Mother Ling were also very concerned about Su Ziyang. If he wanted to eat something, the food was already prepared in advance, if he was bored, he also had a lot of playthings; he was practically treated like a child.

His husband and mother-in-law took care of his needs adequately, so although the remaining two months were more difficult than ever, Su Ziyang managed to endure it with his great endurance.

Zhan Huashan could count down the expected date of delivery with her fingers.

She looked at Su Ziyang’s huge stomach and felt exhausted. She recalled how terrible she felt when she was carrying Ling Zhanyi, let alone Su Ziyang who was much bigger than her.

Every time she saw Su Ziyang breathing hard as he sat down, she felt distressed.

At least, he would gain relief very soon.

There were seven more days before the expected due date.

As Ling Zhanyi was afraid that an emergency might happen just like last time, he had specially sent Su Ziyang to the hospital ahead of time. It would be better to wait for the delivery in the hospital than panic when he was about to go into labor.

Su Ziyang could hardly walk on his own so he had to rely on Ling Zhanyi’s support to walk. They were going to the hospital by car now but even with Ling Zhanyi sitting next to him and massaging him, it wasn’t of any use at this stage.

After getting out of the car, Ling Zhanyi supported him carefully and took very small steps. As the pressure on his stomach was very strong, Su Ziyang had to rest every few steps. Ling Zhanyi wanted to carry him up, but Su Ziyang refused.

He had done some research and according to it, it would aid in the delivery of the babies if he walked more before his delivery.

They finally reached the ward with much difficulty and Ling Zhanyi helped Su Ziyang sat down however, he couldn’t sit straight because it was too demanding for him, instead he was leaning slightly and gasping hard.

At last, he was going to be freed from this…

Ling Zhanyi, Zhan Huashan and Ling Xiaotian waited on Su Ziyang almost every day during his stay. Are you hungry? Are you thirsty? Do you want to go to the bathroom? Does your stomach hurt?

Even until the due date, there was still no movement from the two little guys in Su Ziyang’s stomach.

Ling Zhanyi couldn’t wait anymore and went to discuss with Su Ziyang if he wanted to have a cesarean section to take the two babies out.

Su Ziyang was really tired, so he agreed to this, but when they called the doctor, he didn’t approve of a cesarean section.

“Why?” Ling Zhanyi was worried about his wife. Aren’t there so many cesarean sections being performed? Why Ziyang can’t?

Looking at Su Ziyang’s birth examination report, the doctor said solemnly, “He has a concealed double constitution and this might be the only case in China. Anyway, this is the first case in the current medical history! Cesarean section isn’t difficult, it is certain for women as to where their womb is and how to cut it. However, his womb is too small and he is having twin, which has lead to an abnormal enlargement of his womb. If the position of the incision isn’t suitable, it will easily lead to massive bleeding due to the huge tension force and it will hurt the fetuses. Yes, we can observe the specific location through the Color Doppler ultrasound, but the exact location is quite different from a specific location. So for the safety of pregnant husband and babies, we suggest to let it be as it is and wait for him to give birth naturally.”

“What kind of lousy hospital is this-” Ling Zhanyi was so angry. “-that you don’t even know how to perform a cesarean section!”

If he knew this would happen, he would have contacted foreign doctors, but it might also be the same situation as now.

“If you insist on cesarean section, you need to sign a contract with the hospital. If there is an accident during the operation, you will be responsible for the consequences,” the doctor said.

“You…” Ling Zhanyi was fuming with rage but Su Ziyang stopped him. He was frightened by the words “massive bleeding” coming from the doctor’s mouth. Since having a cesarean section was risky, they should wait for a natural birth.

Although it’s unlikely for him to have a smooth delivery and it would be very painful.

“Yi, let’s wait a while more, let the babies come out by themselves…” Su Ziyang comforted in a soft voice.

Ling Zhanyi turned around and hugged him with tenderness in his eyes. “I’m afraid it will be too painful for you… natural birth will definitely be painful.”

“I’ve been working hard for the last ten months. I’m not afraid of enduring another two days. If it hurts… it will only by this once time… I won’t give be conceiving for you anymore.” Su Ziyang patted Ling Zhanyi’s arm in turn and said softly, “I have checked before, cesarean section isn’t that good either. I saw many mothers saying that after cesarean section, they had to stand up and walk after stitching the wound to prevent the inside from being connected with the stitches. They can’t lie down after stitching the wound so that seems to be quite painful too…”

Ling Zhanyi felt the pain from just listening to Su Ziyang’s description and compromised. “Alright, then let it be. No matter how much pain you are in, I will accompany you. Bite me if you can’t stand the pain. I will suffer together with you.”

Zhan Huashan and Ling Xiaotian were cheering for the couple at the side. “Preserve, everything will be good after this.”


The labor pains happened on the third day after the expected date of delivery. At noon, Su Ziyang was leaning on Ling Zhanyi’s shoulder as he fed him chocolates.

Zhan Huashan said that it’s better to eat chocolates before childbirth as it would help in the delivery.

The two little guys in the belly were willing to move at last.

The last few days had been tranquil and calm, but at this moment, it was brewing a storm.

Su Ziyang grunted, held his stomach, and said softly, “It’s here…”

“En?” Ling Zhanyi was stunned at first and then he saw Su Ziyang’s contracting belly. He was instantly delighted and he shouted to the outside in a panic, “Mom, Ziyang is going into labor, go and call for a doctor-“

Zhan Huashan looked and saw that Su Ziyang was holding his stomach and crying in pain. She immediately turned around to call for a doctor.

This time, it was much more painful than the last time when the babies were rotating themselves. Su Ziyang cried out in pain and his stomach felt like an overturning sea. It seemed that the two little guys were even more energetic and wanted to be the first to come out that they were kicking and moving so badly that Su Ziyang was in so much pain.

“Ah-” Su Ziyang felt that his stomach was going to burst open and it was difficult to breathe. He could only open his mouth wide and inhale hard. His stomach contracted from time to time and the pain continued to grow.

“Wife!” Ling Zhanyi was also extremely nervous. In such a short time, Su Ziyang had cried out several times in pain. The last time when the babies were rotating themselves, he only grunted as most, why was he shouting so badly this time? How painful must this be?

Every time Su Ziyang cried out in pain, Ling Zhanyi’s heart quivered along and he subconsciously reached out his hand to hold Su Ziyang’s stomach. Both of Su Ziyang’s hands were already on his stomach and pressed down instinctively as he grasped the hospital clothes, however, it did not relieve the pain but made it more severe.

Sensing Ling Zhanyi’s approaching hand that was gently pressed on his stomach, Su Ziyang stiffened. But he slapped Ling Zhanyi’s hand away when the intense pain came. He curled up as he held his stomach and almost slided down from Ling Zhanyi’s chest. Ling Zhanyi didn’t dare to touch his stomach again, he could only try his best to hold his underarm and stabilize his weak body while looking out of the door frequently- Why is the doctor so slow?!

In fact, it was only a minute or two, but for Ling Zhanyi, time seemed to have slowed down as if an hour had passed.

Su Ziyang was gasping as another wave of pain passed came. He touched his stomach that had calmed down and felt confused. Was he going numb from the intense pain? Why was it less painful compared to just now?

Zhan Huashan quickly got a doctor to check on Su Ziyang’s condition. “En, he is going into labor.”

Before the doctor finished his sentence, Su Ziyang felt a sharp pain stirring his inside starting from his stomach-

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