Chapter 97: It’s really painful to give birth

“Ah—” Su Ziyang cried out in pain. The abdominal pain was so severe that it was overwhelming him. He thought he would only suffer as much as last time but unexpectedly, it was more than a hundredfold painful!

Ling Zhanyi frowned deeply, he could feel the intensity of Ziyang’s pain from his trembling body but unfortunately, he couldn’t share it with him.

The doctors and nurses were already in their positions whereas Ling Zhanyi’s bearing indicated that he would be accompanying the patient to the end. The doctor didn’t say anything, instead, he thought that Ling Zhanyi was very suitable to be a cushion.

Su Ziyang’s breathing was getting heavier as he grew apprehensive, he felt extremely flustered as he remembered his death on the operating table from his previous life. Besides, the pain in his stomach was tormenting him, creating a vicious cycle that intensified his pain.

The doctor told him to relax while Ling Zhanyi constantly comforted and coaxed to ease him. “Wife, listen to the doctor, don’t worry… Relax, relax, take a deep breath, exhale, yes, that’s right, take your time, take a deep breath, exhale…”

Su Ziyang was eventually breathing steadily, but the doctor realized that Su Ziyang had only started bleeding, there was still a wave of contractions and pains to come, likewise, the amniotic fluid wasn’t broken, so he pressed on Su Ziyang’s upper abdomen several times. The fetuses didn’t move down as he intended, but Su Ziyang couldn’t bear the pain. He leaned his head backward, closed his eyes and tried to endure the pain.

“At present, the position of the fetuses are on the higher side. Come, get up and move around to let them shift downwards. It will be easier to deliver them,” The doctor suggested.

What?! Ling Zhanyi’s eyes were about to pop out from anger as he stared at the doctor. You want Ziyang to get down and move around? Won’t Ziyang die from the pain?!

“Listen… to the doctor…” Su Ziyang struggled to speak, that burst of pain just now had drained most of his strength and he didn’t know if he could hold on to the end.

Ling Zhanyi didn’t dare to disobey his wife’s order, so he supported Su Ziyang to the floor and rested Su Ziyang’s weight on him. He then held his armpits like he was hugging him from behind and followed him. Under the doctor’s signal, Ling Zhanyi held Su Ziyang slighter higher before putting him down again in order to shift the fetuses downward in this method.

Su Ziyang felt that his legs weren’t his own. With every step he took, he would shiver as if he was walking on the tip of a knife, but the pain wasn’t on his foot, it was his stomach.

“En…” Su Ziyang didn’t even have the strength to produce any sound. He suddenly stopped walking, covered his stomach and almost collapsed. “It hurts—”

His abdomen suddenly contracted and it was more painful than before. Su Ziyang could feel the fetuses in his abdomen moving downward under the compression of his uterus, and then a warm heat flowed out of his body…

The doctor who had been paying close attention to his condition then asked Ling Zhanyi to help him over and start another round of delivery.

A pair of hands continued to press at his bulging abdomen as instructions such as “Take a deep breath and push” came to his ears. In his fuzzy vision, Su Ziyang saw Ling Zhanyi’s worried face, he then closed his eyes and grunted with all his strength. His body seemed to have torn, blood was gurgling out and all of his strength was instantly exhausted, but at long last, he heard a baby wailing. Su Ziyang felt his body getting lighter, and the feeling of tension and pain disappeared, whereupon his head tilted to the side and dropped on Ling Zhanyi’s shoulder.

Ling Zhanyi was flustered and without any reason, he thought of Su Ziyang’s saying that he died on the operating table in his previous life. He kissed him and called him, “Ziyang? Pull yourself together, Ziyang, Ziyang! Don’t scare me! Ziyang!”

Why did it feel like his breathing had stopped?

“The patient has lost too much blood and went into a shock. Prepare for transfusion now!” The doctor cut off the umbilical cord of the newly delivered baby and passed it to the nurse at the side.

Very quickly, a blood bag was pushed over and emergency measures were implemented. Su Ziyang was still nestled in Ling Zhanyi’s arms, looking heartbreakingly weak.

“Ziyang? Ziyang? Ling Zhanyi called twice, but Su Ziyang didn’t wake up and the doctor didn’t stay idle. He continued to press Su Ziyang’s abdomen, and at the same time, he told the surrounding medical staff, “Don’t relax. There is still another child in the patient’s stomach. Quickly find a way to let him be born, or the child will suffocate and die!”

During the speech, the doctor continued to press hard, making Su Ziyang wake up from the pain. His consciousness was hazy and he instinctively breathed according to the doctor’s guidance. He even told Ling Zhanyi that if he couldn’t do it, they must keep the baby. Since… Since… He couldn’t escape from his hands whether it was his previous life or in this life.

“Wife… Wife… You can do it, you will be fine. A little more and our child will come out soon. The doctor said he saw his head… Wife… You can do it…” Ling Zhanyi had resorted to every conceivable means and finally encouraged Su Ziyang to pass the final stage.

When the sound of a baby wailing rang across the room, Su Ziyang finally relaxed and passed out.

When Ling Zhanyi saw the tears at the corner of Su Ziyang’s eyes, his eyes also reddened involuntarily.

Although he was mentally prepared and knew the pain of giving birth, it still hurt to witness it with his own eyes. Especially when Su Ziyang grabbed his wrist and bit at it to repress sound from coming out of his mouth, Ling Zhanyi was so worried that he cried. So Ling Zhanyi who had witnessed the process of Su Ziyang’s delivery promised himself that⁠— he would not let Su Ziyang suffer such pain again!

The doctor was still trying to save him. Su Ziyang’s face was very pale to the point of being translucent, his breathing was also extremely weak and when Ling Zhanyi saw the bed sheet that was dyed red, he grew even more anxious.

Su Ziyang…would he be fine?

Ling Zhanyi kept watch at the bedside as he held Su Ziyang’s hand nervously, so much that he didn’t have the time to see his newly born sons.

Ling Xiaotian and Zhan Huashan had seen their grandsons but when they heard that the doctor was asking the medical personnel to take more blood for transfusion, both of them focused on Su Ziyang.

Many women died on the operating table because of massive blood loss. Would their son-in-law be fine? 

“Husband, Ziyang has sacrificed too much for us, he will be the biggest in our family in the future. We have to dote on him…” Zhan Huashan looked at the pale Su Ziyang through the window that her heart had twisted into a fried dough twist from worries.

At that time, she also had a natural birth, but she was a woman ah, so she had her natural advantage but she was still in so much pain. When she heard Su Ziyang’s pained yelling, she felt as if she was going through this process all over again.

“En, that is a must. We must dote on him and treat him like a little king. If our son dares to bully him, we won’t want him anymore!” Ling Xiaotian naturally listened to his wife’s words unconditionally. Of course, even if Zhan Huashan didn’t say anything he would still dote on Su Ziyang.

“Wife, pull yourself up, wife, you haven’t seen our sons yet. Don’t you want to see them? Don’t you want to see whom they resemble? Wife, our sons have tormented you for ten months, I haven’t beaten them for it. Listen, I will beat them one by one… at their little butt…” Ling Zhanyi leaned down and planted a gentle kiss on his earlobe.

Su Ziyang’s eyelashes quivered slightly before he frowned. He didn’t seem to approve of Ling Zhanyi’s actions.

His sons had just come into the world, would he bear to lay his hands on them? This dad would be unsuitable!

“The patient’s blood pressure is returning to normal, his pulse is also picking up. Hurry, prepare for the next step…”

After some time, the doctor finally let out a breath of relief. “Okay! His vitals are back to normal. Send him to the ward for rest!”

“Doctor, is he okay?” Ling Zhanyi asked.

“En, he’s fine. The bleeding has stopped. He can be discharged after resting for a few more days.”

“Thank goodness! Thank you, doctor, thank you, doctor!”

Su Ziyang had been in a coma until he regained consciousness on the third day.

There was some throbbing pain in his lower abdomen pulling at his nerves making his lower body in extreme discomfort but these pains were still bearable for him.

It should be… he had safely passed this calamity, right?

Su Ziyang tried to open his eyes and subconsciously reached out his hand to his stomach. However, in the next second, his hand was captured by a big and warm hand. He turned his head to the side and meet Ling Zhanyi’s eyes.

Ling Zhanyi had woken up when he moved his hand. He got closer and saw that Su Ziyang had opened his eyes. Although it wasn’t as bright as it used to be, he was indeed awake.

“Wife, you’ve worked hard! I swear I will not make you suffer such pain again!” Ling Zhanyi affectionately. “Wife, I love you, I will dote on you, pamper you and spoil you for all my life. You will always be number one in my heart!”

Su Ziyang was drowsy, after all, he had been sleeping for three days and lost a huge amount of blood. At the moment, his body was extremely weak. He gave a forced smile, raised his left hand and placed it on his stomach. A ray of astonishment shone in his eyes.

Did he really safely get through this calamity? Did he really give birth to two babies? 

The sudden disappearance of the load on his body made him feel unaccustomed.

“Wife, what’s wrong? Does your stomach hurt?” Ling Zhanyi grew anxious when he saw Su Ziyang holding his stomach.

Su Ziyang nodded gently and said in a soft voice, “En… A little…”

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