Chapter 41: Have you really decided to be responsible?

Looking at Ling Zhanyi’s left fingers that were covered with bandages, it would be a lie to say that he was not touched.

Su Ziyang held Ling Zhanyi’s hands in silence, but his thoughts were flying all around.

It seemed that his fate had shifted ever since he had blurted out his first sentence after his rebirth.

Ling Zhanyi was no longer the same Ling Zhanyi from his previous life; calm and collected, a heartless individual that definitely would not want to be associated with him.

Yes, at that time when they were in the nightclub, they hit it off, drank some alcohol and went to bed tacitly. However, they had not strictly followed the 419 rule.

Su Ziyang had actually long known the identity of the person in front of him; how could he not know the president of such a large multinational group?

But Ling Zhanyi had always been very low-key. He was not that concerned about whether or not these people knew who he was and Su Ziyang had also thought that perhaps this person was just someone that looked like that lofty president. Why would a big president appear in a nightclub?

However, Ling Zhanyi did not intend to hide his name, on the contrary, he told Su Ziyang to call his name during the process of their affection.

“Yi…” That kind of low murmuring as he vocalized his name, surged his mood.

And Su Ziyang, who was courteous and reciprocal, also told him his name.

Maybe both of them were hoping to meet again when they want to get rid of their hunger next time?

You must know, as a gay, how difficult it was to find a good fuck buddy that suits your appetite!

Later, his pregnancy was beyond his expectation. Su Ziyang was at the end of his rope. At that time, he held onto a seam of luck and went to the official website of the Ling Company’s Enterprise. When he saw a familiar face in the photo of the three words under “Ling Zhanyi”, Su Ziyang accidentally knocked over the cup.

It really was him!

Ling Zhanyi did not deceive him!

That name he gave him was real!

——After a long psychological struggle, Su Ziyang finally decided to look for him, and then those irreparable things happened.

But God pitied him. He was reborn! It’s just that he was pressed down under this man when he was reborn, and things were still irreparable…

Don’t tell him that he has to follow the predetermined events and let it turn towards the gears of death again?


Su Ziyang naturally did not want to, so he opened his mouth to shout a couple of sentences like;

‘Shoot outside’

‘If I turned out to be pregnant, you got to be responsible for it.’

Perhaps these words aroused Ling Zhanyi’s interest?

After that, he tried to escape, but he still met him by coincidence.

The tacit understanding of never associating with each other ever again had all been disrupted in this life.

The man was so persistent to the extent that he wouldn’t step back even when he was snubbed. Step by step, he squeezed right into his originally peaceful life and finally became someone he could not get rid of!… Er… A nanny?

A hot kiss dropped at the corner of Su Ziyang’s lips. He suddenly came back to his senses and saw an ingratiating smiley expression plastered on Ling Zhanyi’s face. Su Ziyang slightly tilted his head backward to avoid another kiss.

This bastard! he sure knows how to seize an opportunity to take advantage of him ah!

Ling Zhanyi was staring as Su Ziyang held his hands with a complicated expression on his face. It seemed that Su Ziyang was “sad” and Ling Zhanyi was certain that his actions had moved him, so he took a bold action to steal a kiss.

Although he didn’t manage to steal another kiss, Ling Zhanyi was still happy and said, “Ziyang, did your heart ached for me just now?”

Su Ziyang gave him an eye roll and thought of the scattered big boxes, a stroller, toy cars and the baby pictures in his bedroom. He had already guessed that those were the masterpiece of this fellow in front of him. He frowned and asked solemnly, “Ling Zhanyi, have you really decided? That you will be responsible?”

When Ling Zhanyi heard his words, his eyes lit up instantly just like the glittering stars in the night sky. He nodded hurriedly and answered with a smile: “Yes! Yes! I will take responsibility!”

How could he miss this opportunity to show his willingness to take responsibility when this little thing was finally willing to yield?

Su Ziyang loosened Ling Zhanyi’s hand and spoke like he was doing a favor: “Well, since you have performed quite well these days, I decided to trust you for the time being and give you this opportunity! It’s just that… Hmm一”

Before he even finished saying his words, Ling Zhanyi, who was in ecstasy, grabbed the back of his neck and kissed his lips eagerly.

Looking at the pair of eyes that was so close to him, Su Ziyang was stunned. After a momentary absent-mindedness, Ling Zhanyi had already taken the lead. He attacked the city and seize the territory all the way, making him dazed and confused.

“Hmm… Hmm…” Su Ziyang refused Ling Zhanyi’s advances. Unfortunately, Ling Zhangyi had yet to enjoy himself to the fullest. How could he let Su Ziyang go? It was only when Su Ziyang was gasping for air then did he reluctantly let go…

Su Ziyang pointed to Ling Zhanyi as he gasped for air. In an indignant tone, he said intermittently, “You一, you… You are not being obedient! I’m depriving you of the right to share a room with me!”

Ling Zhanyi looked at Su Ziyang’s tearful eyes, and he felt pleased with himself but after hearing Su Ziyang’s indignant command his smile immediately became rigid. He pulled Su Ziyang’s sleeve to expressed his complaint and began to act like a wolf with its big tails wagging: “Ziyang… Don’t be like this… We’ve already done the most intimate of things… How could we stay in two separate rooms? Besides, how would I know if you need anything if I stay in the second bedroom? What if I wouldn’t be able to hear from you if you called for me and things got delayed?”

Still, Su Ziyang stood firm on his decision and remained unmoved: “You’re making an excuse! If you can’t hear my calls, then it would mean that you didn’t care about me, and if you don’t care about me, that’s even more of a reason to drop your points. You don’t want to live here? Well okay, I’ll call Luoyang back and ask him to stay here with me.”

“Don’t一-” Ling Zhanyi quickly pulled Su Ziyang, who was turning around, “Don’t! The second bedroom is it! I already agreed, are you still not fine with it?”

“Wasn’t it just a kiss? And you’re depriving me of my right to stay in the master bedroom? And besides, you didn’t mention anything about letting me stay in the master bedroom in the first place…” Ling Zhanyi muttered the two sentences, feeling quite wronged.

Su Ziyang turned his back to Ling Zhanyi, and the corner of his mouth curled in a satisfying way, showing a triumphant smile after getting his way. His revenge for the episode in the hospital was finally avenged!

—— At the beginning, this Bastard Ling didn’t mention that he could directly ask for 50 thousand, so he had no courage to open his mouth and in the end, only asked for 5 thousand yuan. That bastard even said that just giving 5 thousand yuan was too little, so he decided to directly give him 50 thousand…

—— Hmph! damn bastard!, now I’m letting you have a taste of how it’s like being played and kept in the dark, let’s see if you don’t feel regret on having played me!”

Look, Su Ziyang was not someone with no brain, in addition to being a little money fan, he was also someone who bore grudges!

Ling Zhanyi did not see Su Ziyang’s triumphant face but neither did Su Ziyang saw the crafty flash of plots happening in Ling Zhanyi’s eyes.

Wasn’t it just staying in the second bedroom? Would he even give this little thing a chance to drive him away now that he had moved in? On the contrary, he would continue to make great efforts to let him personally agree and invite him into moving in the master’s bedroom…

Games; it was more interesting to play his way through the rounds. Chasing his wife; naturally, he had to take it one step at a time to achieve a sense of accomplishment!

So, after eating breakfast, Su Ziyang sat in the living room playing with the two toy cars that were bought by Ling Zhanyi. From time to time, he would glance at the corner of his eyes, watching as Ling Zhanyi shuttled back and forth, between the master bedroom and second bedroom.

He wasn’t sure whether if Ling Zhanyi was being intentional or if he was just being a loose screw, as this was because Ling Zhanyi directly moved the big box to the second bedroom to unpack, instead, he only took one or two pieces of clothes to bring in his bedroom one at a time.

Seemed like he was not afraid that all those walking would make his legs thin…

Su Ziyang thought secretly, but he did not stop Ling Zhanyi’s actions.

Ling Zhanyi was finally done with unpacking. He lifted his eyes to look at Su Ziyang, who was nestled comfortably on the sofa. The corner of his mouth raised slightly.

The reason why he didn’t find it bothersome to run up and down, shuttling to and fro, was so that he could glance a few more times at Su Ziyang who refused to move the living room, nor staying at the master bedroom nor the second bedroom.

If he directly carried the big suitcase to the second bedroom to unpack, wouldn’t he not have the chance to see Su Ziyang who had hid himself in the living room while he was busy unpacking?

This little thing was probably not accustomed to living with him right?

Looking at the recently cleaned second bedroom, Ling Zhanyi tidied up the plastic bags on the floor and carried them straight to the bathroom.

Su Ziyang asked curiously, “What are you doing?”

“I’m taking away the things of the unrelated person and putting them with mine!” Ling Zhanyi laughed mysteriously.

Su Ziyang came to any understanding… The unrelated person… Was it Luoyang?

Sure enough, Ling Zhanyi went to the bathroom and removed all the toiletries that belonged to Luoyang. Because he left in a hurry, Luoyang had no time to pack up these things. Then he took out a new pair of toothbrushing cups, toothbrushes and toothpaste from the plastic bag and put them in place. Su Ziyang’s set was also put away.

They were now living together now, of course, they had to use things in pairs!

Next were the shower products; shampoos, bath towels and other things that could be shared were also placed in the corresponding position.
Ling Zhanyi looked at the new bathroom with a satisfied smile.

It was important for him to let these external factors help him capture the little thing’s heart bit by bit!

Thinking of how he would be living together with Su Ziyang to cultivate feelings in the future, Ling Zhanyi’s face was smiling even more deeply.

However, when he came out of the bathroom holding those things he had removed, his smile froze.

Because Su Ziyang was calling the man who he thought might be a rival!

“Luoyang, why are you like this ah? Why didn’t tell me when you left? Did Ling Zhanyi drive you away? If so, just tell me, I’ll support you! ” Su Ziyang’s voice was full of overbearing.

Ling Zhanyi’s mouth pulled upward. He opened the door and ruthlessly throw the garbage in his hands at the door, which he would throw when he go downstairs later. But his ears stood upright, eavesdropping on Su Ziyang’s conversation with Luoyang.

Luoyang was also packing up at the moment. He looked at the super luxury room, and Ye Shou who was busy helping him to put his luggage hung his clothes and lay the mattress. He smiled gently and replied, “No, I have found a new place to live in. I’m sorry, Ziyang. I didn’t have time to tell you. Actually, I …

Su Ziyang recalled that Ling Zhanyi said Luoyang came in with a guy in the morning and his gossiping mind came rushing, “In fact, you have found a lover, right?”

Luoyang was surprised when Ye Shuo ran up to him with two mugs and present them like a treasure from his hands. He grinned and touched the two cups together- the cups were in a strange shape, one was concave, and the other was protruding out. With such a collision, they fit together and formed a heart shape.

Ye Shou moved his mouth and his eyebrows went bent as he said in silence, “Look good?”

“Childish!” Luoyang returned two words to him, but he was in fact smiling. He answered Su Ziyang’s question from just now.”En.”

Yes, it was a lover. Although this lover looked a little childish and a little unreliable.

to act like a wolf with big tails: To purposely attract people’s attention….using the wagging big tail behind….

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