IHAS – 11

Chapter 11: Arc 1 – Rural Love 11 : Be good

Li Gen always felt that Huang Dan’s expression was strange like he had discovered the fact that he ate the peaches without brushing his teeth. His heart felt weak and he berated himself with some meaningless curses before he went ahead.

The sun rose and the coolness disappeared without a trace. Heat bounced in the atmosphere and his hair was scalded from walking under the sun.

When the group of people came across a place with water, they immediately rushed forward and watered their face and arms. With water droplets still attached to their pores, they continued their journey.

Everyone laughed and talked, but they did not feel tired. After all, each and every one of them was a strong man; had a strong body, good posture and did farming all year long. This route was nothing to them. 

Huang Dan could not do this. His pace was getting slower and slower. He was hanging at the tail of the team and it seemed as though he would be swung off at any moment.

The two old bachelors at the front were talking about the women in the surrounding villages. They were talking about who had a big butt, who would be able to give birth to a nestful and who loved to bend down in front of the men amongst many things. This ditch was so deep that one would not be able to see the bottom at a glance and that it could drown people alive.

Huang Dan heard Wu Cui Ling’s name, saying that her skin was white and it must certainly be smooth too. Someone also said that her figure was good; the front was protruding and the behind was perky. She could work in the fields and also work in the bed. If they were idle and bored, they could also have her recite a poem to listen to.

As they continued on, Wu Cui Ling’s mother-in-law, Wang Yue Mei was also pulled into the conversation.

Huang Dan raised his eyes and his footsteps lightened imperceptibly.

The man with a black mole on his face was a little older and was well informed. He said that 10 Wu Cui Lings could not even be comparable to the figure when Wang Yue Mei had when she was young. Now she was old and had shrunk.

There was no need to mention about Wang Yue Mei’s appearance. She was a famous beauty that cared very much about her appearance. She sure knew how to dress up, with a flower on her head as she wore a floral skirt. Everyone looked at her wherever she went. Every man rushed to do something for her whenever she opened her mouth for something.

The short man wiped the sweat on his face. “I heard from my grandmother that Wang Yue Mei walked around the village every day and hooked up with many men. Li Gen’s father was driven mad to death by her.”

“That’s what I’ve heard too. No one can swallow down their anger if they had been made to wear so many green hats1.”

The man with the black mole looked at Li Gen’s figure in front of him and said in a low voice, “Every time my parents quarreled, it would all be because of her and there was twice when the pot was smashed. Whatever they argued about was just some trivial matters that even my ears had grown callus from hearing them.”

The short man asked what it was.

“It’s just that my dad, who was fascinated by Wang Yue Me, always helped her and gave her things from our house…”

The black mole man’s neck was itching so he scratched a few times, but it was still itchy. So he turned his head, wanting to take a look but only to be startled by what he saw, “Dong Tian, why are you behind us?”

Huang Dan said, “I’ve always been there.”

The black mole man swallowed his saliva. “Did you hear what we said?”

“No.” Huang Dan shook his head and asked curiously, “What did you say?”

The black mole man looked at the short man. They exchanged glances with each other before they laughed insincerely and hurried to the front of the line.

Huang Dan licked his dry lips. It seemed that things were not so simple. Li Da Gui’s death might also involved some things from the past. This was trouble. Chen Jin Hua obviously did not want to mention them, so he would have to work hard and get information from the older people in the village.

When it got dark, there was only one river between the group and early green hills.

There was a wooden bridge over the river. Each of the wooden planks was fastened by a hemp rope. When one stepped on it with their feet, the body would shake so badly that those who were timid dared not go up.

Most of the snakes would come out to look for food during the night, therefore, they caught the best timing. Everyone went onto the wooden bridges one by one and staggered across the river.

Li Gen was the last one and he said to Huang Dan, “You go up first.”

Huang Dan took a look at the hemp rope that had gone through the hardships of wind and frost. He swallowed his saliva, “Ge, you go ahead of me first.”

Li Gen frowned. “I asked you to go up, so go up, don’t dally.”

Huang Dan saw that the others were already on the other side of the river. They did not wait for Li Gen and him as they were all eager to go to the mountains to catch snakes. A step later equated to the possibility of catching one less snake and thus, getting lesser money. Their hearts all understood this principle.

Grabbing the snake bag2 The bag to put the snakes, also called snake sack. LOL hahah3, Huang Dan raised one foot and stepped on the wooden plank. He grabbed the stick with the other hand and went forward with an exasperatingly slow speed.

Li Gen went up behind Huang Dan and joked, “At your speed, when you reach the other side of the river, the sky will be bright.”

Huang Dan remembered that the original owner did not know how to swim, “I am poor in water, what if I fall? I won’t be able to come up.”

“What are you afraid of? Your Ge is here.” Li Gen laughed.

Huang Dan’s speed was slow and he could feel the man behind him. It was a very close distance, so close that he could completely pull him up if his feet were to slip. Thinking of this, he relaxed a little.

With this relaxation, Huang Dan’s figure went askew.

Li Gen held Huang Dan’s waist in time and his body also went forward, holding Huang Dan in his embrace with strong arms.

Hot wind blew across the river, and the two men on the bridge had ambiguous postures.

Huang Dan looked down at the palm on his waist, and there seemed to be no sign of withdrawal. Had he decided to just continue sticking his hands on his waist? “Ge, are we crossing the river or not?”

Li Gen came back to his senses and took his hand away immediately. He stammered, “Crossing, crossing!”

His face was burning with fire and his mouth was scolding, “Fuck, you almost scared me to death.”

Huang Dan, “…”

Two of them took a step at a time and slowly walked across the river. The rest of the group had long disappeared.

Huang Dan didn’t want to go into the hills. The branches all grew strangely. Wherever the branches slid across his body, he would have to suffer in pain for a long time.

Li Gen took out his flashlight. “Let’s go that way.”

Huang Dan followed him. His eyes and steps moved along with the light.

The early green hills were quiet, and those people had separated swiftly in search of the trails of snakes in the depths.

Li Gen suddenly grabbed Huang Dan and stopped him from going forward.

Huang Dan was stupefied and he looked around. Was there a snake nearby? He didn’t see any.

Li Gen walked towards one place. He suddenly flung the stick and stabbed it at the area between the head and the neck of the snake that was preparing to escape into the forest. He walked over, reached for it, threw the black snake into the snake bag and held tightly onto the bag.

These series of movements were neat and clean.

Huang Dan was dazed from this sight. He liked steamed snake gall. The housekeeper often made it for him, but it was the first time he had watched someone catch snakes.

Snakes would come out in this area. While Li Gen had already caught three, Huang Dan’s snake bag was still empty. He was thick-skinned. “Ge, you give me one.”

Li Gen held a cigarette in his mouth. “Catch it by yourself.”

Huang Dan turned around and left.

Li Gen rolled his eyes and stretched out his hand and pulled him back. “How about this, you give Ge a smile.”

Huang Dan was in a dilemma. He had all kinds of emotions, but he just did not know how to smile. He didn’t know how to express it.

Li Gen took off his cigarette and exhaled a cloud of smoke to one side, he didn’t do this towards the young man’s face. He turned off the flashlight and said in the dim light, “You smile once, and Ge will catch a snake for you, smile twice, and that will be two. Hurry up, miss this village, and there will be no more shops.”

Huang Dan thought for a moment and grinded his teeth at Li Gen.

Li Gen, “…”

His mouth twitched, trying not to hold the man and beat him hard. “Zhang Dong Tian, can you be even more fake?”

Huang Dan really did what he was told. There was no reference, so he could not simulate the expression. For him to be able to expose his teeth was already considered good enough.

Li Gen suddenly lowered his voice. “Dong Tian, you stand still.”

Huang Dan felt that something was amiss. He followed the man’s eyes and found that a snake was climbing up his ankle. All of a sudden, his body went rigid.

A drop of sweat dripped from Li Gen’s forehead and he communicated with Huang Dan using his lip movements, “Be good, don’t be afraid.”

He pinched the cigarette, put the torch in the pocket behind his trousers and grabbed it with his bare hands.

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Li Gen is the ideal Seme???????????!?!?!?!?

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