IHAS – 13

Chapter 13: Arc 1- Rural Love 13 – Settle you at night

In the real world, every year, Huang Dan would have to be fancifully confessed to by dozens of people, he might or might not know. There were all men.

With regards to this phenomenon, Huang Dan had a serious discussion with his housekeeper. The housekeeper thought that his facial features were soft and beautiful, which could induce some misunderstanding for the guys, even to the point of generating some unhealthy thoughts.

But this was the first time that Huang Dan had been confessed to while wearing someone else’ face, and the content of the confession even involved a whiff of rough flavor.

What he often heard was “I’ve loved you for a long time”, “I fell in love with you at first sight”, “Please stay together with me”, “The constellation shows that we are destined to be together”. Li Gen’s was so plain that he had never heard of it before.

Li Gen only gave the young man three seconds. “If you don’t answer, Ge will take it that you have consented.”

Huang Dan said, “Ge, we are both men. It’s not good.”

Li Gen said, “It’s good.”

He came closer to him and coaxed, “Dong Tian, when it’s spring, Ge will take you to see Canola flowers and Alpenrose. When it’s summer, Ge will beat the mosquitoes and fan you the whole night. When it’s autumn, Ge will peel corn and cut the sugar cane for you. When it’s winter, Ge will warm your hands and pick big red and sweet persimmons for you. Is that good?”

Huang Dan almost blurted out a ‘good’. He could smell the smoke of Qixi brand on the man. “Mr. System, how do I answer this?”

System, “Mr. Huang, you are at your own disposal.”

“This system gives a reminder, Mr. Huang’s pain nerve is very different from ordinary people, the pain from a tear of your skin will be enlarged countless times. Couples tend to do a lot of things, so you need to have psychological preparation.”

The corner of Huang Dan’s eyes twitched. He forgot about one thing and that thing could kill. “Ge, can you prevent it from feeling painful for me?”

Li Gen thought of something. He aimed his gaze at the young man’s buttocks and his face burned, “I will try not to? Ge will take it easy.”

Huang Dan, “…”

This sentence was just like this man claiming that he had brushed his teeth. It was not credible.

“Ge, I’ll think about it.”

Li Gen stared at him. “You want to kill your Ge, don’t you?”

Huang Dan looked at him and said, “If someone knows that we’re together, it will be over.”

Li Gen pursed his lips and said in a half-loud voice, “Don’t be afraid. There’s still Ge here. At most, we can leave the village and go outside. There’s always a way to live in a place where nobody knows us.”

Huang Dan did not speak.

Li Gen felt panic in his heart. He put on a straight face and hid his nervousness in a fierce tone. “Zhang Dong Tian, your Ge has lived for 30 years and it’s the first time that he has liked someone. You shouldn’t play with your Ge.”

Huang Dan raised his hand and wiped the sweat from the man’s throat. “Ge, I am not playing with you.”

Li Gen swallowed his saliva and looked straight at the young man. The next moment, he stooped down and pressed hard.

Huang Dan’s eyes opened wide. He could feel the man’s breath in his mouth. There was a faint smell of smoke. He slowly closed his eyes

A moment later, Li Gen wiped the saliva from Huang Dan’s mouth and asked as he gasped loudly, “Do you like it when Ge does this to you?”

Huang Dan’s tongue hurt a little.

Li Gen touched the young man’s back and waist with his broad rough palm and whispered in his ear, “What about this? Do you like it or not?”

Huang Dan was so upset that he grabbed the man’s palm and said, “Don’t touch me.”

Li Gen laughed and his eyes were black and bright. “Ge likes to touch you.”

There was nobody around, or else someone would have seen the scene and jumped out of the field in surprise.

Li Gen took the pole from Huang Dan’s hand, picked up the two buckets of water that were placed on the ridge easily and strode home.

Huang Dan walked behind, slowly and leisurely. He was very comfortable.

A few days later, Zhou Zhao Di came to the village. She wore a pink skirt that was even more beautiful than the last one. Her long hair hung over her shoulders. It was quiet and very ladylike. It was brighter than the flowers on the hillside.

After dropping the broom, Huang Dan followed Zhou Zhao Di secretly and saw her go to Li Gen’s house. They soon came out together.

Before Zhou Zhao Di returned to the city, she broke up with her lover. When she went back to the city again, she said that she would be coming back to Village Yin to visit her relatives. In fact, she had come to find Li Gen and see his emotional state.

During university days, Zhou Zhao Di had always liked Li Gen, but she felt that she was not worthy and dared not confess to him. This time, her family had arranged a marriage for her and she suddenly held a rebellious mentality to fight for a chance.

Only then did Zhou Zhao Di have the courage to express her heart’s intention to Li Gen.

It took a lot of courage for a woman to cast aside her reservations and take the initiative to reveal her inner feelings. Even so, Zhou Zhao Di’s reddened face that was like a peach blossom, her eyes that held the limpid autumn water, her exceptionally attractive appearance  was only looked on by Li Gen, not entering his heart.

Zhou Zhao Di suddenly jumped into Li Gen’s arms.

Just then, the eavesdropping Huang Dan accidentally found a floral-patterned cloth shoe. It was Wu Cui Ling’s.

He moved over a little by the wall to see Wu Cui Ling’s expression at this time. There was no jealousy, resentment, murderous intent, or even anger. It was just sadness and a little confusion.

She was just a pitiful woman.

Huang Dan thought He Wei and Wu Cui Ling could be ruled out. During his contact with Li Gen, he often heard people mentioning Li Da Gui and listing his faults. The other party only protected him, without any pretence.

Li Gen could also be ruled out, so the only one who was left was…

Huang Dan asked, “Mr. System, the murderer of Li Da Gui is Wang Yue Mei?”

The system did not answer his question, instead it said, “Mr. Huang, if you are sure, just fill in the name of the murderer under the task.”

The task screen appeared in front of Huang Dan and there was an additional line below.

He narrowed his eyes and did not fill it right away.

The system said, “Mr. Huang, I would like to remind you that you only have one chance to fill in the box, once filled in, there is no possibility for changes. If the person is not the murderer, your task will fail.”

Huang Dan asked, “What would become of me?”

The system said, “Sorry, this system has no authority and is unable to answer you.”

Huang Dan said, “… I’ll think about it again.”

The screen in front of him disappeared.

Huang Dan turned towards the scene again. Wu Cui Ling was not at her spot anymore. His shoulder was patted and a voice rang next to his ears. “What are you doing here?”

After a pause, Huang Dan turned around and pointed at a hole in the mud wall. “A bee got in.”

Li Gen’s eyes narrowed into slits. He held a cigarette in his mouth and laughed, “Pretend, continue to pretend.”

Huang Dan coughed and no longer pretended, “Ge, is that Zhou Zhao Di gone?”

Li Gen said, “Gone.”

He took a puff out of the cigarette and his eyes fell into the void. “What, when she threw herself in my arms, I immediately pushed her away and did not do anything else.”

Huang Dan said, “Don’t worry, Ge. I won’t be jealous.”

Li Gen turned his head sideways and gritted his teeth. “Zhang Dong Tian, I’m your man. You heard a woman confessing to your man and saw her throwing herself into your man’s arms. Are you still not jealous?”

Huang Dan, “…” Was he wrong to say that?

He shook his head in his heart. A man’s heart was like a needle in the bottom of the sea. It was hard to understand.1 “Well, I’ll be jealous next time.”

Li Gen whispered in a low voice. “I’ll settle you at night.”

Huang Dan treat it as a puff of air passing through his ears. The man had said this so many times but all he did was kiss his mouth and grope him a handful of times. He didn’t do anything else. He probably did not know how.

In the evening, Huang Dan fed the pigs and picked a few green dates under the date tree.

Chen Jin Hua’s voice came from inside the house. She had a new pair of cloth shoes, which she had just made, in her hands. “Dong Tian, wear it and see if it fits.”

Huang Dan was still wearing Li Gen’s shoes. He put on his new cloth shoes and took two steps, “It fits.”

Chen Jin Hua patted the dust on her son and her face was full of motherly love. She entrusted all the hope in her life on him. “Go to the city to buy a new set of clothes and keep a decent appearance.”

Huang Dan said, “Mom, four snakes can only sell that much money. Let me buy you a coat.”

Chen Jin Hua waved her hand. “Half of mom’s foot is already in the coffin. It doesn’t matter what I wear. Don’t waste money.”

Huang Dan looked at the cloth shoes on his feet. Chen Jin Hua thrived and lived her days counting the rice in the rice jar. She thought of her son first for everything. She had hoped that her son would flourish in the city and then return to the village in glory. Later, it seemed that he had accepted his situation and resigned to fate.

Chen Jin Hua put aside his sneakers there were on the ground. “Your father’s death anniversary is approaching, go to the city, buy some yellow paper and bring it back.”

Huang Dan said that he will comply.

Chen Jinhua pointed to the pumpkin placed in the yard. “You go to Aunt Wang’s house and take that with you.”

Huang Dan turned the words over in his mind and his face showed an expression of reluctance. “Mom, why are you always giving something to Aunt Wang?”

Chen Jin Hua sighed, “Your Aunt Wang is not living an easy life.”

“She has always been a headstrong person, always wanting to do better than anyone else. Her paralysis hit her very hard and she doesn’t feel good inwardly. We should help whenever we can.”

Huang Dan continued to be reluctant. “Our family is much poorer than hers. Why should we help?”

Chen Jin Hua reproached him, “How can you talk this way, this child? Mom thinks that you are still close to Li Gen and that you can change your attitude.”

“What change, I will not change!”

After responding like how the original owner would, Huang Dan went out with a pumpkin in his arms. When he arrived at Li Gen’s house, the other party was chopping wood in the yard. His arms were bare and sweat was rolling down the hard muscles like a thread. It travelled through the lean waist and soaked into the trousers.

Wu Cui Ling was washing a radish. Her hair was pinned to both sides, behind her ears. Her nose was a little red. Maybe she had remembered something sad, and cried. She wiped the sweat on her face and laughed, “Dong Tian is here.”


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