IHAS – 15

Chapter 15: Arc 1 – Rural Love 15 – Fortune Telling

At noon the next day, during lunch, Huang Dan found that Chen Jin Hua was not wearing the hairpin. “Mom, where’s the hairpin that was on your head?”

Chen Jin Hua said it broke, so she had thrown it away.

Huang Dan frowned. “I saw you wearing it in the morning. Why did it break?”

Chen Jin Hua ate the leek with the chopsticks. “If it’s broken, it’s broken. Eat.”

Huang Dan poked at the turtle on the plate. He flipped it over and over again, bathing it in the soup. “Mom, don’t just eat vegetables all the time, eat this turtle.”

Chen Jin Hua said, “Mom doesn’t eat that food. It’s too fishy.”

Huang Dan could not refute back as the fishy smell was really strong. Chen Jin Hua didn’t cook the turtle properly, next time he would ask Li Gen to cook for him to eat.

In the afternoon, after sweeping away the cow dung in the cowshed, Li Gen wrapped a bunch of straws for the ox to eat. He then scooped up a ladle of water and washed his hands with it before heading out to find his lover.

Huang Dan was pulling the plastic film1 in the field. According to the memory of the original owner, rice crops that were soaked in water would grow into seedlings faster after scattering them into the soil. They would then be transplanted out.

Li Gen took off his shoes, rolled up his trousers and went down to the fields to help Huang Dan with one of the areas. He pressed down with a soil block. “That something, your mother’s hairpin, was carelessly broken by my mother.”

Huang Dan, “…”

Li Gen went over to him, “We’ll be going to the city in two days. I’ll buy another one for your mom. 10 is even okay.”

Huang Dan asked, “Why did your mother break my mom’s hairpin?”

Li Gen said, “I don’t know the exact details. Cui Ling told me that it was my mother who thought that the hairpin was beautiful. Your mom showed it to my mother. When she looked at it, my mother accidentally cracked a line on it.”

“You should also know that plastic this sort of thing isn’t very solid in the first place.”

Huang Dan, “… All right.”

Li Gen patted Huang Dan with his clean hand. “Hurry go up, don’t get bitten by the locusts.”

Huang Dan immediately felt his calves getting itchy. He walked to the footpath between the field with difficulties and gasped for air when he reached. It was more frightening to transplant rice than to cut them. There were little blood-sucking things swimming in the water.

Just thinking about it would make one’s hair stand on end.

Not long afterward, Li Gen also followed. He sat on the slab beside the pond with Huang Dan, putting his feet into the pond to wash off the mud on them.

Under the water, a bigger foot rubbed against a smaller one.

Li Gen took a bamboo leaf from his trousers pocket and placed it between his lips. Gentle tunes flew out unhurriedly, floating on the water, floating within the bright and beautiful sunshine, floating into Huang Dan’s ears.

A serious man was the most charming person. In the first place, he was naturally handsome. Once he was serious, even the fish in the pond grew shy.

When the tune stopped, Huang Dan still hadn’t give his opinion on his blowing. “Is it easy to blow?”

Li Gen passed the bamboo leaf to him and said, “Give it a try?”

Huang Dan said, “The entire of it is covered with your saliva.”

Li Gen exposed his white teeth, looking extremely naughty. “Do you think you ate very little of it?”

Huang Dan, “…”

He put his hand into the man’s pocket but didn’t find any more leaves; Li Gen only picked one piece of leaf, his intention was clear now.

Li Gen’s breath was heavy. “If you touch me anymore, Ge will be hard.”

Huang Dan took a look. “You’re already hard.”

Li Gen’s face was hot. “And this is all because of you. Why do you touch your Ge for no reason?”

At this moment, someone was approaching.

Li Gen immediately took off his garment and jumped into the pond with his bare arms. He planted his head under the water and pretended to feel for mussels before throwing one up onto the bank, and then another one followed.

Huang Dan looked at the mussels on the floor. He picked up Li Gen’s garment, put the mussels in his pocket and took them back for the ducks to eat.

Li Gen, “…”

Two days later, a group of people went to the city together. They smoothly sold the snakes and went on their own way to purchase their stuff.

Li Gen took Huang Dan to the cinema to see a movie. It happened to be a romance film. It was a story of two childhood sweethearts growing up. The red scarf tied on the female and male protagonist’s necks were very bright.

The cinema was small and the seats were all filled up. They were all couples.

Li Gen and Huang Dan this two rough men were very conspicuous. They sat on a bench by the corner, with left hand holding onto right hand.

At the end of the film, the relationship between the male protagonist and female protagonist were finally promoted from a pure revolutionary friendship to the feelings between men and women. There was no more ambiguity, they went straight into a romantic relationship and were settled for their life.

As the screen darkened, Li Gen grabbed Huang Dan’s face and kissed him on the lips. He even swept his tongue in and circled for a round.

Huang Dan hadn’t had time to his senses when his mouth was filled the smokey taste of Qixi brand. “Ge, you really need to smoke less in the future. It’s not good for your health.”

Li Gen was stunned and he laughed teasingly, “You haven’t even entered the house and you are already managing your Ge?”

Huang Dan removed his hand from the man’s rough palm but his hand was held again. The man deliberately suppressed voice was all over his ears. “I’ll comply to all your wishes.” 

There was a loudspeaker ringing. It was the people in the cinema announcing the end of the movie asking everyone to please stand in line.

Next to the cinema was a newly opened disco. There were even several big flower baskets at the entrance with banners stretched horizontally over them. In the middle, there were two pictures of fashionable women, written upon it was something about your youth, my passion.

After Huang Dan went in, his ears were blocked because of these poor quality speakers. His breaths were mixed with the smell of cigarettes, alcohol and perfume that permeated along with the twisting movement of these women.

Li Gen was tall and strong, with a block of hard muscles beneath his clothes. His facial outlines were clearly aligned and he was just giving out hormonal aura. But, he did not do anything but instead, be stared at by many women. On the contrary, Huang Dan was peacefully missed out.

It wasn’t long before Li Gen became impatient. “Let’s go out?”

Huang Dan was studying the disco style of this era. He gathered it all into his memory bank and was ready to draw them out when he heard the man’s call. He glanced at the beautiful women in white vests and bell trousers that were looking at them. To be more accurate, they were actually throwing themselves at men.

Seeing that the young man was not responding, Li Gen dragged him by the arm and left.

The sun was shining, Li Gen spent a few cents to buy Huang Dan a lychee-flavored popsicle. He bought just one stick. He then shamelessly said, “You eat half, the rest is for your Ge.”

Huang Dan ignored him. One was only enough for him to eat.

It was hot and the popsicle melted quickly. Soon, it was dripping. Huang Dan’s tongue was very busy. It licked over here, licked over there, it was so tiring.

Li Gen said, “It’s flowing out. Hurry lick it with your tongue.”

Huang Dan stretched out his tongue and gave it a lick.

Li Gen was burning all over. He had the illusion that he was the popsicle. He was sweating a lot and he wanted the young man to do this to him too.

Huang Dan said, “Ge, your thoughts aren’t clean.”

“You can even see that. You’re amazing.”

Li Gen pulled Huang Dan to the corner of the wall, looked left and right. After confirming that there was no one was around, he then stooped down to eat the popsicle that had melted into his hands. The sweetness went straight to his heart.

Huang Dan put the popsicle he had licked everywhere into the man’s mouth.

Li Gen licked one mouthful and Huang Dan licked another mouthful. After eating the popsicle in the corner of the wall, they thought it was delicious.

Huang Dan bought a bag of hairpins, two new sets of clothes and also a short gown for Chen Jin Hua. They were all bought using Li Gen’s money and it was also him who had chosen them. The money he obtained from selling the snakes were untouched, and he went back to the village from the city feeling nice and warm.

About half a month later, the village was busy again. Every household was busy picking the rice seedlings and transplanting them. There were some rumors coming from the upper river farm. He Wei’s family took great effort to invite an old Taoist Priest to perform a ritual to expel ghosts.

Some people say that the old Taoist Priest looked like a weasel. At first glance, he just looked like a swindler. It seemed like He Wei’s family’s money was going to be spent in vain.

Huang Dan secretly went to the river farm and waited for a long time, but the Taoist Priest did not appear. He changed his location and sat behind the grave in the hill forest. He did not know how long it took, but soon an old man in blue garment came this way with a gourd hanging on his waist.

This trip was to inquire about the cause of He Wei’s illness, whether he was pestered by Li Da Gui’s ghost, or was it the doing of human. If it was the latter, it was likely to be related to the murderer.

The old Taoist Priest sat on the top of the hill. He took off the gourd and sent it to his mouth for a drink. “Little boy, is it cooler behind the grave?”

Huang Dan’s eyelid twitched; he’s here.

The old Taoist Priest drank on his own, ignoring Huang Dan.

Huang Dan sat down beside the old Taoist Priest. “Mr. System, can you let this old man tell me about He Wei’s situation?”

“100 points is required.”

System, “Mr. Huang, your current property is 135 points, which will be automatically deducted from the Housefly Cabinet after you have confirmed.”

Huang Dan confirmed.

Then the old Taoist Priest began to talk, as if he was in some sort of strange state, his tone did not fluctuate. “That child from the He Family holds improper intentions. His face is filled with evil air, his ophryon is darking. It’s a bad omen. He doesn’t have much time left.”

Huang Dan asked, “Can I ask something? Mr. System?”

System, “Sorry, this humbled one has no authority to answer you.”

No authority for this too? Huang Dan couldn’t help doubting if the Mr. System was actually just a receptionist.

He hesitated for a moment and asked in the end. Forget it if the old man wouldn’t want to answer, but what if the old man answered his question? 

The old Taoist Priest’s eyes were cloudy as he spoke of strange things. There was no beginning and end.

Huang Dan was about to leave when he heard the old Taoist Priest say, “Years ago, a beautiful young woman sought Taoism to tell fortunes for her two sons. The fate was extremely strange, the second son would curse the eldest son. As long as the second son was alive, the eldest son would remain alone for all his life.”

He was stunned. “Great Immortal, who is that woman?”

The old Taoist Priest said, “This poor man only know her surname is Wang.”

Huang Dan asked, “Where does the woman live?”

The old Taoist Priest said that he didn’t know.

Huang Dan then asked the birth date of her two sons.

The old Taoist Priest said he couldn’t remember.

Huang Dan was not satisfied with this result. “Are you fabricating it? How can fate be told?”

The old Taoist Priest opened his mouth and explained, “You can’t say this, little boy. Fate is something if you believe in it and nothing if you don’t believe in it.”

Huang Dan said, “You are uttering nonsense.”

The old Taoist Priest said, “Man in the world of the living has the most nonsense.”

Huang Dan fell into deep thought, “You said that those years, and in any cases that woman believed it, so long as the eldest son meet any misfortune or disaster, won’t she blame the second son? Wouldn’t it be possible for her to do extreme things?”

The old Taoist Priest said, “That’s fate.”

Huang Dan had nothing to say.

The old Taoist Priest’s muddy eyes flashed as if he were awake. He looked at Huang Dan and said, “Little boy, why are you sitting next to me?”

Huang Dan said, “I want to tell my fortune.”

The old Taoist Priest stared at Huang Dan and replied after a while, “You don’t have any fate for me to tell.”

Huang Dan’s heart jumped. He watched the old Taoist Priest leave. When he turned around, he met someone, it was Chen Jin Hua.

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