IHAS – 17

Chapter 17: Arc 1: Rural Love – I’m Afraid of Pain

It was pitch dark. There was no wind blowing at all.

Li Gen knew that this young man was especially afraid of pain. He also knew that he should kiss him lightly and he shouldn’t bite him. But he just couldn’t help but use his teeth to bite down on the soft lips, unwilling to let go of them.

Huang Dan was in pain. He hissed and pushed the man’s shoulder.

Li Gen grasped the young man’s hand and said, “Ge won’t bite you anymore.”

Huang Dan was in so much pain that his eyes became red, “You are always lying.”

When Li Gen looked at the young man’s red eyes, he shamelessly became hard. “No more, I promise I will not lie. Ge will only pee, but never lie1.”

Huang Dan’s lips were not broken, but there was a circle of tooth marks. He licked them with the tip of his tongue. It felt so painful that he saw gold stars in front of his eyes. He leaned against the big tree behind him and gasped, “What if you lie again?”

Li Gen bowed his head. “Then you can bite me.”

Huang Dan raised his eyes and looked at the man’s fiery eyes. He was uncomfortable being on the receiving end of that burning gaze. “Bite where?”

Li Gen’s breath suddenly stagnated. He bent down and put his lips on the young man’s ears. His voice was very low. At night, his voice sounded somewhat hoarse, “Zhang Dong Tian, you said my thoughts were not pure, but it seems like you are the one with impure thoughts.”

Huang Dan said, “The fire is burning your eyebrows.”

Li Gen quietly cursed out, his eyebrows were not burning, he was burning in other places. Every time he touched this man, he would burn up. If it went on like this, he would not know when his reasons would collapse and burn with the person who had started the fire.

Li Gen drew the person in his arms. “Ge wants you.”

Huang Dan refused, “No, I’m afraid of pain.”

Li Gen kissed his ears and murmured, “No, it wouldn’t hurt at all. Ge will go slowly.”

Huang Dan did not believe him, “You are not a small generation2.”

Li Gen was stunned before he reacted. He clutched the young man’s waist, and wrapped his rough palm around it. Not knowing whether to laugh or cry, he said, “You unfortunate fellow who doesn’t know you are surrounded by happiness, you just don’t know how many people want your Ge’s two pieces of flesh.”  

Huang Dan’s waist was in pain, and he grabbed at the man hard.

Li Gen gasped and his tendons were popping out. “Don’t seek death and piss your Ge off, I will do you right here.”

Huang Dan saw the man’s eyes getting fierce, flames of desires surging in it, and he grew obedient. He could not imagine, when doing those sort of things, how painful would it be, and what kind of pain would it be.

The unknown was often frightening.

Li Gen kneaded the waist of the young man several times, but he couldn’t bear to do it. He then went to the other side of the forest.

Huang Dan walked around in a circle, not giving the mosquitoes a chance to bite him. He would scratch at his buttocks and then scratch at them again. He could not scratch them properly through his pants, so he just put his hand in and scratched them.

When Li Gen came back, he saw the young man scratching his butt and wiping his eyes. “What’s wrong with your butt?”

Huang Dan felt painful and itchy at the same time. He scratched until he was crying, “The mosquitoes kept on biting me.”

Li Gen wiped the tears off his face. “Let me look at it.”

There were weeping sobs in Huang Dan’s voice, “Look at what? It’s not like you have never seen a mosquito bump before.”

Li Gen glanced at him. “Look at your butt.”

With that, he waved his arm, waiting to pull his pants down.

Huang Dan held the man’s hand to stop him, “Those are just bumps. There’s nothing to look at.” He must have made scratches of lines, and if you think about it, there was nothing to look at. Starting from tomorrow, he mustn’t do his big business after dark. If he had stomach discomfort or something like that, he must endure it. If he couldn’t endure it, then he must make a swift battle and it was not suitable for him to think about stuff there.

Li Gen looked very righteous. “Okay, let’s wait for the bumps to disappear before you show it to Ge.”

Huang Dan, “…”

Li Gen spit and wiped the spit on the small red bumps on Huang Dan’s arm, and then, he wiped on the several bumps on his neck again, “Saliva is the most poisonous thing, it is useful to use them. If you sleep at night, don’t talk when you wake up, the saliva at the point is the most effective, what bump ah what sore ah, just a wipe and it will be good.”

“Do you want Ge to use his saliva on your butt…”

Huang Dan covered his mouth.

There was a faint sound of ripples to the west side of the woods.

Li Gen and Huang Dan looked at each other. They heard the sound of light footsteps passing by. They saw a man and a woman rolling on the ground with their jackets and pants.

The woman had married into the village this year. She was a widow who had remarried.

When the man in the family died, the woman could remarry, at most, there would be some gossip. No one had stipulated that she must remain widowed until her death.

Both of them were widows. Looking at the one on the ground, it hadn’t even been more than a year after she had married, but she was already rolling around with people other than her own man. Her life was very lively.

Wu Cui Ling, however, served her mother-in-law honestly and busily, as if she had taken root in the Li Family.

The people were rolling on the ground, not knowing that there were two other people watching them.

Huang Dan’s ears were full of heavy gasps. It was not clear whether it came from the man on the ground or the man next to him.

He turned his head and found that the man’s eyes were engrossed. “Ge, which one are you looking at?”

Li Gen gulped and swallowed his saliva. “Looking at both of them.”

Huang Dan said, “Do you feel that women are better?”

Li Gen shifted his eyes to the young man’s face. He grinned and rubbed against the tip of the other party’s nose. “No one is better than you.”

Huang Dan said, “I’m serious, Ge, you still have time.”

“Have time? It has long been too late.”

Li Gen’s eyebrows wrinkled in an instant. He dragged the youth away, made him lean against a tree and said, “Zhang Dong Tian, your Ge will say his words now. If you dare play with your Ge and give up halfway, you are dead meat.”

Huang Dan stared with wide eyes and made a panicked expression. “Will you kill me?”

Li Gen pressed the man to his chest, touched his hair and rubbed against it with his prickly chin. “Murder is a crime and it’s not  fun to be in prison.”

Huang Dan’s thoughts turned, and before he could speak, he heard the man’s muffled laugh. “Ge doesn’t need a knife, he can just use a rod and stab it in your mouth, making you cry out in pain. You will cry and say that you’ll be obedient and continue being with Ge.”


They didn’t continue seeing the people rolling around and went back. It was not good to go back too late.

Huang Dan asked, “Ge, Sister Cui Ling graduated from college, she is also very young. Why didn’t she change her lifestyle?”

Li Gen held his hand. “I’ve mentioned this to her. She has her own ideas.”

Huang Dan casually asked, “Is it because Sister Cui Ling has someone she likes?”

“I don’t think so,” said Li Gen.

Huang Dan made an “Oh” and did not continue to ask any more questions. Instead he talked about the matter that led to him asking this man out, “I can’t take that chain, otherwise Sister Cui Ling will question.”

“I didn’t say it was for you.”

The corner of Li Gen’s mouth quirked up and his black eyes were bright. “That’s for my wife. If you are my wife, I’ll give you the chain.”

Huang Dan said, “I don’t like that kind of stuff.”

Li Gen stared at him fiercely. “That’s what your Ge made. You dare not like it.”

He frowned, but soon a pampering expression appeared on his resolute face. “If you disdain that it’s too small, Ge will make you a big one, and have you hang it around your neck.”

Huang Dan shook his head quickly. “No, a bracelet is fine.”

Li Gen acted dumb; he bent his back and put his chin on Huang Dan’s shoulder. His arms wrapped around his waist. “It’s not done yet, wait for Ge to finish it and keep it first. Next time when we go to other places, you have to wear it every day. It’s a token of love. Do not lose it. Do you hear me?”

Huang Dan said, “I heard you.”

He lifted one of his shoulders. “So heavy, Ge, can you remove your head?”

Li Gen wasn’t removing his head. “This is just a head, and you are saying it’s heavy. If Ge’s whole body is lying on you, can you withstand it?”

Huang Dan said, “I can’t withstand it.”

Li Gen let out a “hehe”, “You can lay on Ge’s body. Whether it’s sitting or laying, Ge is all right.”

Huang Dan worried for himself.

The next day, a big event happened on the river farm. He Wei had died.

Mother He sat on the floor of the house, slapping her thighs and crying loudly, screaming out her throat; Wei Zi, why did you die so miserably, Wei Zi, which bastard killed you? How are you expecting Dad and Mom to live when you are gone?

Father He also kept wiping his tears.

The neighbors came to see and said a few words of comfort. One man said, “Don’t be too sad, the dead can’t come back to life.”

This stimulated Mother He and she opened her mouth to scold, “Could you not feel sad if your son died?”

The man’s expression immediately changed and he quarreled with Mother He.

The corpse was still on the bed, there was a lot of noise in the house.

Finally, Mother He fainted and ended the scene.

Who knew what rumour passed around first, saying that someone who was going back home in the middle of the night saw a figure in the bamboo garden behind He Wei’s house. As soon as the story was passed on, those who had the courage went to the bamboo garden to check it out.

They really found something.

There was a gown in the bamboo garden, it was what Li Da Gui wore the most when he was alive. As the gown was red, when a man wore it, it was very conspicuous, coupled with Li Da Gui’s big movement, everyone had some impression imprinted on their mind.

Suddenly, the upper river farm and Shatang Village were both akin to a burst pot. They said that Li Da Gui’s death must have something to do with He Wei. After his death, he became a vicious ghost and came back to find He Wei for his life.

Others said that if Li Da Gui really wanted to claim his life, why was it two years later?

Huang Dan did not care to find anything from Chen Jin Hua. He went to Li’s house located to the east of the village and found that the door of Li’s house was closed. He wandered around the front and back of the house, looking for places to eavesdrop on.

The chickens, ducks, and geese in the yard did not eat their breakfast. They formed a temporary group and were holding a protest. The pigs in the pen also made a great effort to vigorously surround the door. They did not feel the abnormality of this morning.

Wang Yue Mei called Wu Cui Ling and Li Gen inside the house.

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