IHAS – 19

Chapter 19: Arc 1: Rural Love : Chapter 19 – Listens to You

The first time Huang Dan said that there was someone outside the window, he was talking nonsense; that was to divert the man’s attention as he didn’t want to be soaked in saliva.

Unexpectedly, someone had really appeared.

Some words really shouldn’t be spoken irresponsibly.

Huang Dan put his mouth close to the man’s ear and whispered, “Ge, hurry look.”

Hearing the strange tone in the young man’s voice, Li Gen turned his face to the side and took a look.

There was indeed a dark silhouette outside the window.

Li Gen put his hand on Huang Dan’s lips and made a ‘shush’ mouth shape. He walked there softly and quietly before pushing the window abruptly.

“Cui Ling?”

Wu Cui Ling was shocked. “Big Brother, you haven’t slept yet?”

Li Gen said, “I’m about to sleep.”

He frowned. “What are you standing here?”

Wu Cui Ling explained, “I drank too much water at night. When I came back from the latrine, I heard Dong Tian’s voice. I thought you two were quarrelling so I came here to check it out.”

Li Gen looked at her. She was wearing a floral pajamas, revealing her white arms and legs and her ordinary face was even whiter. Under the moonlight, she looked terrifying and also very weak.

“We’re not quarrelling. He talks in his sleep.”

“Oh, I was still wondering. So Dong Tian talks in his sleep.”

Wu Cui Ling asked, “Are you sleeping well, Big Brother? We have to get up early tomorrow.”

Li Gen answered, “I am.”

Wu Cui Ling didn’t say anything more, “I am going back to sleep. Big Brother, you should go to sleep earlier too.”

Li Gen closed the window.

Huang Dan sat up on the woven mat. “Ge, Sister Cui Ling didn’t discover, did she?”

He deliberately came to Li Gen’s house to sleep tonight. He had also deliberately chose to go out of the house to see which snake would be drawn out. Wu Cui Ling came out.

Li Gen went to fetch the cigarettes and the matchbox. “Discover what?”

Huang Dan said, “About us getting together.”

Li Gen held a cigarette in his mouth and sneered. “What nonsense are you talking about? Have you let your Ge get it on with you?”

Huang Dan said, “No.”

Li Gen squinted his eyes. “That’s right.”

He rubbed a match, but it didn’t ignite, so he changed it to another one. “How about we do it first? In any cases we get discovered, we won’t be wronged.”

Huang Dan lay back and said, “We have to get up early tomorrow.”

Li Gen took a puff of smoke and flung out the fire before smiling, “It’s all right. You let Ge do you. Ge can do it all night. As for tomorrow…”

Huang Dan said, “I will die in a pool of blood.”

Li Gen, “…”

He rubbed his neck. “Don’t say it like it’s so terrible. It’s just sleeping. Ge isn’t going to poke you to death.”

Huang Dan said, “The process is very important, otherwise it will just harm everyone.”

Li Gen’s dark eyes narrowed and he laughed lowly. “Little thing, you know a lot.”

He put his cigarette in his hand and leaned over to Huang Dan. “My mother has cream at her place. If you don’t like it, there’s lard in the kitchen.”

Huang Dan frowned, “I’m going back.”

Don’t mention the cream and lard. Nothing could save him. He would die from the pain.

Li Gen pushed the man down and said, “Go back your ass! You better lie down obediently!”

Huang Dan smelled the smoke of Qixi brand. “Ge, didn’t you say you will smoke lesser?”

Lying on the side of his head, Li Gen blew out a cloud of ring, “This is the first cigarette for today.”

Huang Dan felt himself getting pressed down by a big stone. “Why are you lying on my chest?”

Li Gen laughed silently. “I want to drink milk.”

Huang Dan said, “You can continue wishing, I’m sleeping.”

Li Gen patted him on the buttock. “You are not allowed to sleep, your Ge haven’t slept yet.”

Huang Dan’s buttocks ached and turned over with his back facing the man.

Li Gen quickly pinched off his cigarette and hugged him on the shoulder to coax him, “Ge is wrong.”

Huang Dan ignored him.

Li Gen kissed his ears and neck. “How about you hit your Ge? You can hit as many times as you want.”

Huang Dan said, “My hand will hurt.”

Li Gen rolled his eyes. “Zhang Dong Tian, there are no more finicky people in the vincity beside you.”

He sighed, “Who asked Ge to like you?”

Huang Dan said, “I don’t think I need to sleep tonight. I can just pick the goose bumps on the mat.”

Li Gen blushed and scolded, “What a heartless fellow!”

He hugged him in his arms. “Does your butt still hurt? Ge will blow for you. It won’t hurt anymore after I blow it.”

Huang Dan sighed, “Ge, can I ask you something.”

Li Gen touched his hair. “What’s the matter? You talk.”

Huang Dan said, “It’s late at night, you should coax your Li Da Gen1 to sleep.”

Li Gen said shamelessly, “Ge can’t coax it, you coax.”

With that, he grabbed Li Da Gen and put it in the hands of the young man.

Li Da Gen was tall, thick and heavy. Huang Dan couldn’t grasp it with one hand. He used two hands to hug it’s waist and coaxed it for a long time before it fell asleep.

The early morning was the golden time of the day; the sky had just turned bright, the villagers had already habitually gotten up and clothed themselves.

Those washing clothes by the river, those watering vegetables in the vegetable fields and those transplanting rice seedlings in the fields were all getting busy.

Chen Jin Hua had cooked corn congee. “The corn in the field has grown well this year, have them harvested in a few more days.”

Huang Dan made an “oh”, as he ate the corn congee, he said inwardly, “Mr. System, He Wei is dead, I originally thought that the biggest suspect was Wang Yue Mei, and I had ruled out Wu Cui Ling, now I’m not sure again. Not only that, I also doubt Chen Jin Hua and Zhang Ying Xiong.”

Zhang Ying Xiong said that on the day of Li Da Gui’s death, he saw He Wei and Wu Cui Ling climbing wood at the top of the mountain. Who knew if he was creating an alibi for someone.

It wasn’t that Huang Dan was thinking too much. The current situation was too misleading. Whoever he saw, he would think that they were the murderer.

Except for Li Gen.

Because the other party just wanted to sleep him.

Mr. System, “This humbled one thinks that the more doubtful points there are, the more calm you should be. Mr. Huang might as well investigate it again.”

“I know.”

Huang Dan asked, “Mr. System, would the murderer be this body? Zhang Dong Tian?”

The system did not throw out an official reply this time, directly answering, “No.”

Huang Dan finally ruled out another person, “Thank you very much.”

In the morning, Huang Dan bound up the sleeves opening with rubber bands and went to Li Gen’s field to help out.

Wu Cui Ling was scattering the seedlings, when she saw Dong Tian, she greeted him. She didn’t seem to look any different, as if she did not hear anything last night.

The sole of Huang Dan’s foot sank into the mud. He didn’t go to Li Gen’s side, instead he stood a distance apart.

Wu Cui Ling had emptied the two baskets of seedlings and went down to the fields.

Three people moved backwards as they transplanted the seedlings, the vertical rows of green seedlings stood in the mud, shaking twice as the hot wind blew across.

Huang Dan would straighten his back every few minutes. It’s not like Wu Cui Ling had X-ray vision; she should not see the strawberry prints Li Gen had planted on his chest and back.

But he was still uneased.

As long as Wu Cui Ling turned her head, Huang Dan would tilt his body over.

The atmosphere in the field was a little strange.

As the sun rose, the sun grew scorching hot, cruelly shining on everyone’s back.

During the rest, Li Gen saw there was a lump of mud on Huang Dan’s face and he reached out to get it off him.

Huang Dan dodged backward, but he was not careful and sat on his buttocks in the field. When he got up, his trousers were covered with mud.

He looked back and saw a locust hanging on his buttock, squirming its yellow and black body.

He felt disgusted even if there were trousers separating them.

Huang Dan tugged his pants and shook them vigorously. He patted them again before the locusts fell back into the field.

Li Gen was between laughter and tears. “You say you, why did you dodge?”

Huang Dan lowered his voice. “Sister Cui Ling is here. We should be more mindful.”

Li Gen’s eyebrows scrunched and turned his head to Wu Cui Ling, who was several rows apart. “You go back.”

Wu Cui Ling wiped the sweat on her forehead. “The field is not done.”

“It’s fine slow down.” Li Gen said, “Mother is at home alone. I’m not reassured.”


Wu Cui Ling went to the pond and washed her feet. She put on her shoes and went back.

There was one less person in the field and the wind wasn’t that hot anymore.

Li Gen looked around before he swiftly kissed Huang Dan on the mouth and scraped the mud off him.

“Do you want to change your trousers back?”

Huang Dan shook his head and said, “It’s all right. It will dry soon.”

Li Gen’s eyes glanced over, he even pinched it and got his hand muddy .

Huang Dan immediately brushed his hand away. “Don’t let anyone see it.”

Li Gen swore and sighed, “Fine, Ge listens to you.”

Feeling a line of sight, Huang Dan stretched his neck and looked across several fields, Zhang Ying Xiong was waving at him.

Huang Dan also waved twice as a response.

In the next few days, Huang Dan went to Li Gen’s fields to help. It was no wonder to the people in the village when they saw this strange sight.

After all, Chen Jin Hua often went to Wang Yue Mei.

On the eighteenth, Chen Jin Hua called Huang Dan, and the two went to the southern side of the mountain. He saw a grave near a block of land, surrounded by grass.

Whoever died in the village must be buried in an arranged spot, they cannot steal another family’s places.

In this grave laid, Zhang Ma Zi, who was the original owner’s Zhang Dong Tian’s father.

His face was full of pockmarks, so the family directly called him Zhang Ma Zi, it was easy to remember.

Chen Jin Hua bent down, rubbed a match and threw it in.

The orange flames flew up in an instant, screaming and pouncing at the weeds. The fire was fierce and soon, the entire appearance of the grave was revealed.

Chen Jin Hua and Huang Dan beat away the fire so that it would not spread.

She squatted down in front of the grave bag, took out the yellow paper and lit it. “Dong Tian, go and find a branch.”

Huang Dan didn’t go too far away and picked a branch.

Chen Jin Hua burned the yellow paper one by one. The fire reflected on her rough face which was full of fine lines and vicissitudes. “Ma Zi, it has been seventeen years.”

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