IHAS – 2

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Chapter 2 : Arc 1 – Rural Love 2 : Help

As soon as they heard the broadcast, the fields buzzed with liveliness as cheers rose and fell.

A dozen or more young people in their twenties whined loudly. They couldn’t wait to abandon the paddy fields and run home in rejoice.

Have an early dinner, go early, so that you could grab a good position.

It didn’t matter if you didn’t eat, the movies were more important.

There were some middle-aged people in the fields around and Huang Dan was still squatting by the pond.

Li Gen wiped his face with his upper garment. “Not going?”

Huang Dan said, “My leg is numb.”

Li Gen tugged at his arm. “Which leg?”

Huang Dan said, “Left leg.”

Li Gen said, “Put some saliva on your hand and wipe your left eye.”

Huang Dan had a “I don’t understand what you’re talking about” look on his face.

Li Gen wanted to go up but seeing that this person was not moving, he pushed at the person’s shoulder.

He had a broken palm1, his strength was also huge and he didn’t control it.

Huang Dan was unprepared at the moment and fell right into the pond.

Li Gen, “…”

He watched the young man in the water as he half-crouched with his hands support by his knees at the shore and joking said, “Dong Tian, are you catching fish? Go to the middle and catch two for Ge to go back to cook soup.”

Huang Dan could swim very well but the original owner couldn’t, so he couldn’t swim ashore.

“Ge, save me… Help-“

Seeing that the young man’s head was submerged, Li Gen cursed lowly, threw away his coat and jumped into the pond.

Huang Dan was dragged onto the slate like a drowning dog.

Li Gen’s trousers were dripping with water and his face was ashen as drops of water rolled down from it. “Why did you jump into the water? Lao Zi was almost scared half to death by you! “

Huang Dan said, “You pushed me.”

Li Gen titled his head and raised his eyebrows.”I pushed you?”

Huang Dan nodded. “En.”

Li Gen drew his face. “Why didn’t you dodge?”

Huang Dan, “…”

Li Gen picked up his wet coat and said, “Hurry up, there are at least two movies screening in Tong Miao this evening. We’ll have much to watch.”

Huang Dan was following behind him. Li Gen had saved him, would he be able to get rid of his dislike?

That was yet to be decided.

Dinner was dough drop and assorted vegetable soup. It was a big pot that contained a lot of vegetables.

Huang Dan looked at the big bowl in front of him and the roughly made bamboo chopsticks. His appetite was zero.

There were hot steams coming out from the mouth of the bowl. The noodles and vegetable aroma intertwined and rushed up. He held the bowl to drink the soup, ate some mustard knot and his appetite rose to a hundred.

Chen Jin Hua said, “Mother went to Li Gen’s house just now. He said he’ll call you later to go to Tong Miao together.”

Huang Dan made a sound of approval and continued eating his food.

Chen Jin Hua stirred at the inside of the bowl to let the heat disperse. “There are some rather decent girls in Chen family. Don’t just look at the movies, look for a chance to talk to them.”

Huang Dan said, “Nobody will find me to their taste.”

Chen Jin Hua was not happy. “What did you say? My son is not worse than anyone else!”

She threw her bowls and chopsticks to one side and went into the room to lie down.

Huang Dan sat motionlessly at the table and emptied his bowl.

An old hen flew out of the door in shock and dropped a piece of yellow feather tinted with black hue. The man stepped on the feather and shouted, “Dong Tian, it’s time to go.”

Huang Dan pushed a small piece of vegetable besides the bowl into his mouth and subconsciously wiped his mouth with a handkerchief. He paused for a moment before replacing it with a hand-wipe.

For the people in the village, watching the movies were like a festival and it was very lively.

The large group climbed over a mountain and after crossing a river, there  was a mass graveyard.

It was still good if they had gone when it was still bright. It didn’t make one’s flesh creep and there were no chill winds blowing. But if you wanted to go in the evening, the more timid ones would have to clear their bladder first. Otherwise, you might pee your pants when you were scared by those damn dogs that just loved to play pranks.

The girls walked in groups and the long braids behind them swayed a happy rhythm.

The original owner of Huang Dan’s body was not very popular in the village. He was actually the tail behind Li Gen’s buttock. As soon as he reached the village gate, a group of people came over and cut him off as from being a tail.

Now Zhang Ying Xiong was the one walking with him.

“Oh no, the pigs were not fed!”

Zhang Ying Xiong was shocked and said that when he returned at night, his old man would definitely cut him up. “Dong Tian,  I can sleep at your house tonight, can’t I?”

Huang Dan said, “Can’t.”

Zhang Ying Xiong’s exaggerated wail was seen by all the people around him and they thought that something had happened.

Huang Dan had no reaction at all.

Zhang Ying Xiong rolled his eyes and kicked a stone. He was eyeing other people’s home.

Huang Dan’s steps slowed down. He walked behind the big group and started digging out information about Li Da Gui from the memory of the original owner, slowly piecing together the bits and pieces of fragmented memories.

Li Da Gui used to be a well-known bully in the village. He loved to cause trouble and was the best in provoking trouble. He was illiterate but he had a hard fist and was also famous for his handsome look. There were always girls chasing him.

Later, Li Da Gui married his wife who was called Wu Cui Ling. She had attended college and was the first batch of college students and intellectuals in the whole village.

They had an arranged marriage since they were children and this was according to the wishes of their elders. They were very loving.

In the second year of their marriage, Li Da Gui became a father. However, the child became ill after birth and did not live to one year old.

Nevertheless, his relationship with Wu Cui Ling was still very good and they never quarreled.

Huang Dan scratched his nose, this was what the original owner had heard. Listening to his family and the rest, it was really hard to distinguish truth from the false.

Who knew if Li Da Gui and his wife shared one quilt or two quilts behind closed doors?

Huang Dan paused his footstep. He bent down, took off his shoes and patted them on the ground, pouring out the sand inside.

The shoe had a hole-like a mouth and this road had more sand for it to eat on the way.

Huang Dan stuffed his shoes back. Li Da Gui had a good friend in his life. He was called He Wei and lived near the river field next door.

In addition, Li Gen, his brother, was another person that had frequent contact with Li Da Gui.

Huang Dan pursed his lips. At present, it seemed that the suspect was hard to say. Tonight, the villagers in several neighboring villages would go to Tong Miao to see the movies. He could take this opportunity to see He Wei.

Huang Dan looked ahead and saw that several women had gathered together. The one with the short hair was Wu Cui Ling.

Occasionally, she turned her face and said something to her side. Her looks were very ordinary but her skin was very white. She was honest and she scrupulously abided by a married woman’s way, to the point of being even more traditional than most people.

When her husband died, Wu Cui Ling served her mother-in-law with all her heart. She did everything from preparing tea to cleaning up her urine and stool.

She was always dressed conservatively and behaved appropriately. She never had any excessive contact with men and would distance herself after speaking a few words.

Everyone in the village said that Wang Yue Mei was lucky to find such a filial daughter-in-law but unfortunately, her youngest son did not have much fortune.

Huang Dan squinted his eyes. Her coarse, dark black hair and her fair, clear skin were very eye-grabbing.

His hands itched and he wanted to draw.

He didn’t know when Zhang Ying Xiong stretched his neck to his side. “Dong Tian, why are you staring at Da Gui’s wife?”

Huang Dan said, “I want to ask her if I could borrow high school textbooks.”

Zhang Ying Xiong was frightened. “You haven’t even finished the first grade of elementary school. What do you want high school textbooks for? Cushioning the table?”

His voice was loud and he couldn’t move quietly.

Huang Dan had nothing to say.

As the sky gradually grew darker, a large crowd gathered at the field of Tong Miao Primary School.

Small benches were set up and those who didn’t manage to grab those seats went to the back.

The projectionist arrived late but the guys dared not complain, fearing that he would not be happy and ride his bicycle back. They wouldn’t be able to catch up to him if that happen.

In the middle of the old-fashioned square, table meant for eight people was set up. The chaotic sound faded away and those dating suspended.

The first movie was a Taoist ghost-hunting movie.

Zhang Ying Xiong was a little scared. He covered his eyes with his hand. “Has the ghost come out yet?”

Huang Dan, “En.”

Zhang Ying Xiong asked what the ghost looked like.

Huang Dan, “Ghostlike.”

Zhang Ying Xiong, “…”

He kept asking and still ah ah ah, ah shouted. Huang Dan was tired of this and wanted to change place.

It was a geomantic treasure land at Li Gen’s side with beautiful girls surrounding him from different positions.

From such a distance, Huang Dan could already smell the hormones on Li Gen, not to mention the girls nearby.

Wu Cui Ling sat at the edge and the married women who came were all serious about watching the movie.

Huang Dan did not find He Wei. He was shouted at by someone to sit down and watch the movie on the white cloth tied between two trees.

At the end of the first scene, the men went to urinate in groups and the women also had to go.

There was no exception; everyone needed to answer the call of nature.

The woods behind the field were not capable of enduring hunger and thirst. It twisted around, begging to be irrigated.

Huang Dan believed that following a woman wasn’t very good and harmful to the image, but at special times, special means were needed.

He borrowed a tree to hide behind and found Wu Cui Ling coming out of the woods and standing in one spot while waiting for the rest.

Not long after, a man appeared.

Wu Cui Ling was one meter seven. The man was not as tall as her. When they stood together, the poor height difference was not lovely at all.

Huang Dan recognized him from the memory of the former owner. He was He Wei, Li Da Gui’s good buddy.

He couldn’t hear what He Wei was saying to Wu Cui Ling, so he said in his heart, “Mr. System, can you help me? I want to know the conversation between the man and the woman in front of me.”

The system, “Requires fifty points. In the course of the task, the points will drop randomly. The frequency and amount depends on the progress of the task. Mr. Huang, remember to collect them promptly.”

Huang Dan said, “Credit me one time.”

System, “…”

Huang Dan said, “Give me a begging expression, cartoon portrayal is fine.”

As a result, a cartoon character appeared in his mind.

Huang Dan imitated that expression. He lightly furrowed his eyebrows and flattened his mouth. “Please.”

The system objectively evaluated, “Doesn’t look alike.”

Huang Dan said, “I tried my best.”

System, “…”

Huang Dan said, “I’m good at laughing. Would you like me to show you?”

The system said, “… No thanks.”

A few seconds later, two voices appeared in Huang Dan’s ears. One was Wu Cui Ling and the other was He Wei.

He was still standing there but he could hear from nothing to everything.

“How is Auntie Wang’s health?”

“Still manageable.”

“As soon as Da Gui left, Aunt Wang was so sad that she fell ill, ai.”

“He Wei, are you looking for me because of something?”

“Its nothing. I just thought that since I had played with Da Gui ever since I was a kid, Aunt Wang can be considered half of my mom. If there’s any difficulty in the future, come to the river field to find me.”

“There’s big brother here.”

“Li Gen will have a family and his wife will be in charge. You and Aunt Wang will not be comfortable.”

“We will manage.”

Huang Dan hid behind the tree. He Wei was interested in Wu Cui Ling and his eyes were revolving on her. He wanted to remove his hands and stuff them in the collar of her clothes.

Wu Cui Ling’s attitude was clear. She kept the right distance, not offending people, nor catering to co-operation and engaging in ambiguity relationship.

Her husband, Li Da Gui, was a handsome gentleman and He Wei was far behind him.

So it was all He Wei’s wishful thinking.

Did you hate Li Da Gui since you couldn’t get Wu Cui Ling? Thus laying a murderous hand on him?

Is that what had happened?

Let him grab onto this vine and touch it first.

A sudden urge to pee disturbed Huang Dan’s thoughts. He ran back and heard the sound of splashing water. He found the irrigation team.

Li Gen held his cigarette and casted a sideway glance at him. “Why are you looking at your Ge?”

Huang Dan said, “I didn’t.”

That’s what he said, but he didn’t look away.

Li Gen was amused by the young man’s appearance but there was no smile in his eyes. He took away his cigarette. “Zhang Dong Tian, if you dare say you didn’t look, Ge will urinate in your mouth.”

Huang Dan said, “Yes, I saw it.”

Zhang Ying Xiong who was on the other side interrupted, “Ge, there’s nothing malicious about Dong Tian…”

Li Gen kicked him. “Leave!”

Zhang Ying Xiong had his shit scared out of him. Dong Tian, you could ask for more fortunate.

Other irrigators also stopped to watch the bustle.

Everyone knew that a village only had so much people, and everything that was made bigger was going to go out eventually.

Zhang Dong Tian’s social withdrawal was all well known to people of similar ages yet many of them were still involved.

Everyone knew that his crippled mother had been currying favor with Li Gen’s family for years. Sending this and that at intervals was all because she hoped that Li Gen could lend a hand if her fruitless son was beaten one day.

The atmosphere wasn’t very good.

Huang Dan shushed himself first before asking: “Ge, your generation name2is Da, right?”

Li Gen spit out the cigarette. “ What?”

Huang Dan said: “ Li Da Gen3.”

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