IHAS – 21


Chapter 21: Arc 1: Rural Love: Chapter 21 – Dead

The sun gradually skewed to the west and set under the gloaming, draping red rays on the pair of shadows on the ground.

Huang Dan’s face was pale and he was covered in sweat, even his hair was dripping them. The color of the sky was not even as unadulterated as his reddened eyes and tear-stained face.

Li Gen kissed his face, kissed his lips. “Ge likes you so much.”

Huang Dan’s nose was red. Li Gen had covered his mouth for the entire duration and that was the reason he did not produce any miserable screams akin to dying pigs.

Had it not been for the chrysanthemum essense, he would have certainly fainted and unable to go on when Li Gen smeared the cream on himself.

Huang Dan gazed at the setting sun. This man had taken many things of his, it wasn’t just his first kiss.

“Ge, I asked you to be gentle and you agreed, but what happened in the end? You lied again.”

There was a cigarette in Li Gen’s mouth, and he smiled indolently as he replied to Huang Dan. “Silly child, didn’t you see what the situation was like? Your Ge couldn’t make the decision either.”

Huang Dan took his cigarette away. “You are bullying me.”

Li Gen took his hand and used it to hit his face twice. “Alright, alright. It’s Ge’s fault. Ge shouldn’t have bullied you.”

Huang Dan glared at him. “I’m dying of pain.”

Li Gen pressed his lips together, held Huang Dan’s head and kissed it. “Ge will be gentle next time.”

Huang Dan inwardly said, only ghost would believe in you.

Li Gen picked up his gown on the ground, and many things dropped out from his pocket. There were fresh herbs to stop bleeding, dry herbs to relieve swelling, and a snake bone chain. It was obvious that he had made sufficient preparations for this battle.

Huang Dan, “…”

Li Gen’s face grew hot and he coughed before putting the snake bone chain on the young man.

Huang Dan examined the chain. “Didn’t you say not to wear it?”

Li Gen kissed Huang Dan’s face. “There’s nobody here. Wear it for Ge to see and let him be happy.”

He unwrapped a piece of candy and stuffed it inside Huang Dan’s mouth. “Suck it, it’s sweet.”

Huang Dan took the candy with the tip of his tongue and prodded the snake bone. “Ge, my waist hurts. Dress me.”

Li Gen’s eyes were brimming with indulgence as he pinched his nose. “Alright, Ge will dress you.”

Laughter echoed into Huang Dan’s ears. He turned his head and saw a smile hanging on the man’s resolute face, making he looked like a satisfied big cat. “Ge, what are you smiling at?”

Li Gen showed his rows of white teeth. “Ge is happy.”

“You don’t know, Ge misses you so badly. Whenever I see you, I just want to take you into my arms and kiss you.”

Huang Dan said, “Both of us see each other every day.”

Li Gen clicked his tongue, “Then why does Ge still misses you so much that my soul is almost gone. Say, are you a human transformed from a demon?”

Huang Dan said he was, “I’ll change back when it’s midnight.”

Li Gen buttoned up the young man’s clothes. “Then what kind of demon are you?”

Huang Dan said, “Weasel1.”

Li Gen, “… Amazing. “

He could not control himself from pinching the young man’s face. “Great Immortal Huang, go to the lawn at the back and lie down.”

Huang Dan sucked in a breath of air from the pain, “You don’t pinch me.”

Li Gen saw that the rim of his eyes were getting moist and his voice was filled with sobbing intents. He swore lowly and tried to suppress his fire. “Little devil, you hurry go, hurry go!”

With that, Li Gen turned the young man around and had his back facing him instead.

Huang Dan didn’t go, “My shoes.”

Even though profanities were exiting his mouth, Li Gen still squatted down and grabbed one of his feet. He wiped out the dirt on the sole of his feet, and put on his clothed shoes for him. “Zhang Dong Tian, your Ge haven’t waited on anyone in my life like this before.”

Huang Dan looked from the man’s hair to his broad back, seeing the tumbling sweat and also the lines of scratches on it. He pursed his lips for a long time.

Instead of bothering about his field, Li Gen went to help Huang Dan with his harvest. He put the baskets of corn on the handcart.

When it was getting dark, then two of them left the field.

Li Gen pulled the handcart as he walked toward the direction of his home. The cart was pilling with golden corn cobs and also, his wife.

At night, Li Gen went to look for Huang Dan to sleep together. If he had a fever or diarrhea in the middle of the night, he could be around to take him to the clinic in time.

Who could have thought that Huang Dan was sleeping like a pig.

Li Gen repeatedly examined him and eventually determined that his wife had great innate skills and was a talent in the making.

Lying back in bed, Li Gen squinted his eyes and gently rubbed his hands on the young man’s shoulder. That incident in the daytime was really too damn pleasurable.

How he wished he could go for several rounds in a day.

Li Gen was burning dry and he lowered his head to bite the young man’s ear.

Huang Dan’s eyebrows scrunched, “It hurts…”

Li Gen immediately release his bite and held the man in his arms before groping him.

After the scorching summer, the weather gradually turned cool and it wasn’t that busy anymore. There was more and more time to hoe the weeds, collect the groundnut and cotton in the field. Likewise, there was more idle time to chatchat and the atmosphere in the village had become increasingly indolence.

Li Gen took up a small job and went to work in Village Yin. It would take him roughly a month before he would be back.

This news spread around the village. There were villagers that wanted to go with him, afterall, what you earned was what you have. No one would think they have too much money.

Wu Cui Ling asked, “Big Brother, are you short of money?”

Li Gen responded with an “en”. He planned to save some money before the end of the year. After the new year, he would persuade his mother to leave the village and bring Dong Tian along to the city he had worked before. That city had both a good environment and conditions, whether it was to treat illness or to get a job, it would be all favorable.

Wu Cui Ling didn’t ask any more questions.

Not long after Li Gen came back from Village Yin, something happened to Wang Yue Mei.

Huang Dan was boiling water in the kitchen. It was only when he heard the radio broadcast that he knew that Wang Yuemei had gone missing. He quickly dropped his fire tongs and ran out.

Chen Jin Hua was cutting peppers in the yard. She uses the scissors to cut the long and red peppers into pieces and put them in the bucket. A majority of them would be brought to the town and beaten into chili sauce.

“Dong Tian, wait, mom will go with you.”

Chen Jin Hua quickly took off her apron and wiped her hands, limping as she kept up with Huang Dan.

Huang Dan asked as he walked, “Mom, did you go to aunt’s house in the evening?”

“I didn’t go. There are so many peppers to cut. Mom doesn’t have time.” Chen Jin Hua sighed, “If I knew this would happen, mom wouldn’t have cut the hot pepper, I would have went to accompany your Aunt Wang.”

Huang Dan caught a glimpse of people on the left, he halted momentarily before quickly running up. “Ge, have you found her?”

Li Gen’s face was flushed with a distraught he never had before. “Not yet.”

He seemed to want to pull Huang Dan, to hold him in his arms so that he could feel more at ease, yet his hand was stretched out in mid-air only to be pulled back after having some apprehensions.

Wu Cui Ling gasped for air and wiped away her sweaty hair before saying, “Big Brother, Mom will be fine. I’ll go to the river field and ask around. I’ll tell you if there’s any news.”

Huang Dan looked at Wu Cui Ling’s departing back and pondered

“Mr. System, where is Wang Yue Mei?”

System, “Sorry, this humbled one do not have the authority to answer you.”

Huang Dan, “That’s fine.”

The sky had turned dusky, and the vision was much worse than that of the day. The whole village was out searching. They took the torch and looked outside the village several times, but no one was found.

Everyone was puzzled. Wang Yue Mei’s lower body was paralyzed so she couldn’t walk freely. How did she get out? And where could she go to? Why didn’t she come back even though it was so late? And why didn’t she tell her family?

Li Gen was overwhelmed by an intense uneasiness. His mood was on the edge of losing control and his voice was hoarse from shouting.

Huang Dan forcibly dragged Li Gen back.

When they entered the door, they found that the chickens in the yard did not enter their coop.

Usually at this time, the chickens should have been resting at their coop.

A seam of bizarreness streaked across Li Gen’s heart. He walked over, squatted down at the chicken coop, and stretched his head in to take a look. 

At the next moment, Li Gen fell and sat on the ground.

A corpse was stuffed into the stinking chicken coop.

Wang Yue Mei had died.

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TN: So, they did it while standing up?????? O.O

Also, chrysanthemum essence>> i hope I translated the “essence” part correctly. other wise, possible translations would be: medicine/magic/spirit

Can anyone explain to me why Huang Dan pursed his lips?

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  1. I’m guessing Huang Dan pursed his lips out of embarrassment/guilt since the scratches on Li Gen’s back were made by him during sex. Must be some rough stuffs lol 😂

  2. Now li gen doesn’t need to tell his mom anything and they can get rid of that girl who likes li gen. Her mother in law is dead, her husband is dead.now she has no legitimate reason to stay with them unless she’s going to say that a man should marry his brothers widow and take care of her. I would slap her. Li gen’s mom was always really suspicious and it seems she may have done something to dong tian’s mother . That one guy also said she wanted li gen dead so I’m not bothered about her dying. Wonder who killed her though. The same one who killed li gen’s brother?

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