Information Sheet (c10)


Xu Xingzhi (徐行之) : Appeared in Chapter 1. MC, Xu Ping > transmigrated from the real world who was tasked to kill Meng Chongguang with the dagger with the aura heaven and earth by aiming it at his forehead.

Took over the identity of Xu Xingzhi > the head disciple of Fengling Mountain. Has a Twin Elder Brother. Uses a folding fan as weapon.

Meng Chongguang (孟重光) : ML, a spiritual demon born from the aura of heaven and earth. Expelled into the wilderness for stealing the magic artefact. Obsession with MC. Known to use vine as his attacking weapon.

Knowledge of the Three Realms (三界之识): also called weak lungs. First appeared in chapter 1, tasked Xu Ping to kill Meng Chongguang.

Zhou Beinan : Decreased person but Liu Yujiu saved his soul.

Liu Yujiu : aka ghost mask youth,

Zhou Wang : aka the maiden, 13/14 years old niece of Zhou Beinan, uses twin sword.

Qu Chi : Has the mentality of a kid, uses a white duster.

Jiu Zhideng :

Skeleton Girl : The healer.


  • Sealed Mountain
  • Tiger Leaping Stream
  • Beyond Land
  • Endless Sea


Eastern Emperor Sacrifice Ritual (东皇祭祀礼 Dong Huang) : Held every 5 years where the disciple that get the most valuable items will get to be the sacrificial officers.

Heaven Rank (天榜 Tian Bang) : Held every 5 years. Known winner :Qu Chi, Xu Xingzhi.



Ying Tian Chuan (应天川 Ying Tian Chuan)

  • Head Disciple : Zhou Beinan

Dan Yang Peak (丹阳峰 Dan Yang Feng)

  • Head Disciple : Qu Zhi

Fengling Mountain (风陵山 Feng Ling San)

  • Previous Head: Qing Ling Jun
  • Current Head : Jiu Zhideng
  • Head Disciple : Xu Xingzhi

Qingling Valley (清凉谷 Qing Ling Gu)

  • Head Disciple :


Human Cultivation (人修 Ren Xiu):Human cultivation cultivates the path and the heart, it emphasizes about small but steady streams flowing forever and the heaven will naturally grant it.

Devil Cultivation (魔修 Mo Xiu) : Cultivates the flesh, it emphasizes about pouring oil onto the flames and the heart will be ignited with temptations.

Demon Cultivation (妖修 Yao Xiu):The so-called demon cultivation was born from the essence of heaven and earth. It is the cultivation of animals and plants.

Ghost Cultivation (鬼修 Gui Xiu) : The so-called ghost cultivation was based on the principle “all beings will die, death will return to the land.” It allows the command of ghosts and also the corpses.

Sect (宗 zōng) (派 pài) : an organization dedicated to the practice of cultivation and/or martial arts. Typically led by a Sect Leader (掌门) or Patriarch (老祖). With the help of Sect Elders (老), they instruct Disciples (弟子) in the proper methods of cultivation or training in the martial arts styles of the Sect. The Disciples live in the Sect, which provides for their daily needs. There is practically always a strict hierarchy amongst members of a Sect, and respect for the elder generations is demanded.

  • In some novels, the common Disciples are divided into another hierarchy of Core Disciples (核心弟子), Inner Disciples (内门弟子), and Outer Disciples (外围弟子) – based on their level of talent and meritorious service to the Sect. Disciples higher on the hierarchy have greater status and receive more resources from the Sect.

Spiritual Root (灵根 ) :  The root of life. Figuratively: the very foundation of one’s body and soul. Cultivation usually requires some minimum level of innate talent, so someone with bad luck or a poor bodily constitution may find it impossible to even take the first step. In some novels, the quality of a person’s Spiritual Root can be tested to determine if they have the talent needed to cultivate. Rare individuals may even have special Spiritual Roots which allow them to cultivate quickly or grant them other benefits.

Spiritual Vein (灵脉 Ling Mai) : Spiritual Veins are organs within the body that allow the person to adsorb spiritual energy, and cultivate. The higher the quality of the vein, the easier and faster the cultivation is.

Spiritual Veins often possess certain attributes, making cultivation of certain techniques easier.

Spiritual Power (法力 Fa Li) :

Spiritual Energy (灵力 Ling Li) :

Spiritual Sense (灵识 Ling Zhi) : also known as Divine Sense (神识 shénshí). An ability possessed by cultivators to scan their surroundings (far beyond the limits of their ordinary 5 senses) with their spirit. The distance/total area they can scan corresponds to the strength of their spirit. Also used in some novels to remotely control magical items such as Flying Swords.

Odd Meridians (奇经八脉 Qi Jin Ba Mai) : the network of vessels/channels in the body through which Qi flows. Like blood vessels, but for Qi instead of blood.

Immortal Sacrum (仙骨 Xian Gu)

Dao (道 Dao) : the origin and source of all things. It can be translated in many different ways, including The Way / Road / Path / Method. According to Daoism, it is the absolute principle underlying the universe, combining within itself the principles of Yin and Yang and signifying the way, or code of behavior, that is in harmony with the natural order. In these novels, characters often try to gain insights into the Dao, which can give them supernatural powers or even control over the natural world.

Spirit Stones (灵石 Ling Shi) : Translucent crystals with spiritual energy trapped within. Mainly used as currency amongst cultivators. They can also be used to cultivate (by absorbing the spiritual energy), create magical items, or power spell formations.

Formations (阵 zhèn) (阵法 zhènfǎ) : divided into battle formations and spell formations, although they are often just called “formations”. Battle formations are “fantasy-fied” tactical formations used by several cultivators or martial artists attacking in concert. Spell formations are also called Arrays. They’re essentially magic circles which cast a continuous area-of-effect spell on the location the formation encompasses.

  • Formation Flags (阵旗 zhènqí) : magical flags set up at key points in order to activate a spell formation (usually around the perimeter).
  • Restrictions (禁制 jìnzhì) (禁法 jìnfǎ) : also translated as Seals / Restrictive Spells / Spell Restrictions. Somewhat similar to formations. They are spells which form a barrier around a location or act to seal/suppress a person or object.


(~) this represent a name

~君(jun) : A suffix used for a male friend or a respected person.

小(xiao)~ : means Little, used often with personal surnames in contemporary Chinese: 小张,小明 as a diminutive.

阿(a)~: intimacy

师父(Shi Fu) : Master

师兄 (Shi Xiong) : Senior Martial Brother

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