Information sheet (c33)


  • Ben Zun (本尊): translate as this diety. In mythology, legend or fantasy fiction, supernatural characters call themselves by this term.
  • Daojun (道君): A title to call someone respectable in Taoism.
  • Tai Jun (太君): A not very nice title to call someone, as this term originated during the WW2.
  • Xiao(小): an affectionate way of calling someone by adding Xiao(means small) in front of their name}
  • Yuan Zhang (园长): Director of a Garden/Park/Etc
  • Qian Bei (前辈): Senior
  • Ju Shi(居士): Lay Buddhist, a title for someone for practises Buddhism but not a monk/nun)
  • Dao Zhang(道长): Taoist Priest


Ling Xiao Hope Project (凌霄希望工程) : A system from the heaven, breaching of contact lead to punishment. Review period is 70 years.


  • Cape Park (海角公园) : At East Sea City, near Cape Zoo
  • Lingyou Zoo (灵囿动物园): Formally Cape Zoo, renamed after the zoo of King Wen of Zhou, the current setting of the novel.
  • Linshui Temple (临水观): A temple with rich history


  • Duan Jiaze (段佳泽) :The MC, 23 Years old, Director of Lingyou Zoo.
  • Xiao Su: Currently in charge of finance and media.
  • Lin Biu: Animal rearer.
  • Xu Chenggong: Fierce looking uncle that take care of the technical stuff.


  • Lu Ya (陆压) : The ML, the sole remaining three-legged golden crow. Have arsonist tendencies, is tsundere. He assumes the identity of an exotic bird.  The reason he came down was because ********.
  • You Su (有苏) : Nine-tailed fox, identified as Daji. Featured in <Investiture of Gods> as the fox villain who seduced King Zhou of Shang and caused the dynasty’s downfall. Exhibited as an Arctic Fox.
  • Bai Suzhen (白素贞): the Madame White Snake of legend (water snake), medical practitioner. Exhibits as a White Burmese Python with fellow snake Xiao Qing.
  • Xiao Qing (orignal is 竹叶青 Bamboo green snake ) :exhibits as Green Tree Python, who is currently in a male body to avoid matchmaking.
  • Hu Dawei(胡大伟): A poor Red Fox demon pitted by the zoo.


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