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Chapter 33: Encountering a Ghost

Chi Yan was somewhat startled that Ye Yingzhi could narrate such a sight with such a calm tone and expression. As long as he imagined that scene, he wouldn’t be able to help but shudder. However, this strange attitude of Ye Yingzhi soothed him, so that he wouldn’t lose too much of his bearings.

Two blocks away from their school was the distance of one subway station. A tragic death like that would certainly stir controversy.

According to his classmate’s information, the deceased was a girl that sold cosmetics in Lianhua Shopping Mall two blocks away. She was on night duty and the mall closed at 10 p.m. She knocked off work after 11 o’clock and went to the subway to take the train. Unexpectedly, she met a mishap. As her death was bizarre and tragic, the news had been blocked, the public sector only issued a notice to remind the residents nearby to pay attention to their safety and not to return home late.

The business was flourishing there. As it was close to the schools, students from A University liked to go there for meals and shopping. Maybe he walked past the crime scene, maybe he even met the victim in the mall before. When these few words, “die with her eyes opened, her heart was gouged out, her tongue was cut” flashed in Chi Yan’s mind, he couldn’t help shivering. He dared not think about it anymore and he went to bed after saying goodnight to Ye Yingzhi.

In between his half-awake, half-sleeping state, Chi Yan felt that something was moving outside the window. He dazedly woke up. Was there a burglar? Shouldn’t be, their dormitory was on the sixth floor…

Chi Yan opened his eyes and looked at the source of the sound. Through the window, he could see a figure in the outer railings of the outdoor balcony. He sobered up a little and opened his eyes to see——

A woman in a dark red dress was sitting on the railing. She stared intently at Chi Yan with widened bloodshot eyes. She seemed to want to say something but when she opened her mouth, there was nothing inside. There was no tongue and only “hissing” sound was made.

Yan Chi subconsciously looked down at her chest only to see a large hole was dug in front of her chest. He could vaguely see the indistinct flesh, exposed intestines and abdomen…

Instantly, Yan Chi closed his eyes and stopped breathing. For a moment, he was in a trance and remembered that Ye Yingzhi was here today. The idea just came into his mind and he had already called out, “Ye Yingzhi! Ye Yingzhi…”

“What’s wrong? Nightmares?”

He only opened his eyes until he heard his roommate’s calm and peaceful voice. He dared not look out of the window anymore and looked directly at the opposite bed. Ye Yingzhi had sat up and was looking at him calmly.

He swallowed his saliva and slightly inclined his hand towards the window, whispering: “… You see if there is anything out there…”

Ye Yingzhi calmly looked out of the window before turning back to look at him: “Nothing. Are you having nightmares?”

“Nothing?” After confirming again, Yan Chi then turned his head to look out of the window. The balcony was empty, only two pieces of clothes that he had yet to take back yesterday were airing.

“… I just saw a woman outside wearing a red skirt. The lower half of her body couldn’t be seen. She kept looking at me as if she had something to say… But she had her tongue cut and her heart were dugout.” Speaking of the latter, he felt a coolness surging up behind him and he couldn’t help looking back.

Ye Yingzhi smiled and said, “It’s all right. You must have been frightened by the news today and saw illusions, or that you thought your dream was real. Don’t think about it. Go to sleep.”

After all, supernatural beings were, after all, a mystery within a mystery. Yan Chi was still somewhat afraid, but he was too embarrassed to show his cowardice and uselessness in front of his roommate. Just from hearing such a murder, he was frightened mindlessly. So he nodded and lay down again.

It was impossible for him to sleep within such a short period. The moment he closed his eyes, the scene from before would appear in front of him. It was late in the middle of the night, Chi Yan was too embarrassed to continue harassing Ye Yingzhi, so he could only pick up his phone and played with it in silence.

But he always felt that someone was looking at him, and that sensation seemed to be coming from the balcony…

He had already woken his roommate up in the middle of the night. Maybe he had just fallen asleep, so Chi Yan didn’t want to wake him up for the second time. But if he doesn’t confirm it, he would really feel scare and unable to get a piece of mind.

After hesitating for a long time, he finally got the courage to look out of the window again——

The thing opened its tongue-free mouth and gave him an empty smile.

Chi Yan did not shout this time, he frantically climbed down his bed and was bent on getting to Ye Yingzhi’s bed. He dared not glance at other places and climbed up the ladder of Ye Yingzhi’s bed like he grabbing at his last hope. He grasped his blanket.

There was no way Ye Yingzhi wouldn’t be awake from this series of movement. He sat up with his eyes opened and looked down at Chi Yan. “What’s the matter again?”

Yan Chi shook his head and couldn’t speak. He took a few breaths before he began to speak with trepidation: “… That thing is still outside…”

His hands were trembling and he looked as if he was about to cry.

Ye Yingzhi shifted in and looked at the other side from top to bottom, except for a pair of shorts, he was completely naked. He then patted his blanket: “Come up first, it’s cold outside.” It was late October now. The temperature in the north wasn’t very high. They didn’t have a heater or air conditioner with heating mode. He would probably catch a cold if he stood on the ladder like this.

Like he had received some kind of edict, Chi Yan quickly climbed into the bed. He carefully pulled the corner of the quilt to cover himself.

Ye Yingzhi turned his head and looked out of the window. “There is nothing outside. You must have seen wrongly and frightened yourself.”

But this time, Chi Yan did not dare to look out any more.

Ye Yingzhi lay down next to the wall. “Sleep here with me, but you have to go back and get the blanket. I only have one blanket here.”

Chi Yan still had lingering fears, when he ran to Ye Yingzhi here just now, he had already exhausted all his strength, and now his legs were still shaking. He heard Ye Yingzhi’s words but did not move. He sat there stupidly, looking somewhat pitiful.

Ye Yingzhi raised his blanket: “Come in and sleep. It’s almost dawn. Just make do with the situation for a while.”

Chi Yan hesitated for a moment and went in. With his head against Ye Yingzhi, he whispered: “Thank you.”.

The beds in the dormitory were only one meter wide. It was really forceful to squeeze two young men in it. They could only sleep side by side and back to back, nevertheless they were safe.

Chi Yan was so frightened and tense that he fell asleep as soon as he relaxed himself.

The next day when he opened his eyes, he saw that the room was bright and felt breathing on his neck. He turned his head slightly over and found that Ye Yingzhi had turned around. His head was resting on his neck and his right arm was entirely resting on his waist. The two bodies were close to each other, showing Ye Yingzhi’s state of embracing him.

What was even more embarrassing was the unconscious confrontation of something rubbing beneath him.

Chi Yan opened his mouth and was stunned for a moment.

Ye Yingzhi had been disturbed so much last night that he did not sleep for a few hours. At this time, Chi Yan was too embarrassed to wake him up. He tried to change his posture and move forward, but because of the limited space and Ye Yingzhi’s right hand that was pressing onto him tightly, it was no use at all. Instead, it was like he was catering to the other party on his own initiative.

Chi Yan’s face went red, and finally, he gritted his teeth, closed his eyes, and decided to pretend to be ignorant.

Anyway… It would be all right soon?

Due to the accident that happened without the unawareness of the other party in the early morning and how he was too terrified last night and caused trouble for him, Chi Yan didn’t dare to look at Ye Yingzhi straight in the face after he had woken up. His ears were basically red.

Ye Yingzhi opened his eyes unhurriedly and lifted his arm. He said in the present position, “Sorry, did I press onto you?”

As he was close to him, his could feel his breath at his ear and neck.

Chi Yan quickly shook his head a few times and then added, “No. En, no, thank you very much for yesterday.”

He sat up and didn’t dare to look at Ye Yingzhi.

Ye Yingzhi curved his eyes slightly and it looked like he was smiling but also not smiling. “It’s all right. Don’t over suspect things and frighten yourself.

“There are no ghosts in the world. It’s all made up to deceive people.”

Chi Yan nodded and quickly got out of his bed. He went back to his side to dress himself and tidy up.

He could not help looking out of the window. The sky was bright and magnificent.

Sure enough, there was nothing there.

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