TH – 37

Chapter 37: Going Home

After going back to his room in the evening, Chi Yan felt somewhat uneasy. He began to regret not being more uncompromising during the day or making up some reasons so that he could leave for school straightaway. However, to put it frankly, he had never been to his future university before. A University to him at that time was an unfamiliar place that could not provide any sense of security for him.

He switched on all the ceiling lights and the bedside light in the room. His phone was also charging at the bedside while he sat at the edge of the bed and opened the game mthat he frequently played and entered the battlefield.

—The game was known as the battlefield containing fifty people, therefore when he thought of how there were so many people accompanying him on the screen, he felt a little relieved.

After all, last night, he was tormented for several hours and missed out hours of sleep, inevitably he lacked some energy. At first, he was still sitting upright as he played the game, when he reached the end of the game, he was already lying down as he played… played with his phone still lit up until it was thrown aside with the owner closing his eyes gently and falling asleep smoothly.

Who knew how long he had slept, Chi Yan’s consciousness gradually became clearer, he hazily felt that the lights in the room had been switched off sometime in the middle of night. It was pitch dark, and that thing was hugging himself face to face.

He shrank reflexively but did not run. He was too tired, his dimmed dream kept pulling him deeper down with a hook, making him struggled motionlessly… He knew better than anything that he wouldn’t be able to escape, it would be the same scenario even if he ran awayto anywhere else.

And that thing didn’t make any more movement, it only hugged him and occasionally dropped a kiss or two.

The few sober parts of Chi Yan’s consciousnes were terribly frightened, but his body was so exhausted that it could not exert even a fraction of its strength. Paradoxically, amidst this fear, in the embrace of that thing, he gradually slept soundly—

A sweet and dreamless slumber, until the next day he woke when it was bright, his cousin came upstairs and knocked at his door.

After that, he never went to his cousin’s house again. The memory and feeling of that night lingered in his mind, making him instinctively afraid of going to his uncle’s house.

Fortunately, he passed his four years of undergraduate education safe and soundly. He gradually strengthened his materialist belief and subconsciously comforted himself by suggesting that it was just a spring dream tinted with supernatural horror elements.

Over time, he no longer remembered clearly whether those strange experiences of those nights were real or just dreams.

But just as that summer’s incident was about to fade from his memory, he was seeing this kind of thing again——

Wwhen he was at his uncle’s house, he only felt that that thing was bullying himself by acting as it pleased without the slightest scruples, but in school, he actually saw the horrible appearance of those things.

At that juncture, Chi Yan was too frightened to visit his uncle’s house.

When he returned to his dormitory in the evening, he told Ye Yingzhi that his advisor was going out for an academic conference. He didn’t expect Ye Yingzhi to treat this seriously; he didn’t even look back and seemingly suggested with a plain tone, “Since your advisor won’t be looking for you in the near future, you’ve been saying lately that you’ve seen that kind of thing after hearing about the news of the murder. You might have been subconsciously thinking about it which led to those hallucinations. Would you like to stay with me for two days? It might be better for you to have a change in your environment.”

After thinking about it, Chi Yan felt that what his roommate said was reasonable, but he still hesitated:. “Will it cause trouble to your family?” Although they are roommates, they hadn’t known each other for more than half a year, so it’s embarrassing to stay at his home.

Ye Yingzhi gently said, “It doesn’t matter. I’m the only one in my house anyway.”

Chi Yan made an “ah”: “What about the others? Don’t they live there?”

Ye Yingzhi nodded: “… Well, they are abroad.”

The next day Chi Yan went to Ye Yingzhi’s home with him. Sitting in the car Chi Yan just felt that the more they drove forward and approached Ye Yingzhi’s house, the more familiar he was with the surrounding scenery. He couldn’t help but say, “Yingzhi, your home is on this side?”

Ye Yingzhi answered softly, “What’s wrong?”

Chi Yan shook his head: “Nothing, just… My uncle and cousin live here too, the surroundings look familiar.”

Ye Yingzhi smiled. “What a coincidence. Do you want me to drive you to your cousin’s house on the way?”

Chi Yan waved his hand repeatedly.: “No, it’s not necessary. Don’t bother them.”

Who knew what Ye Yingzhi was thinking about. He was smiling all the time. His pleasant smile made him seem very proud.

Chi Yan seldom seen him smiling so wantonly. He didn’t think he was the one making him smile, so he didn’t bother him. He just sat and looked at him secretly and thought that he was smiling so beautifully.

When they reached Ye Yingzhi’s house and got down from the car, Chi Yan then reacted. According to the current saying, Ye Yingzhi’s house and his uncle’s house were practically in the same district. However, that construction of that period did not have the saying of the district. The house prices weren’t as crazy as it was now, and the distance between the room/house was not that close.

The northwest of A City was in the mountains, so in this area, he could feel the obvious unevenness of the ground. Ye Yingzhi’s house was even nearer to the mountain, so it was considered to be one of the highest buildings. When he stood at the front of the door, he could see the block of houses distributed over the area below.

Ye Yingzhi’s house was also a three-story house, but it was twice the size of his uncle’s house. He brought him around the house and pointed to a room on the second floor. “This is my room. You can choose any room you want to stay in.”

But when they came out, he pointed to the room next to his and said, “Is it okay for if you stay here?”

Of course, Chi Yan had no objection.

The whole house was very big, but it made it seemed empty. Chi Yan could not help asking, “Have you been living alone all the while?”

Ye Yingzhi replied with an, “En,” adding, “This house is not mine either, because of some reasons, the owner just rented it to me.”

After settling down, they drove to the nearby supermarket to buy food together. Chi Yan had already known that Ye Yingzhi’s cooking was very good.The occasional steamed stuffed buns and braised food he brought back to the dormitory were delicious. At first, he was very surprised but now he was not anymore. He would just sit in the room and wait obediently while salivating over the food, he increasingly felt that it was a blissful decision to go to Ye Yingzhi’s house. 

Ye Yingzhi pointed out that the guest room had no bathroom. Chi Yan used the bathroom in Ye Yingzhi’s room before returning to his room. The bed was soft and fluffy, with a sweet fragrance, somewhat similar to the smell on Ye Yingzhi’s body. The guest room was often unoccupied, Ye Yingzhi just took the clean articles from his bed to this bed.

Chi Yan had squeezed in with Ye Yingzhi for the past three nights, he was familiar with his scent and soon fell asleep.

In the middle of the night, he heard the sound of rubbing onf the floor, he opened his eyes confusedly and looked at the source of the sound. He was seeing something pushing open the door of his bedroom, trying to climb in from the outside. Half of its body had already entered his bedroom and it looked up at himself on the bed.

He heard the familiar “hissing” sound again.

Chi Yan was so frightened that he sat up at once and cried out in reflex, “… Ye Yingzhi, Ye Yingzhi come here! Please come and see me…”

That thing was lying on the ground at the door and he had no courage to run down to find his only companion.

He just subconsciously remembered that the first two times he met this kind of thing, as long as Ye Yingyi appeared or if it attracted Ye Yingzhi’s attention, it would disappear…

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