TH – 45

Chapter 45: The Seventh Person

Chi Yan didn’t dare to stay at his uncle’s house for too long and left under the pretext that he still had schoolwork to do. After leaving, he didn’t go back to school. Instead, he wandered back to Ye Yingzhi’s house and opened the door with his own key.

The living room was empty, but a strong smell of milk waft from the kitchen.

Chi Yan changed his shoes and took off his coat before heading toward the kitchen. As expected, Ye Yingzhi was wearing a white long sleeved sweater, leaning against the cabinet while looking at his mobile phone. The golden sunlight hit the white kitchen table beside him. The oven timer below him was rotating with a “dada” sound and a sweet and thick milk flavor drifted out.

When Ye Yingzhi heard his footsteps, he put down his mobile phone and raised his head. “Last time I said I would make a cake. Since I am free today, I decided to do it now.”

“There is no need to for all these troubles… Just go to the cake shop and buy it or have it delivered.” Chi Yan thought that it was more troublesome to bake than cook.

“Not troublesome. It would be much cleaner and safer to eat if you make it at home rather than buying it outside. The milk I used is much better.” Ye Yingzhi took another look at Chi Yan. “Go upstairs and change your clothes first. The cake is almost ready.”

After changing his clothes, the cake had indeed finished baking. It’s an ordinary cheese cake, but its taste was lighter than those bought outside. Moreover, it wasn’t too sweet and was also very exquisite. Originally, it should be placed in the fridge for a period of time, but when Ye Yingzhi saw Chi Yan, he could not help cutting a slice and put it on a plate for Chi Yan to taste. The rest were refrigerated.

Chi Yan also followed his example and sliced a small piece of the cake, feeding it to Ye Yingzhi. This then reminded him of that serious matter. He told Ye Yingzhi the story about the house that he had heard from his grandaunt.

As expected, Ye Yingzhi didn’t take it seriously. “It has been so many years. This kind of rumor usually only adds fuel to the fire.” He took on an obvious casual attitude and treated this as a joke.

He looked up at Chi Yan and said, “And you believe it too.”

Little fool.

The last two words were embedded in his tongue.


Chi Yan even wanted to argue but Ye Yingzhi stuffed a piece of cake into his mouth. “Besides, I haven’t discovered any problems even after living here for such a long time. Did you find anyone else in this house during this time?”

Chi Yan had expected this kind of outcome, moreover, he only heard this from his aunt. He had no strong ground. Naturally, he couldn’t win over Ye Yingzhi, so he gave up.

At this time, his phone on the table beside him suddenly rang. He went to pick it up. The caller ID was Gu Xixi who he hadn’t thought of for a long time.

The girl’s cheerful voice rang from the phone, “Bother Chi Yan, today is Singles Day. I’ve made an appointment with my friends for dinner tonight. Come with me?”

“No. No need, you guys have fun.” He wasn’t familiar with Gu Xixi’s friends so it would be boring for him to go. Besides, it was a troubled time for him during this period. Why would he be daring enough to go out too late or stay out all night?

“Is Brother Chi Yan accompanying someone, so there is no need for him to celebrate Singles Day?” The girl over there asked as if she was joking.

Chi Yan subconsciously took a look at Ye Yingzhi and explained, “No, I’m just with my roommate… Anyway, you guys have fun. I won’t be going.”

The phone call’s sound wasn’t low, Ye Yingzhi who was standing beside Chi Yan could clearly hear their conversation. Seeing that he had hung up the call, he frowned slightly. “Is that Gu Xixi again? You should try to have as little contact with her as possible.”

Chi Yan also didn’t understand why Ye Yingzhi hated Gu Xixi so much. Although he was not warm to others, he was very particularly cold toward Gu Xixi. Although Chi Yan had no reason to listen to the other party’s opinion, he still wanted to follow his wish. “She asked me to go to dinner at night, I didn’t agree.”

“En.” Ye Yingzhi’s face then relaxed. “What do you want to eat tonight?”

Nothing happened afterwards, but his advisor came back three days later.

Indeed, consequences would hit you in the back if you lie. When his advisor came back, he really assigned him an urgent task. He and his two seniors would be in charge of it. Gauging the length of the task, it would take them at least three days to finish it. As such, Chi Yan could only return to school instead of lazing at home with Ye Yingzhi.

After Chi Yan learned about this, he was somewhat afraid. According to Hu Xing, there would be least three more victims who would appear. But at this juncture, Hu Xing and the police had zero clue about the murderer. The only common features of the victims was that they lived near their school and they were all ordinary people who could be contacted easily— However, since it was the doing of a demon, it would not be bothered about morality and and it would do as it wished.

And based on his previous experience, it seemed that the evil spirits of those victims were getting stronger and more confident in approaching him. He was afraid that before he could find the demon, he would be killed by all those evil spirits first.

Chi Yan could only ask Ye Yingzhi carefully, “Yingzhi, my advisor has assigned a task. I have to go back to school these days… Do you want to go back to stay together? “

Instead of answering him, Ye Yingzhi asked him another question, “You want me to go back?”

Chi Yan didn’t dare to tell him about the matters of those demons and evil spirits, so he casually said, “Yes… It’s lonely to be by yourself. It’s better to have someone as a company.”

Ye Yingzhi who had one of his hands supporting his check lifted his head and looked at Chi Yan who was in front of him. In between his words, he put down his hand and stood up, saying, “Okay, I’ll go back with you.”

But after they went back, there was no reason for them to squeeze on a small single bed, so they slept separately. But considering how they could see each other when they lifted their eyes, Chi Yan didn’t feel that scared.

Who would have thought that on the third night when he moved back, when Chi Yan was sleeping soundly, he suddenly felt as if someone had crawled to his side, whispering his name in his ear, “…Chi Yan, Chi Yan, Chi Yan…”

Chi Yan dazely replied with an “en”, only to instantly feel his heart tightening. He suddenly recalled that he had heard a saying from somewhere before, saying that you should not reply to an unknown source calling out your name.

He opened his eyes and saw a “human” sitting on the head of his bed smiling at him. Her long black hair hung down from both sides of her cheek, and her long, white fingers pressed on his shoulders, with a deep sense of death and chill, and a faint fishy smell.

“She” opened her mouth and grinned at Chi Yan face to face. Her face was pale and strange, but her eyes were black, just like a skeleton — “she” had no eyes.

Chi Yan was able to recognize this face even though he was under extreme fear. Although he didn’t often meet her often, they could be at least be counted as acquaintances.

Chi Yan moved his mouth, but his throat seemed to be stuffed with cotton. He tried hard to squeeze two coarse sounds, “…Jian Ying1?”

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