TH – 47

Chapter 47: Reunited

Ye Yingzhi had arrived at their table, but he didn’t care about Gu Xixi and just went straight toward Chi Yan. “Ah Yan, just now your senior said that there was a mistake in your project. Your advisor is very angry. Your senior asked you to go back quickly. When he couldn’t get through to you, he called me. I happened to be dining nearby. I remember that you are here, so I came to see you directly.”

It was reasonable and convincing.

When Chi Yan thought of his teacher’s angry face, he didn’t even have to pretend to be nervous and anxious.

He stood up and looked at Gu Xixi. “I’m sorry, I’m really sorry, but I didn’t expect this kind of thing to happen…”

“It doesn’t matter,” she softly replied, “if you have something on, go ahead. I’ll go back by myself later.”

Chi Yan smiled at her and left the restaurant with Ye Yingzhi after settling the bill.

Until now, his hands were still cold.

It was really impolite to walk away. However, if Gu Xixi was an ordinary girl and an ordinary friend of his, he would never do such an act. But now he could only hate himself for not being able to run faster. 

He and Ye Yingzhi slowly walked along the road towards the school. Chi Yan suddenly thought of what Ye Yingzhi had said just now. He couldn’t help pulling at at his sleeves nervously and asking, “Yingzhi, is it true that the project went wrong? My advisor is angry and have asked me to go back?”

Ye Yingzhi looked at him with a smile. “Didn’t you ask me to make up an excuse to take you out? Are you still asking whether this is true?”

Chi Yan breathed a sigh of relief. Ye Yingzhi’s performance  was just so lifelike that he had almost believed it. “Then why did you come here in person? You can just give me a call.”

“I really am nearby, and didn’t we agree that I will give you a call if you send me a smiley expression? But instead, you still sent another expression to me, and when I asked you what that means, you didn’t reply, so I came to you directly.”

Chi Yan took out his phone and opened his and Ye Yingzhi’s chat message. There was only a moving picture of a character rolling around together with a phrase in a black font, “Baby, come save me, I will give you a kiss if you save me”.

There was also a “?” sent by Ye Yingzhi.

Chi Yan: “…I guess I was too nervous and my hands slipped.”

At the same time, Chi Yan had received a message from Hu Xing. The content roughly spoke of how Gu Xixi had a very dense evil energy surrounding her, and had the bloody smell of an evil spirit. In all likelihood, she was the murderer. She wouldn’t be able to easily subdue Gu Xixi at that moment, but she would be following her and seek for ways to completely eliminate her this time with her Master and Junior Brother. At the same time, she told him to be careful and not to act alone. Futhermore, do not let her find out that she had been exposed, this would inadvertently alert her and encourage her to commit murder in advance.

He didn’t think of it in the past, but now that he recalled back, the images of Gu Xixi appearing at his dormitory’s door; the way she ran to talk with him with a smile, as long as he thought about it, he felt a burst of chillness.

Before, he had never made any theory that the demon might be related to Gu Xixi. However, it was such a coincidence that the evil spirit that Jian Ying had turned into after her death came to look for him for his life, hence exposing this connection. Little by little, it finally showed its hands and lay its hands down to the people closest to him.

Thinking of this point, Chi Yan then thought of another matter. After entering the bedroom and closing the door, he asked Ye Yingzhi, “Yingzhi, why didn’t you like Gu Xixi and asked me not to get close to her?”

Now that he thought about it, he had never found anything unusual before, but Ye Yingzhi always showed a very disgusted attitude toward Gu Xixi since the very beginning. Those vengeful ghosts and even Gu Xixi herself were avoiding Ye Yingzhi…

Did he know anything? In fact, was Old Ye also a hidden master? Don’t be too secretive. He’s the kind of ordinary person who knows a little about exorcism?

Ye Yingzhi was taking off his coat. After hearing this question, his movement ceased for a moment before he hung his coat into the wardrobe. Then he sat on the chair in front of his desk and slowly pulled up his shirt sleeve, revealing his pale but powerful arm.

“Ye Yingzhi?”

Chi Yan called him again.

“En,” Ye Yingzhi answered and turned on his laptop. He typed on the keyboard with his hands skillfully. “Wait.”

Chi Yan could only wait as he changed his clothes, wondering what he had up his sleeve.

A moment later, Ye Yingzhi stood up from the chair and went to the front of the wardrobe, he pushed his notebook to the edge of the table and said softly, “Chi Yan, come here.”

Chi Yan heard the call and went over. He looked at the laptop’s screen on the table under Ye Yingzhi’s gaze.

What he saw was a familiar scene and a familiar character— a woman in purple gauze was standing beside the lotus pond. Behind her was a mansion full of southern’s charm with green tiles and white walls. It was exquisite and lovely.

There were two words, “Baby Yan” on top of the woman’s head, and this place was the home of “Ye Sanqian” and “Baby Yan” in the game, “Hua Xian Yuan”. Even if he had not logged into the game for more than a year, these familiar scenes and characters still make him feel nostalgic and homey.

He recalled fondly of these days he had spent with “Baby Yan”, perhaps because of this, he had never doubted Gu Xixi. The girl had the impression of being a little naughty and liked to play tricks on him, however she wouldn’t never do such a thing.

Chi Yan couldn’t respond momentarily and stood blankly at the spot.

Why did Ye Yingzhi have the name “Baby Yan”? Could it be… Gu Xixi was not the real “Baby Yan”? His beloved wife was not a life-threatening demon, but a living person?

Ye Yingzhi leaned against the wardrobe and lowered his eyes calmly. “I don’t like Gu Xixi, because I am the real Baby Yan. No one likes a liar who pretends to be himself. What’s more, she purposely pretends to be “Baby Yan” to approach you. In all likelihood, she has ill intentions. Of course I want you to stay her away from her.”

Chi Yan accepted Ye Yingzhi’s words without hesitation or stress. He just looked at him with widened eyes. “…Then why didn’t you ever tell me? You know she’s a fake…”

“How do you want me to tell you and explain to you? I have Baby Yan’s account, but it may be stolen. I know all the things and secrets that happened in the game between you and Baby Yan, but Gu Xixi also knows. So how are you going to judge who is real and fake? The most important thing is that Gu Xixi has similiar facial features of “Baby Yan” in the game. Then, at that time, will you choose to believe me or to trust her?”

Ye Yingzhi explained in a low voice and walked towards Chi Yan’s direction, and he subconsciously retreated back until he was against the wardrobe.

Ye Yingzhi then pressed closer, propped his hand on the back of the cabinet door, and lowered his head to one side. “What’s more, how can I tell you that your wife in the game should be called husband instead?”

The faces of the two people were very close, the tip of their noses were almost touching each other. Chi Yan could clearly feel Ye Yingzhi’s breath against his face.

Chi Yan was a little uncomfortable. “Why are you admiting it now?”

“Because I can feel that you don’t trust her anymore.” Ye Yingzhi used his left hand to pick up Chi Yan’s right hand and put it above Chi Yan’s own heart. The tip of his nose rubbed against his own and glided down gently. His lips seemed to have slipped across his mouth inadvertently, but it was just like the landing of a feather, too fleeting.

“Your heart has turned toward me.”

Chi Yan’s hand was pressing on his chest, and his heart was beating like a drum.

He wanted escape from this indescribable ambiguous state they were in, but he chose the most inappropriate sentence to say, “Old Yuan also said that the Baby Yan in the game looks like me.”

And he heard Ye Yingzhi whispering into his ear, “Is it? I made it according to the sweetheart in my dreams.”

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