TH – 49

Chapter 49: Call me

Chi Yan finally understood what it meant by “karmic retribution comes fast”.

He used to chase after Ye Yingzhi everyday in the game, happily calling him “my lady” in the game. Now, at every chance, Ye Yingzhi would call him that instead.

For example, “My lady, come and eat dinner”, “My lady, it’s time to go to bed”, “My lady, thank you for washing husband’s clothes”. There were just too many instances for him to list it out.

This might appeared genuine, but it was actually devious!

As for the kiss that day, although Ye Yingzhi pressed him down and kissed him for a long time, he still felt that this kind of thing was very understandable.

At that time of bewilderment, to be honest… he also wanted to kiss Ye Yingzhi…

This kind of thing seemed to be addictive. After breaking the precept that day, Ye Yingzhi dragged him again with great self-control and went for another three to four round of rubbing. He then pressed him down to kiss him until he was exhausted before putting his arms around him and slept inside the blanket.

Chi Yan liked it, he was even felt infatuated with the feeling of clinging closely to Ye Yingzhi. He didn’t dare to say this out loud, but neither had he ever refused it.

 Seven days later, Chi Yan suddenly received a call from Hu Xing.

Chi Yan had been keeping in contact with Xiao An, the junior high school classmate of Old Yuan and Hu Xing’s junior martial brother. Through him, he learned that Hu Xing had been following Gu Xixi closely since that day, especially during nighttime. After a short rest of two to three hours in the daytime, she would then continue to check relevant ancient records or materials in order to find out her weaknesses and eliminate her in one go.

Even she couldn’t guarantee that such an evil thing with blood staining its hands could be easily subdued. Likewise, if she were to inadvertently alert it, it was likely that there would be no more opportunity for her to get rid of it, she might even be killed by it instead.

Chi Yan had watched such a horror film like that before. The protagonist and even those Taoists, Monks, and Masters in the film were all wiped out, only the ghost was left as it smiled in await for its next prey.

Chi Yan was afraid that he would disturb her, so he didn’t dare to initiate any contact and only asked Xiao An for more information.

“I have been discovered by her.” This was Hu Xing’s first sentence, and her tone was shaky. “She is very cunning. She discovered my trails since a long time ago, but pretended not to know it. Then… today, she waited for an opportunity and laid her lands on Ah Sheng.”

“Ah Sheng is on the verge of death now. I have to save it right now… I’m sorry, I can’t spare any time to attend to Gu Xixi for at least five days.”

Ah Sheng was just a little fox. Even if it was spiritual and had some special abilities, it certainly would not be able to rival Gu Xixi. Gu Xixi didn’t take its life and this could only indicate one thing— she had discovered Hu Xing and deliberately wanted to divert her attention away. As Hu Xing was following her too closely, there was no opportunity for her to do anything and she could no longer wait.

Knowing that this was a trap, knowing that this was a plan to lure the tiger from the from its domains in the mountain, Hu Xing still had to head toward the direction that Gu Xixi’s wanted. 

Perhaps, outsiders might find it hard to understand, but in her eyes, Ah Sheng was her relative. Even if she knew it was likely that Gu Xixi would harm others if she left her side, she still had to save her family first. She might be a yin-yang magician, but she was also an ordinary person too.

“I’m sorry,” Hu Xing whispered.

“It’s fine. I’ll be careful these days.” He understood the meaning behind Hu Xing’s “I’m sorry” and her situation. After hearing Hu Xing’s experience, he could roughly understand the significance of that little fox was to her.

“What’s more, Sister Hu, besides you, there should be other Taoists, Magician, and Monks in charge of this matter, right?” Although the industry of this job was not closely related to the life of ordinary people, Hu Xing should have her own companions instead of being a lone party.

“Yes,” said Hu Xing, “but with all due respect, none of the people involved in this matter can be counted on.

“One more thing, Xiao Chi, what do you mean when you said you have married her in the game? What is the specific process?”

Chi Yan didn’t know why she suddenly asked such a question but he still explained the wedding process in detail.

“Do you mean that you have worshipped the heaven, saluted and had sworn?”


“That’s bad…” Hu Xing’s voice was a little grave, “I know most people don’t take these online relationships seriously, but a ceremony is still a ceremony. If you have performed the keys of a  wedding ceremony, you can be counted as a married couple…”

“No,” Chi Yan found that it was a little inconceivable. “Even if it is, it is Ye Yingzhi and I who should be husband and wife?”

“It’s not the same. If that character is just a tool manipulated by your roommate, then naturally, the relationship will only be established between you and your roommate. But now that the thing has become an evil matter spiritually, the marriage relationship would be established between you and two of them at the same time. Monogamy and bigamy does not matter here, when the wedding ceremony is completed, the relationship is concluded.

“The most terrible thing isn’t this. I just found out yesterday that if you want to make the most suitable body for yourself, you need to have two things— the blood of your relatives and the heart of your lover.”

“Heart? Didn’t the first victim has her heart— has her heart dug out…”

“Yes, the heart is the source of life. If you want to maintain the vitality of an incomplete body, you must place a heart in it first, and then replace it after you finally obtain the most important heart.”

“But isn’t she a demon? Where is she going to find a lover and a relative?”

In fact, Chi Yan had already guessed that the “lover” was most likely to be referring to himself.

“…You are her lover. As you have married her, your parents and relatives are her family…”

‘She’ also needs two kinds of things, her relative’s blood and her lover’s heart.

As you have married her, your parents and relatives are her family.

These two sentences were like a heavy hammer. It hit his heart and echoed in his mind continuously.

The phone in Chi Yan’s hand dropped to the ground, making a thumping sound.

The sound seemed to have alarmed him. He quickly squatted on the ground, picked up his phone as his body trembled. He couldn’t even bother to stand up and continued to call Hu Xing in this position.

“Sister Hu, I beg you, I beg you… save my family, save my parents… ” His teeth trembled and his voice was shaking the whole time.

Hu Xing was silent for a long time. After a while, she continued, “I’m sorry, but I have no other solution. If there’s any spiritual object or land near your home, your parents might be able to avoid or hide for the time being.”

There was a series of “beeps” on the other side of the phone, but Chi Yan was still stationed on the ground. He couldn’t get up. It had never occurred to him that one day, his parents and family would be in trouble because of him.

It was even misfortune brought by a demon.

At this time, his mind was in a mess. He began to book tickets back home as he sat on the ground. The earliest airplane ticket he could book was scheduled for tomorrow, however for the train ticket, there was still a ride for tonight— in any case, he had to go home immediately to accompany his parents. He had to protect them.

After buying the ticket, Chi Yan hurried into the room and began to pack up. When Ye Yingzhi saw his action, he yelled, “Ah Yan, what are you doing? Where are you going?”

Chi Yan ceased his movement and looked at him. “I’m going home. Thank you for taking care of me these days. It’s nice to meet you.” He tugged the corners of his mouth in an attempt to show Ye Yingzhi a smile. Unexpectedly, his tears could not help but flow down.

He was flustered. He was too scared.

Ye Yingzhi came to him, bowed his head and put his left hand on his right shoulder. “Ah Yan, what’s the matter? If I’m not in the way, I’ll go back with you.”

Chi Yan suddenly looked up at him and some hope kindled in his heart.

Gi Xixi would always avoid Ye Yingzhi, did that mean that he might be able to delay this calamity if he were to take Yingzhi home in these few days of Hu Xing’s absence?

But Yingzhi was just an ordinary person after all. It took Gu Xixi a lot of efforts to send Hu Xing away, what if under this desperate situation driven by Hu Xing, it would end with Ye Yingzhi losing his life?

His lips were stammering and quivering, but he could not speak. It took a long while before he managed to calm down and squeeze out a sentence, “This time it will be very dangerous. It is very dangerous, there are evil demons trying to kill my family…”

His sentence was stopped mid-way.

Ye Yingzhi tilted his head slightly and leaned down, giving Chi Yan a very gentle kiss. It was cold and landed on his lips.

Chi Yan looked up at him with widened eyes.

Ye Yingzhi tapped his index finger of his right hand between his lips and whispered, “Be good and don’t say that. We have worshipped the heaven and earth. If you want your husband to go with you, please call him ‘husband.’”

What time was it now? He was still making this kind of joke.

Chi Yan looked up at the man’s black eyes, and he seemed to have seen the sincerity in his heart.

His heart was a little full and a little a little noisy, but he didn’t say anything.

At last, he leaned over to embrace Ye Yingzhi’s waist and called “Yingzhi” in a soft voice.

Then when Ye Yingzhi bowed his head in response, he hid in his ear and whispered the word.


He was still very shy, and his face burned instantly.

Although… In fact, he had known him for a long time.

Ye Yingzhi couldn’t help smiling and pecked his ear.

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