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Chapter 50: Little Bastard

Ye Yingzhi immediately made the decision to refund Chi Yan’s ticket. He would be driving them to his house.

It was almost an hour’s journey from Ye Yingzhi’s home to the train station, and adding on the half an hour’s waiting time, the journey to H City couldn’t be considered short. It would be better for them to drive directly through the highway instead.

Chi Yan didn’t speak any full sentence to Ye Yingzhi even when he got in the car and had fastened his seat belt. He didn’t even dare to look at him and was a little red in his ears.

Ye Yingzhi started the car with a smile and looked at the front. “Why are you so shy? Didn’t I call you that in the game before?”

After hearing this, Chi Yan’s face was a little warm again. “…Stop talking.”

Ye Yingzhi first went to the nearby gas station to refill the gas, and then he drove all the way to H City according to the guide from the navigation. It had passed 9:00 p.m. when they finally arrived at Chi Yan’s house.

Shortly after Ye Yingzhi started the car, Chi Yan had called back home and told that he would be bringing a classmate back to have a look and stay for two days during the school holiday. He also told them that it was not safe outside recently. He asked them not to open the door to strangers also not to go out at night.

Chi Yan’s parents had always been open-minded. In the past, Chi Yan also brought Old Yuan and other classmates to H City to play, so this situation was nothing surprising for them. He just muttered about what sort of holiday they had and why did he came back so suddenly.

Because they had said informed them in advance, the moment Chi Yan knocked on the door and said “I’m back”, Chi Yuanzhong came to open the door and welcomed them warmly. He arranged them to put their things in Chi Yan’s room, and then asked them to sit down in the living room. Liu Fengying, Chi Yan’s mother, brought out sliced fruits and poured water for them.

Chi Zhongyuan looked at his son and asked, “Xiao Yan, what kind of holiday are you having at this time?”

Chi Yan stammered and couldn’t say anything. He just weaved a story casually. There are no holiday for his school at this period right now. But according to a parent’s mindset, no matter whether you’re a primary school student or a graduate student, you should always be obedient and stay in school to study and attend classes if you did not have a holiday. It’s even more difficult to explain when you played truancy when nothing was going on.

Ye Yingzhi sat beside him and replied with a calm smile. “Uncle, it’s our school’s anniversary.”

At this time, Chi Zhongyuan’s memory was very good. “Isn’t your school’s anniversary in April and the students will get a break on the first day of May? Why do you have another holiday again?” Chi Yan hadn’t changed his school since he was a graduate student, so he did retain some impressions in these four years.

And Chi Yan knew he was finished because his cover was blown. However, Ye Yingzhi replied composedly, “Didn’t the school move to the southwest for a while during the Anti Japanese War? It was not until the victory of the Anti Japanese War that school was resumed. This year, the school is celebrating the resume of its curriculum due to the victory of the Anti Japanese War. It hasn’t been a holiday in previous years. This year is the 70th anniversary of the victory of the Anti Japanese War, so it is a special celebration.”

Chi Yan was stupefied when he heard this, while Chi Zhongyuan repeatedly nodded his head. “So, this is the case.”

At that time, Chi Yan was in a state of breaking down, saying that there was going to be “evil demon harming his family”, and that was why Ye Yingzhi was willing to accompany him. However, Chi Yan didn’t dare to tell his parents about Gu Xixi and the series of tragedies that happened in A City. Ye Yingzhi had also cooperated with him in this act. When his parents asked about him, he said that had heard about the H City’s unique scenery and the charming changing seasons, so he took advantage of this holiday to follow Chi Yan and tour around the area.

It was pretty late when they had reached Chi Yan’s home, and by the time they chatted a few sentences, it was even later. It was time to go to bed.

Chi Yan’s house was an ordinary apartment building. It had a large area but few rooms. There were two bedrooms, one was situated in the south and the other in the north. There was also a study room and a smaller room that was used as a cloakroom. The rest was the living room, dining room, kitchen, and bathroom. As there weren’t any frequent cases of anyone staying overnight at their house, there wasn’t any “guest room”. There were only two bedrooms suitable for sleeping. Fortunately, Chi Yan’s bedroom was big enough and had a double bed.

Everyone agreed that Ye Yingzhi should go to sleep with Chi Yan in his bedroom.

Chi Yan’s bedroom had a small bathroom attacted to it. Ye Yingzhi came out of the bathroom and happily occupied half of the bed. He looked around and asked Chi Yan, “Ah Yan, you have been living here since you were a kid?”

“En, not really. I moved here when I was in junior high school.”

Chi Yan replied and suddenly felt Ye Yingzhi stretching out his hands and pulling himself over to him.

He just realized something. He had told Ye Yingzhi about Gu Xixi very earlier on, so he should know since the start that he was his husband,”Ye Sanqian”, in the game. However he pretended not to know himself because of Gu Xixi. Now that this was out in the open, could it be considered to have his natural instincts exposed?

Ye Yingzhi hugged him as they sat at the edge of the bed. He bit his ears and smiled. “Ah Yan, aren’t you too heartless? I drove five hours with you back to see your parents, but you aren’t giving me some rewards?”

“What-what reward do you want…” Chi Yan stammered but he quickly added, “…This is my house. Don’t mess around.”

“Just a kiss, just a kiss will do…” As Ye Yingzhi said this, his voice gradually faded…

Chi Yan intentionally brought Ye Yingzhi along just to be on guard against Gu Xixi. Naturally, he wouldn’t leave his parents alone and create opportunities for her. So acting like he was a spoiled child, he forcefully arranged a three-day tour to the nearby scenic areas. He asked his parents to ask for leave and calculate the days; Hu Xing would be able to come back in a day or two.

Chi Yan knew that his parents were at the age to retire and their workloads wasn’t busy at normal times. One out of the three days tour was a weekend, futhermore, the whole family was traveling together, so when the husband and wife saw that their son had arranged everything, they were happy to follow along. At most, they said words like, “You two young people are going out to have fun, why are we going to gather the crowd?” but they were still very happy and started packing up what they needed to use when they went out.

They were getting older and older and the time they spent with their son became less in the past two years, so they were very happy to be able to go out with him.

Ye Yingzhi, under the pretext of taking a afternoon nap, pulled Chi Yan into the room and locked the door behind him. He dragged him to the bed, had him sat down and smiled as he tapped at the tip of his nose. “You ah, I can tell that you are very spoiled. Everything in the house is decided by you.”

Chi Yan reached out his hand in an attempt to avoid his finger, but Ye Yingzhi used this chance to kiss him repeatedly.

The scenic spot they went to was a lake with natural ecology and pollution-free as its selling point. There was a crescent-shaped lake. Chi Yan and Ye Yingzhi look at the lake side by side, squinting their eyes and smiling. “I seem to have come to this place before.”

Ye Yingzhi stood behind him and suddenly leaned over and kissed his ear gently.

Chi Yan was surprised and took a quick peek at his parents, who were enjoying the scenery together on the other side. He raised his eyelids and glared at Ye Yingzhi. He protested faintly, “Be mindful…” He himself also felt that this statement didn’t have any strength at all. It was not so much of a protest but more of coquettish sentence.

Then he lowered his head and stressed in a low voice again, ” …You have to wait at least until at night.”

After all, Gu Xixi was not a human. It’s hard to judge how the other party would appear in front of Chi Yan. So he and Ye Yingzhi had to follow behind his parents for the time being. The accommodation was a suite with two bedrooms and a living room.

On the first day, Mr. and Mrs. Chi Zhongyuan would say, “You two youngsters go and have fun. Don’t follow the elderly.”

Chi Yan then went up and held Liu Fengying’s arm to make a coquettish smile. “Mom, son wants to accompany you and father more.”

Liu Fengying looked back at Ye Yingzhi with embarrassment, and whispered to her son, “Why are you acting like this as this age? Your father and I have spoiled you too much. You don’t behave like a man at all. Your classmate is going to laugh at you.” She was harping Chi Yan but her tone was laced with helplessness and pampering.

Ye Yingzhi who was following behind smiled at this sight. He also chatted with Chi Yan’s parents. Within a day, Chi Zhongyuan and his wife was well acquainted with Ye Yingzhi. They felt that the child was gentle, calm and reliable, unlike their own son, who didn’t seem to have grown up, and was making them worried.

At night, Ye Yingzhi put his arms around Chi Yan’s waist and buried his face in his neck, whispering, “When will you tell your husband that you will want to accompany him too? I can’t help being envious when I saw it.”

Chi Yan pushed him with a smile on his face, but he was caught by Ye Yingzhi who kissed his eyes.

They had been playing like this secretly for the past three days before they went back. They were safe all the time the whole duration. Chi Yan was always distracted and wary but he had never found any suspicious figure similar to Gu Xixi.

When they came back, it was the fifth day since Chi Yan and Ye Yingzhi had came to H City. Chi Yan reckoned that there would be news of Hu Xing in these two days. As long as Hu Xing resumed her work and watched over Gu Xixi, he and Ye Yingzhi could be able to leave at ease.

The whole family was away for three days in a row. Liu Fengying went out early in the morning to buy groceries with her husband. She was stopped by Chi Yan. “Mom, you and dad stay at home. Clean the house, watch TV, chat with Yingzhi. Just make a list of what you want to buy. I’ll get them instead.”

It’s daytime now and Chi Yan was aware that even if went out for a while, he wouldn’t meet any accident. The key was to keep Ye Yingzhi with his parents.

Liu Fengying felt that his son was a little different from before, but she treated it that he had grown up and was more sensible, so she didn’t refuse his offer. She made a list and instructed Chi Yan before letting him go off.

Before Chi Yan left, he quietly asked Ye Yingzhi, “Yingzhi, I am going out for a while. If, I mean that if Gu Xixi or someone that looks like her appears, you must stop my parents from opening the door and not let her not get close to my parents. “

Ye Yingzhi seemingly looked at him with a smile. “I understand. What did you do that you have to come all the way here to avoid Gu Xixi?”

All because I married you in the game.

Chi Yan scolded him in his heart, and looked at the door. His parents were in the kitchen but not in the living room. Then he quickly tiptoed and kissed Ye Yingzhi on the cheek. “I will leave it to you. I am going now.”

Then he ran out quickly.

Ye Yingzhi stood on the entrance hall, his left hand was still pressed on the door as he watched Chi Yan’s rapid departure. He closed the door gently until he could no longer see his figure. With curving eyes, he smiled.

“Little bastard…”

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