TH – 51

Chapter 51: Revealed Disguise

Chi Yan was carrying the groceries home when received his mother, Liu Fengying’s phone call.

Liu Fengying seemed to have hid herself somewhere and made this phone call in secret. She had specially lowered her voice, “Xiao Yan, a pretty girl came to our home just now. I saw it through the peephole. She said that she’s your girlfriend. I was still muttering about just when did you get a girlfriend when Yingzhi came over and opened the door. He went somewhere with the girl. Mom really didn’t know what’s happening right now, so I wanted to call you and ask you about it first.”

When Chi Yan heard this, he grew anxious. “He opened the door? He went out? He hasn’t come back yet?”

Didn’t he tell him not to open the door? What should he do if Gu Xixi did something to Ye Yingzhi?

As the saying went, “mother knows her child well”, Liu Fengying could hear the urgency and worry in her son’s voice. Although she did not understand why but she still comforted him, “Don’t worry, I will go and take a look.”

Chi Yan hurried home with his phone in his hand. After a while, he heard his mother saying, “He’s back. Yingzhi is back, but the girl isn’t here anymore.”

Chi Yan then let out of sigh of relief. “Okay, mom, that girl is not my girlfriend. She has some mental problems, and Yingzhi knows about that… En, I’ll tell you the rest later. I’m hanging up.”

It was easier to tell her that she had some mental problems than to say that she wasn’t human.

After returning home, Chi Yan went to the kitchen to put down the groceries and rushed to Yingzhi who was reading in the study room. At the same time, he did not forget to close the door of the room.

Ye Yingzhi put down the book in his hand and stood up. He took Chi Yan into his arms and held him in his embrace, asking, “Ah Yan, what’s the matter?”

Chi Yan swallowed his saliva and looked him up and down again. He reached out his hand and touched his body, confirming that he was still the Ye Yingzhi he knew before he truly relaxed his body. “Are you okay?”

Ye Yingzhi leaned over and kissed his forehead. “What can happen to me? When aunt was about to open the door for her, I heard the noise and went over. She left as soon as she saw me. But what is the situation between you and Gu Xixi? How did she even know your family and even come all the way here?”

Although neither of them had confirmed their relationship, Chi Yan naturally had accepted that they were lovers now without a doubt.

He didn’t want Ye Yingzhi to misunderstand him, and he didn’t want to hide from his lover anymore, so he looked up and stared at him seriously. “Yingzhi, Gu Xixi is not human. Didn’t I say before that there is a demon trying to kill my family? I was referring to her. She is also a serial killer. But I don’t know why she’s avoiding you.”

Chi Yan also didn’t intend to explain in detail. He didn’t want Ye Yingzhi to participate in supernatural affairs. As long as he knew that Gu Xixi was not a human, had bad intentions, and stayed away from her.

Although he was powerless, he still wanted to protect his lover as much as possible and prevent him from getting into contact with these things.

“So don’t ask anything else. As long as you stay away from her in the future, and avoid her until the matter is completely solved.”

“En,” Ye Yingzhi didn’t show any doubt in the face of such fantastic news, but instead looked at him and promised earnestly, “I’ll listen to you.”

Afterwards, Ye Yingzhi went out to help Chi Yan’s parents cook together. The four enjoyed themselves at home just like a real family.

On the contrary, Chi Yan was always being cautious. He was worried that Gu Xixi wouldn’t give up and would come back again. At night, he and Ye Yingzhi didn’t dare to close the door after they entered the bedroom. He was listening to any noise from outside.

But it wasn’t until Ye Yingzhi put his arm around him and told him, “Sleep and rest for a while, I’m here, I’m watching with you.” before he was willing to take a rest after hearing these words.

However, nothing happened overnight. During lunch, Chi Yan received a piece of good news— Ah Sheng was out of danger. Hu Xing had now returned to A City, and was watching over Gu Xixi again. After hearing this, Chi Yan was surprised. He didn’t know what method Gu Xixi used that allowed her to follow them here and then return back to A City within a night.

But he still has some worries in his heart. According to Hu Xing, having a vessel should be very important for her. After all, it was related to her survival. Would she give up so easily?

Because of this, he and Ye Yingzhi wouldn’t have to stay at H City to accompany his parents anymore, so they packed up their things and left with the excuse that their school was starting again.

Chi Yuanzhong and his wife were reluctant to see them leave. They had prepared a pile of food for them to bring back to school.

When they arrived back at Ye Yingzhi’s house, it was already past nine o’clock at night. They unpacked their things and went to the bathroom to take a bath— Although there were other bathrooms at home, Ye Yingzhi’s bedroom was the only one they used.

Chi Yan was sitting on the bed. After taking a bath, Ye Yingzhi came out and stood in front of him. He bowed his head and asked with a smile, “Ah Yan, I’ve sent away Gu Xixi like you said before. Is there any reward?”

“Reward?” Chi Yan didn’t seem to have any reaction at first, he lifted his head and looked at Ye Yingzhi as if he was somewhat confused. “You can get any reward you want.”

He sat on the edge of the bed, his body was completely open. He looked up at the person in front of him with complete trust. Even his eyes were watery.

Looking at this sight, Ye Yingzhi couldn’t help holding him in his arms after he pushed him down. He whispered, “Any reward is fine? You are the one that promise this.” At the last word, his tone raised upwards a little, as if he was very satifised and contented.

Chi Yan finally reacted as he understand the meaning behind his words. His face was red, but he still nestled himself on his shoulder, and reponded with a soft “En.”

He closed his eyes gently and felt Ye Yingzhi’s movements. He could feel his the buttons on the shirt he wore after bathing getting removed one by one. The cool fingers pushed the lapels to both sides and touched his chest…

Chi Yan couldn’t help trembling, but he endured it.

He opened his eyes and looked at the man who was clinging to him. He hugged him in relief and closed his eyes again.

This man was Ye Yingzhi, not something else. Stop thinking blindly about it…

Ye Yingzhi was in control. Chi Yan tried to supress himself, but he just couldn’t help shaking.

The kisses that fell onto him, in the middle of his neck, and then the breath that landed on him with a touch of coolness, the hands that kept on playing with him… It was all too similar. It seemed that momentarily, he had gone back to that summer night, that narrow and dark Buddhist Hall, with the mottled orange light and shadow that was reflected on the wall, and that merciful Bodhisattva statue.

Chi Yan was so agitated that he sobbed and pushed away the person on his body. He curled up on the bed and retreated to the edge of the bed for a distance. With trembling lips, he stared at Ye Yingzhi. Seeming as if he wanted to see clearly through this layer of human skin. “…Who are you? Who exactly are you?”

Ye Yingzhi seemed to be frightened by this unexpected change and stared at Chi Yan. There was confusion, innocents and worry in his dark eyes.

He tried to calm down his rising emotions and extended his hand to Chi Yan. He softly probed, “It’s me, Ah Yan. It’s me, Ye Yingzhi, your roommate, your wife, your husband… Are you okay? What terrible things did you see again?”

Chi Yan huddled there and looked at him. After a long time, he slowly caved in and put his right hand on Ye Yingzhi’s hand.

It was warm with a little coolness, it was slender, it was bony. This was indeed Ye Yingzhi’s hand.

Ye Yingzhi’s body constitution was more on the cold side, and he knew about it.

It was these hands that held him, stroked his shoulder and comforted him for the numerous times he was afraid and helpless.

“Ye Yingzhi…?” He confirmed in a soft voice just like a timid, frightened little animal.

“Baby, it’s me.” Ye Yingzhi looked at him seriously, and Chi Yan’s figure was reflected in his black eyes.

Chi Yan stared at him, and gradually tightened his grip on the hand in the end.

Ye Yingzhi instantly pulled him into his arms and held him firmly. He said softly, “It’s fine, be good, don’t be afraid, I won’t hurt you.”

It was a familiar smell and embrace, this was indeed Ye Yingzhi.

Chi Yan nudged him a little bit. “…Yingzhi, I’m sorry. I want to move to the next room to sleep today. “

Ye Yingzhi released him, bowed his head and touched his face. “It’s fine. It doesn’t matter if you can’t accept it at the moment. Don’t be embarrassed.”

He smiled and held Chi Yan in place. “Stay here. I’ll go to the room next door instead.”

He kissed the crown of Chi Yan’s head again. “I will come back whenever you call for me.”

Chi Yan watched Ye Yingzhi close the bedroom door from within the blanket with a pillow in his arms. He grabbed the blanket tightly and felt a little helpless.

The more gentle, tolerant, and forgiving his lover was, the more guilty and confused he was.

He thought that he surely must have wronged Ye Yingzhi, the “wife” who had played with him for two years but was afraid to meet him because he had the ladyboy tag on him, the classmate and roommate of his graduate school, and now, his current sweetheart and lover.

He was just an ordinary person. How did he get involved with something that wasn’t human?

He didn’t have any experience. Before Ye Yingzhi, he only had intimate contact with those things. He even seldom watched those things that many boys would see because of curiosity during their adolescence. Maybe these processes and actions were all alike? Maybe it’s because he was so scared that his remembered about the incident and feelings that year in the Buddhist Hall that caused him to have illusions…

Hu Xing had said that Ye Yingzhi was just an ordinary person. Why was he still doubting him, thinking that he was possessed by that thing…

He was shocked by the latter thought, and then he shook his head and denied it. The look he recevied from Ye Yingzhi just now could not be fake.

That expression that seemed to say he had finally found him after a long time.

So that he couldn’t refuse him every time he looked into his eyes.

It must be because he was paranoid. These days he was tense because of Gu Xixi.

He slowly wrapped himself up in the blanket, thinking vaguely that tomorrow, tomorrow, he would call him back.

He would take the initiative and compensate him.

His face was a little hot, and he fell asleep thinking about Ye Yingzhi.

He went into a dream, but he didn’t know that after he fell asleep, the bedroom door was opened. A shadow came in, opened his blanket and lay in. Then he hugged him from behind.

Ye Yingzhi especially propped up his body and stared at his sleeping appearance from top to bottom. After a long time, a gentle smile emerged on his face and he tapped his nose. “Little bastard, it’s all because of you.”

For you, I lost my soul, my spirit went astray, even my heart has been enchanted by you.

And almost revealed myself.

He pondered about it for a while, and somewhat wished that he could continue, so he became unhappy. In the end, he leaned over his body and pressed his lips against his.

It was a long time before he finally gave up and went to sleep in contentment.

Chi Yan moved and talked in his sleep. He habitually drilled into Ye Yingzhi’s arms.

The night sky just in the right shade, and the moonlight was gentle.

Moonlight fell on the bed through the window screen, and the two figures snuggled up with their necks crossing each other as they slept.

One had a clear conscience as he continued to take advantages and pretend, while the other was trembling with fear as he harbored a guilty conscience and wanted to compensate.

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