TH – 52

Chapter 52: Running Away from Home

The next morning when Chi Yan woke up, he saw the empty bed beside him and he wasn’t used to it.

After he got up, he intentionally went to the next room to have a look. He saw that the bed was neatly tied up, and he could hardly see any traces of someone sleeping in it. He then went downstairs and saw Ye Yingzhi who had indeed gotten up and was making breakfast in the kitchen.

Chi Yan stood outside the kitchen and looked at his tall and straight back. His heart was filled with affection and guilt. After mulling about it for a while, he finally opened his mouth, “Yingzhi.”

Ye Yingzhi answered him and coincidentally, he turned off the stove. He divided the stir-fried pasta with black pepper and fresh vegetables into two portions and put them in white porcelain plates. He then took two cups of fresh orange juice.

Just like every morning in the past.

The color, fragrance, and nutrition were all present. As long as breakfast and lunch were eaten at home for all seven days within the week, they would never be repeated. Just from the food, one could see how much effort Ye Yingzhi had put in managing their lives.

Chi Yan bowed his head and didn’t have the courage to look at him. As the fragrance hit his nose, he felt even more guilty. “Yingzhi, I’m sorry, I’m too nervous recently, that’s what happened yesterday. Will you come back to sleep with me today?”

Ye Yingzhi reached out and touched his face. “Do you feel better?”

Chi Yan hurriedly nodded and took a sip of orange juice nervously before turning his head to the side and murmuring, “…Yingzhi, come back. If you come back… You can do whatever you want…”

When he said this, he was evading Ye Yingzhi and didn’t dare to look into Ye Yingzhi’s eyes. Under his eyes, the end of the sentence became softer and softer before it gradually dissipated in the air.

Ye Yingzhi breathed lightly for a moment, stretched out his left arm to circle him in the chair. He leaned over and stared intently on him. “Ah Yan, what if I want to continue right now?”

He kissed his jaw. “…What if I can’t endure until tonight? “

Chi Yan looked at him dazedly and didn’t respond. It seemed like he had yet to gather a response but his face had involuntarily blushed.

Ye Yingzhi didn’t wait any longer. He stood up and picked up Chi Yan from the chair. He said softly, “Don’t move. Be careful, you might fall.”

Chi Yan really dared not move. He couldn’t even look at the person holding him.

He didn’t expect Ye Yingzhi to be so strong. He carried himself upstairs and into the bedroom at one go, like it didn’t take any strength of his at all. After all, he never felt that he was the fragile type that could be carried up easily.

This time, he felt for Ye Yingzhi’s actions with his eyes closed. He only responded when he couldn’t endure it, and this often made the other party even crazier. Indeed… It wasn’t the same as that thing. It must be his illusion to think that he felt a sense of familiarity yesterday…

He didn’t know if Ye Yingzhi was excited by his sentence from just now. He felt that he was completely driven by his instinct and had no restraint at all.

But he had already spoken those big words and he was feeling guilty. Naturally, he would cooperate with him as much as possible.

He didn’t know how long they had been going at it over and over again. Chi Yan had almost arrived at the point of passing out in bewilderment, but he felt Ye Yingzhi clasping himself tightly from behind, sucking and kissing his nape with a faint smile.

The laughter was deep and low. It wasn’t beside his ears, he wouldn’t be able to hear it, but there was a clear satisfaction in it.

Chi Yan’s body froze instantly.

He barely managed to pick up his spirit and opened his eyes. Although he was physically and mentally exhausted, the light in his eyes was very clear, and the feelings of being delirious and lost in love had all vanished.

He did not look back but continued to look at the front. He was trying his best to keep calm and gently called out, “…Ye Yingzhi? “

His voice was hoarse and laced with a different kind of tenderness. Even he did not recognize his voice.

“En?” Ye Yingzhi answered lazily and tightened his grip. “Are you still awake, baby? Would you like some water?”

When he spoke, his breath landed on Chi Yan’s neck with a bout of coolness.

It was so cold that even his bones felt the chilliness.

As the saying went, “The beauty’s hometown is the hero’s grave”, this sentence was probably appropriate to use on this sort of occasion, when you were so satisfied that you forgot about your disguise.

No one’s breath would be that sort of temperature, even if the body had a cold constitution, it couldn’t be justifiable.

Chi Yan also couldn’t forget that light laughter. The summer night that year in his Uncle’s Buddhist Hall, when he was so frightened and too tired to endure and had almost fainted, that thing was also like this, it hugged him from behind, lightly kissed his nape and couldn’t help letting out a gentle laughter— even that laughter of contentment after doing what one wanted was exactly the same as Ye Yingzhi.

Chi Yan pushed away Ye Yingzhi, sat up and got off the bed. All his clothes were scattered on the ground by Ye Yingzhi. He didn’t care to pick them up. He opened the wardrobe and took a suit of clothes from inside and hurriedly put them on his body.

At this moment, Ye Yingzhi was in his best mood but his thoughts were running at the slowest speed. His eyes were so full of tenderness affections that there was no more room to store them. If Chi Yan were to ask for the moon and stars, he wouldn’t be willing to reject him.

He was really stunned when his lover suddenly pushed him away. He sat up and looked at Chi Yan who was quickly dressing up, looking like he was prepared to go out, but he still hadn’t reacted yet. He only called his name, “Ah Yan, what’s the matter? What happened?”

Chi Yan kept his back to him, not daring to make a sound or turn back. He didn’t look back until he had worn his clothes and kept his phone in his pocket. He then looked back at Ye Yingzhi, before rushing out of the bedroom with the fastest speed in his life. There were only two of them at home. When Ye Yingzhi came in with him in his arms, he didn’t even close the door.

Ye Yingzhi’s face slowly sank.

He saw the fear in Chi Yan’s face when he turned back.

He was afraid of him.

He looked at his lover’s disappearing back and lowered his eyelids.

Ah Yan knew.


Chi Yan ran out of the house with a blank mind, until he reached the busy street and took a breather. He inexplicably felt that this scene seemed familiar.

He didn’t take his notebooks, clothes, and other items, but it didn’t matter. Fortunately, he took his phone, so he could still take a cab back to school and contact other people for help.

He looked at the familiar street view and was at a loss.

He didn’t know what he should do with Ye Yingzhi.

Gu Xixi might have hidden herself well in the beginning and was cruel, but now he knew almost all the information about her and her intention. Hu Xing and the rest were also watching her, so it didn’t seem hard to deal with her.

But Ye Yingzhi… He was even better disguised than Gu Xixi. He didn’t know what he was or what he wanted to do. He just knew that he couldn’t be a human.

No wonder Gu Xixi was afraid of him. No wonder she wanted to avoid him.

He even regarded him as his savior, as a talisman, and even took him to see his parents at home, which was tantamount to leading a wolf into his house.

He… liked him so much… he fell in love with him.

But he didn’t even know what he was.

And he had always been lying to him.

He had always been living in Ye Yingzhi’s fictional lies.

He sat in the cab, secretly mocking himself for being naive. Other than being fearful, there was also a kind of depression similar to lovelorn.

Chi Yan suddenly thought that although he didn’t know Ye Yingzhi’s intentions, it would better for him to inform his parents so that they would be on alert.

He wasn’t afraid of ten thousand possibilities, but just a what-if. What if he was the second Gu Xixi?

Thinking of this possibility, he felt uneasy and no longer hesitated. He picked up his phone and dialed a familiar set of numbers.

Liu Fengying answered the phone and was surprised. “Xiao Yan? What’s up? What’s the matter? Why are you calling me at this time?”

“It’s nothing, that is, if Ye Yingzhi goes to our house, you and dad don’t need to care about him or open the door for him.”

Liu Fengying thought that something was wrong, and asked puzzledly, “What’s the matter? Did you two have a fallout?”

“It’s nothing,” said Chi Yan. He pondered over his words and explained to his mother. “It’s just that I suddenly realized that he might not be a good person.”

Not talking about whether he was good or not, he definitely wasn’t a person.

Liu Fengying sighed. “Xiao Yan, after you two left, I told your father that we have spoiled you too much. It’s not easy to find someone who can pamper you all the time. When two people get together, they will have conflicts and must learn to accommodate each other and grow together. If you acknowledged a person, then don’t easily deny him. Both your father and I see that that child, Ye Yingzhi is pretty good. If there is anything the matter, talk to him.”

Chi Yan was somewhat stunned. “Mother what are you saying?”

Liu Fengying said with a smile, “Don’t pretend anymore. Your father and I know that you are a couple. Aren’t you just calling your mother because you two are having a quarrel, and you don’t want to forgive him and is afraid that he will come to our house to ask for help?” Her voice sounded like she had experienced this before.

What-what couple…Although that was not wrong, they were separated now… But now that he thought so, his mother was right…

Chi Yan didn’t respond. Liu Fengying thought that his son was only surprised by the discovery of his relationship and didn’t speak. So she continued to explain, “When we came back from the crescent lake at noon. Didn’t you fall asleep in the pavilion outside? Mother was afraid that you will catch a cold. I took a shirt and wanted to put it on for you. When I went there, I saw Ye Yingzhi putting clothes on for you and kissed you secretly. After that, your father and I became more mindful and paid attention to the interaction between you and him. We have lived for half a lifetime, and you are our own son. How can we not see the relationship between you and Ye Yingzhi?

“So on the last day, when you said you were going to buy groceries, I let you go. Then your father took the opportunity to talk with Ye Yingzhi. He also confessed and assured that he was serious about you. When you graduate, he will take you abroad to register your marriage and he will be good to you. Both your father and I thought that Xiao Ye is a good child, so we didn’t care about it. We’re afraid that you can’t put down your face to tell us, so we didn’t rush to mention it to you. We were going to wait for you to come back from another holiday.”

Chi Yan froze in a daze. He was even going abroad to get married? He didn’t even know what he was but he had to register a marriage with him? Which country’s law dared to go through the formalities for him? Are you sure it wasn’t some ghost marriage?

He listened silently as his mother imparted to him a great deal of experience in dealing with a relationship between two parties. He had never been in love before, and Liu Fengying hadn’t found the right opportunity to explain these principles to him for so many years.

It was not until the cab arrived at school that Chi Yan took the opportunity to say goodbye to his mother and hung up the call.

He stood at the school gate, holding his phone and breathing out loud.
He never imagined that he would first found out that his lover wasn’t a human, and then he went out of the closet in front of his parents all within one afternoon.

Ups and downs, it all was very exciting.

No sooner had he returned to his bedroom than the phone rang again before he could take a rest. This time, it was Hu Xing who called.

“Chi Yan, what were you busy with just now? I’ve been calling you on the line.”

“It’s fine. My mother called and told me something.” Chi Yan vaguely told her.

“What can I do for you, Sister Hu?”

“Xiao Chi, do you know a man called Liu Shengquan?”

“I don’t know.”

“En. He also played the same game as you. In the district, a match made in heaven, he’s called Dominating the World 007’. Do you have any impression?”

“Yes, he used to be a member of our clan. We often played together, but later we all gradually stopped playing. However, there are a dozen people in the family clan, and most of us are not associated in reality.”

There was a social system called “clan” in Hua Xian Yuan. Each clan had a maximum of 15 members, which was similar to the combination of a guild and sworn brothers. When one entered a “clan” they were considered to be a family. There was a ceremony to accept new members, with a unified title. Old Yuan brought Chi Yan in, while he brought Ye Yingzhi in.

The reason why he still remembered “Dominating the World 007” was that he was the head of their clan in those days.

Thinking of this, Chi Yan suddenly felt his heart getting cold, “Sister Hu, what happened to him?”

“He died in the early morning of the day I returned to A City. He had become a dried corpse when he was found. Because he is from F province and his family is far away from A City, I haven’t connected this case with our situation when the crime happened. I didn’t think of this possibility until I found out that his death was different and he also played the game you said. It seems to be right “

The demon incarnated in the game unexpectedly took “blood of relatives” in this way.

“But why didn’t I see the victim’s spirit this time…”

When Chi Yan imagined the appearance of the dried corpse, he felt his scalp going numb. If it’s possible, of course, it would be better not to see it. But for the last six times. he would encounter the ghost of the victim on the night of the incident.

“Gu Xixi should have changed her target since she wasn’t able to find your family. It’s daylight when the victim took his last breath, so it should have waited for that night to find you. Did anything special happened that night?”

Chi Yan then counted the date. Wasn’t that last night?

There was nothing special last night, but only Young Master Ye who was having a good time playing with him. He probably didn’t want to be disturbed by other monsters and spirits and had his mood spoiled.

Sure enough, those things dared not provoke Ye Yingzhi.

They were afraid of him too.

Thinking of this, Chi Yan just wanted to talk to Hu Xing about Ye Yingzhi, only to hear Xiao An’s anxious voice on the other end of the phone:

“Elder martial sister, Gu Xixi… is missing. I watched her in the classroom, but somehow she suddenly disappeared. “

Hu Xing was obviously growing anxious at the other side. Chi Yan could hear her voice anxiously asking Xiao An for details.

He raised his eyes.

“Sister Hu, Sister Hu,” Chi Yan softly called to the person at the end of the phone as he looked at the dormitory door that suddenly opened by its own and the familiar figure beside the door, “Don’t look for her anymore. She’s here, in my dormitory.”

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