TH – 53

Chapter 53: Evil Spirit

The busy tone rang on the phone and the call was cut off by force.

Gu Xixi walked in the door gently and looked at Chi Yan with a smile on her face. “Who is Brother Chi Yan calling? Am I disturbing you?”

Her smile remained on her face, and she looked smart and beautiful. She didn’t seem to be a threat, as if anyone would be able to push her down easily.

But Chi Yan felt cold sweat on his body gradually soaking his shirt.

He could sense that something was wrong.

After getting up today, he was tormented by Ye Yingzhi for nearly three hours and didn’t get to eat anything although he was fed water several times, the hunger in his stomach was already making him tired. Before he could even take some time to rest himself, he discovered that Ye Yingzhi wasn’t a human. After being frightened, he ran out of Ye Yingzhi’s house while trying to stay as calm as possible. Mentally, he was very stressed.

Now that he was finally back to school, he met Gu Xixi the moment he entered the door.

He only felt that his whole body was aching at this time, and he could not exert any strength, but he still had to summon his courage and face her.

His fingertips quivered slightly as he tried to think of a way to escape her— his dormitory was on the sixth floor, behind him was a balcony. If he wanted to get out of from the only door, he had to go through Gu Xixi. However, he was just an ordinary person, and the other party was a demon with unpredictable means. His opportunity to escape was fleeting.

Chi Yan pretended to be a little surprised and went to Gu Xixi with a smile. “Why are you here, Xixi?”

“I came to see if Brother Chi Yan is doing well recently,” She replied casually, as if she really came here with the sole intention to see him.

If only this was true.

Chi Yan could feel his heart beating uncontrollably. It seemed that he had already sensed the danger that was lurking around the corner, or perhaps he was just nervous as to what might happen next.

“Are you busy recently?” He lowered his eyes slightly and kept a certain distance from Gu Xixi. At the same time, he shifted towards the door without leaving any outward trace.

Gu Xixi didn’t seem to have realized his intentions. Everything went smoothly.

Chi Yan opened the door at the fastest speed, but was stunned at the next moment.

The corridor was empty, no figure could be seen, and neither was there any sound. He could hear his heart beating and his breathing very clearly— Outside the door was as quiet as a cemetery, unlike what he was familiar with.

A ghost wall.

Chi Yan looked out of the window at the sky. It was exactly at noon and very bright. However, he was trapped by a demon and could not escape.

Gu Xixi got closer to him from behind and said softly, “Brother Chi Yan, why do you want to go out when I come? You don’t like Xixi anymore?”

His cold sweat had already drenched his clothes.

Now the only way for him was to delay the time and wait for Hu Xing to come.

He had opened the door, and saw clearly what was outside. Gu Xixi should have known that he had already found out about her.

He couldn’t pretend anymore.

Chi Yan looked up at the pretty woman in front of him. “Gu Xixi, what did you… come here for?”

Gu Xixi looked at him calmly. “Brother Chi Yan, have you found out? You already know, don’t you? Are you waiting for that woman to save you?”

She walked two steps forward and stopped just one step away from Chi Yan. She looked up at him with a speck of light in her pure black eyes. “Bother Chi Yan, believe me, I won’t hurt you. I just want to be with you forever.”

Slowly, little by little, she approached Chi Yan and pressed her hand gently on his chest.

Her action halted for a second when she saw the colorful traces on his neck and a bitter expression emerged on her face. “Brother Chi Yan has someone else now. Didn’t you say that you will only be with me for this lifetime?”

There’s no one else because that guy wasn’t human either. Even if he had promised to be together in this lifetime, he promised to that thing, not Gu Xixi.

Chi Yan couldn’t support himself anymore and slid against the door to the ground. His face was also pressed on the door, he tilted his head to the side, not wanting to see the evil in front of him.

Gu Xixi also fell to her knees along with him. She put her hands on his chest, looking up at him with love in her eyes.

“Brother Chi Yan, I like you, so… give me your heart so that we can be together forever.”

Chi Yan found that he could not move, as if his whole body was tied by an invisible rope.

His throat moved nervously twice as he watched Gu Xixi slowly leaned his head on her right shoulder affectionately, but her grip was gradually tightening.

For the first time, he felt that death was so close. His parents’ concerned faces, his friends’ wanton smiles all flashed in his mind, and… Ye Yingzhi, his hugs, his kisses, his loving words, all the short love experiences he had in this life were all related to him.

But he lied to him.

But he only dared to run away instead of asking him. He didn’t dare to ask for an explanation.

“Ye Yingzhi…”

He muttered in his heart.

If I’m a ghost, I will go and look for you at the first moment.

If I become a ghost, I will not be afraid of you.

Humans were really strange. The people in those supernatural and mystery stories were obviously cowards and powerless when they were still alive. They were forced until they were incapable to fight back, and had no means to survive. Yet, after they die, they wanted to turn into malicious ghosts and seek the other party for their lives.

It seemed that after death, there would be no fear in them.

But he didn’t want to die. He was afraid of ghosts, afraid of Gu Xixi, afraid of Ye Yingzhi. Ultimately, he was just afraid of death and he wanted to live, he didn’t want to let these weird things easily deprive himself of his right to live.

Chi Yan began to struggle in his consciousness. Suddenly, he felt as if he could move again. He moved his hand and realised that it wasn’t his imagination.

At the same time, Gu Xixi seemed to be gripped at the neck by a sudden powerful force and was dragged to stand up. She was then forced backwards continuously. Her face was red, and her limbs kept moving, but she couldn’t get rid of the hold.

A tall figure suddenly appeared in the open space behind her. The man slightly tilted his head and watched her being dragged to himself before stopping.

Chi Yan looked at the scene in amazement, and tried to move several times, but he still didn’t have the strength to stand up, so he could only continue to sit there and watch.

The person who appeared suddenly was Ye Yingzhi.

Ye Yingzhi looked down at the demon draped in a beautiful human girl’s skin in front of him. He slowly raised the corner of his mouth, and said to her in a very light tone, “Do you think I won’t do anything to you just because I did not bother about you when you repeatedly appeared in front of me?”

Before, he didn’t care about it because he realised that Ah Yan didn’t have any good feelings towards it, but instead relied and got closer to him because of its appearance; later, he didn’t interfere because he was afraid that he would reveal his disguise and be found out by Ah Yan. But not that he had been exposed today, he didn’t care about all these anymore.

It seemed that Gu Xixi was in great pain, or maybe she felt a great threat, she kept shaking her head desperately towards Ye Yingzhi, but she wasn’t able to say a word or utter a syllable.

“Do you think I will still let off when you have been tainted by my evil energy, used my love, used my name, used this appearance to covet and approach my person?” …Every one of them was unforgivable.

Baby Yan, Baby Yan, in order to legitimately marry his baby, he chose to create a female character. However, this face and appearance were clearly made by him according to the person he thought about all day long. How dare she appear in front of his baby Chi Yan in his name and try to seduce him?

Ye Yingzhi showed a smile. He reached out hand and swung the other party to the wall, causing a huge crashing sound.

“…How bold.”

Gu Xixi wasn’t human, but at this time, she was just like a human baby. Her bones were dislocated by the collision, and her body had broken into several pieces. However, it was strange that they were still struck together with visible cracks in the middle. She looked just like a broken porcelain doll that had been reassembled.

“She” dropped on the ground and stared with her black eyes blown wide at the man standing in the center of the room. Her eyes could not help showing deep fear and horror.

Chi Yan looked at Ye Yingzhi’s smile and felt chilliness surging up, making his whole body cold.

What did it mean by “tainted by my evil energy, used my love?” So, the reason for Gu Xixi’s appearance, and the reason why an unconscious game character could turn into an evil demon, was because of him? The reason why she had such morbidly stubborn and baffling yet deep feelings, was not because he was her husband in the game but because of him?

No wonder he had never seen the legendary “Third Person” of that house… It’s not because it was gone but because he’s been living by his side openly.

Did Ye Yingzhi know all this from the start?

He recalled the scene just now when Gu Xixi had looked at himself affectionately and said, “I like you, so give me your heart.” His body trembled uncontrollably.

What did Ye Yingzhi want to do? Would he want his heart too?

Ye Yingzhi took a step forward, and went to Gu Xixi who was struggling but unable to stand up. His footstep was so light that there was hardly a sound in his movements.

He bent down slowly, and stretched out his hand to Gu Xixi.

The fear in her eyes became more and more apparent. ‘She’ looked at the calm eyes of the man in front of her with fear, and clearly knew that this was an existence that she would not be able to oppose. The broken body parts huddled together, shivering silently.

Chi Yan seemed to see black air floating out of her body and quickly into Ye Yingzhi’s palm.

Ye Yingzhi turned his head, looked at his accomplishment, and finally showed his first sincere smile— those evil energy that were absorbed didn’t matter to him, but he didn’t want to share his love for Ah Yan at all.

After a moment, “Gu Xixi” had disappeared, leaving only a pool of black liquid on the ground.

Chi Yan looked up in a daze and saw Ye Yingzhi coming to him step by step.

The black shadow covered his whole body, and he could feel the oppression coming from the man.

He leaned against the door and shrunk involuntarily.

Ye Yingzhi further lowered his body, and he could already feel the familiar cold breath on him.

Chi Yan closed his eyes, his eyelashes slightly trembling.

This sacrificial-like expression made Ye Yingzhi want to kiss him.

Chi Yan tried his best to speak but his voice was weak as a sob. “Ye Yingzhi, do you want my heart too? “

So afraid.

Will you cry out in fear if I kiss you?

In this way, Ye Yingzhi closed his eyes and pressed his lips on his.

At the same time, he reached out his hand and picked up Chi Yan from the ground. He opened his eyes and murmured, “I want.. your heart, your body, all of yours are mine… “

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