TH – 54

Chapter 54: Void World

Ye Yingzhi carried Chi Yan to his chair and put him down. He propped his right hand on the back of the chair and leaned down to kiss him gently on the lips over and over again.

“You really are crying… Are you still so afraid of me?” He murmured and kissed the tears leaking from the corner of his eyes.

The door was opened at that moment, and he also stood up at the right time, looking like a good student who was taking care of his roommate.

Hu Xing broke into the room with Xiao An and toured around. At last, she stared at Ye Yingzhi and Chi Yan. “Where is Gu Xixi?”

“…There she is.” Ye Yingzhi pointed to the black thing on the ground nervously and looked at Hu Xing like a frightened bird. “Who are you and how did you get in?”

Hu Xing squatted down and looked at the black liquid left by Gu Xixi in surprise. She murmured, “Looking at this, seems like it has been devoured by a stronger evil energy…”

She looked up and saw a stunned Chi Yan who had shrunk in the chair, looking like he had been badly frightened, and then at Ye Yingzhi, who was obviously on guard beside him, before explaining, “My name is Hu Xing. This is my junior martial brother, Xiao An. We are Chi Yan’s friends. We know that he might be in danger and came to protect him.”

In order to obtain trust from him, she especially added, “I know your name is Ye Yingzhi, and you are Chi Yan’s roommate. You have a good relationship with him and you’are living together. Chi Yan often mentioned you to me.”

The last sentence had obviously made Ye Yingzhi relieved.

Seeing this, Hu Xing redoubled her efforts and asked, “That, Classmate Ye, can you tell me what had happened just now?”

Ye Yingzhi lowered his eyes, still looking at a loss. “I had a conflict with Ah Yan this morning, so he ran back to school from my home. I was ashamed and felt that I have wronged him, so I hurriedly drove to catch up with him. However, when I had just entered the room, Gu Xixi appeared before I could even talk to Ah Yan.”

“I should’ve been on the phone with him at that time.” Hu Xing said.

“So, it was you.” Ye Yingzhi glanced at her and nodded. “I saw him on the phone but didn’t know who he was talking to.

“As Gu Xixi used to come to our dormitory to look for Ah Yan, even if I didn’t like her, I didn’t bother about it. I never expected that Ah Yan would be so nervous and afraid to see her this time. He kept looking at me, wanting to come to my side but didn’t dare to. I felt that something was wrong but before I could get the situation right, I saw Gu Xixi suddenly appeared in front of Ah Yan before pressing her hand on his chest. Then, a sudden black air came out from Ah Yan’s left chest and surrounded him… then she became like this.”

As Ye Yingzhi narrated what had happened, his face showing a fearful expression.

“So this is what happened.” Hu Xing went to Chi Yan and carefully examined him. She muttered to herself, “Is it because of the innate evil energy in Chi Yan? But why do I feel that the evil energy in his body is even denser since the last time I saw him.”

She shook her head and walked away. She and Xiao An took out a talisman and absorbed the black liquid on the floor into the paper. Then she put the talisman into a porcelain bottle and sealed it. They would be bringing these things back to deal with them. Regardless, although it sounded strange, at least Gu Xixi’s case had been solved, but the specific reasons behind it still had to be investigated.

The situation was fine now, but the consequences of the series of tragedies were still presented, and there were still many things waiting for her to deal with. Hu Xing took a worried glance at Chi Yan. He was still seated on the chair and had been silent ever since they had arrived. He was neither looking at them nor talking to them.

She turned to Ye Yingzhi, who was standing beside him, and instructed, “Please take good care of Xiao Chi. He has received a lot of fright during this period.”

Ye Yingzhi nodded as a response. “This is what I should do.”

However, as she walked to the door, Chi Yan grew alarmed. His right hand opened and shook twice quietly beside his leg. Finally, he was determined to open his mouth and stop her. His voice was weak and a little hoarse, “Sister Hu…”

This was his last chance.

His black eyes were fixed on Hu Xing. “Sister Hu, do you think my roommate is human?”

The question, when asked together with his pale and weak expression, gave a strange feeling.

In his eyes, there was a faint hope and signs of begging, but Hu Xing didn’t see it.

She looked at Ye Yingzhi and smiled apologetically at him before turning to Chi Yan. “Xiao Chi, don’t be suspicious, you’ve been scared silly recently. How could your roommate not be human? Don’t be worried.”

Chi Yan opened his mouth and slightly tilted his head. He saw Ye Yingzhi who was standing at the door frame smiling at him. His black eyes were dark, and his smile was extremely gentle.

His hands unconsciously clenched into a fist, and he anxiously said, “Gu Xixi is destroyed by him, I saw it with my own eyes.” He was… lying to you two.

Hu Xing approached him and patted him on the shoulder. “…You are so scared that you are hallucinating. Take a good rest these few days. It’s better if you go out and take a stroll to calm your soul.”

Presumably, in Chi Yan’s eyes, it was hard for him to accept the fact that the evil energy in his body had backfired on Gu Xixi. But the evil energy in him was innate, it wasn’t his fault nor his sin.

Hu Xing looked at Ye Yingzhi again. “I’m sorry, please take good care of Xiao Chi and don’t mind what he has said. I hope you can understand that he is not prejudiced or malicious toward you. He is just too nervous and scared during this period. You have always been the one he trusts and relied on the most. He will be better after this period of time, please guide him patiently.”

She couldn’t advise Chi Yan to see a psychiatrist, because the psychiatrist certainly wouldn’t believe in these kind of supernatural affairs. He could only rely on the help of people who had experienced these things with him.

Ye Yingzhi’s eyes flashed when he heard ‘You are always the one he trusts and relies the most’, and he nodded. “I understand, I will take good care of Ah Yan.”

Ye Yingzhi sent them to the door and watched them leave.

The room fell into silence, leaving him and Ye Yingzhi alone.

Chi Yan sat there as if he had lost his last hope. He was like a victim that asked for help from the police but the police had instead handed him back to the murderer and told him that the murderer was a good man and that he should follow him well.

Ye Yingzhi looked down and locked the door. He walked back to him, leaned over his ear and chuckled. “Ah Yan is not obedient. Do you want your husband to be taken away by them? Won’t my Ah Yan be a widow? How can I bear that?”

Chi Yan turned his face away and bowed his head. His hands were trembling slightly and he refused to look at him.

Ye Yingzhi gently raised his face with his left hand and nuzzled it with his nose and lips. “Ah Yan, look at me, don’t ignore me… It’s my fault. I shouldn’t have been too anxious.” At the same time, he took both of his hands with his right hand, and held them within his hands.

It really was him that year.

And he didn’t realize his mistake at all.

It wasn’t the issue of being anxious. 

Chi Yan closed his eyes, his throat moving.

Ye Yingzhi pressed the tip of his nose to his, as if he was remembering something. “…But as soon as I see you, I can’t control myself. As soon as I see you, I know you are mine.

“Ah Yan, you are mine. You have my scent… If there is a life before this, you belonged to me too. “

Mine, mine.

This person was his. No matter how long it would be, he would not let anyone else have him. No one should even think of taking him away.

“I won’t hurt you.” He whispered softly into his ears.

Chi Yan still refused to open his eyes. Gu Xixi also told him the same words, what ‘Brother Chi Yan, I like you, I will not hurt you, so give me your heart, we will always be together’. In the end, she wanted his life. Talking with something that wasn’t human, what kind of feelings and reasons were there to say?

Ye Yingzhi gently kissed and licked his eyelids, but he just dodged slightly. His eyelashes trembled, but he refused to open his eyes.

This time, Ye Yingzhi was really at a loss. He suddenly stood up, took Chi Yan lin his arms and walked out of the bedroom.

Chi Yan couldn’t help opening his eyes. From his point of view, he could only see the man’s profile.

“…Where are we going?” He asked in the end. Was Ye Yingzhi going to carry him out like this?

Ye Yingzhi didn’t answer, he opened the door and went out.

It was noon at the moment but there weren’t any people going in and out like what Chi Yan had imagined. It was the same as the situation when he was trapped in his room.

Chi Yan was so nervous that he clenched Ye Yingzhi’s sleeve.

Ye Yingzhi didn’t speak at all. He took him directly to the parking lot, stuffed him into his car and fastened his seat belt. After driving to an airport on the outskirts of the country, he was pulled again into a plane.

“What are you going to do?” Gu Xixi wanted his life, and she only went to his dormitory to get his heart, so why did he need need to go to the sky now?

“Ah Yan, sleep, I will speak to you again when you wake up.” Ye Yingzhi entered the cabin. “We are going to get married.”

Chi Yan still didn’t react until he was actually pulled into the marriage registry of C Country.

“Stop fooling around. I don’t even have a visa!”

What’s more strange was that he didn’t see any living creature along the way. It wasn’t only humans, but also insects and birds as well.

It was as empty as if there were only the two of them in the world.

“Don’t worry about these things,” Ye Yingzhi said with a smile. “I can isolate us from other beings. We can’t feel their existence, and they can’t feel our existence. When we have finished what we have to do, we will go back. “

Gu Xixi also showed a similar ability, but “she” had only isolated a bedroom, but Ye Yingzhi isolated the whole world.

No wonder they could easily forge all kinds of identities for themselves.

After a being busy for moment, Ye Yingzhi handed over a black paper. “En, marriage certificate, have a look.”

He looked at Chi Yan and his eyes were shining with joy and anticipation.

Chi Yan subconsciously stepped backward, he did not dare to take the paper.

The light in Ye Yingzhi’s eyes dimmed a little. “I promised your parents that I will form a legal relationship with you. Ah Yan, human beings will not hurt their partners. I believe that in this way, you will be able to trust me and forgive me.”

Not really. Even in human beings, there were wives who killed their husbands and husbands who murdered their wives. Chi Yan pondered, but he didn’t say it out loud. Instead, he asked a question that had nothing to do with this, “Ye Yingzhi, do you always knew about…. Gu Xixi?”

Knew that “she” was a cruel demon born of your evil energy, knew that “she” would kill human beings.

“I knows a little.” Ye Yingzhi’s eyes drooped., ” But how can the evils it had done be traced back to me? Even if it was caused by my evil energy, I have no responsibility to supervise it.”

He looked up at Chi Yan and said, “I am different from it. Ah Yan, I want your heart, and if you want, I will give you all my heart without reservation.”

Chi Yan stood there foolishly, looking at the person in front of him, forgetting to react or say anything for the moment.

There was a muddle voice in his heart saying something, but he couldn’t hear it clearly. He just instinctively wanted to get closer to the only other existence besides himself in this world of void.

Ye Yingzhi took a step forward at this time and held him tightly in his arms. “Ah Yan, have you really experienced the feeling of being haunted by evil? Although selfish, but from now on, I will always haunt you.”

You’re lying. You’ve obviously been haunting me since five years ago.

Chi Yan closed his eyes quietly and leaned on his shoulders, little by little.

Since I couldn’t run away.

Since I also… liked you.

Since Baby Yan in the game, since the first sight of you at the beginning of graduate school.

I didn’t know why but towards an evil being, I couldn’t…

…get you out of my mind, and I fell in love with you at first sight.

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