TH – 61

Chapter 61: Full Moon Banquet

Ye Yingzhi spoke excellent Chinese, if he said he grew up in China, Chi Yan would believe it because there was really nothing for him to correct. The two would still chat through messages, but when it was nighttime, Ye Yingzhi would pick a time to call him, saying that it was to practice his “speech delivery”.

Chi Yan couldn’t help but feel impressed by the other party’s attitude to constantly improve himself. He thought that if only he had this kind of mentality for his TOEFL in those years, he could have at least score ten more marks.

Ye Yingzhi usually called at 10 p.m. At that time, Chi Yan would have just finished taking a bath, he would open the window and talk on the phone while letting his hair dry naturally. The two could talk for half an hour to an hour. Ye Yingzhi would also speak English with him, and it really helped him to correct some pronunciation and accent problems. In the first place, it was relaxing and fun to talk to him, and now it was also beneficial for him. Naturally, Chi Yan was more than willing to talk with Ye Yingzhi.

Ye Yingzhi’s English accent was more of a British accent, and there was always a sense of properness when he spoke, which was even more irresistible. When listening to him speaking Chinese, he didn’t feel that, however, when the other party spoke English, he always had to pay more attention to what the other party said, and his ears would always be hot.

For the first time, he understood why someone would say that the British accent was more seductive than the American accent.

At about 10:30 that evening, Chi Yan was talking to Ye Yingzhi when he heard a knock and his name being called from the outside.

Listening to the voice, it sounded like Alex.

Chi Yan said to his phone, “Wait a moment, someone is looking for me.”

He got up from the bed and placed his phone on the table. When he opened the door, and it was indeed Alex who was outside his door.

Alex was holding two invitation cards with a black background and golden font in his hands. “Hey Jerry, there’s gonna be a cocktail party organised by Prius this weekend. I’m doing an internship over there, so I got quite a few invitations. They’re warmly welcoming young students from AHU, perhaps they believe this will be a good opportunity to promote their company. Don’t you want to fully immerse yourself in Sophus’s different lifestyles and various activities? This is a good opportunity. I have two invitations here. You can bring your friend along. What’s his name? Kevin?” 

Kevin was Jiang Tian’s English name.

Ever since Chi Yan had arrived here, he had yet to attend any formal party and it was also true that he was rather interested in this party, so he readily agreed and thanked him for his kindness. He took the invitation and said, “Okay, thank you. I’ll ask Kevin.”

“It would be good if both of you can go.” Alex smiled brightly. “The party is a little far from the dorm. Simon and I will be driving there. You and Kevin can take my car.”

Chi Yan once again expressed his thanks and wished him good night before he closed the door.

His phone was on the table and the screen was lit, indicating that the call was still ongoing.

“Did you hear that? The friend who lives next to me invited me to a party this weekend. I don’t know how all those cocktail parties here will be like. Have you ever attended one?”

Instead of answering his question, Ye Yingzhi asked him, “The one who lives next to you? Is that the guy you’ve told me about before? The one with black hair, blue eyes, and often fooled around with his group of friends? I advise you to stay away from them. They don’t sound like any decent people.” There was a rare hint of discontentment in his voice.

“Yes, I got it.” Chi Yan smiled, but he didn’t expect Ye Yingzhi to be so conservative. He thought that young people who lived abroad would be more open. When Ye Yingzhi was like this, he sounded like a middle school head teacher.

“They just like to play around, otherwise, they’re all very nice. There are many students in my country who can still get good grades by cramming at the end of the term. Everyone works hard in different ways. Besides, I’ve already promised him this time. I’m just going to take a look and not drink too much? Shouldn’t that be fine? Prius is also a famous company, isn’t it?”

Prius was a biotech company that was well known in Australia. Because of its unique geographical location, environment, and evolutionary process, Australia had many wonderful animals and plants that weren’t found in the northern hemisphere. It had always held an advantage in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and health care department.

Chi Yan said that as he looked at the invitation card given by Alex. The invitation card was extremely exquisite and had a unique and subtle fragrance. The black card had a golden pattern engraved on it and when it was flipped open, the inside was also the same—

We sincerely invite you to join us in our feast this weekend. You will certainly have an unforgettable night.

It also displayed the time and place of the party. There wasn’t any signature, but it did make one anticipate after looking at it.

After Ye Yingzhi heard his words, he gave a little “En” and no longer disapproved.

It was getting late. Chi Yan and his Tom Ye said good night to each other before he charged his phone and fell asleep.

Outside the window was a quiet street. Occasionally, there would be cars passing by at full speed. In between the vast amount of green, insects and birds chirped. A huge black shadow with four hoofs swept past his window. The shadow covered the entire window,casting a reflection through the glass to the opposite wall. The master of the room mumbled in his dream and remained clueless about the situation.


Soon it was Saturday. Chi Yan had told Jiang Tian about the party. Jiang Tian was outgoing and couldn’t stand not having anything to do in his daily life. After hearing from him, he happily agreed to go with him.

Chi Yan and Alex made an appointment to meet at the dormitory gate at 6 p.m. Alex would then drive them to the party.

When it was the appointed time, there was only Alex who was dressed up waiting for them at the gate.

“Where are Simon and the rest? Aren’t they coming with us?” There were at least five or six friends in Alex’s group, and the ones that he saw most frequently were a boy named Simon and a girl named Judy. Both of them also have a milder temper. Chi Yan wasn’t good at remembering the names and faces of foreigners, he could only remember these two people because they looked for Alex the most often and would take the initiative to greet every time they saw him.

“They’ve already gone off, but we still have to wait for another person.” Alex smiled and he looked like he was in a good mood.

In a short while, Emily appeared in front of the three wearing a white skirt. Her beautiful blonde hair was tied up and she had a pearl-colored bag in her hands.

It turned out that Emily was the person Alex was waiting for, but that was nothing out of the ordinary. After all, they lived nearby each other. It seemed that Alex and Emily had a good relationship. Since he had invited themselves, naturally, he would also invite Emily.

“White, that’s nice. They will love it.” Alex softly whispered and took the three into the car. Alex and Emily sat in the front, while Chi Yan and Jiang Tian sat at the back.

Sophus was good in this aspect, Chi Yan had never experienced traffic jams ever since he had arrived here.

Alex drove all the way to the outskirts of the city.

Jiang Tian couldn’t help but ask aloud, “The invitation sayid that the party will be held in a club in the west of the city? Why are you driving to the east?” As he went to the west side of the city last semester to attend an academic conference held by the school, he still remembered the direction.

“The location was suddenly changed yesterday,” Alex replied. “Seriously, even I am not sure why the location was changed.”

The party was held in a manor on the outskirts of the city which was not far from here. The car drove for an hour and arrived at the destination.

Alex took Emily’s hand and walked in front of them. Jiang Tian murmured to Chi Yan, “You are so pitiful. Look at how clever Alex is. You should bring a female companion instead of me.”

Chi Yan comfortingly patted him on the shoulder. “Don’t undervalue yourself.”

As soon as Alex walked into the venue, he felt an unusual tension.

He frowned and went to look for Simon who was hugging a human boy at the moment. He dragged him to one side and lowered his voice, “What’s happening? Why are there so many old fellows here? Haven’t they not appeared for a long time?”

It was just an ordinary full moon blood banquet. Why did it attract so many seniors of their race? After a rough look, he found several faces that didn’t belong to Sophus at all. If he remembered correctly, those guys should have come from Sydney or Melbourne, maybe even from Adelaide and other places.

Those old fellows toasted their glasses and conversed softly. Their expressions and bearings held a degree of dignity.

Please, how long had it been since the Middle Ages had passed?

Alex pulled impatiently at the neckline of his shirt. He hoped that his friend would give him an explanation.

Simon leaned closer to him and whispered, “I heard… I just heard that the person you met that night has received an invitation.”

He looked at Alex who was a little stunned. “But I think it’s highly likely that the rumors are true. Don’t you see how those in charge of the current affairs came running here? And the venue of the banquet has been temporarily changed from the city club we often go to… After all, the person who arrived at the southern hemisphere this time has been very low profile and hasn’t publicly exposed his face. No one would want to get into trouble at this time, all right.”

“My God,” Alex said as he covered his head, looking just like an ordinary young man complaining about the constraints his elderly had set for him, “what occasions that person hasn’t  seen before, why is he suddenly interested in such a small party such as ours and even accepted the invitation? We’re dead meat. There are so many old fellows here, we won’t be able to play any new tricks this time.”

“Shh, keep it down.” Simon looked around and made a ‘shhh’ gesture.

He patted his friend on the shoulder and comforted him. “Relax, that’s all those big figures’ issues. According to the usual the rumor, he will not appear in public even if he came to this banquet. At most, he will allow some old fellows to visit him in the side hall. It won’t have anything to do with us. But I have to say, you’re really good this time, you brought three human beings and two of them are from the east… “

He licked his teeth. “…We are going to enjoy ourselves tonight.”

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