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Chapter 62: A Place One Shouldn’t Have Went

After Chi Yan and Jiang Tian entered the place, they couldn’t find Alex, Emily, or even see any familiar faces, so they could only hold on to their wine and wandered around the venue.

The venue of the party was bigger than what Chi Yan had imagined. After entering the door, there would be a large banquet hall in the middle with four side halls on both sides of the main hall.

In the corner of the main hall, there was a band playing soothing music. On the other side, there was a dining table. From time to time, there would be waiters bringing in new dishes, fruits, desserts and drinks. The gentlemen and ladies, with their well-dressed appearances, would wander lazily and casually through this party⁠— as if they were acquainted with everyone here. There were also some young boys and girls around Chi Yan’s age. Most of them were standing together in their own social circle in one corner.

When they arrived at the party, it was 7 p.m., Chi Yan and Jiang Tian wandered around the venue in boredom until it was more than 8 p.m. and found that the only thing that attracted them was the dining table over there. However, they were embarrassed to constantly take the food.

Jiang Tian put the empty wine cup on one side of the dining table, pointed to the side hall on the right and said to Chi Yan, “Ruler, I will go there to have a look and look for Alex and the rest. I don’t know how long the reception will be held and when it’s time to enter the main event.” It couldn’t be like this for the entire night, where the participants could only hold their wine and talk to each other.

“OK, I’ll wait for you here. If something happens, contact me by text message.” Chi Yan watched as Jiang Tian’s back disappeared. He took out his phone and played with it. No one would notice him anyway.

But he was wrong. Just after playing a game for ten minutes, a man came to him and asked, “Why are you here alone? Who brought you here?”

The man looked very young, perhaps not much older than twenty-seven to twenty-eight years old. As Chi Yan didn’t know the identity and intention of the other party, he could only politely keep his phone and returned a smile. “I’m a student of AHU, my classmates passed me an invitation and brought me here.”

“I see, so you are a student… If your classmates isn’t going to take you to play, would you like to join me tonight?” The man smiled and offered an invitation.

Chi Yan felt that the man’s words and tone of voice were somewhat strange, so he refused with a stiff smile. “It’s fine, I wouldn’t be able to stay too long, my classmates will take us back together.”

He put on an act to take out his phone and looked at the time, nodded to him and said, “I see it’s almost time, I need to find them.”

After that, Chi Yan put away his phone and turned round to the direction that Jiang Tian left. If Jiang Tian came back and couldn’t find him, he would definitely call him or send a message, so he didn’t have to worry about missing him.

The man didn’t stop him, instead he smiled at his back… Go back early? I’m afraid this lovely child doesn’t know what exactly this place is…

No sooner had he gone that way than he was grabbed by the wrist. Alex patted him as if he were relieved and said, “Thank goodness, I finally found you. Where’s Kevin?”

Chi Yan asked, “He went to look for you? Didn’t you see him?” 

“So it’s like this…” Alex mumbled and shook his head. “Don’t worry about him. You’re enough. I’ll find him later.” Then he took him to one of the side halls.

Chi Yan tried to take back his hand but for the life of him, he couldn’t tell from Alex’s appearance that he was actually so strong. He couldn’t break free as if he was being held by a pair of pliers. Fortunately Alex realized his struggle and released him.

Chi Yan rubbed his left wrist. “Why did you say that I’m enough? What do you want to do?”

“…Play cards.” Alex turned his head back to look at him. “Playing cards, do you know how? If you don’t, we can teach you.”

“Yes, not necessarily by your usual rules, but I should be able to learn quite fast.” Chi Yan followed Alex to the side hall and took a seat on a round dark red sofa in the corner.

In addition to the two of them, there were five other people, including Simon and Judy, and others were more or less familiar with each other. They were all friends that Alex often played with.

Chi Yan sent a message to Jiang Tian. He asked him to come to them at the sofa in the side hall on the left. Then he looked up and asked, “What about Emily? Why isn’t she here?”

“Don’t worry about her.” Alex laughed casually. “She should be familiar with this kind of occasion. Let her play on her own.”

This side hall was very quiet. After the door was closed, all the noisy conversation, music, and footsteps outside would be completely cut off. Only a few young people in front would gather to speak in a low voice.

After playing the cards, time passed very fast. After three rounds, he touched his phone and saw that it was 9:58 p.m. on the screen.

“An hour already passed, why hasn’t Kevin come here? Did he get infatuated with a beauty?” He joked and put the cards in his hand on the short table in front of the sofa. “I’ll go out and find him.”

He said as he stood up and was about to go out, but the other six people all stood up at this moment and blocked his way.

“What’s the matter? I’m going out to look for Kevin… Simon. Could you excuse me for a moment?” Chi Yan hadn’t comprehended what’s going on in the moment, and didn’t understand why they stood up with him.

Simon didn’t move or talk, he just stood there and looked at him. The lights in the side halls were very dark, half of his face was hidden in the shadow, outlining a strange look almost like a smile.

At this time, Chi Yan finally realised that something was wrong. He glanced at the people in front of him and confirmed more and more that they were deliberately blocking the way, just like a few bad cats blocking the way of the little mice that had no way to escape.

Chi Yan looked back at Alex, his throat moved a little, pretending to smile easily and said, “Are you playing a game? Or some kind of prank I don’t know about?”

Alex looked down at his watch on his left wrist and smiled at him, “Jerry, thanks to your warning, I realised that it’s time.”

Chi Yan subconsciously followed his movement and took a glance at his phone. Three minutes had passed since then and it was 10:01 p.m. now.

Alex’s “it’s time up” sentence was like a trigger to an switch, ever since then, no one said anything, but the six of them all used an abnormal fervent expression to stare at Chi Yan who was encircled at the center. Chi Yan looked from the corner of his eyes at the two people whose names he didn’t remember and saw an extremely horrifying sight— within the shadows, the colour in their faces had all faded into a sort of pale and lifeless color. What was even more terrifying was the two fangs that were sticking out from between their lips. 

At that instant, Chi Yan was so frightened that his heart almost stopped, and he hurriedly changed his line of sight. Fortunately, Alex, Simon, and the rest were still in their usual appearance, it’s just that their skin seemed to have become paler than usual— But this might also be a figment of his imagination, just like that sight from just now, it was nothing but an illusion caused by the lighting and shadows.

The atmosphere suddenly became exceedingly quiet, as if even their heartbeats had stopped.

Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid. They might be deliberately creating a strange atmosphere to scare you, they want to see you piss in terror and embarrass yourself. Chi Yan was rousing his courage inwardly when he suddenly realised an anomaly in this quiet and surreptitious atmosphere— he even moved himself imperceptibly towards Alex’s direction and carefully sensed it.

He couldn’t help swallowing his saliva— it wasn’t his misconception, because ever since just now, everyone’s heart had stopped beating. At this very moment in this very place, he could only sense his own heartbeat.

Of the seven people present, he was the only human being.

Chi Yan’s pupils immediately constricted.

As if Simon had gained tremendous pleasure from seeing his horrified appearance after discovering the truth, he opened his mouth and started smiling. He licked his teeth with satisfaction— those long and sharp fangs gleamed a cold light.

Alex pacified him in a strong, soothing tone, “Rest assured, Jerry, don’t be afraid, it won’t be too painful and we don’t want your life either. Maybe you’ll even grow to love this sort of feeling. Many humans enjoyed the sensation of having their blood sucked, like Emily, for example.”

Chi Yan’s mind was rapidly processing the words he heard, “pain”, “human”, “sucking blood”… They weren’t actually human but… the vampires of the legends?

This answer had completely encroached his idea of the real word and he couldn’t accept it momentarily.

The long-repressed vampires didn’t give him any more time to respond and got closer to him bit by bit under Alex’s lead, gradually narrowed the circle.

Chi Yan stood there and was too nervous to make any movement. He couldn’t imagine what he was going to face at all and none of the self-help knowledge he had read before could be used in this situation.

“Knock, knock, knock—”

At this moment, a series of unhurried knockings came from the door.

And the knocker who didn’t receive any response opened the door on their own initiative.

Accompanied by the creaking sound from the door, Chi Yan and the vampires turned their heads together to look at the man who suddenly appeared at this critical moment.

It was a middle-aged man with grey hair. He was dressed in a three piece suit with his hair combed neatly. On his chest was an ancient style golden pocket watch that was engraved with thorns and roses.

He looked at the scene calmly and said in the same unhurried tone, “I’m sorry, young gentlemen and ladies. Your Highness has ordered me to come and bring this gentleman away.”

He used declarative sentences and there wasn’t any intention to ask anyone for their opinions, just as if he was backed by the supreme will of the world.

The man’s gaze was directed at Chi Yan. Needless to say, the vampires in the room knew whom he was referring to.

There were two vampires looking at Alex while the other one looked at Simon as if they were waiting for their opinions. Judy wanted to say something, but Simon held her hand firmly.

“Of course,” Alex retracted his fangs and smiled gracefully at the middle-aged man, “I hope that Jerry can satisfy his royal highness.”

He stretched his hand and pushed Chi Yan out.

The man nodded, indicating Chi Yan to leave with him.

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