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Chapter 63: The Prince’s Invitation 

Once the door was closed, Judy glared at Simon with some indignance. “Who is that? Why did you let him take Jerry away? Have all of you forgotten how sweet his blood smelled that day in the kitchen…”

She sniffed like was reminiscing that smell. “It wasn’t easy to obtain such an opportunity like today. He accepted the fresh blood banquet and followed Alex here. He is our prey today and we’re allowed to do whatever we want to him as we like. But you two let a stranger take him away? Our clan has clearly stated a rule that whoever brought the prey, the prey would belong to them. No one else would have the right to take away that  prey.”

“But that’s Prince Eymer,” Alex voiced out.

Just that one sentence had caused Judy to lose her voice.

“Prince Eymer…?” She softly repeated after him.

“That’s right, that person just now is His Royal Highness’s steward,” Simon continued, “thank god that you didn’t do anything stupid to evoke his anger.”

“But it’s really a pity for Jerry to fall into his hands…” Another vampire couldn’t help proclaiming only to be frightened by Simon’s expression and dared not continue.

However, all the vampires present here knew what he meant by “pity”⁠— it was a well-known public secret.

Prince Eymer had a strange obsession with cleanliness. He had never sucked blood directly from a human, instead he would have his servant pour the blood into a crystal glass. However, everyone in the blood clan knew that this method of consuming blood would greatly reduce its deliciousness, it was just like eating a well-cooked beef steak. In their eyes, the prince who held endless power, resources, and could easily enjoy the luxury of drinking fresh blood directly from a human everyday was simply being extremely wasteful when he did so.

There was even a rumor saying that the number of time Prince Eymer had consumed blood was very little in the past hundred years. It was said that he was fond of trying out all kinds and all sorts of human food even though he lacked a sense of taste just like every other vampire⁠— of course, this was just a baseless rumor, so many vampires didn’t believe it. After all, the power of the blood clan had to be sustained through blood, if Prince Eymer was really like what the rumors said and hadn’t consumed blood for the last two to three hundred years, in that case, his power would also be greatly reduced and his status as a prince would be challenged.

But the fact was that up until this point, there were few that dared to even bring up his name, let alone talk about the decline in his power. Many younger vampires might not have seen him at all before but they received their elders’ influence and instinctively felt a sense of reverence for this royal highness.

“I only hope… Jerry would be able to tactfully comply and please His Highness, don’t create any more trouble for us, and pretend that nothing had happened, then it would be all good,” Simon softly said. He was very worried about what kind of trouble that rude and impetuous young man who knew nothing about vampires, blood banquet, and Prince Eymer would stir, and bring disaster to them.

The hall momentarily sank into silence, and it was Alex who broke this quiet atmosphere, “Alright, don’t think about it anymore. We should go and look for other food. Don’t we still have a completely fresh Kevin? Let’s not let anyone snatch him away.”


The only thought running through Chi Yan’s mind right then was to leave the hall. No matter what, he had to leave this hall first before making any further decisions. Nothing was worse than being surrounded by six monsters.

He felt the door of the side hall behind him closing, and instantly, a sliver of hope surged in him.

The grey-haired man seemed to have seen through his ideas and indifferently said, “I advise you to behave yourself and follow me to see His Highness. Don’t take any chances. You wouldn’t want to know the outcome of a human walking alone in the main hall.”

Chi Yan frowned, his intuition told him that this man’s words were true, although he couldn’t confirm whether this “person” himself was a human or not.

Outside the side hall was a long and spacious hallway. When Chi Yan entered the side hall with Alex, there was still some people chatting there, but at this moment, the hallway was deserted, and the two large doors connecting into the main hall were tightly shut.

“They are all at the main hall,” the grey haired man casually explained, “only those prey that have been brought here would be hidden in the side halls for their exclusive enjoyment if they aren’t willing to share or exchange.”

The man’s tone was very flat but each of his words touched Chi Yan’s nerve, hinting to him how this place and party might be more unusual, and even more terrifying and harder to escape from than what he had imagined.

He led Chi Yan from the staircase at the end of the hallway to the second floor. Chi Yan stood at the front of the steps and hesitated. He understood clearly that it would only be harder for him to escape once he goes up.

And as early as he had followed the man out, he had secretly confirmed that once it was 10 p.m., his phone’s signal had been blocked. He didn’t have any means of communication with the outside world.

The man was also very good-natured as he stood in front of him, waiting. “I’m sorry sir, forgive me for being blunt, but you have no other choice.”

Yes, in this place filled with non-human entities, other than leaving with him, he had no other choice.

Chi Yan looked at the grey-haired man leading the way for him and felt that he looked familiar. He suddenly remembered that he had seen him at the hamburger joint near his dormitory. As the other party was wearing a very unsuitable attire in contrast to the surroundings back then, Chi Yan still retained an impression of him even though more than a month had passed.

So… he was bringing him to see the owner of that hand?

This thought suddenly popped out from his mind that Chi Yan couldn’t help but feel his breathing halting for a second, thinking of that dream from that night…

He shook his head and told himself not to think wildly. Although what had happened tonight was unimaginable to the point of being beyond the control of an ordinary person, he must remain calm and keep his cool so that he would be able to come up with solutions to bring himself and Jiang Tian out from here.

The concept of the interior design of this building was an open space, the people in the first floor of the hall would not be able to easily see those on top, however, for those walking in the hallway above, they would be able to look down and see a panoramic view of the hall.

When standing on the spiraling stairs on the second floor, Chi Yan glanced at the brightly lit banquet hall casually and couldn’t move any more. The monsters with human appearances and fangs had pressed a young man on the corner of the wall. The sharp teeth instantly broke the soft skin and went deep into his neck… Some monsters were so impatient that they exerted too much force, causing the blood to splash out and fall on a white skirt or shirt… Some of the humans, with their frightened and trembling faces, had hidden themselves in the corner. Just like himself, they obviously knew nothing about tonight, while some of them were very calm and even took the initiative to talk to the monsters with fangs and blood-stained clothes. And without exception, when those humans were getting sucked, they revealed an expression they seemed to be either intoxication or pain, like they had lost their soul.

Chi Yan thought of the sentence that Alex had said— “Don’t worry about her, she should be very familiar with this sort of occasion. Let her play on her own.”

So to say, Emily was already aware of what kind of occasion this party was, and even knew the kind of monster Alex and they rest were but she still came voluntarily?

But why was that so? How could this be? Did she lose her mind?

With a rough glance, approximately half of the participants here weren’t human.

The smell of blood dissipated the whole hall, and it turned out that the main event of this party was this. When time was up, this place would become a feast for monsters to enjoy their meal.

The grey-haired man urged at the side, “No matter what you intend to do, come with me to see His Highness first. Bringing you to him is my task.” In fact, he was afraid that His Highness would be impatient because he had used up too much time.

Chi Yan moved his feet with difficulty and he couldn’t restrain himself from verifying, “…They, or to say, all of you, what exactly are you all?” What was even more absurd was that this unchanging grey-haired man made him feel that he was somewhat reliable. Perhaps because he seemed to be in control of the situation and didn’t turn into monsters like Alex and the rest at the scent of blood.

The man’s footsteps never paused. He continued to lead him to the third floor and uttered a word without turning his head back, “Vampires.”

As if this question couldn’t be even more ordinary.

His guess had been confirmed. Chi Yan powerlessly closed his eyes.

Look at how his foolish and unsuspecting self had actually brought himself and his friend to a dangerous and surreal situation like this. 

“Sorry but please close your eyes and cooperate.” The man then swiftly took out a ribbon and tied it over Chi Yan’s eyes.

Chi Yan’s vision abruptly sank into darkness and he felt at a loss instantly. His other senses became keen.

He heard the man knocking gently on a door three times before he instructed him, “Please enter.”

Chi Yan hesitated for a second, and extended his leg forward. He didn’t feel any obstruction— the door had already been opened without any sound somehow. The grey-haired man didn’t follow him, making it obvious that he would have to go in alone.

He couldn’t see anything, nor did he know what was waiting for him inside. He could only stretch out his hands and try to move forward.

The floor was laid with thick carpet, he could feel the softness under his feet but not the sound of his footsteps. Following after, he heard a click, and the wooden door was once again closed and locked.

A burst of fear suddenly arose within Chi Yan and he stood at frozen at the spot, not knowing what to do. The sensation of being robbed of his vision intensified his fear and anxiety. 

He lifted his left hand and hesitatingly hovered it around the front of his eyes— he wanted to remove it and look at his surroundings; yet he was afraid that this action would enrage the strange owner here and bring trouble to himself— although he felt that there was nothing worse than his current situation.

But very soon, someone had helped him make a decision. The master of the room had unknowingly came before him quietly, one of his hands pressing onto his left hand that was on the ribbon.

That hand was cold, slender, and had distinct joints, which was exactly like the one in his dream.

Chi Yan gulped involuntarily.

Then he felt the owner of the hand leaning closer to him, feeling his cool breath  on his face. Chi Yan could sense that the other party was extremely close to him— and perhaps a little closer, they would then make contact with each other.

But, he couldn’t see anything.

Chi Yan nervously titled his face to the side, not noticing that this action had completely exposed the left side of his neck under the other party’s vision.

The person in front of him lowered his body again, and that cool breath had shifted to his left neck— Chi Yan only felt coldness on the exposed skin, like something cold and wet had slid on his skin.

Yes, it’s the other party’s tongue. The moment this thought had emerged in his mind, Chi Yan tensed up involuntarily.

The vampire in front of him held his left shoulder tight, the hand that was originally stopping him from removing the ribbon was now clasped on his left hand. It was just two simple actions, but it made unable to exert any strength and move.

Two people were intimately nestled on each other, and in the next moment, Chi Yan felt a sharp object pressing on the spot where he had been licked. It was the other party’s fangs… he had yet to respond when his neck was punctured by a pair of sharp objects!

He couldn’t control the grunt coming out of his throat and reached his hands out to embrace the culprit’s neck.

He could feel his blood leaving his body, at the same time, there was an ineffably marvellous sensation— he seemed to be flying in the sky, his consciousness had turned foggy, his body was hot and weak, and his legs couldn’t seem to support his body. He could only hang on and rely on the other party, barely managing to maintain his standing position. He unconsciously closed his eyes and let out a soft groan.

Perhaps its was only a fleeting moment, but time seemed to have dragged on, even after the other party had pulled out his sharp fangs from his neck, Chi Yan still hadn’t regained back his consciousness. He could indistinctly feel that other party caressing his neck with his lips and tongue, and then softly used his tongue to lick the wound.

Miraculously, at the moment they pulled away, the blood stopped gushing out, like it had healed instantly.

He could hear the other party letting out a deep sigh of satisfaction.

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