Too Much Worries


Qiao Yuben was the son of a wealthy family. He had not been disciplined by his elders since childhood. He was held by his hands by his servants and grew into a small pampered crying bag.

Once the family was in decline, he was sent to the palace by his aunt. He was trying to be a man with his tail down. However, he became the most intimate little study buy(for a laxk of better word) of Prince Jingyan and was spoiled in his palm.

Unfortunately, the prince’s luck was not good. He fell from the clouds and became an abandoned prince. He was confined to the Taiqing Palace and could not enter the triple doors for life.

Qiao Yuben, who had never suffered, wiped his face and changed into eunuch’s clothes. He cried and accompanied the waste prince into the cold palace.

In the past, Qiao Yuben was unable to bear hardships, but that was him who had not encounter the prince Jingyan which could make him bear hardships.

The long night, the long road rugged, even if the world was more painful, with you around, there would be no worries.

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Chapter 1