TVIOB – 16

Chapter 16: A Dream of the High Platform

…Oh shit.

Meng Chongguang was unaware of the even slightest shifts happening within Xu Xingzhi’s heart, he only thought to ask him, “I don’t know if it’s true… Senior Brother, do you think the Lord of Sealed Mountain is lying?”

Xu Xingzhi could only tell him responsibly in his heart that this news was indeed correct because Laozi really did write that in his story.

Xu Xingzhi’s fake smile was stiffening on his face. “Did you fulfill his wish afterward?”

Meng Chongguang laughed and said, “Why would I? Do you mean what I said about killing him? That was just for the sake of saying it. I still have a use for keeping him alive.”

…Xu Xingzhi decided that, if his identity was unfortunately revealed one day, he would absolutely slit his own neck with a dagger at once, so as not to be tormented by Meng Chongguang, this old demon, and lived wishing he was dead instead.

This old demon that might have belonged to the feline family soon fell asleep under his gentle strokes. He curled up around his knee and slept soundly like a kitten with his fluffy hair spread over his knee. This feeling was particularly nice.

Xu Xingzhi stroked his hair with his prosthetic right hand that was made of rosewood, but his left hand grasped the handle of the dagger again and slowly pulled it out the sheath.

Meng Chongguang already knew the whereabouts of the next key’s fragment. Was it time to kill him?

The blade of the dagger pointed between Meng Chongguang’s eyebrows.

Because of his stirred up emotions from just now, a scarlet demon mark emerged, making it easy for Xu Xingzhi to find the location of it.

Meng Zhong Gang slept defenselessly, hiding under the dark black hair was such a peaceful and harmless face as if the place where he was sleeping was the safest place in the world.

Xu Xingzhi poked at his head, he did not wake up, but muttered, “Senior Brother, Senior Brother.”

He smiled foolishly as he called out the name, as if saying this name would bring him endless joy out of nowhere.

…Xu Xingzhi eventually threw the dagger away and fell backward, putting his hand on his forehead.

Fuck. Forget it.

He wasn’t any nobleman, but he couldn’t lay his hands down against the defenseless Meng Chongguang when he showed such an expression.

If he had done such a thing, even if he had returned to his original world, Meng Chongguang’s face would probably appear in his dreams from time to time.

Instead of this, he should just use the dagger and sever his own neck neat and tidy.

Of course, Xu Xingzhi, who always upheld the idea of “better a bad life than a good death”, would not drop dead so easily.

After putting the dagger back, Xu Xingzhi painstakingly shifted Meng Chongguang to the bed.

He must have lost a lot of energy fighting against the enemy today. He should have a good sleep.

Seeing how soundly he was sleeping, he was actually somewhat jealous, so he scraped his grecian1 but still beautiful nose: “…Really a living enemy.”

Then, he decided to go out for a walk to relax himself. Who would’ve thought he had just got up and left the bed for two steps, Meng Chongguang made a soft “En.” His voice was rough and alluring, stirring Xu Xingzhi’s heart that he turned his head back to take a look.

——Meng Chongguang’s eyebrows were scrunched up, and his lips, which had just been ruddy, were also pursed up, making a pale, deadly tight line.

Xu Xingzhi tried to soothe his eyebrows by gently rubbing at them.

As soon as his fingertips met Meng Chongguang’s skin, Meng Chongguang’s expression strangely relaxed.

Xu Xingzhi smiled helplessly and he put aside his intention to go out for a walk to clear his mind. He went back to the bed, laid down on his side and closed his eyes as well.

…Meng Chongguang seemed tired enough. It seemed that only by accompanying him could he sleep well.

Speaking of which, Meng Chongguang was picked up by the original owner from a young age. His attachment to the original owner was no less than that of a father and an elder brother. This wasn’t a difficult issue to understand.

He had nothing to do at the moment. Xu Xingzhi looked at the top of the bed with his right hand cushioned behind his head. He remembered what the Animal Hide Man had insulted him just now.

“I was thinking, ‘who was it?’ It turned out to be the traitorous and treacherous Xu Xingzhi!”

“…With the ambition of a white-eyed wolf, possessing no virtue, murdering his own master…”

The entire world thought it was Xu Xingzhi who killed his master. The memory of the former owner of this body told him that it was Meng Chongguang who went against the law and killed his master in order to seize the magic artifacts. After that, he made Xu Xingzhi bore the black pot.

However, Xu Xingzhi’s view of Meng Chongguang’s present work showed that he was very hot-blooded and righteous, unlike a person who would conspire to obtain mere worldly possessions unscrupulously.

Did his mind get confused because of how valuable the magic artifacts were?

He turned over and lay on his side, but somehow he felt suffocated.

…The name of the original owner’s master seemed to be “Qing Jing-jun”.

The name nagged Xu Xingzhi’s mind, making him feel uncomfortable and nauseous for a while.

He propped up half of his body and leaned over the bedside, he felt nauseous but there wasn’t anything coming out.

Xu Xingzhi thumped his chest lightly twice and lay down again. The pain and soreness in his chest eased a little.

Xu Xingzhi couldn’t tell where this feeling originated from. He could only comfort himself by saying that this was because he was using the body of the original owner. Perhaps the original held deep feelings for his master. It was only when he had remembered that he was already died that caused him to feel so depressed.

Conforming with his principle that sleeping could solve a thousand worries, Xu Xingzhi went to sleep.

As his breathing gradually evened out, Meng Chongguang opened his eyes again and turned over. He gently drew Xu Xingzhi near his arms, stretched out his hand and pressed it at Xu Xingzhi’s chest.

The heartbeat inside was deep and powerful, and each of them entered into his eardrums.

Meng Chongguang embraced Xu Xingzhi from behind and whispered in his ear, “Senior Brother, don’t be sad. If you’re going to kill me, I won’t fight back. As long as you are happy…

As he said that, he sniffed Xu Xingzhi’s earlobe like a puppy. Then he opened his mouth and sucked the lobe into his mouth before biting it lightly with his canine tooth.

Xu Xingzhi frowned and hummed in protest, but he did not wake up.

That night, Xu Xingzhi had another strange dream.

This time, when he opened his eyes, he was situated on a tall Yaotai building, holding bamboo slips and dressed formally. It seemed like he was preparing to teach about daoism.

Under the platform, disciples were gathered together and he saw a few familiar faces. Meng Chongguang and Jiu Zhideng had shed off their young and inexperienced appearance and had transformed into handsome youths now. They knelt on the praying mat and waited for the teaching attentively, however, both of them stared at him intently.

Meng Chongguang even took advantage of the fact that the other disciples were standing seriously and ignorant of others to wave his hand and greeted Xu Xingzhi, who was on the high platform.

A quiet and affectionate voice sounded from behind, “Xingzhi, get started.”

Hearing this sound, Xu Xingzhi’s body became stiff.

The scene here was quite different from Lu Wang Platform. The attires of the disciples below were all neat and uniformed. They were all in white robe with a light green ribbon bound around their hair.

… t seemed that this place should be Fengling Mountain.

And the one that could instruct the head disciple Xu Xingzhi to start teaching, would it be the “Qing Jing-jun”?

Xu Xingzhi wanted to turn around, but his body did not listen to him. He began to open the bamboo slips and read them out and explain the difficult ancient characters word by word.

Xu Xingzhi thought the scene was so vivid that it should be the memory of the original owner until a sticky, thick and strong vine slipped silently into the bottom of his thick robe.

Xu Xin Zhi felt his lower half getting satiny for a moment, and he had not yet come back to his senses when the fingers holding onto the bamboo slips instantly clenched. A cry of alarm rushed out to the tip of his lips only to be sealed tightly between his teeth before it was swallowed back down again.

Seeing that Xu Xingzhi dared not resist, the vine became more and more unrestrained. It stirred and turned between Xu Xingzhi’s legs; like a deer thirsting for drink, like a fish swimming in the water.

Xu Xingzhi raised his eyes in panic, but no one else noticed his abnormality.

The disciples below looked up at him with admiration and reverence in their eyes, and Meng Chongguang was amidst them. He gazed at him with his bright and burning eyes.

Xu Xingzhi endured until his veins popped, his fingers tightening and loosening as he endured this hardship. His forehead was already shining with sweat: “…Heaven is yang, the earth is yin. The spring is yang, the autumn is yin. The summer is yang, the winter is yin. The day is yang, the night is yin… Hnn!!!!

…Entered… It actually went in…

…Right here…

The bell tied on Xu Xingzhi’s wrist rang along with his contracted muscles. For a moment, he was sore, numb, frightened, and angry, and the scriptures were stuck in his throat, unable to be articulated.

Some of the disciples below perceived something was amiss and looked up at Xu Xingzhi.

A voice of inquiry came from behind Xu Xingzhi, “Xingzhi? Are you not feeling well?”

“Replying to Master, n…o.”

Xu Xingzhi’s voice trembled slightly. “Up… Upper is yang and lower is yin. Male is yang and female and yin. Father is yang and son is yin. Older brother is yang and younger brother is yin. Older is yang, younger is yin…”

He wanted to shout stop, but he didn’t know who to shout at. He had to recite the serious words of daoism. Stimulated by this, his body became hotter and hotter and he secreted warm silver silk like a spider. The vine took the opportunity to stir up even more and unload all the strength in his body.

He exerted himself to knee but he was at his limit. Gold stars burst in his eyes, it was bright and dark for a moment, and finally, he could not endure it anymore and fell softly to one side.

A few hours later.

Meng Chongguang hummed a tune and came out of the room in a very good mood. He washed his face and hands in the stream within the tower.

Zhou Wang happened to come out of Lu Yujiu’s room when she saw him, she said, “Big Brother Meng is done with his sleep?”

Meng Chongguang answered with curved eyes, “Yes.”

After answering, he shook the water off his hands and turned back to the room.

When Zhou Wang saw his beaming face, she was stunned for a moment. It was not until Zhou Beinan came floating behind her that she sighed, “Uncle, I have never seen Big Brother Meng smiling like that in all these years in the wilderness.”

Zhou Beinan glanced at the closed door. “That’s what you haven’t seen before. He sticks to his Senior Brother all day long and refuses to leave him even for half a minute. He laughs like a sunflower at his Senior Brother.”

Zhou Wang was curious: “Since Senior Brother Xu came to the wilderness, they have stayed in the room all day long. What are they doing? I want to go in and have a look.”

“Pei.” Zhou Beinan frowned. “As a girl, why do you care about this?”

Zhou Wang argued, “You didn’t say I was a girl when you taught me how to use a knife before?”

Zhou Beinan took out his ghost spear and wanted to show Zhou Wang her reflection in the blade of the spear. However, he didn’t expect her to be fast and evaded by stepping away: “Uncle, the two arguments you’ve used doesn’t seem to match? Senior Brother Xu had told me that girls have to behave like girls.”

Zhou Beinan rolled his eyes when he heard the words “Senior Brother Xu”. “If Xu Xingzhi could teach, how could he teach two good junior brothers into becoming cut sleeves…”

Speaking halfway through, he knew he had said too much and stopped talking.

Zhou Wang’s interest was piqued. “Uncle, what is a cut sleeve?”

Zhou Beinan blushed slightly, brushed his sleeves and walked away, pretending like he didn’t hear anything.

Xu Xingzhi was badly injured in his dream this time. He slept for most of the day. When he woke up, he couldn’t even walk properly. His feet were weak for two days.

For the next few days, Meng Chongguang did not mention that he would go to Tiger Leaping Stream to steal the fragment. Xu Xingzhi also do not know how to execute his plans. He spent all his time with the people of the wilderness, chatting, drinking, and throwing arrows into a pot for fun. It was just like his life in the real world.

During the time he spent playing idly, Xu Xingzhi learned something that made him tongue-tied.

…At last he knew Tao Xian’s backstory.

Tao Xian was a mortal who had no magic power.

Tao Xian naturally didn’t like to talk much, and he didn’t find it boring to stay with Qu Chi, a mentally disabled person. If he talked too much with someone, he would blush and stammer, hence, he didn’t really hang out with them much. It was actually Zhou Wang who told Xu Xingzhi that he was a mortal.

At that time, Zhou Beinan had died tragically in the wilderness at the beginning due to unknown causes while Zhou Wang’s mother died of bleeding on the sport after giving birth to Zhou Wang. Zhou Wang was abandoned in the wilderness and she caught the attention of Qu Chi and Tao Xian who had just fallen into the wilderness at the time with her loud wailings. They buried her mother’s body before they picked her up and left.

If it hadn’t been for Lu Yujiu who passed by later and saw Zhou Beinan’s wandering soul, which was on the verge of scattering, and then put his soul into his talisman, Zhou Beinan would have already turned into smoke in the wilderness.

From then on, Zhou Wang recognized Qu Chi and Tao Xiao as her godparents.

According to what she said, her godmother, Tao Xian was a mortal who could not even handle chickens. The fact that he could survive in the wilderness for thirteen years was all because of Qu Chi’s wholehearted protection.

Xu Xingzhi was quite surprised when he heard this. When he bumped into Tao Xian in the tower, he talked to him briefly.

Tao Xian fiddled with his clothes ashamedly: “… You’re right. I originally came to the wilderness for the sake of taking care of Qu Senior Brother, but now it’s Senior Brother Qu who has to take care of me…”

Xu Xingzhi couldn’t help asking, “What did you do before?”

Tao Xian asked in a low voice, “Senior Brother Xu really doesn’t remember? I, I used to perform in an opera.” He added another line, “…the female role.”

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