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Chapter 19: Sudden Situation

Having determined where those ghost cultivators were hiding, several of them began to plan on how to get rid of those evildoers in one go.

According to Tao Xian’s words, there were about ten ghost cultivators who’d captured the opera troupe in the mountain temple. As for the number of troupe members holed up within the Bai Ma Jian Mountain, it was a mystery.

The leading disciples of each of the Four Immortal Sects gathered around a table for discussion.

Zhou Beinan took the lead: “Naturally, we should surround them from all directions and directly charge in.”

Qu Chi shook his head: “That’s inappropriate. We don’t know how many ghost cultivators are hidden inside. If we rashly charge in, what do we do if we encounter a large number of strong enemies? It won’t be an issue for us to escape unscathed, but what about the other disciples?”

“Then what else can we do?” Zhou Beinan asked, “How about we first surround Bai Ma Jian and then send a message to the Four Immortal Sects, asking them to send more people to pressure and suppress them?”

Wen Xuechen didn’t even blink his eyes as he said: “We shouldn’t do either of those.”

Xu Xingzhi rested his chin in his hands: “What Xuechen said makes sense.”

After that, he turned to the group of disciples who were standing by waiting for their seniors to give them orders and chose one of them. He raised his voice and said, “Lu Yujiu, Qingliang Valley has studied all kinds of formations all year round. The ghost clan has captured so many people and selected a spiritual mountain to hide themselves. They must be borrowing the spiritual energy from heaven and earth to create the large-scaled Lingyin Corpse Formation1. If you want to form this formation, how many days will it take?”

Qingliang Valley had a strict code of discipline and distinction based on seniority. Very few of the people present here entered the inner door after Lu Yujiu, so most of them were his seniors. He dared not speak without given authority.

It was not until he received a silent nod of approval from Wen Xuechen that he answered, “A total of thirty-six hours. It has been more than two days since the villagers were taken away. At this time, calling the sects to help them would end up in futile; moreover, if they were to succeed in creating the Lingyin Corpse Formation, with them being assisted by the formation, together with the summoned souls, they would be like tigers with grown wings, like fishes in the water. Trying to suppress them would be even more difficult.”

Xu Xingzhi did not hesitate to praise him: “This child is pretty good. He has a knack for analysis and cultivation.”

Lu Yujiu’s analysis was indeed good. Zhou Beinan couldn’t help taking a few more glances at him.

Wen Xuechen’s fingers rapped on the wheelchair armrest and he looked at Xu Xingzhi’s direction: “Are you familiar with our Qingliang Valley’s disciples?”

Lu Yujiu nervously clenched his robes.

Xu Xingzhi, however, answered magnanimously, “During the Eastern Emperor Sacrificial Ritual a few years ago, I happened to have a chance encounter with him. He saved my Fengling Mountain’s disciples. He is also a clever child. You should give him more roles. Heard that, White Hair Wen?”

Wen Xuechen was also very speechless when he had to face someone who was so shameless and went around helping others reap rewards. He urged him, “Xu Xingzhi if you have an idea in your mind, say it quickly, don’t talk about irrelevant things.”

Xu Xingzhi hooked the green hairband that fell in front of him from behind his head.

“I do have a way.” He smiled. “… It’s just a little exciting.”

Wen Xuechen: “… Speak. “

Xu Xingzhi earnestly said, “Raid in all directions, split the mountains from outside.”

Zhou Beinan’s joy almost burst forth: “What kind of solution is this?”

Wen Xuechen did not laugh. He frowned and considered for a moment before saying, “… It seems feasible.”

Qu Chi echoed, “Yes, indeed. As far as I know, when the ghost clan draws the formation, they have to set up altars, stand on high platforms and offer to the souls. At this junction, they are just like stray dogs yet they need to borrow the spiritual energy of Bai Ma Jian Mountain, it is impossible for them to set up altars on Bai Ma Jian in a grandiose fashion. They can only dig through the Bai Ma Jian Mountain like they are gophers in order to borrow spiritual energy from the mountains and set up the altars.”

“Don’t they just want to draw the formation?” Xu Xingzhi showed a sly and shallow smile. “We will investigate the several escape routes they’d have dug in Bai Ma Jian and gather our four forces to attack the mountain from outside—— we don’t need to split the mountain. As long as we destroy their altar and their prepared formation, and once they’ve lost their formation and are panicking, what else can they be arrogant about? At that time, we only need to follow the escape routes, search each one thoroughly, and it will be an easy battle.”

After the discussion, they settled Tao Xian in the teahouse.

The owner had some sympathy for children, so he decided to keep him in the shop as a kid who would boil tea and steep tea. He could eat and stay until he was a little older and decide whether he would want to stay there or leave. The owner would then let him go if Tao Xian chose to leave.

Wen Xuechen’s heart illness was serious, so his mobility was affected, so Zhou Xian took him and his four accompanying disciples to Bai Ma Jian to set out the formation. Zhou Beinan and Wen Xuechen followed closely. Xu Xingzhi, who was responsible for the payment, was the last one to come out of the teahouse.

When he caught up with the team, the first thing he did was to run to grab Qu Chi’s duster and drag him to the back: “Qu Chi, Qu Chi, come here, I’ll give you something good.”

Qu Chi let him pull at him, not feeling the slightest twinge of annoyance: “What is it?”

Xu Xingzhi took out a candied hawthorn in a paper bag from his arms.

Qu Chi: “…???”

“I thought about it. My master Qing Jing-jun has always spoiled me, yet he only gave me a hundred spirit stones to cast immortal weapons every month. It’s a bit bullying to charge a candied hawthorn for a hundred spirit stones.” Xu Xingzhi stuffed the candied hawthorn in his hand, “So I bought another one for you. Aren’t I good?”

Qu Chi didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, so he stuffed the candied hawthorn back in Xu Xingzhi’s hand: “… Thank you. “

“… What’s the matter?”

“There is no need.” Qu Chi answered, “My master had taught me from an early age that people who practice Daoism should not be greedy for the pleasures of the mortal world. But I promise you that I won’t make any reduction in the amount of spirit stones I owe you. You can rest assured.”

Having received Qu Chi’s promise, Xu Xingzhi was reassured at last.

He stuffed the candied hawthorn in his mouth and bit down a hawthorn fruit before he remembered something. He turned back and asked him, “Based on what you’ve said, you’ve never eaten such a snack?”

Qu Chi shook his head honestly.

Despite feeling some sympathy for him, Xu Xingzhi still teased him indecently: “Do you know what sweetness tastes like? Don’t you want to try?”

“Of course I did think of trying it.” Qu Chi said in a warm voice, “but my master won’t allow it, so I’ll just think about it… You know, I was abandoned by my parents by the river the moment I was born and was adopted by the temple afterward. When master passed by, he saw that I had spiritual roots and so he took me to Danyang Peak and brought me up with great care. Master was always kind to me and he told me to obey him.”

After teasing him, Xu Xingzhi bit the candied hawthorn and went back to Zhou Beinan’s side: “Xiao Bei Bei.”

Zhou Beinan rolled his eyes: “… Why are you like a butterfly? What do you want to do again?”

“Not doing anything.” Xu Xingzhi said with a candied hawthorn in his mouth, “ I just want to ask when the matter of Little Xian-er2 and Xuechen would be settled.”

When this matter was mentioned, Zhou Beinan elbowed Xu Xingzhi: “Shoo, shoo, shoo. You don’t have to worry about my sister’s matters. Go find yourself a good wife first.”

Xu Xingzhi happily said, “You aren’t even in a hurry, why would I even be anxious about it?”

“I think Ru Zhou is not bad.” Zhou Beinan said, “I think she feels something for you.”

Xu Xingzhi scratched the side of his face and said, “Ru Zhuo ah, she is a good woman, but… I think my elder brother likes her very much.”

Zhou Beinan frowned slightly: “… Xu Ping Sheng? What do you care about him? The man is unmarried, the woman is unwed, are you still discussing who comes first?”

Xu Xingzhi showed a rare expression of embarrassment: “I am aware that my elder brother is in love with her and wants to establish a good relationship with her. It is not good for me to intrude into his courtship. Besides, I don’t have any romantic feelings for Ru Zhuo, being with her would just be wasting her time.”

“Ru Zhou is a famous beauty in the Four Sects, have you not even developed a single bit of romantic affections for her when you’ve been spending so much time with her?” Zhou Beinan was astonished, “… You’re such an odd person.”

When Xu Xingzhi wanted to reply to him, he suddenly heard a cheerful cry from the side of the mountain: “Senior-ririri– Brother-wengwengweng –“

When Qu Chi heard the sound, he was unconsciously stunned and he looked around.

Zhou Beinan was familiar with this voice and he responded faster than Xu Xingzhi.

He joked, “Your two junior brothers sure are cute, they love to stick to you way too much.”

Xu Xingzhi had no time to ridicule him back, his sword had already flown away, directly lifting the two cubs who were huddled around the corner of the mountain. Without saying anything, the sword body turned into a folding fan and knocked both of their heads: “Didn’t I told you two to go ahead with Senior Brother Wen? Why are you two here, squatting in the corner?”

Meng Chongguang wasn’t afraid of Xu Xingzhi at all, he wasn’t cowering but stretched out his hands and hugged Xu Xingzhi’s waist, “I miss Senior Brother. I want to stay with him.”

Xu Xingzhi allowed him to hug him:”… How long has it been since we parted?”

Meng Chongguang’s voice was a little grief-stricken, and he snuggled himself in Xu Xingzhi’s arms: “I don’t know, but I just feel like I haven’t seen you for a long time.”

There was nothing Xu Xingzhi could do about him. He snorted twice and asked Jiu Zhideng who was beside him, “Why did you follow him around too?”

Jiu Zhideng spoke as concisely as ever: “… I’m afraid he’ll run around and cause trouble.”

Xu Xingzhi asked again, “Did you two escape from the group midway?”

Meng Chongguang nodded his head: “En!”

“What are you “En-ing” for? Are you so proud of yourself?” Xu Xingzhi put on a serious face. “When the moment comes and Senior Brother Wen scolds you, I certainly won’t care about you.”

Meng Chongguang’s smiling eyes were like the curvature of the moon with mist-shrouded within: “Senior Brother definitely couldn’t bear to let me be reprimanded.”

Jiu Zhideng who was completely excluded by Meng Chongguang’s conversation wasn’t bothered. He only looked at Xu Xingzhi wholeheartedly: “Senior Brother, let’s go.”

Xu Xingzhi sighed and gave the left-over candied hawthorns to Jiu Zhideng: “Okay, let’s go.”

Jiu Zhideng took them and ate them like it was a prized treasure with a serious face.

Because Xu Xingzhi had given Jiu Zhideng his half-eaten candied hawthorns, Meng Chongguang stared enviously at Jiu Zhideng for the whole journey.

Perhaps he knew too well about Xu Xingzhi’s penchant for protecting his kids. When Xu Xingzhi and his group of people arrived at Bai Jian Ma and ran into Wen Xuechen’s group, Wen Xuechen did not make any comments about Fengling Mountain’s two disciples who had escaped halfway.

Of course, he was generally disinterested in disciplining any disciples that weren’t under his sect.

After ascertaining the locations of the caves where the ghost cultivators were dwelling in, he marked them on a piece of map and designated them one by one to Xu Xingzhi and the rest.

No one was within a hundred miles of this location. These ghosts cultivators stealthily infiltrated this mountain as if they were imitating cunning rabbits, boring out seven caves at the peak of Bai Ma Jian.

This group of people came up to fourteen to fifteen people at the most, and by a lucky coincidence, using an easy method to distribute the manpower, each cave would be managed by two people.

After stirring up the mountain and ruthlessly destroying the formations, they would be able to rush into the cave as planned, kill the ghost cultivators, grab the civilians’ corpses and let them be buried into the earth to rest.

Xu Xingzhi directed, “Chongguang’s cultivation is still low, he will follow me into the southern cave. Beinan, Ru Zhou has great swordsmanship, she is an outstanding talent among the female disciples in Fengling Mountain, moreover, she is proficient in healing. She can take Qingliang Valley’s disciples into the cave… Lu Yujiu, you go with her.”

Lu Yujiu cupped his hands together, “Yes, Senior Brother Xu.”

There was some unwillingness hidden in Yuan Ru Zhou’s expression: “… Understood. “

He continued, “Xiao Deng, take a disciple of Danyang Peak into the cave.”

Jiu Zhideng steadily said, “I am going with Senior Brother. Otherwise, I’ll fine by myself.”

Xu Xingzhi frowned: “That is too dangerous… Forget it, you can follow me.”

After making a simple arrangement of entering the caves properly, Xu Xingzhi’s sight was directed at Qu Chi and the rest. He raised his eyebrows flirtatiously: “… Ladies and gentlemen, shall we go? Who would like to go first?”

Within a moment, each of the four chose a spot and stood around the mountain.

With a blow of a whistle, Xu Xingzhi took the lead in taking off. The folding fan in his palm turned into a glowing scythe and rotated several times in the air, grinding out a cold firelight. Taking advantage of the wind and smoke winding around, he struck the scythe in the direction of Bai Ma Jian.

When the scythe went down, the returning birds rocketed away in shock, the mountain lost its color and convulsed fiercely for a while before a cloud of dust and smoke surged out, masking the sky, turning it murky by a few degrees.

The small mountain peak was swept away immediately, large rocks tumbled down the mountain along its topography.

Not waiting for this momentum to dissipate, the remaining three forces that were not inferior to Xu Xingzhi in any aspect then attacked from the other three sides.

According to the prior arrangement, while the mountain was shaking, everyone would charge into the cave.

The first commotion occurred at the cave Zhou Xian and Wen Xuechen had entered.

It wasn’t long before they entered and heard the sound of ghosts weeping from ahead where the evil wind was severe.

Momentarily, they saw two malicious ghosts charging towards them, each armed with a weapon as they pounced at them.

Zhou Xian’s spear stood erect, and with a hook, it caught one of the ghost’s weapons, Life Seizing Hook. She pressed it down to the ground and Wen Xuechen’s Eight-Diagrams Wheel Disk followed, the incantation veined pattern spread and moved to said ghost’s body. It immediately made a blood-curdling screech before disappearing into nothingness.

Zhou Xian’s movement practically did not stop, her spear pushed away from the long sword of the ghost and went straight into the inner cave. She hunted with grace and in one shot, she destroyed the talisman that was manipulating the malicious ghosts from behind, and then stabbed the ghost cultivator to the ground!

She retracted her spear and looked back at Wen Xuechen. The master had died, the rest of the ghost servants were also gone.

Zhou Xian smiled gently and pointed to her temple.

Wen Xuechen understood her meaning, he reached out and took a leaf from his temple.

His ears were a little warm and he turned his face away, rolling his wheelchair with the intention to head in.

Zhou Xian put the spear back into the sheath on her back. She pushed his wheelchair and went into the cave.

On the other side, Xu Xingzhi, Meng Chongguang, and Jiu Zhideng entered the cave very smoothly. With Xu Xingzhi suppressing the situation, Meng Chongguang and Jiu Zhideng hardly needed to make their own move.

They were the first group of people to penetrate into the altar at the deepest part of the cave.

The altar, as Xu Xingzhi had expected, had been split open by the shock and the formation had been ruined.

The guarding ghost cultivators had abandoned the altar and fled. The troupe’s corpses they had collected had been lined up in rows. Most of their faces were decomposed beyond recognition because of the ghost clan’s curse technique.

Xu Xingzhi recited “Condolences” and sang “The Great Compassion Mantra” while inspecting the altar, sincerely helping them find peace.

… It’s just that the “The Great Compassion Mantra” was so badly sung that its tune had long flown out of the sky.

Meng Chongguang and Jiu Zhideng had planned to see the bodies. Who knew that they had just moved a few steps when they heard an earth-shattering exploding sound coming from the altar.

The gravel rolled down and the lime was flung everywhere. Xu Xingzhi’s figure was completely buried under the collapsed altar.

Meng Chongguang panicked, disregarding the dirty lime choking his throat and forged ahead: “Senior Brother? Senior Brother!!!!”

From the dust cloud, someone jumped out.

Meng Chongguang rushed up and grabbed Xu Xingzhi’s clothes, checking them everywhere: “Senior Brother, are you all right?! Are you injured?”

Xu Xingzhi’s legs were a little weak, and it took him a while to articulate anything: “… Fuck, there were worms.”

In the copper cauldron used for the offering, he saw those Gu that those ghosts cultivators had no time to keep, the white and fat annular worms crawling around, and the spring silkworm-look alike crowded the cauldron.

Seeing this scene, Xu Xingzhi’s scalp almost exploded at that time, and his spiritual power lost control instantaneously. The cauldron and the platform all exploded.

Looking at Xu Xingzhi’s shivering appearance, Meng Chongguang was a little helpless and smiled, even the corner of Jiu Zhideng’s lips were raised slightly.

However, an abnormality happened in a instant.

A ghost cultivator, hiding in the heap of dead people, got up suddenly while they weren’t on guard.

In front of him was the unprotected back of Jiu Zhideng.

Xu Xingzhi’s eyes turned only to see that ghost cultivator holding a curse staff and was stealthily aiming it at Jiu Zhideng’s back.

Jiu Zhideng was negligent and relaxed, he did not have sufficient experience in facing the enemies. By the time he heard the sound of a weapon cutting through the air, there was only enough time for him to turn around. He saw a glittering scarlet curse mark on the snakehead of his staff. 

Watching the inevitable, to be stamped by that curse mark in the chest, Jiu Zhideng’s sight suddenly turned black. He was protected in someone’s embrace.

… The snakehead bit onto Xu Xingzhi’s back ruthlessly.

Xu Xingzhi forcibly took this blow. When he turned back, his folding fan had already turned into a Meteor Spear3 that headed straight for the ghost cultivator’s jaw, sending him flying dozens of feet away.

Looking at the ghost cultivator’s fallen body, Xu Xingzhi scolded, “How dare you hit my Junior Brother, you son of a bitch.”

Following that, he swayed and fell backward, landing into Jiu Zhideng’s arms.

Meng Chongguang no longer bothered about etiquette, he rushed forward and flusteredly tore open Xu Xingzhi’s clothes, exposing his back.

A snakehead mark was clearly burned in the center of Xu Xingzhi’s back. It was swollen and bruised all around. Treads of scarlet spread around the wound. In a twinkling of an eye, it had crawled all over his back.

Meng Chongguang blocked several of his acupoints and barely stopped the spread of the curse mark.

His voice was already choked with sobs: “Senior Brother, how do you feel?”

Xu Xingzhi gritted his teeth and it took him a long time before he squeezed out a word: “… Cold. “

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